Sep 23, 2019

Five Points Festival Fall Popup Event (10.4 - 10.5)


Fall's here and with it comes NYCC (10.3 - 10.6) and the Five Points Festival Fall Popup Event (10.4 - 10.5) at 815 Broadway in Manhattan. The just announced free, all-ages event will bring together the toy community for new releases, exclusives, live painting, giveaways and more including beer from Lagunitas and Kings County Brewers Collective who will be offering a craft brew in collectable art cans from UK artist Czee13.  Keep an eye out for the vendor list shortly.  If you've been to previous Five Points Fest pop-ups, you're ahead of the curve as this one is in the same familiar spot.

Five Points Festival Fall Popup
October 4th and 5th 2019 (1- 10 PM)

815 Broadway
New York City, NY 10003

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Oct 03, 2018

Czee13 ‘Guru’ Debuts at Five Points Fest Fall (10.5 – 10.6)


Czee13 will debut his brand-new 6” Guru resin at the Five Points Fest Fall event in Union Square (815 Broadway) during NYCC Weekend (10.5 – 10.6). Produced by Clutter Studios, Guru—a mix of East and West—will be available in the debut Sublime Grape edition  cast in translucent purple.  Be quick, as just 10 pieces (edition of 30) will be available at the event.

downloaddownloaddownload download

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May 30, 2018

Martin Ontiveros x Toy Art Gallery – New Baphomaniac at Five Points Festival


Check out the new mystical purple+silver Baphomaniac from Martin Ontiveros at Toy Art Gallery.  This new factory-painted edition will be available (perhaps in very limited numbers) at the Deathcat Toys booth [#324].  Be quick!

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May 16, 2018

Xpanded Universe – Metal Sloth Exclusives for Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3)


Xpanded Universe has posted this sweet shot of the Metal Sloth sofubi figures they will be dropping at Five Points Festival. It sounds like the clear is an exclusive edition and a couple of Red Marble APs will also be available at the show. Be sure to drop by their booth [#724]

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Jun 04, 2017

What’s New Ep. 3: DeKevin Takes a Look at Five Points Festival

The first-ever Five Points Festival brought the art toy-focused convention experience to NYC a few weekends ago (5.20-5.21).  Year 1 was an excellent start with great artist and brand booths as well as plenty of serious collectors and fans.  If you didn’t make it out to the show, What’s New Ep. 3 features DeKevin’s first-hand look at the sights and sounds of Five Point Festival – too bad you can’t taste the brew from the beer garden…

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May 19, 2017

Instinctoy at Five Points Festival!


This is all you’re going to need when it comes to the Instinctoy booth #339 at Five Points Festival. They have a lot and we mean a lot of goods to offer! They’ve got 24 releases, which will take up a lot of their booth space. It’s a good thing that there will be plenty of collectors looking to take some of these home! You’ve got your King Korpses, your Mollys, Rangeas and Rangeron, Vincent, Muckey, Panda and the list goes on!

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May 18, 2017

Sad Salesman at Five Points Festival!


There is no way you can feel sad when visiting Sad Salesman’s booth #144 at Five Points Festival. They will have plenty of goodies to offer, but these are a couple highlights! Above is the Mini Oracle II, which are hand-made, hand-painted and stand 4” tall. We believe these will retail $70 a piece.


Another one we are excited to see is Sad Salesman’s Wizards! Standing 8.5” tall and will retail around $50. We would love to build an army of these guys!

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Dead Zebra, Inc. at Five Points Festival


Andrew Bell will be debuting a few of his new hand-made resin figures! From the O-No Food Company, comes the Pet Food Division! You can meet Canned Carl, Putrid Patty and Meaty Mike this weekend at the Dead Zebra, Inc. booth #226 at Five Points Festival!


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Mighty Jaxx at Five Points Festival!


For its first year, Five Points Festival is definitely bringing the heat with some amazing companies taking part. One of which will be Mighty Jaxx, where they will be bringing some merch, as well as some Event Exclusives and Five Points exclusives! Exclusive for the show will be the debut release of Panda Ink “USA Edition” Punch figure by Cacooca. The event exclusives they are tagging along for the ride are Huck Gee’s Gold Life 8” Gold Edition Soul Collect, Jason Freeny’s 4D XXRAY GID Batman, and from their new sofubi line, Tempura San! All of these can be found at their booth #422.

 unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

Mighty Jaxx will also be joined by Huck Gee and Jason Freeny for a signing session! Details above!

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One-Eyed Girl at Five Points Fest!

Hatchies 3Kritters&KroniesHatchies 2

One-Eyed Girl will be holding things down at her booth #223 at this years Five Points Festival with a ton of awesome customs! These above just a few that she has for the big event in NY, as she wants to keep the rest a surprise! She will definitely have some Hatchies available, 5 to be exact, which are custom Lunartik Cup of Tea figures. These will each retail $90 a piece. She will also have available a new batch of her Yummy Kritters and Kronies, which each feature a little dessert accessory. These will range from $50 – $100 each. You can also expect more customs, original sculpts, resin figures and 3D paintings!

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Matt Gondek x ToyQube – Mickey Exploder Proto at Five Points Festival


Whoa!  2017 is Matt Gondek’s ‘Art Toy’ year.  ToyQube has just revealed the proto of their upcoming Mickey Exploder vinyl.  The 10” figure which features a detachable face brings Matt’s crazy treatment of Walt’s signature mouse into 3D.  The proto will be on display at Five Points Festival (booth #137) as well as the Hong Kong Toy Festival (booth #X26).  Outstanding!

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myplasticheart – Five Points Festival Exclusives (5.20 –5.21)


myplasticheart will be exhibiting at the inaugural Five Points Festival in The Yard [booth #139], a collective booth also featuring Boundless Brooklyn, kaNO, and Robots Will Kill. While MPH’s press release coyly mentions a ‘couple of releases’, don’t be fooled.  They are loaded with a dizzying number of exclusives.  From Vinyl to Resin to Plush to Enamel, mph’s booth is loaded with the goods.  We’re going to mention select items in each category, but be sure to hit the jump for a look at each drop.

Let’s start with vinyl (maybe just a bit biased here).  First up are the special-edition Pocket Pork Dumpling Choice Cuts (12.00) from Shawnimals and produced by MPH + Squibbles Ink. What about sofubi?  You bet.  MPH will drop the exclusive MITT “Ice Cane” ($55) from 6 28—the bumper car mutt is one of the new ‘IT’ toys.  They will also have the Raspberry and Blueberry Negora ($35) from Konatsu and Sakura Sora ($90) by Ok Luna.

Moving right along to the Resin drops.  mph will drop Brent Nolasco’s Blessed Blessed Oblivion—an ominous moth--in a debut translucent blue edition at $85.  Looking for the latest and greatest BoxCat?  Say hello to HoneyCat from Rato Kim ($120).  Satyrs?  Seulgie has outdone herself with six unique Satyr Rorys—each featuring deluxe rainbow deco and fancy details—available for $300 each.  Finally, POPProlific has created three exclusive resin action figures—Haunted Armor of Crom, Cyclopean Witch King and Dealer of Dooms—available for $85 each.

In the home stretch now… mph will also release PlushPLAY’s amazingly adorable Spring Rabbit Racers—think zoomy plush soft figures—for $120 each.  On the customs front, Andrea Kang has created three 5” Dunny customs—Rascal, Melon and King--inspired by her 3” DTA Dunny designs for $250 each.  Love Pins? mph has you covered with a trio of Hypepins from kaNO in new colorways ($10 each, $25 for all 3) as well as a Glowing Ghost Girl Pin ($10) from Matt Siren blending a shiny silver finish with a GID design. 

Ok, now hit the jump to see all the goodness.

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Gary Ham at Five Points Festival!

18580163_1953020964932422_5972837750976544768_n 18443737_112877505957075_4004622924060295168_n 

We feel like it has been some time since Gary Ham has showed face at an event and he has definitely not skipped a step when it comes to this years Festival! Not only will he have a bunch of Dunnys release, but he will also be set up with his own booth #131. Gary Ham and Bryan Brutherford will be working together to release Logan, which will be rotocasted on the spot! The White edition ($30) will be made available to non-attendees, while the Blue and Orange edition ($35) are Five Points exclusives. After the event is all said and done, Mr. Brutherford will be destroying the molds!

18513382_253918298417456_8863745560348196864_n 18512754_1915265698689716_5569707460534468608_n 

Now onto some Wooper Looper action with the release of the Five Points release of Gary’s classic Japanese vinyl figure in this Mint colored edition for $60, which is also limited to 30 pieces. How’s about the figure we thought would never be! The Fatty Wooper by Chris Ryniak will be making its debut in a matching colorway of its counterpart. This release will retail $55 and is limited to 30 pieces.

18513740_385683878494677_1001277221681233920_n 18445046_111454802767424_8165860181301788672_n 

Last but not least are a couple of wearables and layables. In collaboration with the Artpin Collection come the Wooper Looper enamel pins. The White edition will be available at Gary Ham’s booth, while the Turqoise edition will be available at the Powercore booth #344. From the sewing machine of Lana Crooks is the debut release of the Wooper Looper plush throw pillows. These will be available in a limited supply in three different colorways for $55 each.

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Clutter Magazine Five Point Festival Exclusives


It really is no Five Points Festival without Clutter Magazine. Their booth will be filled with a bunch of goodies and exclusives! So much so, that their releases will be broken up between a few blog posts! Their first round of exclusives includes the Black & Bone Dissected Bear Head by Luke Chueh. This releases is limited to just 50 pieces and comes complete with pool of blood. These will retail $100 a piece.

unnamed (7)

Next on the roster is Clutter’s very own exclusive Pink Edition Luna figure by The Bots. This limited release is also from a run of 50 pieces and measures 6.5” tall. Each figure will retail $60 each and should not last very long!

unnamed (12)

Last and not least from Clutter’s first round of exclusives is the Five Points Edition Masterwork Cadaver Kid by Splurrt. This run is cast in a milky vinyl with purple glitter. These are extremely limited at only 12 pieces and will be available first day on Saturday, May 20th at 11AM at $165 each.


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May 17, 2017

Super7’s Second Reveal for Five Points Festival!

unnamed (2)

Super7 has revealed their final two releases for this years Five Points Festival. They are happy to share the newest Bat Boy sofubi figure by Brian Flynn. The Purple Vampire Bat Boy features a clear purple vinyl with silver and red sprays.

unnamed (1)

Making its return is Super7 x Secret-Base’s licensed Alien Queen Vinyl figure, as the Psychedelic Terror Alien Queen, which features a purple base vinyl with red rubs. Be sure to find these, as well as other vinyl figures and action figures at the Super7 booth #239.

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Gravy Toys – Brodarr Fest at Five Points Festival!


Gravy Toys will host a festival within a festival! Be sure to stop by booth #334 for Brodarr Fest at Five Points Festival, where they play host to some amazing talent! Hanging out at the booth will be Cop a Squat Toys, Liverad Studios, Zac Amendolia and Bwana Spoons. They’ve also have a TON of great contributing pieces from artists from all around the way! That list you can see above on the flier.

18485580_10154503788780308_5825089633932420379_n 18486311_1458131524247686_5061224714280715654_n18382622_706666999534449_4139410718774525952_n 18382437_288894044896257_2300421729693990912_n

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Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx – Exclusive 8” Gold Soul Collector at Five Points Festival (5.20-5.21)


Huck Gee will be heading to NYC for the DTAs and Five Point Festival this weekend (5.19-5.21).  What’s on tap?  How about an 8” Exclusive Gold Soul Collector?  That’s right, this is the first 8” Gold Life figure from Mighty Jaxx.  Huck will be on-hand at the Mighty Jaxx booth [#442] for a few signing sessions.  The full-color 8” release will be available online on 5.20.

Huck will also be signing at the Clutter booth [#243] from 3 to 4 on Saturday (5.20) where you’ll be able to enter to win the first production pull of his crazy 20” SKLFKR figure produced by Clutter. 


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Peter Kato for Five Points Fest -- Dokuro


Peter Kato will launch his new Dokuro (‘skull’) resin figure at Five Points Festival.  Dokuro builds on the Bedtime Bunny concept with a rather sleepy skull dude with matching slippers (!).  These will apparently be available at the Clutter booth [#243].

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Kidrobot at 5 Points – Pink Mr. Sparkle + DTA Dunnys

18513328_1878716732402099_8331547044485267456_n (1)

Kidrobot will be heading East for the inaugural Five Points Festival (5.20 – 5.21) in NYC. What’s in store?  First up is the oh-so-sexy Pink Mr. Sparkle.  Homer, err Misutā Supākoru will wash away all your dirty troubles.   In addition to the new Sparkle colorway, KR will offer an early release of the DTA Dunny mini series featuring artists from the DTA Dunny shows. Pick ‘em up at KR’s booth [#255].

15876820_252124581887387_8505236075986288640_n 18513328_1878716732402099_8331547044485267456_n 18514199_1740481639577275_6580925727619678208_n (1)

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May 16, 2017

kaNO – Five Points Festival Mural In Progress


kaNO is back in NYC to work on a towering 40-foot mural on the Lower East Side for the inaugural Five Points Festival.  Curated and organized by the folks at The L.I.S.A. Project, a non-profit working to promote street murals in the Little Italy NYC neighborhood. His largest mural to-date, the mural features an urban hero, sporting a vest + cap and wielding GoD nunchucks.  Props to kaNO on the epic project and for this sweet shot taken at the end of Tuesday’s session. 

If you’re in the area, drop by the mural at 79 Rivingston St. to catch kaNO in action.  He will be working on the wall through Thursday into Friday.


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Dead Zebra, Inc. – Glow in the Dark The Last Knight at Five Points Fest


The Dead Zebra, Inc. Booth #226 will be home to many things at this years Five Points Festival. One of which will be the limited edition Glow in the Dark The Last Knight figure. Andrew Bell hints that this may… or may not be the last of the Last Knight figures, which is limited to 100 pieces with limited quantity’s available at his booth. Each figure will retail $75. We are hoping this will be a Con exclusive and hope to see these bad boys at other conventions this year!

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Cometdebris at Five Points Festival

18443624_1264574223661756_5662049265988403200_n 18443904_159032864631716_4460244659821608960_n18443191_411116669287605_1137773498551238656_n 18443838_264421860700066_1067892039888142336_n

I feel like the Cometdebris factory has been doing some overtime, as he will be attending another event with some amazing exclusives! Cometdebris can be found at this years Five Points Festival at booth #337. So far from Cometdebris we have a Marble Kappa Shonen, Clear Glitter Oni Kid and a super limited Clear Yellow Kappa Kid. Koji will also have some other exclusives, mini runs and some customs! We have a feeling that he’s got some more! Stay tuned!

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May 12, 2017

Super7 at Five Points Festival!


Super7 has just unveiled a couple of their upcoming exclusive releases for Five Points Festival. First up is a brand new figure, which introduces a new head and arm sculpt for Joshua Herbolsheimer’s Earth Wolf. Meet Fungus Wolf, an old and very decayed Earth Wolf who is covered in fungus. This 9” figure features a pale green soft vinyl with sprays.


On the micro spectrum of things, Super7 will also have on hand some GID Micro figures, which include Caveman Dino, Wing Kong and Bat Boy! You can find all this goodness at their booth #239. Stay tuned as they have a couple more releases to announce!

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May 04, 2017

DesignerCon at Five Points Festival (5.20 – 5.21)


The fun folks behind DesignerCon will be travelling east to NYC to support the first ever iteration of their sister show, Five Points Festival (5.20 – 5.21) presented by Clutter and Midtown Comics.  They’ll be holding it down at Booth 432 with the latest info on DCon 2017 and some sweet swag.  So if 5 Points is on your calendar, definitely  drop by and give them a warm welcome.  We’ll be there, will you ?

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Apr 27, 2017

Cast Your Votes for the 2016 Designer Toy Awards

unnamed (2)
The talented finalists for this year’s Designer Toy Awards—honoring work done in 2016—have been announced! Now it’s time to vote for your favorite artists, toys, shops, brands, and blogs.  This year there are 12 finalists in each of the publicly voted categories. More! More fun, more choices.  Head on over to the DTA site and vote away before voting ends on Wednesday (5.3) @ 9AM PDT.  While you’re voting, please kindly consider us for Best Blog.

This year’s DTA’s will be held at Webster Hall in NYC on Friday May 19th 2017 in conjunction with the brand new Five Points Festival. The ceremony will be hosted by Morgan Spurlock – too bad Mc Supersized isn’t up for an award. Want to go ?  Grab yourself a Five Points VIP package ($125) and you’ll be set.

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