Nov 03, 2006


November 3, 2006

Complete shots of the Kozik Operatives have finally been revealed!!! In the 40 years that we have studied the Kozik Operatives this is the first time that we have been able to capture a complete view of a “Comandantes Rojo”.

How did we do it? Well, the US Super Covert Rotocast Intelligence Agency has just activated a fully operational satellite camera. Upon the discovery of a Kozik Operative’s coordinates in Los Angeles, California, we were able to use the satellite camera’s high tech 7.1 megapixel capabilities to snap photos of both the front and back of the Operative.

Double agents have informed us that will be selling Kozik Operatives for a limited time beginning Friday, November 10th at 11:00am for a special price of $70.00 (plus shipping & handling). This will be the last time for loyalists to purchase the “Kozik El Panda” in 2006. We have confirmation that 500 Kozik El Pandas are in existence.

: Operative MPB
[email protected]

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Oct 27, 2006


October 27, 2006

Further investigation has revealed that these Kozik Operatives are being
referred to as “Comandante Rojos” and/or “Ediciones Anarchista Por Kozik” by
a devoted group of followers. This discrete community has paid a specific
dollar amount in exchange to providing shelter for a few of these Comandante

Are these Kozik Operatives more charming than initially thought? Is some
form of Communist-based Group Think mind-control at work? What in the world
does “Anarchy” have to do with Communist Military Action?!

:Operative MPB
[email protected]

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Oct 20, 2006


October 18, 2006

Multiple Kozik Operatives have been spotted on an international level. Word amongst the Intelligence community is that the Project masterminds (something code named KOZIKXMUTTPOP) intends to unleash these dangerous Operatives onto the unassuming public…much sooner than we have anticipated.

I have included our clearest photo to date of one such operative. He immediately spotted our reconnaissance photographer and fled the scene. Below you will find evidence of the vicious trail of carnage the Kozik Operative left behind. Who’d have thought the Operative had a penchant for wood chips?

: Operative MPB
[email protected]

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Oct 13, 2006


October 13, 2006

There are rumors circulating that there are multiple Operation: Kozik rogue soldiers out on the loose. If you happen to come across one, you must approach with EXTREME CAUTION. These soldiers are known to annihilate opponents in milliseconds…in most cases using nothing but their bare hands.

“Libertad Hoy Para Cerveza Manana”?

It took our top decoders days to dimantle this statement. Apparently it means, “Liberty Today For Beer Tomorrow”.

Is this some sort of war cry? Battalion? Philosophical statement?

There might be some significant connection between Operation: Kozik and beer.  If anything, it would validate the operative’s abnormally large abdomen.

:Operative MPB
[email protected]

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Oct 06, 2006


October 6, 2006

The following are highly confidential photos of a communist super-soldier dubbed
"Operation: Kozik". Covert US operatives stationed in Cuba during the 1960s took
the following photos.

There has been a significant increase in file access activity over the last
3 days. How can this drastic change in activity be explained?

I will report additional information as it is discovered.

: Operative MPB
[email protected]

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Jul 07, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 26 : Sweet and Sour @ SDCC!

Sorry for the delay on this week's update, we're trying to juggle TTF with everything else ;-)   

In just twelve days  Muttpop's El Panda Sweet and Sour will leave his saucey friends to go on sale at SDCC!  Sweet and Sour will be available at the DKE Toys booth (#4370).  This delectable variant is limited to 100 pieces and will be available for $90 each.

Sweet & Sour is both the nicest and grumpiest rendition of the mystical El Panda! Jerry Frissen & Muttpop Bob will have a few scheduled signings at Booth #4730 for those interested in getting their Sweet & Sour El Pandas autographed.

A small number of El Brujo Narco Satanico Tequilas (Frank Kozik’s
reinterpretation of Muttpop’s first figure) will be sold at the Munky King
booth for $125.00. This will the last time El Brujo will be offered directly to the public!


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Jun 30, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 25 : El Panda Raw

Following the tradition established with Tequila, Muttpop is selling El Panda Raws directly to collectors. As of today, Muttpop newsletter subscribers can purchase this unpainted vinyl rotocast version of Monster5’s superb El Panda sculpt with signed original Gobi box art for $125.00 (plus shipping & handling). Only 50 El Panda Raws were made. Check out  a sampling of the awesome box art Gobi created for the purest renditions of Monster5’s El Panda sculpt.

Ah RAW...  This is the most limited editon of El Panda plus you get original hand-drawn art on the box -- pretty unique offering for the collector seeking the upper levels of desirability and rarity.       










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Jun 23, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 24 : Release Party!

Fresh off the madness of the El Panda Release Party at Munky King Melrose, Muttpop's almost back to normal.  Here's their thoughts on the launch.

To celebrate the release of their second designer toy figure, Muttpop  went hard to work with Munky King to make the El Panda Release Party bigger and better than the Tequila show. Despite all the trials and tribulations, Muttpop and Munky King successfully accomplished what they had set out to do!

El Panda fans both young and old, beautiful and esoteric all came out from the far corners of Los Angeles County to celebrate the debut of the mystical El Panda. With great music and plenty of drinks to share Munky King’s Melrose location was the perfect locale for the event.

Release Party’s are always a strange beast because no matter how much promotion and preparation you do for the event, there’s no way to truly know what the turnout will be. Fortunately it became evident from the very first moments that people were excited to get a piece of a little El Panda!

In addition to the Black Bean and Raw El Pandas that were announced for the event, Muttpop snuck in a case of Kozik El Brujo Tequilas. Munky King also sold some Chinese Military Caps that became a nice little hit with the many beautiful ladies at the event.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to show both Muttpop and Munky King their support!










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Jun 09, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 23

Party time!  Muttpop’s  Raw El Panda, El Panda Black Bean, and Raw Tequila helped the Muttpop Crew begin unpacking for the big El Panda Release Party  @ Munky King Melrose (this coming Thursday, June 15th, 7-9pm)!

In addition, to  the selling the Munky King Exclusive El Panda Black Bean (100 pieces), Muttpop will also have a few of the following for sale at the event:

Raw El Panda (limited to 50 pieces) -
Comes with an on-the-box original El Panda sketch by the Incredible Gobi!

El Panda Plush (3 pieces available)
These are the first El Panda plushes handmade by the elegant & charming Mademoiselle F. of Lupo.

Raw Tequilas (limited to 50 pieces):
There might be 1 or 2 Raw Tequilas available for purchase.

There will also be plenty of  other goodies and sneak peaks at prototypes for upcoming
figures from the Muttpop Crew! Once again, Tequila and El Panda character designer Gobi will fly in from France specifically for this event. Don’t forget to drop by and say hello to Gobi, Jerry Frissen, and Muttpop Bob.

El Panda’s Release party will be held at:

Munky King on Melrose
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046








El Panda Plush Packaging

El Panda Plush


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Jun 02, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 22

In an effort to showcase their articulation, Muttpop’s ( Original and Black Bean El Pandas will do a Red Army March to Mariachi music. Please note the rotation in El Panda’s head and left elbow.

Check back next Friday for more coverage on all things El Panda ;-)







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May 26, 2006

"El Panda Revealed" Part 21

In celebration of the official release of their El Panda figure, Muttpop  has partnered  with Munky King on the
El Panda Release Party on Thursday June 15th from 7 to 11 PM at Munky King's brand-new Melrose location!

To make this event super special, the release party will be the debut of Munky King’s exclusive El Panda Black Bean. This sweet variant is limited to only 100 figures and is exclusive to  Munky King.

Gobi will, once again, be flown out from France specifically for the event to sign toys and sketch for customers alongside Jerry Frissen and Muttpop Bob. So come by and meet the people behind El Panda ( and Tequila of course!).

The international debut of El Panda Original will  follow shortly in mid to late June.

Munky King Melrose
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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May 19, 2006

"El Panda Revealed" Part 20

Here's a second look at MUTTPOP's El Panda CLASSICO.To stay consistent with the previous photos we have debuted for Sweet & Sour, Imperial, and Black Bean, we have decided to revisit Classico with our own set of photos. The manufacturer took the previous photos. This new set of photos has been taken by Jerry Frissen of Muttpop Inc.

Next week begins our ramp up for El Panda's official debut in June 2006!

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May 12, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 19

This week have a look at  the El Panda BLACK BEAN variant from Muttpop

The star on El Panda Black Bean's hat was kept red. The details on Black Bean's mask and bamboo were accented with slick black paint. These subtle touches bring simplicity and sophistication to this mostly monochromatic rendition of El Panda.

This is one ouf personal favorite variants of El Panda.  There's something just right about the worthy adversary of Tequila cloaked in menancing black from head to toe.

Check back next week for the FINAL round of Variant Prototype pics: CLASSICO!










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May 05, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 18

Having discovered that his compadre was lost, MUTTPOP's ( El Panda IMPERIAL went into the dense jungle to search for him.

Imperial Red ties back to El Panda's ethnic roots (or at least his imaginary ones). This is the 3rd variant we've shown, what's lurking around the corner? Check back next week to see pics of the next Variant Prototype.











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Apr 28, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 17

After fleeing from the factory, MUTTPOP's  El Panda Sweet & Sour was captured and incarcerated in the harsh jungle terrain of Los Feliz (how he got there will forever be a mystery...). Will you come to his rescue?

Check back next week for another round of Variant Prototype pics!

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Apr 21, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 16

Last week we saw photoshop mockups of the four different variants of El Panda. Starting this week, we will reveal the prototype of each variant which was created by the factory using the pantone breakdowns provided by MUTTPOP. First up is EL PANDA CLASSICO. I love the mono-tone black/white contrast, always classy and will never go out of style!!!  Check back next week for more Variant Prototype pics!

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Apr 14, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 15

All the elements of MUTTPOP's El Panda figure were in place. Gobi nailed it with the character design. Monster5 killed it with the sculpt. Jerry brought his "A" game with the box layout. The Original El Panda figure is complete. So what else is there? Well, Muttpop HAD to keep things interesting, so they designed some variant colorways!  Jerry Frissen went to work on ten different colorway designs. Of the ten created, Muttpop decided to go into further development with FOUR of them.  Below you will see Photoshop mockups of each variant. To best reflect the final look of the variant figures, Jerry played with the colors over a digital photo of Original El Panda. Continuing the tradition of dope colorway descriptions, we unveil to you:

EL PANDA CLASSICO; EL PANDA SWEET & SOUR; EL PANDA BLACK BEAN; EL PANDA IMPERIAL. What name belongs to each figure below? Yummy....just look at these "flavors"....makes my mouth water.....Check back next week for PHOTOS of the Variant Figure Color Samples.

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Apr 07, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 14

Revealing too much? Or not enough??? Take a peek at this exclusive and spicy? Feeling the heat??? Well you should!!!!

After submitting a high resolution tiff file, Muttpop received the following photos of the first prototype box printed and constructed to Muttpop's specifications. As soon as Muttpop approves the box as fit for print and construction, the manufacturer will move forward on producing the remainder of boxes to the established standards set by the prototype box. With exception to the 2 Kozik Variants, all versions of El Panda in theinitial run will be included in the box shown. Variants can be distinguished from the Original Panda by means of a sticker found on the top of the Panda box and a unique ISBN code.

We'll go back to revealing more figure details next week!

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Mar 31, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 13

Kick back and smoke a Cuban.
More El Panda next week.
El Panda smok'in a cuban???? OMG

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Mar 24, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 12

The Iron Curtain has been opened. Here is the official debut of Muttpop's El Panda figure in its Original colorway. No need for words, just take a look at these !! Who will kick some major butt, El Panda or Tequila? Man, this is one fight I sure don't want to miss!! Check back next week for more El Panda!!!


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Mar 17, 2006

"El Panda Revealed" Part 11

Jerry Frissen used his magical design skills to put the final touches on Muttpop’s El Panda box design.  While staying consistent with the Muttpop look that was successfully implemented in the Tequila package, Jerry brought visual touches to the El Panda box design that gave homage to the many symbols associated with Chinese culture. Here’s a bit of information on El Panda that will be included on the right panel of the final box design:

NAME: El Panda
SEX: male
AGE: unknown
ALLIES: Poquito Furioso, Bobby Jaws, El Mierda De Oro
ENEMIES: Tequila, Luchadores5, Tikitis

Despite not speaking the language and asserting that “Chop Suey” is a traditional dish in Mainland China, El Panda believes he is Chinese. His distorted interpretation of Chinese culture has developed through obsessively watching dubbed kung fu films and regular visits to China Town. El Panda refuses to speak in any language other than Chinese. Unfortunately, El Panda does not know Chinese. El Panda communicates through indiscernible audible gibberish that he has hired an elder Chinese man to translate for others. Since El Panda isn’t really speaking Chinese, his Chinese translator invents translations as he sees fit. El Panda and Tequila have been rivals since elementary school. Their hatred for one another has grown greater with age, much like a fine bottle of Shaoxing rice wine.

Muttpop has done a great job tying everything together, the looks, the attitude, the background, of El Panda, beautifully combined to bring out the best of this confused soul. Next week will be the official reveal of the El Panda prototype!

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Mar 10, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!" Part 10

Updated (2:00 PM): Two additional El Panda graphics

With the  sculpt complete, Muttpop proceeded to develop material for the El Panda box design.  For consistency's sake, the  team decided to build off of elements that were successfully introduced in the Tequila package design.  In addition to the 2 illustrations Gobi had made of El Panda, Gobi created an illustration that stayed true to the stance and sculpt of the El Panda vinyl figure. As a distorted interpretation of Chinese stereotypes, a variety of "Chinese" elements were included such as a rickshaw, sculpted dragons, and fireworks. The other members of the Muttpop team also contributed with their talents. Jerry Frissen went to work by designing an El Panda logo and creator credits that reflected El Panda's Mao-inspired style. Muttpop Bob supplied text descriptions that reflected the quirky nature of the character's personality and Muttpop's humorous style. Be back here next week to look at the completed version of Muttpop's El Panda package design!

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Mar 03, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!" Part 9

Monster5 had some fun taking pictures of his completed Muttpop El Panda sculpt. Isn't that belly, oh so SEXY!!! For the last few entries we have shown you the sculpt in every single possible angle, but be sure to check back next week for the first look at elements of Muttpop's El Panda Package design!

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Feb 24, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!" Part 8

After his final round of tweaks, Monster5 completed the official sculpt of Muttpop's El Panda figure.To better illustrate how the final figure will look, Monster5 painted the panda patterns around the figure's eyes and mouth. So, what do you think?  Some of you may have seen a painted prototype of El Panda from Toy Fair and let me just say there are lots more to see!!  Check back next week for an "artsier" showcase of the final sculpt!

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Feb 17, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!" Part 7

This week Muttpop has some very interesting photos of El Panda to show you. At first glance you might think someone went crazy with pink and blue paint on El Panda's sculpt. However, they are are just indications of what Monster5's revisions were. Check it out.

Monster5 made the following tweaks to the El Panda sculpt:

1. SHOES: Made thicker
2. CHIN: Was slightly sanded down.
3. HAT: Was repositioned closer to El Panda's head. It was also made secureby making a ridge in the hat that rests on the figure's right ear.
4. DETAIL: Lines and detail in the sculpt were made crisper.

Images shown below showcase the changes made by Monster5. Monster5 used pink paint to illustrate where he has sanded down the El Panda Sculpt. Monster5 used blue paint to illustrate where he has added clay to the sculpt. Check back next week for a cleaned up version of the El Panda sculpt!

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