Oct 25, 2011

PBS’s ‘Through the Artists’ Eyes’ NYCC Video Featuring kaNO

LA transplant kaNO is featured in a new NYCC video created by  NYC PBS Channel Thirteen – the most watched public television channel in the country.  It’s a look at the show from the perspective of kaNO as well as comic artists Peter Kuper (Spy Vs. Spy) and John Paul Leon (Static).    For more kaNO, be sure to drop by the Ya Heard Booth @ DesignerCon (11.5).

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Oct 20, 2011

Femke Hiemstra’s Le Chat Frost Edition @ NYCC

Painter Femke Hiemstra’s new ‘Le Chat’ vinyl from Cherry Vinyl (a partnership between Pretty in Plastic and Lulubell) made its debut at NYCC in a swanky ‘Frost’ edition.  Sculpted by Julie B., the frost edition is cast in clear Japanese vinyl and is filled with prismatic tape which gives the cool cat an iridescent shine.  As far as we know, this is the first vinyl figure to be released from Cherry Vinyl. Props. Hit the jump for close-up photos.


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Oct 18, 2011

Brand Loyalty’s Tsaur Proto @ NYCC


One of the toys that caught our eye @ NYCC was Tsaur, a mecha-style lizard, from Brand Loyalty.  The 7” figure slated to be released in Japanese Vinyl from Lulubell toys, was shown in proto form at their booth in two colorways.  Tsaur was also sighted at the Lulubell event at the Cotton Candy Machine on Saturday evening in a special baby blue/salmon edition.   The sculpt on this is dead-on, chunky yet nicely detailed.  Tsaur nails the toy mecha reptile vibe while bringing its own style and flair.   In other words, it telepathically whispers to you, “buy me”.


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Oct 14, 2011

NYCC Flash -- S7 Unleashes the Trio of Terror for Halloween


Super 7 has quite a treat in store for collectors. The Trio of Terror features three pumpkin colored figures -- Rose Vampire DX (now), Pumpkin Boy with all-new head sculpt (10.21) , and ZombieFighter (10.21, above).




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Oct 13, 2011

Lucky Bunny x Hold Up Art x Pretty In Plastic – Special Edition Grenade Bunny @ NYCC


The Grenade Bunny by Lucky Bunny x Hold Up Art x Pretty In Plastic has made it to NYCC! The Special ‘Rust’ Edition will be available for pre-sale at the Lulubell/Pretty In Plastic booth #589 all weekend. Each Grenade Bunny is hand painted and naturally oxidized and is limited to 20 pieces for $200. Not around to order this rad piece at NYCC? Not a big deal, because they will be available through Hold Up Art Online. All  you have to do is email an inquiry to info[at]holdupart[dot]com.

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Tattoo Royale - Guerilla NYCC Larry release


Guf and Milton of Tattoo Royale will be doing a small Guerilla release of their Larry figure at NYCC. Each Larry is unpainted and a few even feature a marbling effect to the resin. They will be selling them out of their backpacks on Friday and Saturday, so keep an eye out for those dudes (seen after the jump) if you were interested in checking the Larry out or even purchasing one. They will be available for $60 each.


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Andrew Bell @ NYCC


Along with Andrew Bell’s Glop in a Box release at the myplasticheart booth #879, he will be dropping a few other goodies at the Dumbrella booth #788. Take a look at the Red Snapper Edition of O-No Sashimi, who will be making it’s debut at NYCC and soon to your favorite toy stores. He can be yours for only $35!


Andrew will also be releasing the Corn Fed Up (Patient 2), who is the third of 4 of the Zombie Candy Corn series. This fantastic piece will be for sale for $500. He will also of course be carrying various stickers, androids, books, prints, and t-shirts.


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L’amour Supreme – Super7 Royal Swirl Mongolion NYCC Exclusive Release

Super7 has added another figure to their roster of NYCC Exclusive releases. Introducing L’amour Supreme’s Royal Swirl Mongolion, who is cast in a baby blue and yellow vinyl with red and white sprays. These will be available at their booth #688 for $65 each.

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Plastic City – Where Artists Rule @ NYCC


Newcomer Plastic City will shine a spotlight on three artists for NYCC in booth #676.   Each day a new artists will hold it down with exclusives, original art, prints and more.  On Friday it’s Josh Taylor, followed by MCA on Saturday, with the lovely Sara Antoinette Martin closing things out on Sunday.

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Circus Posterus Art Show @ Cotton Candy Machine (10.14)


Looking for something to do after the first full day of NYCC?  Head on over to Brooklyn, for the Circus Posterus Art show @ Tara McPherson’s Cotton Candy Machine starting from 7 to 11 PM (10.14).  This one features a triple threat – Kathie Olivas, Travis Louie and Brandt Peters.  Look for original art, prints, 3D goodness and more.

Also, be sure to drop by the Cotton Candy Machine booth at NYCC (# 875) for plenty of goodness from Tara McPherson.  She’ll be signing at the booth from 4-7 PM on Thursday (10.13).

Circus Posterus Art Show
Opening: Friday, October 14th 2011 (7-11 PM)

Cotton Candy Machine
233 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NYC

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Clutter x Pete Fowler -- ‘Toy Prince’ Release Party (10.13)


NYCC 2011 is upon us and VP is on the ground to cover it all for ya (for the fifth straight year)   In addition to  row after row of booths teeming with goodies, all manner of cosplayers (the good, the bad, and the ugly), there’s also plenty of after-hours fun.  Clutter kicks off the string of parties and shows with a release party for Pete Fowler’s ‘Toy Prince’ vinyl from Cherry Vinyl, @ 7 PM on Thursday @ Concrete.  Based on his Toy King DTA trophy, the debut drop is limited to 25 pieces, rotocast and painted in the USA by Pretty in Plastic.   Show up early, the first 25 folks through the door score a Clutter gift bag – ya know you want that!

Clutter NYCC Party
Concrete Bar
324 W. 37th Street (btwn 8th and 9th Ave)
New York, NY 10018

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Oct 12, 2011

Toy2R x Tenacious Toys – NYCC Signing Schedules


Take a look at the official guest signing schedule for the Toy2R x Tenacious Toys booth #876 for NYCC. From FridaySaturday, they’ve got a slew of artists partaking at this weekends festivities. Those artists include: Rsin, Matt Anderson, Mr. Munk, Nasty Neil, David Foox, JC Rivera, Jon Paul Kaiser, Jason Freeny, OsirisOrion, NEMO, and Bob Conge. They will also have a ton of original customs displayed at their booth from customizers from all around the globe.

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Lulubell Toys NYCC Release Line-Up & After Con Events

CCMfront CCMback

NYCC is just a day away and Lulubell Toys are just as prepared as ever! They’ve got toys, parties, and signings. What more can you ask for?! Take a look at their release line-up for their booth #589 after the jump.

For those of you  looking for some after events for the con, be sure not to miss out on the Lulubell & Friends “One Night Toy Party!” at Cotton Candy Machine on Saturday, October 15th at 7PM. They will be releasing some exclusive CCM colorways from Lulubell, Lulubell Japan, Cherry Vinyl & Grody Shogun. Participating artists include: Skinner, Jon Knox, Paul Kaiju, Stephane Blanchet, Grody Shogun, Velocitron, & more.

Another reason to stop by the event is for the Limited Edition Turquoise ‘George’ figure by Tara McPherson. When we say limited, we mean limited, as in limited to 6 pieces only! So you best get to the event fast and early if you want to snag up one of these gems.


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Oct 11, 2011

Andrew Bell – myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive Glop in a Box


Will their exclusives ever end?! Guess not. As they have just released information on the exclusive Red Planet Edition Glop In a Box by Andrew Bell and produced by mphlabs. This resin figure marks the third release and is limited to only 8 pieces. He will be available beginning on Friday, October 14th for $100 each.

“They told the public it was excellent engineering, but there was another reason those Mars rovers lasted so long… someone or something was fixing them. The cameras captured glimpses, an eye here, an arm there. A top secret mission was mounted to investigate, samples were acquired and sent back to NASA. Unfortunately as soon as they arrived, the entire project budget was slashed and the boxes of samples sat unattended in a dark closet somewhere in Florida… until today.”

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Oct 10, 2011

GID Blank & GID Dead Kenny – Kidrobot NYCC Exclusive Releases


Along with the “Broke Ass Labbit Sale”, Kidrobot will be dropping two NYCC exclusive 3” Mini figures. The first is the electrifying 3” GID Blanka from the KR x Street Fighter mini series. These will be limited to 1000 pieces and will retail for $11.95 each.


Oh my god, they killed Kenny! AGAIN! Also as a GID release, the NYCC Exclusive Dead Kenny from their South Park mini series will be available at NYCC. These are also limited to 1000 pieces and will be available for $11.95 each.


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Keith Poon – ToyQube NYCC Exclusive Releases


ToyQube has some exciting releases for you at NYCC. Introducing the I Love NY 3” Resin Baby Sharky figure. Available in both a Grey and Black colorway and handpainted, these will be available for $30 each.


Next up is the second release of Keith’s Deep-Sea Dracula figure. The DayWalker Edition features a special resin, when in the sunlight, the frosty clear turns blue. How rad is that?! Unfortunately it doesn’t sparkle like most Vampires. He will also be available at the TQ booth #880 for $65 and is limited to 50 pieces.

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Doktor A. & Flying Fortress – myplasticheart NYCC Releases


It seems as though myplasticheart has an endless list of releases for NYCC. Here are two more for you today! Pre-releasing at the MPH booth #879 is the Entertainer Edition of Doktor A.’s Humphrey Mooncalf figure by Pobber Toys. This releases features a black and red striped suit on this exquisite 8” figure. The Entertainer is limited to 100 pieces and will retail $95 each.


Your favorite helmeted Teddy Bear is back and just in time for NYCC. Flying Fortress x adFunture will be pre-releasing their DIY 3” Blind Box Teddy Troop figures at the MPH booth. Available not just in white, but also in a green, yellow, and pink. Paint them, collect them, do as you wish. They will be available for $7 a blind box.

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Oct 07, 2011

Super7 Invades New York Comic Con

Super7 has just now revealed their full roster of monster releases for NYCC. They will be bringing some fan favorite figures to their booth #688 for those on the East Coast. Time to modify your shopping lists folks! More info after the jump.

Super7 will also be holding a raffle for an Unpainted Taoking and Autographed “The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot” TPB. The drawing will take place at their booth on Sunday, October 16th at 3PM. Limit one entry per person.



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Oct 06, 2011

Oliver Hibert & kaNO – myplasticheart NYCC Exclusives & Signing Schedule


We last left off talking about Oliver Hibert’s Milton figure with adFunture, HERE. We also mentioned he will be making a debut at NYCC at a “leading NYC-Based retailer”. It has now been revealed that that retailer is none other than myplasticheart. He will be an exclusive pre-release at the MPH booth #879 and is a run of 200 pieces and will retail for $65 each.

promo_dragonkingkaNO’s Dragon King will also be making his first official appearance/release at NYCC, as the Game of Death edition. Kuso Vinyl really did some amazing work with this figure, which includes the signature yellow jumpsuit, green baton, Bolex handheld camera. The G.O.D. Dragon King is limited to 75 pieces for $70 and will be available throughout the convention.

promo_signings Here is some good news that will help you figure out your NYCC schedules. Take a look at the signing schedule list, which features a number of amazing artists.

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Oct 05, 2011

Super7’s Taoking at NYCC


Super7 will be making their first appearance ever at this years NYCC. One of the first things they’ve teased us with is the release of Geof Darrow and Frank Miller’s Taoking figure from their Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot series. This figure was last seen/released at SDCC as a black colorway and it looks as though he is making his way to New York as the yellow colorway, which was also seen in San Diego. What else is under Super7’s sleeves for their booth #688? We shall soon find out!

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Paul Kaiju – Lulubell Toy Bodega NYCC Exclusives


Unfortunately Paul Kaiju will not be attending this years NYCC. That doesn’t mean his toys won’t. Appearing at the Lulubell Toy Bodega booth #589 will be his custom Seagool’s and “Scanner” Boss Carrions. Release schedules for these figures are yet to be determined, so be sure tune back in for an update. Hopefully we will see more of what he has to offer for NYCC.

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Marka27 – ToyTokyo NYCC Exclusive Black Buddha


Marka27 will be making an appearance at this years NYCC for his Asia-MiniGod Exclusive release at the Toy Tokyo booth #976. The 6” Black Buddha will be limited to 100 pieces and it will retail for $40 each. Mark27 will also be at the TT booth on Friday, October 14th from 3-4PM for a signing session.


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Plaseebo x BadApplezINC – NYCC Space Junk Destroyer

bad_applez_nycc_flyer copy

Bob Conge aka Plaseebo has joined forces with BadApplezINC to release an exclusive Space Junk Destroyer resin figure for NYCC. Bob added onto this figure by sculpting some vicious looking claws and  applied his signature paint applications. This piece is limited to 5 pieces and will run you $220 each. You will find this released through the NYCC weekend at the Tenacious Toys booth #876.  


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Oct 03, 2011

Jared Deal – Vlad Plush & Toil and Trouble Resins for NYCC

trouble_promo vlad_promo

Jared Deal will be posting up once again in The Cultyard at booth #789 for this years NYCC. He will be releasing his most asked about character, Vlad, but in Plush form. Each plush is hand sewn with fleece fabric and polyester stuffing. Also available will be his Toil and Trouble resins. For now, all we have a glimpse of is Trouble, who is one half of the pair of witch cats, who are known for having the ability to shape shift into different forms. For those not able to attend NYCC, Jared will have a pre-sale over on his site on Wednesday, October 12th from 12PM-12AM. If you so happen to forget what Jared’s booth number was, just remember why 6 is afraid of 7.


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MAD x Pobber Toys – myplasticheart Mork Prisoners


It was less than a week ago that Pobber Toys announced that MAD’s Mork figure will be making it’s debut at NYCC. myplasticheart has just announced that they will be exclusively pre-releasing this much anticipated figure. There will be two versions available of the Mork Prisoners, which will run you $65 each or $120 for the pair. They will be limited to 100 pieces each and will only be available at the MPH booth #879.

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