Jun 19, 2014

Clutter Issue #21 Now Available

CLUTTER21_COVER4Clutter recently released Issue #21 of their art toy magazine featuring an interview with Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co.).  Other highlights include interviews with DMS, Jon-Paul Kaiser, A Little Stranger, Mr. Clement, Scribe & 40 Threads, Sekure D, and Tim Clarke.  Issue 21 can be purchased directly from the Clutter shop for delivery or you can pick it up for free at many art toy boutiques around the country, or failing that – read it online via ISSUU.


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Oct 18, 2007

Hi-Fructose Volume 6 (November '07)

Hi-Fructose does a great job at covering the art and toy scene.  It's fresh and delivers the hottest artists and those that you don't yet know but soon will. Edited by Artists  Attaboy and Annie Owens, the upcoming Hi-Fructose Vol. 6 due in November  is loaded with excellent feature articles including the cover story on Yoko D'Holbachie, an interview with Jonathan Weiner, Up All Night wih artist Jordan Crane, the subteranean art of Marion Peck, Audrey Kawasaki, Jason D'aquino, and the amazing sculptures of Ron Mueck. Vol. 6 will also feature looks at  Ken Keirns, Apak, Angry Woebots, Bob Dob's Luey's photo shoot  by Brian McCarty as well as the latest designer vinyl.  So be sure to check out Hi-Fructose Volume 6 when it drops in November -- the best read you may have never had the pleasure to read!

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Sep 26, 2007

Clutter 11

The awesome folks at Clutter have just dropped issue 11 and it's packed from cover to cover with designer toy goodness.  The cover feature takes an in-depth look at comic book artist Ashley Wood and his upcoming vinyl figure from Bigshot Toyworks.  Other  features include spotlights on Buff Monster, H. Lee Porter's Kaiju Customs, and Luke Chueh.  So check with your favorite toy store or better yet subscribe and never miss an issue.

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Sep 02, 2007

Computer Arts Projects - Character Design + Vinyl Toys

The upcoming October issue (#102) of Computer Arts Projects is a special volume focused on character design & vinyl toys.  It features a splendid TADO cover, loads of how-to design articles and a free TADO Mushroom toy. It also closes out with an op-ed piece by yours truly.  The mag's unsuspecting editors asked me to rant on "Why spending money on designer toys is not a childish waste of money".  It was a blast to write.  The issue hits UK stands on September 13th and can often be found at larger US newsstands as well.

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Apr 26, 2007

I Want Your Skull Zine #2

The second issue of the I Want Your Skull Zine features interviews with Jamungo and oooOOOooo, sweet art from  25 hot illustrators, 3 GID(yup) 7x7" prints, and two randomly inserted postcard prints.  Issue 2  features a FERG designed cover is limited to 250 numbered copies and can be yours for just $25 plus shipping.  While this is the first I've heard of this zine, looks pretty sweet.  Love the attention to detail and all the extras.   Full color is great, but dig the black/white/grey vibe -- sharp.

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Dec 29, 2006

Playtimes Issue 21 + Changes

Playtimes is ringing in '07 by reinventing itself.  A new look -- Starting with the January '07 issue, Playtimes will better showcase vibrant toy art and illustrations through the switch from woodfree paper to art paper.  A new deeper focus  -- New editorial mix will be heavy on feature articles and interviews. And finally, the biggest switch of all -- Playtimes is going bimonthly (6 issues a year) in order to better synchronize its various language editions.  One added bonus of the changes is that with the lighter paper, freight costs will drop which should hopefully translate into a cheaper retail price. 

Got that?  Cool -- Issue 21 brings a feature interview with Frank Kozik, a feature on ace customizer Doktor A (about time!), a look at Kaiju upstart Cronic, as well as the latest dope on the toys and art you need to know about.    Finally, this one will be available with two different covers - one by Frank Kozik and the other featuring Devilrobots x Touma who have a joint exhibition in Berlin in Jan '07.

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Nov 27, 2006

Vinyl Pulse Running on Vapors

We're taking over the world ;-)  Hardly, but we are thrilled to have two guest reviews of Tristan Eaton's Your Momma and Bwana Spoons' Steven the Bat in the upcoming issue of Vapors Magazine (#37). Though we have snapshot images here, go ahead and check out the full free digital edition of the magazine. And you can always pick it up at the newsstand.  In case you're wondering, the reviews are on pages 68 and 70.

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Nov 22, 2006

Hi-Fructose Vol.4

Here's a sneak peek of what Hi-Fructose Vol.4 has in store for us. Featured artists include Ray Caesar, Fawn Gehweiler, Sauer Kids, Ragnar, Gary Taxali, and Michael Salter. To pre-order  your copy or subscribe for a yearly supply, visit Hi-Fructose.   If you've never picked up Hi-Fructose, by all means go ahead and do so.  It's one of the best toy/art magazines out there -- without a doubt.

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Oct 26, 2006

Hi-Fructose Volume 4

Volume Four of the excellent Hi-Fructose magazine is coming your way this winter loaded with a cover interview with Ray Caesar and all the goodness editors Annie Owens and Attaboy can possibly fit into the 100-page perfect bound volume. Other highlights include the tiled street abduction of Space Invader,the doe-eyed-sweet art of Fawn Gehweiler, Ragnar's hobos and vixens, and an interview with Gary Taxali!  Not enough?  Kozkik's Mickey Maos, Leslie Reppeteaux, Sauer Kids, Sam Buxton, Wilfred Wood, Longo Land,  A Gorillaz photo spread by Brian McCarty, and more round out what's bound to be another great read.

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Sep 18, 2006

Super 7 Issue 14: Kaws

Issue 14 of Super 7 Magazine should be dropping in a week or so with a sweet Kaws Cover + interview.  Kaws is very selective with allowing interviews and this one is twelve pages long loaded with the straight dope about the recent toy releases.  Other highlights of the issue include features on Megalon, Balzac's new album +toys,  the Tetsujin 28 DVD production, Macross Toys and more.  Super7 has the latest coverage of all things Kaiju but  it's also a great designer toy read as shown by this month's Kaws feature.   

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Jun 26, 2006

Playtimes 17 dropping shortly

Issue 17 of Playtimes magazine features a cover interview with the hottest artist in the biz, Joe Ledbetter.  There's also a great read on Patrick Ma's latest additions to his IWG line, the starcrossed lovers - Yeti and Sasquatch.  Plus... all the designer toy news you can handle!   #17 will be available from you favorite designer toy store in a few short weeks, so check out one of the only  monthly mags dedicated to the scene. 

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Jun 09, 2006

Garden Toyz Book - Dark Issue

The legendary Garden Magazine is back with the Dark Toyz Issue.  Sick and tired of cute toys, here's the antidote.  This is one is load with over 400 pages featuring 18 guest expert's top 10 dark toy pics + a collection of the editors' top 100 toys from the dark side.  This one is available for 29.99 USD (+ shipping from HK) at Gums Productions.

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May 18, 2006

Playtimes Vol. 2 Issue 4

Playtimes Vol. 2 No 4 is about to be released with a cover story about the new Coca Cola "We All Speak Football" Trexi Series.  This upcoming issue also features articles on Itokin Park, Shepard Fairey, Jamungo's Blow Up Dolls, Span of Sunset's Cheshire Cat and much more. 

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May 16, 2006

Furi Furi and IdN Magazine

The folks at Furi Furi have joined forces with IdN Magazine to bring us their  first ever international comics series. Since IdN is a bimonthly mag, the comic series will be released in an installment of six parts over the course of a year. Displayed here are the first four pages of part one, which will be in this upcoming issue. Storyline??? Well, it is about a girl name Ginger, who one day accidentally evoked a mischievous devil "Vil the devil" from anold book...So Furi Furi fans..make sure you pick each  issue of IdN to find keep up with the adventures of Ginger.

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Feb 18, 2006

Super7 Issue 12 drops on March 6th

The next issue of Super7 (#12) is packed with designer toy goodness including a retrospective feature on the history of Pushead Toys (with a focus on the Pushead x KAWS Companion), a Bounty Hunty Feature, Bullmark Sparking Vinyls, Tequila Overview and more.  Don't look now but Super7 is now offering a nice mix of designer toy  features and their signature kaiju coverage.  This issue debuts the magazine's  new look and will be available for $5.95 at your favorite newstand starting on March 1st.

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Jan 03, 2006

Playtimes 12

Wow, it's been a full year since Playtimes Magazine premiered.  Number 12's cover feature is on Tokidoki complete with an interview and a bonus sticker sheet!  Check out the colorful cover -- we love Tokidoki at VP.  Other features include a revealing interview with Wheaty Wheat co-founder Richard VanOver, Touma! Touma! Touma! show coverage and Tequila Release Party coverage.  The issue is being bound today and should be available on the street (well, in Singapore) in a couple of days.  Here's to another great year!

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Dec 19, 2005

Hi Fructose's Giveaway

Hi Fructose is having a giveaway for one of  Ron English's Rabbbit figures. 5 lucky winners will be randomly selected to win either a GID limited edition Rabbbit or an ultra rare colored glow "test shot" Rabbbit. How rare? Supposedly only 6 sets were made as testers. All subscribers of the mag will be entered or you can cut and send in the coupon found in Vol. 2 of Hi Fructose. The coupon seen above CANNOT be used to enter. Rabbbit or no Rabbbit, Hi Fructose is a magazine any toy collector must have. So, make sure you pick up an issue today.

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Dec 07, 2005

Playtimes #11

Here's a quick look at the just published Playtimes #11.  This one has a nice Motug cover arranged by none other than NYC Lase.  This issue features articles on Ewok, Paul Budnitz of Kidrobot, The Controlled Substances Show, Ghosts in the Machine Show, The Scion '05 Art Tour, the ARTVSTS and much much more.  Check it at out your favorite toy retailer.

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Nov 18, 2005

Playtimes Issue #10

Issue 10 of Playtimes Magazine is out now.   The  cover feature is an interview with none other than Tim Biskup. This has to be one of my favorite PT covers yet.  Going where no helper has gone before! :-)  Also, a bit of a self-promotion:  Francine has an article in this issue  about the JLed Lava Bunny signing -- a journal of her day minute by minute!

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Nov 11, 2005

Super7 Issue 11 Release Party

Issue 11 of Super 7 is just about to hit the street. This is a "black" issue with articles on King Walder, Barom-1, Japanese hardcore maniacs Balzac, Camille Rose Garcia, Glenn Danzig, Tara Machpherson, Panda-Z, news, fashion and lots of exclusive toy offers! $5.95 at the store, or available  online at Super7 . Or you can venture out to the release party tomorrow night, 11/12 at 7pm and for your effort, you will have the opportunity to purchase 1 of the 100 Super7 x Secret Base Rainy Day Ghostfighter figures.  Sales of this toy will benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.  This figure will only be available to party goers at the Super7 Issue 11 release party  and  will retail for $60.  If there is any left after the party (and that is a BIG if), it will go on sale to the general public the next morning, Sunday the 13th, at noon online or via the phone. So, if you find this a must have...make the trip or beg someone to do you the favor.

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Nov 10, 2005

Hi Fructose #2 dropping soon

Issue 2 of Hi Fructose  magazine is about to drop! Attaboy and Annie Owens do a great job with the mag.  The first  issue was chock full of a  large variety of underground art and designer toy news.  Hi Fructose has a really strong vibe and attitude too -- most definitely kick butt.  Eager to see what's in this next issue?  Attaboy's got your back with these teaser preview images.  From the looks of it there's an interview with Tim Biskup, articles on Jeff Soto and Joe Ledbetter and plenty more.  Tired of going to the newstand to look for Hi Fructose?  Why not subscribe :-)

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Oct 17, 2005

Playtimes Magazine #9

Issue #9 of Playtimes should be out already or if not, any day now.  Thanks to Zak, we have images of both the front cover featuring a Trexi montage (some unreleased pieces mixed in there!) and the back cover featuring a crossover illustration from Danny Chan, Darren Gan, Kylie Kiu, Ultraman, Paul Leung, Devilrobots and Brothersfree. This issue has a great article on the Series 2 Trexi designs plus a detailed interview with Huck Gee. Plus, it has two articles written by Francine and me :-) Go ahead and pick it up from fine retailers everywhere!

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Jun 12, 2005

Hi-Fructose at SDCC

Fresh news from Attaboy: The premier issue of Hi-Fructose will debut at SDCC in Tower Records' Pavillion Booth  (#4729).  To kick off this magazine focusing on designer toys, there will be a slew of artist signings:

  • Gobler              TBD
  • Cooper             TBD
  • Baseman           Friday @ Noon
  • Seen                 Friday @ 1PM
  • Dr. Cube           Friday @ 2PM
  • Attaboy            Saturday @ Noon
  • Taxali              Saturday @ Noon
  • Pardee             Saturday @ 1PM
  • McCarty           Saturday @ 2PM


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Apr 22, 2005

Hi-Fructose coming in early May

So where do you go for the latest news on the the designer vinyl toy  scene?  Well, this blog of course :-)  Then there's the web boards or forums (a subject for another post) that various online toy stores offer.  But what about magazines?  It's always nice to have a print publication to look through especially for gorgeous pictures of upcoming toys. 

There's a new magazine  covering vinyl toys and the artists that design them called Hi-Fructose.  It comes out in early May and retails for $5.95.  There's a great line up of articles for the debut issue including aricles on Seen, Gary Baseman, Brian Mccarty, Little Miss no name, a 10 page article on Kaiju Big Battel, Circus Punks, Dave Cooper gallery, and exposes with Mad, Knock Knock Family, TADO, the Lifesize Moustrap, Junko Mizuno, Jenny Bird, and DIY projects!

Good stuff!    Also it'll be easy  to find in such  places as Tower Records, Borders, Barnes and Noble and of course various comic and toy stores.

Here are some promo images of the 1st issue sent along by Attaboy (artist and soon-to-be magazine tycoon):

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