Aug 15, 2008

Super7’s Tokyo Underground Tour


Super7 will be off to the far east for their first visit to Tokyo, Japan. This tour is taking place from September 25 – 29. SuperFest will also be taking place during this time. which is a show put together by Super7 and Gargamel at Thrashout. The deal about this Tokyo Tour:

We will meet you at a point TBA on September 26th, in Tokyo. Travel and lodging arrangements are DIY, so that part is up to you. Once you are there, we will lead you on a tour of all the best underground points of interest, from toy shops to fashion to food! We will kick off the tour with a Friday night party and art show at Gargamel's Thrash Out shop in Koenji, and then pick up Saturday with visits to Mandarake, Ichibanboshi, Gojira-Ya, Shinto Gangu, Secret Base, Bounty Hunter, Original Fake and more! After a few days of shops, a toy festival, and more, your wallet will hurt just as much as your feet do! Plan to do a good amount of walking, taking pictures and goofing off, and be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes, seriously. Your feet will thank you.

The schedule:
Sept. 26 - Super7 art show at Thrash Out (Gargamel HQ) in Koenji, Tokyo
Sept. 27 - Super7 will be giving guided tours of Toy shops in Tokyo and group dinner
Sept. 28 - Superfestival, Toy shop tours in the afternoon, group dinner.

For more information on the tour or if you would like to be added to the list shoot an email over to [email protected]. [VIA Super7]

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Dec 05, 2006

World Character Convention

Courtesy of our  correspondant in Japan, datadub, here's a glimpse at what was available at the 23rd World Character Convention held at Tokyo Big Site this past Sunday (12.03.06) I know  those of you who collect Kaiju are drooling over these ;) Check out datadub's flickr album for complete photos. Enjoy!!!


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