Nov 09, 2007

Muttpop x Vinyl Pulse - Photo Comic Competition

The editor's page of  recent issules of Muttpop's Lucha Libre comic books have featured  funny 3-panel photo 'comics' created by series writer Jerry Frissen using various Muttpop toys and clever captions.  Jerry's strips are great as you can see, but why should he have all the fun ?

So... Muttpop came to us with the idea of sponsoring an ongoing monthly photo comic competition through the Vinyl Pulse Community.  Here's how it works -- create a 3-panel photo comic featuring Muttpop toys of your choice.  Once your masterpiece is complete,  share it with the Vinyl Pulse Community by submitting it to the Muttpop Photo Comic Comp (11.07) category in the photo galleries  by Wednesday, November 21st, 2007  @ 8 PM PST.

The winner as selected by Muttpop will have 24 hours to submit a final print ready file (300 dpi, CMYK, TIFF) of   his/her photo comic which will be  printed in the Lucha Libre #3 (1/08)  comic book w/credit   AND will win a Wild Edition Dr. Destruction figure.  How's that for fame and fortune? Ok, well fame and vinyl!   So to summarize -- Fan-created photo comics to the Vinyl Pulse Community with one making the jump to the printed pages of the Lucha Libre Comic.  Sweet. The plan is to run this contest each month -- so you'll have plenty of opportunity of getting your photo  comic printed.

So get to it... We're looking forward to seeing what funny, cool  wacky and just  plain nuts photo comics you dream up.  Also remember half the fun is seeing what others create -- each submission will immediately appear in the competition photo gallery.

Just in case you haven't been following the Lucha Libre Comic here's an official  synopsis of  the recently released issue #2 and a few preview pages courtesy of Muttpop --

Lucha Libre #2 introduces Tequila, the character that became Muttpop's debut vinyl rotocast figure, as he tries to unravel the murder mystery in his trailer park neighborhood. Lucha Libre #2 also continues the adventures of the Luchadores 5, Profesor Furia, and Luchadoritos. Red Demon and the Luchadores 5's first adventure ends with fist-flying Frenchies, fiery fiestas, and the wildest car chase to grace a four-colored page. Professor Furia teaches his students the cruel lessons of life by beating them senseless. Melindez trains to become the World’s greatest Luchador as the other Luchadoritos watch in apathy.

Muttpop x Vinyl Pulse Photo Comic Competition Rules
1. To enter submit an original 3-panel photo comic featuring Muttpop toys to the Muttpop Photo Comic Comp (11.07) category in the Vinyl Pulse Community.
2. Deadline to enter is Wednesday, November 21st @ 8 PM PST
3. Once notified, the selected winner will have 24 hours to submit a print ready high-res file of the winning comic which will be printed in Lucha Libre #3.  The winner will also receive a Wild Edition Dr. Destruction figure.

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