Oct 09, 2010

Toy Tokyo NYCC After Party & 10 Year Celebration


Quite a few events occurred right after the opening night of NYCC, one of them being Toy Tokyo’s 10 Year Celebration and NYCC After Party. They hosted a long night of music, drinks, food, and some sharing of their new showroom space and shop location. The party was a blast and was a good to see everyone from The Cultyard in a relaxing and non stressful setting. Pictures of people getting their groove on after the jump!


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Oct 05, 2010

Preview: Amanda Visell’s ‘Big City Gods’ @ NYCC Afterparty (10.8)


Here’s a look at some of Amanda Visell’s completed Big City Gods resin sets (click for a larger image) which will be released during the NYCC Afterparty @ Concrete on Friday 10.8 (7-9 PM), sponsored by Baroness and Clutter.  The hand-cast and hand-painted  Big City Gods will be available for $175/set. Each mix + match set comes features 1 god and 1 cityscape. Consider this drop the first coming of the Gods.  Future releases will apparently feature different divinities.  The total eventual run of Big City Gods is limited to 100 sets.  While the lions are cute, we’re partial tot he bats.  Not sure what that means… 

320 W. 37th st (btwn 8th and 9th).
New York, NY

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Sep 29, 2010

Preview: Amanda Visell’s Big City Gods @ Concrete (10.8)

Here’s a dizzying look at the mix + match possibilities offered by Amanda Visell’s upcoming release of her Big City Gods resin sets (1 god + 1 building) for the NYCC After-Party sponsored @ Concrete on October 8th sponsored by the Baroness and Clutter. Looks like two primary creature sculpts – lion and bat, plus plenty of color and deco variety.  The Big City Gods are limited to 100 sets @ $175 / set.

Concrete Bar
320 W. 37th St. (btwn 8th and 9th)

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Sep 20, 2010

Amanda Visell – Big City Gods @ NYCC After Party (10.8)


Amanda Visell will drop her new Big City Gods resin sets at an NYCC After Party (10.8, 7-9 PM)  @ Concrete sponsored by the Baroness and Clutter.  Limited to 100 sets, each hand-painted, hand-cast set features one building and one God for $175.  There are several different available  Gods and different colors which means endless hours of mix and match mayhem.   The lion above is a shoo-in, and it looks like there’s a Bat god as well if Amanda’s twitter is any indication.

Concrete Bar
320 W. 37th St. (btwn 8th and 9th)


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Sep 13, 2010

Amanda Visell Toy Drop/Signing @ NYCC After Party (10.8)


New York Comic-Con is almost upon us (October 8th – 10th) and in addition to the new Cultyard section within the convention center, there are lots of cool toy + art events going down at the same time including this NYCC Afterparty on Friday October 8th (7-9 PM) @ Concrete Bar featuring a toy drop and signing from Amanda Visell. Sponsored by the Baroness and Clutter, the show will also feature limited-edition prints and original artwork.

We could leave you with the teaser image on the flier, but since we have your back, hit the jump for the full reveal of Amanda’s new Lion atop a cityscape resin figure which was shown last Saturday at her Bed Monster release with Itokin Park. There’s more where that came from too, just saying…


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