Oct 04, 2012

Dwid Hellion x Monster Worship – Thee Black Heksen @ NYCC

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In looking at Monster Worship’s NYCC releases, Thee Black Heksen – a collabo figure created with Dwid Hellion, lead man of the hardcore metal band Integrity.  This complex figure (8 points of articulation, 7”) has an appealing dark fantasy aesthetic.  The sculpt looks strong from the head to the limbs including the asymmetric legs. Heksen is armed with a dagger and staff (not show in final colors).  The Black Heksen as well as the other MW releases will be available at the Onell Design booth (#3216) at day/time slot to be announced.


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Monster Worship – NYCC Mini Greasebat


Say whaaat? Monster Worship has just revealed this little guy to be a Mini Greasebat figure (4”, in unpainted black vinyl) by Jeff Lamm. They also mention NYCC, but we are not sure if it will be releasing or just debuting. We hope to hear some more info on this, This one will be released at NYCC during Monster Worship’s as yet unannounced timeslot at the Onell Design Booth (#3216) during NYCC.   We are sure the G.A.S. members must be freaking out!  MW has just posted their official ‘con page detailing their numerous releases.


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Ron English x Dudebox – King Monster Dude @ NYCC


Dudebox has revealed their mystery fourth Dude release for NYCC.  From the gifted and dinosaur-fascinated mind of Ron English comes the King Monster Dude.  The dynamic design depicting the birth of a future King Monster, features a gritty black + white design with a splash of red.  While not specifically mentioned,  the shape of the box suggests that  King Monster is a large 7.5” dude rather than a smaller mini. King Monster will be released on Thursday October 11th from the Dudebox booth (#2915) and through their online stores [UK / USA].  Ron will be signing at the booth twice – Friday (10.12) from 4 to 5 PM and Saturday (10.13) from 2 to 3 PM.

Finally, as part of the roll-out promo, Dudebox TV has posted a two-part video interview with Ron.  Focusing on the potential of the Dude platform toy, the 2nd part features a tantalizing shot of the artist next to a giant robo-style Dude figure.  Which means we should probably be expecting at least one more giant Dudebox custom in addition to the  one Attaboy is customizing for DesignerCon).  Very interesting.



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Nathan Hamill’s Strife & Sire Debut Release @ NYCC


Tenacious Toys will release the  debut edition of Nathan Hamill’s Strife & Sire vinyl (3DRetro) at NYCC. Drawn from Nathan’s sketchbook, the toy features Strife, a warrior Imp of Calendula, watching over the skull of the fallen god Sire, awaiting his return. Limited to 150 pieces, this first edition features a Blue strife sitting atop mostly gray sire (7” total).  Having had the opportunity to the figures in person at SDCC, we’re pretty confident in saying this is Nathan’s strongest vinyl release so far.  Strife &Sire will be available for $50 at the Tenacious Toys Booth [#3121] on Friday October 12th @ 3 PM EDT, with Nathan Hamill on-hand to  sign the toys.   For those that can’t make it out to NYC,  Toy Art Gallery will host a release and singing of this first edition on October 20th.


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myplasticheart’s NYCC Exclusive Mike Egan ‘Red Skull’Bones


The exclusives keep coming from myplasticheart, as they’ve announced their exclusive ‘Red Skull’ Bones vinyl figure from Mike Egan. This exclusive stands 8” tall and is limited to only 25 pieces for $55. Find him at the myplasticheart booth #3313 throughout the weekend!

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myplasticheart’s NYCC Exclusive Shawnimals Zombie Takeout


The dumplings that want to eat your dumplings! Brought to you by Shawnimals and exclusive to the myplasticheart booth #3313 are the blind boxed Zombie Takeout plush figures. Limited to 50 pieces each, this exclusive features one Zombied out dumpling and it’s latest victim and will retail $20 each. You best be careful when removing a Zombie dumpling from it’s box, you don’t want to get bit!

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myplasticheart’s NYCC Exclusive Jeff Lamm Prototype Greasebat


I am very excited to see this release of Jeff Lamm’s Greasebat figure, which was brought to you by Monster Worship and exclusive to the myplasticheart booth #3313 at NYCC. The ‘Prototype’ edition pays homage to Chauskoskis’ original prototype sculpt for the Greasebat. One of which, I have been hoping would make it’s way to release. This edition features an olive green vinyl with a gray rub and will be available for $85.

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Oct 01, 2012

Toy Tokyo NYCC Exclusive MC Supersized China


With NYCC taking place in Toy Tokyo’s home town, you know they plan on doing some big things. One of which is the release of Ron English’s MC Supersized China figure, which is limited to only 60 pieces. Ron will also be signing at the TT booth #3303 on Friday, October 12th at PM. Toy Tokyo listed a list (not final) of some of the goodies that will be found at their booth during NYCC, check it out after the jump.


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Lou Pimentel x myplasticheart – Ghost Bloom Junior for NYCC


So you’ve seen the unpainted test shots and have been waiting for a sight of the debut Ghost Blossom Junior from Lou Pimentel and mphlabs. Wait no more.  As you can see above and perhaps guessed from the name, this debut edition to be released at NYCC (10.11 – 10.14) is a painted GID figure.  While we prefer the glow look, the new Junior is easy on the eyes in ambient light too (check the photo after the jump).    Pick up the very first Junior from myplasticheart’s booth [#3313]  for $35 at the ‘con. Also, don’t forget that Lou will be signing at the booth on Saturday (11.13) from 3 to 4 PM.


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Dudebox @ NYCC

005-DBxPF_DAIOCEAN_frontw 002-DB_EUGENEfront 003-DB_FRANKENfront 004-DB_CONZO_front

UK newcomer Dudebox is hopping the pond for NYCC and bringing with them quite a haul – by our count, six new vinyl figures.  First up there are two Pete Fowler and Friends’ figures – Dai Ocean and an as yet un-named Owen fiend (sneak after the jump).  On the Dude front, there are three large dudes (300 pieces each) – Eugence McGeekson by Andreas Krapf in his tighty whities, Franken by Riccard Bucchioni and Taps Aff! by Conzo.  So that’s five… and there’s apparently another Dude yet to be revealed, perhaps ‘Bob’ ?   All of this will be waiting for you at Dudebox’s booth (#2915).


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Sep 28, 2012

Kidrobot @ NYCC


Kidrobot has announced more details on their plans for NYCC.  In addition to the teased 3” Agent K  Dunny from Rsin, they’ve also released their Artist Sketch Sessions schedule.  It appears that the Agent K drop may be KR’s sole NYCC release – though they will also be releasing Tristan Eaton’s Silver King 8” Dunny at their NYC store.

Kidrobot’s NYCC Schedule

Friday, October 12

11 am – 12 pm : Buff Monster, L’amour Supreme (Mishka), David Healey (Healeymade)
12 – 2 pm
: NYCC Exclusive Agent K Dunny Release and Signing with Rsin

Saturday, October 13

1 – 2 pm : MR DEN
2 – 3 pm
3 – 4 pm
5 – 6 pm
: Chuckboy

Sunday, October 14

1 – 2 pm : Jason Freeny
2 – 3 pm
: Sekure D


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myplasticheart’s NYCC Signing Schedule


myplasticheart has released their official NYCC schedule of signings featuring a talented group of artists.  Many of the signees have collaborated with mph on  already announced exclusive ‘con releases.  Perhaps we’ll see exclusives or releases from a few of the others including Shawn Smith, Jeremiah Ketner, J*Ryu, Andrew Bell and Kelly Denato.

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Brent Nolasco’s NYCC Customs @ myplasticheart


Brent Nolasco has been keeping quite busy prepping for NYCC.  Here’s a look at some of his custom S7 figures.  As seen above, he’s re-interpreted Garuru, Little Prick, Dokudo and more.  Each of these will be available for $80 at the myplasticheart booth [#3313] in addition to his limited-edition Cast of Shadows OG resin figures.  Brent will be signing at the booth on Saturday (10.13) @ Noon.

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myplasticheart’s NYCC Exclusive Sunshine Bevil from Paul Shih


By now, you’ve realized that myplasticheart’s NYCC booth will be fully stocked with tempting exclusives.  One of those treats will be Paul Shih’s NYCC Exclusive Sunshine Bevil resin.  This bright, cheerful edition featuring an orange-yellow color combo is limited to eight pieces and will be available at the mph booth (#3313) for $60. 

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Sep 21, 2012

Rsin x Kidrobot – 3” Agent K Dunny NYCC Release

rsin-dunny-agent-k-kpost (1)

Kidrobot takes another one of their King of the Boards artists to produce their very own 3” Dunny! Rsin’s Agent K Dunny will be released during NYCC at the Kidrobot Booth #2909. Agent K features a uniquely sculpted head, ray gun, and features Rsin’s signature vibrant colors. This release is limited to 1200 pieces and will retail $14.95 each. Rsin will be at the KR booth on Friday, October 12 from 12-2PM. Congrats DUDE!

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Brent Nolasco x myplasticheart – NYCC Exclusive “The Cast of Shadows”


The NYCC news keeps rolling in, as myplasticheart has just announced their exclusive “The Cast of Shadows” release with Brent Nolasco. They will have three of these hand sculpted and hand painted figures available at their booth #3313, which will retail $245. Brent will also be singing at the booth on Saturday at 12PM .

More about the Dark Descendants
After the planet was destroyed by countless wars and the final nuclear fall out, the entire human race was demolished. Only fragments of animal life were leftover. Decades passed, and new life started to grow from the destruction.From all the bits and fragments of man and nature, new super creatures started to evolve and make their way throughout the earth. The broken became whole again.

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Sep 20, 2012

myplasticheart's NYCC Exclusive Ryniak Misfortune Cat Ivory Edition

myplasticheart continues its daily NYCC announcements. Today they've announced their exclusive Ivory Edition of the 5" Chris Ryniak Misfortune Cat from Playge. Limited to 100 pieces, the new edition features Ryniak's severed head design with a fairly realistic faux ivory finish with a startling single, cloudy blue eye. This is the follow-up to the '11 SDCC black debut. The Ivory Ryniak Misfortune Cat will be available at the mph booth (#3313) for an as yet undisclosed price. Chris Ryniak will be on-hand signing at the booth on Friday (10.12) @ 4 PM.

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myplasticheart x Brutherford Industries -- NYCC Exclusive Ice Scream Man Minis

For NYCC, myplasticheart will release not one, not two, but a trio of exclusive Ice Scream Man minis from Brutherford Industries. The asian inspired flavors include Red Bean, Green Tea and Black Sesame. Limited to 50 of each, these will be available as a set or individually ($52) @ the mph booth (#3313). Brutherford will be signing on Friday (10.12) @ Noon.

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myplasticheart x Dok A -- Chester Runcorn Gin & Tonic NYCC Pre-Release

myplasticheart is loaded for bear for NYCC. They've just started to reveal their releases including a pre-release of Doktor A's Gin and Tonic Chester Runcorn from Kuso Vinyl. The almost mono edition will be available at mph's booth (#3313) for $64.99. Dok A will signing on Saturday (10.13) @ 4 PM. This just might be my favorite edition of this toy yet.

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