Feb 13, 2015

Hyperactive Monkey’s Top 5 R-Rated Toy Lines from the 80’s


The 80’s were an awesome era for action figures. Hollywood gave us some of the most iconic action packed R-rated films in the history of cinema and the toy companies created some of the coolest figures based off these movies. While the movies the strictly targeted towards adults the toys oddly were targeted at children. Here’s my top five action figure lines based off of R-Rated films.


5) Remco’s Conan (1984)

Although this line is based more upon it’s comic origins, it was shortly released after the 1982 film. Series 1 consisted of Conan Warrior, Conan King, Thoth Amon, Jewel Thief, and Devourer of Souls. Remco’s 5 1/2” figures were in the same scale as Mattel’s He-Man line. However Conan figures sported a more aggressive look and definitely could give He-man some serious competition.


4) Diamond Toy’s Commando (1985)

Based of the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, this line of toys only featured one character from the film, John Matrix. Instead being a one man army as in the film, the toy line gave John Matrix an assortment of colorful comrades. In addition to the 3 3/4” line, Diamond Toy’s released a 6” version and 16” Super Action Figure


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Hyperactive Monkey’s Top 5 Monkey/Ape Designer Toys


5. Atomic Monkey’s Franken Monkey

Franken Monkey is the perfect mixture of cute and scary. His removable skull cap exposing his brains is one of the reasons why it’


4. Winson Ma’s Apexplorer Jungle

Winson Ma’s (formerly of Brothers Worker) highly detailed and accessory loaded Apexplorer is one of the coolest 1/6th scale figure ever. The lens is even detachable on his camera!!!


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An Interview with Macsorro


Macsorro (Jorge Macswiney) is one of my favorite artists. I stumbled upon his work via Instagram and was instantly drawn into his world. His paintings are amazing and my favorites of the ones that feature his stylized girls. In addition to being a skilled painter, his skill in sculpting is also great.

Jerome: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started?

Macsorro: My artist name, Macsorro, was given to me by a friend a long time a go. It stuck, so I ran with it. I've been painting and sculpting since I was a child. I guess we can say I'm currently, and will always be, a student of the school of YouTube (there's nothing you can't learn now a days). In 1998 I went to an art show featuring the art of Mark Ryden. I had never been to an art show before that one. I fell in love with the idea of painting, and having people come to the show and see my work (one day I thought). It wasn't until 2007 that I put on my big-boy pants and started showing, and selling my artwork. Ever-since I've shown my paintings, drawings and sculptures a many domestic and international galleries.


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Hyperactive Monkey Bio


Hi my name is Jerome and I’m the creator of Hyperactive Monkey. Hyperactive Monkey is where your Saturday adventures come true. We are a small toy and design company that aim to please children of all ages. All my work reflects in the inner monkey inside me.



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Hyperactive Monkey Pulse! Vinyl Pulse Birthday Take Over!


Everyone give a big Happy Birthday cheer for our good pal Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey. He is turning 5 years old and his b-day wish to us was to take over Vinyl Pulse for a day! This guy has all the toys you ever wanted when you were a kid. I know this because whenever I send him a link to an auction for a toy, he hits me back with “Have it, MIB!”. Jerome is the creative genius behind Hyperactive Monkey, who you’ve seen at all the conventions like SDCC, Wondercon, and of course Designer Con. He does resin, vinyl, plush, T-shirts and artwork books! This guy is unstoppable! We’re celebrating Jerome’s Birthday a day early, so we don’t have to bother him on Valentine’s day. We now present to you, Hyperactive Monkey Pulse! He even decked us out with a banner just for his B-day. We may keep it up for a while!

Be sure to hit the like, follow, and <3 buttons through his Social Medias:


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