May 18, 2018

Brutherford Industries x Kean University – Otto at Five Points Festival


Ryan Brutherford’s Industrial Design students at Kean University created Otto as practical experience of the entire process of designing a toy, producing it and bringing it to market. Under his guidance, they conceptualized, sculpted (traditional and digital) and presumably 3d-printed protos which were used to make molds of Otto.    In partnership with the Five Points Festival, his students will make their oh-so-happy pup on demand for customers with the help of Ryan and his nifty rotocast machine. Drop by the Brutherford/Kean University booth [#528] to check out Otto in person.


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May 17, 2018

Josh Divine – Astro Crash at Five Points Festival


Whoa.  Josh Divine’s Astro Crash is making the the leap from genius enamel pin (Strangecat Toys) to full-fledged art toy.  Proof that even the mightiest have their down days, the figure seen above in a WIP shot really captures the moment of impact nicely. The dynamic pose looks amazing in 3D: Astro face-planted with legs over his head and his arms splayed flat on the ground. Astro Crash will make his debut at Five Points Festival in Brooklyn (6.2 –6.3), presumably as a prototype. Be sure to drop by the StrangeCat Toys booth [#423] to grade Astro Crash’s landing.

astrocrashart2-2 18809029_133888293834846_654783672834064384_n

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May 16, 2018

Five Points Festival 2018 Exhibitor Map (6.2 – 6.3)


Five Points Festival is just about two weeks away – are you ready?  Here’s a look at the up-to-date exhibitor map so you can prep your attack strategy. Peep the full vendor list on the 5Points site. Enjoy!

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PHASE2 x Unbox Industries – Mixed Parts Abomination Deity Guardian for Five Points Festival


First revealed in February, Unbox Industries will debut the Abomination Deity Guardian from NYC graff legend PHASE2 at Five Points Festival via Toy Tokyo’s booth. First out of the chute is this crazy Mixed Parts edition which flaunts Phase 2’s design and sculpt work on this trippy vision.

The Mixed Parts image matches one of two versions of the figure first shown back in February.  Here’s wondering whether the version with the tentacle-style head+ hands is being made as well.


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May 15, 2018

Vincent Scala at Five Points Festival: Skeleton Racer Debut


Vincent Scala will debut his brand-new Skeleton Racer soft vinyl figure for Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3) at his booth [#447].  He’s starting things off with a crystal clear edition (mmm…) and will also have some one-off painted ones as well.  Vincent is also hoping to release his new Lucky Cat soft vinyl at Five Points as well. Fingers crossed!

30602777_179680589512488_4760254005257437184_n 31757593_172595230118678_423396905377071104_n 31490542_1203068333156771_7457482961655431168_n download

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myplasticheart at Five Points Festival: The Messenger kaNO Edition


Five Points Festival is almost upon us (6.2 – 6.3) and with that the beginning of another crazy (fingers crossed) news flurry.  myplasticheart has just announced that they will be releasing The Messenger kaNO Edition vinyl from Munky King toys.  kaNO’s exclusive artist edition of the Colin Kaepernick-inspired figure follows the OG black edition.  The red messenger will be available at the mph booth [#336] for $60.  kaNO will be back in NYC for the event and will be signing at the booth on Saturday (6.2) from one to two PM.

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May 10, 2018

Five Points Festival x Superplastic Give You a Chance to Win a 4-Foot Janky!


Recently Superplastic teased a 4-Foot version of their upcoming Huck Gee and Paul Budnitz-designed Janky platform figure and asked what they should do with it.  The winning suggestion?  Give it away!  So that’s just what they are going to do.  Superplastic has partnered with Five Points Festival to give away a 4-Foot Janky, apparently in all white. To enter hit up the online entry form.  The winner will be announced during the Superplastic panel at this year’s 5 Points Fest (6.2 – 6.3).  USA shipping will be included while the winner will be responsible for foreign freight. Good Luck!  

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May 07, 2018

CZEE13 -- Double Chocolate Happy Dappy Cappy Cookies for Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3)


Double Chocolate Happy Dappy Cappy Cookies. Five times fast. I dare you. It’ll make you smile almost as much as CZEE13’s sweet treat for the upcoming Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3) in Brooklyn.  Limited to just ten pieces, this latest edition of his popular cookie resin figure adds white chocolate to the party for an irresistible combination.  With an amazing texture, these are almost good enough to eat.

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