Jun 15, 2016

Josh Divine – Alley Kids Pin Series


Josh Divine (Kidrobot concept artist) has launched his own original pin series.  Alley Kids is a series of twelve enamel-on-black-metal pins (1.5”) featuring kids you might find in an eclectic alley.  Each is limited to 100 pieces, numbered on the back. Jake, the skater and Alley Kid #1, is currently available for $8.99 (+s/h) from the Alley Kids shop. As a bonus, the pin also comes with a free Jake sticker, while supplies last.  Next up are Alexis the rocker and JØRG the metal head.



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Jun 14, 2016

Kidrobot – Dunny Skate Deck

In a bit of a surprise, Kidrobot has announced and released its brand-new Dunny Skate Deck.  The half and half, black+yellow design features a Dunny in out line form in the middle with KR logos on both edges.  As a nice touch the wood grain shows through on the black side.  The underside leaves the wood to shine on its own.  The deck is  available for $49.99 from Kidrobot.com.  Perhaps we’ll see more KR lifestyle in the future?wood-dunny-skateboard-deck-by-kidrobot-1_grande


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