Jan 29, 2007

LIV3R's January Munny Gallery

Hi everyone! LIV3R here with another new Munny gallery. We're going to keep on keeping on in the new year due to the great response on this feature.  First of all I should apologize for putting it up a bit late. I had the photos of the customs for a while but had some other stuff to do. No worries, here they are finally. For this gallery we have yet another awesome look at worldwide artists showing off their latest creations. As always I picked my favorites mixed with some really well made pieces. We start the first gallery of 2007 with lots of beautifully colored  and tightly sculpted Munnys.

This month's highlight pieces include Sket One's Hawaiian Munny, Motorbot’s Buddha munny, a cool piece by Curster which look like it’s made with fabric along with an awesome custom by D-LuX named “cold cuts” which is an all sliced up munny looking like a butchered lil’ piggy! Big up for all the creativity this time and a good way to start the new year!! (Ed: Click through to the full post to see the full gallery).



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Nov 24, 2006

LIV3R's November Munny Gallery

Hi there, a new gallery is up. It took a while because of my health problems...darn hospital didn’t let me go home sooner. These pieces are a collection I started for the September Gallery so there are a few more here than normal. Some really awesome customs here --  Doktor A, Phuek, Dear Earthling etc etc. I always love to see  unknown artists come up with the most wicked and brilliant stuff. There are always a few personal favorites I have although that’s not really fair cuz I like particular stuff. Can’t say anything about relying only on paint for custom Munnys as I have two of my own painted munnys in this one.

Definitely  pay attention to the work of Grenade Garden (Brandon Sopinsky) as he did this really insane 2 head custom, the great drawing skills of Northwolf and Dear Earthling but also the stuff  Dok and Phu bring on. Actually, all these pieces are really cool and I hope you all enjoy browsing through this installment of the Munny custom gallery (click through to the full post).



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Aug 24, 2006

LIV3R's Summer Munny Gallery

Hey y’all and welcome again to the Munny Gallery. This time it’s  he summer edition and for that I selected some very beautifull pieces made this summer. First up one of my favorite customisers at the moment; Doktor A. He had the motor running this summer and produced 3  amazing munny customs!! Especially the Jeckyll/Hyde  one, it's awesome! Then there’s Honk who has 2 pieces in and like always they are  very well executed! I keep lovin’ that shiny gloss he puts on. Erick Scarecrow supplied me with a really nice and colorfull munny and the 2 small figures look cool as well. Rohby had a superb Macross piece comin’ in. It’s clean and tight. His work always blows me away. Further on there’s a lot of new guys showing off their latest work. I gotta say some pieces are really off the hook!! The BBQ munny by xblManimal needs some attention and when you take a look at the munny made by rc44 you need to hold your jaws from hitting the ground cuz this piece is unbelieveably tightly painted. BTW, most of these customs come from the KidRobot forum. First, because I’m always looking for the latest work and second it’s just easy to search down the Munny forum on KR looking for customs. If people have created customs they think are worthy of  the gallery you can email me a picture at: [email protected]


Doktor A









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Jun 27, 2006

LIV3R's May Munny Gallery

We’re back again with 21 new munny customs. As before I tried to choose from a wide range of designs. I selected them on paintjob, sculpting and difficulty.  I managed to select some really good pieces. We've got some new upcoming artists who really think outside the box and came up with some killer designs. I hope you all enjoy this selection of custom Munnys.


Amazing work on this munny. Nice touch of the added scratch and some sublime work on the paint application. Overall look is fantastic!

Jesse Hernandez
As always he rocks the vinyl! These well executed munnys are tha bomb! Great color use on the left piece and a tight marker paintjob on the GID piece. The new owners will be very happy with these toys. They are off the hook!!

Splended job on the sculpting. Beautiful color range and a tight look. Based on some cartoon. The NVCrew is making name for themselves with their complicated designs on toys.

One of his favorite cartoons from the early days has come to life! This Macross Munny is killing it. The schulpten work is super clean and tight. The paint job and accessories stand out as well. Personally I would have liked to have seen it in a different color. Still a winner!

Bucky Lastard

Dear Earthling



Daniel Damocles Wall

Bob Conge


John Schmitt


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May 03, 2006

April Munny Gallery

First a little introduction. My name is LIV3R. Maybe some of you  have heard of me before, maybe not. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of customising toys and especially Munnys. It’s a great platform, very simple and it has lots of potential. There’s a big group of customisers out there that think of it the same way. So many Munnys are customised these days. And some of them showcase  outstanding skills. Because of this it’s nearly impossible to show them all on this site. So Vinyl Pulse and I  came up with this idea to show what I feel are the best 20 (or so)  Munny’s done every month.  Of course ultimately this is about personal style and taste but I’ve tried to be more inclusive by presenting a wide selection.  In addition to presenting each month’s picks, I’ll also highlight a couple customs that really catch my eye.  If you'd like to submit a custom Munny for consideration, please email me a pic (800x600 or larger) at [email protected].

The first standout Munny for April was created by Ratcrtur. He did an excellent job on the creature he designed. The Sculpey and paint work were executed well. This one must have taken quite some time to get it the way it is now with all the details:  the dirty teeth, the eyes, the butt & belly, and ofcourse all the bumbs/zits on the body. The overall look is amazing! Well done!!

The second Munny I want to spotlight is by Robert Grimm. He gave his munny a toaster look and the  result is really tight. The bread that pops out of the head is an awesome touch!  Factor in the super clean paint job and the cooking accessories and you have a smokin’ hot custom. Great work!!

Enjoy my picks of custom Munnys done in April and I’ll be back next month with another set of sweet customs.



Daniel Damocles Wall


Jim Koch





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