Sep 01, 2010

Vinyl Toy Cameo in Machete ?


Robert Rodriguez’s Machete hits theatres this Friday with a star-studded cast featuring Danny Trejo as Machete.  In addition to the grindhouse and cult appeal, we’re hearing that there just might be a quick designer toy cameo in the flick.  If you spot it, fill us in. 

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Mar 26, 2008

Why don't they make toys?

[On 3.26.08, Amanda Visell 'took-over' Vinyl Pulse for her Birthday.  This is part of her turn as VP editor.]

Here's some artists I like, I can't understand why they don't have vinyl out. Some of them are Canadian, that might be an issue... All of them are people I've known for a few years and cant understand why they haven't been scooped up. 

Rex Hackelberg
Everything Rex produces is fun and has a lot of energy even in still poses. I think his toys would look alive and vibrant as opposed to standing like a statue.

Anna Chambers
Besides the fact that they're arent enough girls making vinyl. Anna's style is unique and charming. Shes the best at pushing cute in her simple designs. No one can touch her.

Ryan Heshka
He has a never ending supply of heroes and villains. One of my favorite things about his art is there is always a story and he tells it in a familiar but unique style.

Lou Romano
...... is my hero. His success in animation seems to be the only thing slowing him down. He's a master at mood and lighting.

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