Oct 13, 2013

Pushead at NYCC 2013


Pushead’s annual NYCC event is the highlight of the show for many collectors since it’s one of only two main releases each year, the other being at SDCC.  This year’s NYCC event was on Saturday afternoon.  As expected, it drew a large crowd waiting outside of the Toy Toyko booth for their turn to go into the back room and see what what Pus had in store.  Right before those trips began, Pus and crew dropped the black curtain to reveal the mother lode including a new pirate figure with a bandage wrapped head, and lower serpent style torso, several new Hydros,  a blue + bright orange Nag Ball, a new Fink Shit, and a massive new two-headed gorilla from Hirota (display only?) as well as a smaller new figure.  It goes without saying, but collectors seemed blown away – the selection exceeded their already high expectations. This is the second straight release that Pus has released a new sculpt – exciting times.


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Oct 12, 2013

Secret Walls x Kidrobot – Lamour Supreme Vs. MAD at NYCC



For this year’s NYCC, Secret Walls and Kidrobot have teamed up to bring attendees live art battles pitting top artists against one another for 90 minute black + white drawing competitions.  On Friday, L’amour Supreme and MAD squared off against each.  MAD created a sweet piece blending multiple characters together including MAD*L, Guardians, and his speech bubble character.  Lamour paid homage to the comic theme with a gnarly batman/wolverine mashup, tearing his way right out of the board.

In the end, the crowded decided the winner via applause measured on a noise meter. Lamour edged out MAD, but really it was hard to pick one strong piece against the other as the styles are very different.


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    NYCC 13: Skinner x David Healey ‘Mother’


    Skinner and David Healey have released their wicked collaboration ‘Mother’.  The first edition is cast in jet black resin with crimson red eyes and a white scarf.  While the figure is pretty sweet, we have to talk about the packaging.  Mother comes in the mother of blister packs with a custom tomb-shaped blister set against a triple-xl sized backing board with wicked Skinner art, printed by the talented  folks at Sidekick Labs.

    Mother is available for $200 from the Critical Hit Booth [#110] at NYCC.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes – Mother does stand on her own though she demands respect ;-)



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    Oct 11, 2013

    NYCC 13: Matt Siren x myplasticheart – Ghost Girl Sofubi sculpt


    Surprise!  myplasticheart is showing their upcoming Ghost Girl sofubi from Matt Siren in sculpt form. Smaller than the vinyl they released a few years back, the new made-in-Japan figure will feature pluggable head decoration (skull, flower, and bow shown). It may be the case that each edition will come with one specific decoration rather than say all three.  Plus there’s a separate skull that will likely be inserted into translucent ghost girl editions.   Very cool.

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    NYCC 13: Kidrobot Black Murder by Craww


    In addition to their announced NYCC exclusives, Kidrobot surprised us with an advanced release of the brand-new KR Black ‘Murder’ figure from Craww. Accompanied by an empty bird cage, the beautiful yet melancholic female character appears to be part crow / part human.  The striking 12” vinyl is limited to 200 hand numbered pieces and is available at KR’s booth [#607] for $399 and will be officially released on October 24th.


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    NYCC 2013 Coverage


    NYCC 2013 is going on through this weekend and we’re there to bring you coverage of ‘The Block’ filled with art toys and indie art.  Here’s a look at the Thursday preview day – booths, artists, and more.  We’ll follow up with detailed posts. Hit the jump for the photos.


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    Luke Chueh @ NYCC Custom Bear Heads

    As you may know if you follow Luke Chueh on social media, he's in town for NYCC and has brought something special to tempt collectors -- 35 black resin bear heads, which he will customize. It looks like he will be rocking a few designs including the three shown above. He'll be selling them guerrilla style throughout the con -- find him and ask him to customize one for ya. Following @lukechueh on instagram and twitter should make the chase much easier. Happy hunting.




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    Oct 09, 2013

    Metacrypt – Shub Zeroth Release.2 [PROTOTYPE] {LUNAR} @ NYCC


    If you’re going to NYCC and you love big, mean sofubi monsters, you’ll want to check out the Shub Zeroth Lunar release, the first painted edition of the figure from Brian Ewing and Justin ‘Hateball’ Jewett of  Metacrypt. The edition features translucent black, red and orange spray on GID vinyl.  It will be available for $100 from both Brian Ewing’s booth [#120] and the Lulubell Toys booth [#408].


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    Bwana Spoons @ NYCC


    Bwana Spoons will be exhibiting at NYCC for the time this year.  He’s bringing quite the haul with him all the way from Portland including Rootbeer Teenage Randalls (WIP shown above), a black NYCC exclusive Jeff, plenty of customs and perhaps a surprise or two.  All of this awaits you at booth #204 which Bwana is sharing with Muntiki, Joseph Harmon and Zack Soto. 


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    Oct 08, 2013

    Shawnimals x mphlabs x Squibbles Ink – NYCC Halloween Dumplings


    Just in the nick of time comes the Shawnimals NYCC exclusive Halloween Dumplings in conjunction with mphlabs and Squibbles Ink.  The blind-boxed vinyl dumping will feature two different figures – either Frankenpork or his lovely future bride.  Get ‘em from the myplasticheart booth [#113] for $12.


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    Double Parlour x Clutter – NYCC Exclusive Fricks and Rielle (10.12)


    As part of their impressive NYCC lineup, Clutter will have two exclusive Double Parlour resins – Fricks and Rielle.  Each of the hand-painted resins is limited to 5 pieces and will be available at 1 PM on Saturday (10.12) during the artists’ signing session in Booth #504. Both of these figures look great and continue Double Parlour’s eclectic yet whimsical aesthetic. Great stuff.

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    Splurrt for NYCC – Cadaver Twins, One Offs and More (10.12)


    Splurrt has cooked up some sweet vinyl treats for NYCC.  He’s got a ‘gross’ new Cadaver Twins drop, an exclusive Cadaver Kid and Usir set from Martin Ontiveros, and one-offs from Rampage Toys and himself. All of this will be available on Saturday (10.12) at Noon in the Clutter/Monster Island booth [#504] – cash only.


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    Reactor-88 x myplasticheart -- Custom Dealmakers for NYCC


    While he won’t be going out to NYC, Reactor-88 has customized two Dealmaker figures (Andrew Bell x mphlabs) for New York Comic Con for myplasticheart.   There’s a red+black+yellow Maori one as well as a blue+red+white Totem inspired one.  Both look great.  According to Ryan,the scuplted details/relief on dealmaker led him to change up his usual totem style.  It’s definitely familiar yet with some fun, visually exciting twists.  Each of the customs will be available for $150 from the mph booth [#113].

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    Oct 05, 2013

    3rd Annual Designer Toy Awards Trading Cards


    The Designer Toy Awards are kicking things off this year with a bang! One of those bangs including the 3rd Annual Designer Toy Awards Trading cards with SideKick Labs. This series features 177 base cards, who include many of the finalist for the 3rd annual DTA’s. There are also 27 card variants, signature cards, and golden ticket cards. What can those golden tickets get you? Well, they are good for one-off designer toys, prints,hand-painted custom figures, and even a complete trading card subset pack.

    Each pack contains 8 random cards for only $5 a pack. There is also a factory sets available, which are limited to 100 that include all 177 cards, all 27 variants in the series, one random signature card, one golden ticket card, and promo only Hello Kitty x KISS cards for $85. These will be available throughout all of NYCC at the Clutter Magazine booth #504, the SideKick Lab’s booth #203, and at the DTA Ceremony on Saturday.


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    Oct 04, 2013

    Seymour’s Squatters for NYCC


    Peter Kelk aka Seymour will be attending this years NYCC and he won’t be alone! Along with him will be an NYCC exclusive relase of his original Squatter figures. This collection features 18 one-of-a-kind painted sculptures. Each figure roughly stands 6” tall and come with their own glass 7” display dome and base. They will be on display and available for reserve at the Strychnin Gallery booth #1780. Peter will be making his way all the way from Australia, so be sure to stop by and say hello! Not able to attend? You can reserve some of your favorite Squatters by sending an email to team[at]strychnin[dot]com.


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    Argonaut Resins x SubUrban Vinyl - NYCC Resin Cracked Mini Tuttz

    For their booth, SubUrban Vinyl has teamed up with Argonaut Resins to release a limited run of the Resin Cracked Mini Tuttz figures. There are 3 different colorways up for grabs, black, red, and white, each with a cracked paint texture. There are a total of 12 pieces with 3 GID chases. They can be found at booth #208 for $50 each.


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    RESTORE x Clutter Magazine – NYCC Debris Japan


    The exclusives are never ending from Clutter, as they have revealed their NYCC exclusive Debris Japan by RESTORE. The “Propagate” edition is limited to 10 pieces and stands 6.5” tall and are each handpainted with real cloth and paper elements. These will be released on Saturday at 11AM during RESTORE’s signing at the booth #504.


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    MAD – 3D Printed Micro MAD*Ls for NYCC


    Not only will there be MAD’s Modern Hero up for grabs, but he will also be bringing along some 3D Printed Micro MAD*L figures in this bright fluorescent green. Perhaps these will be available during his signing at the myplasticheart booth #113 on Saturday from 3-4PM.

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    True Cast Studio – Walking Dud for NYCC


    While we’re still on the topic of True Cast Studio, they’ve got something else cooked up for NYCC. This figure is perfect for all of you Zombie fanatics out there, here we have the Walking Dud. This piece was created by Adam Smith of True Cast Studios, Ultra Violence sculpting by Jason Frailey of NECA, produced by Josh Edwards of True Cast Studios, and a collaboration and promotion by THEGODBEAST. These are available online HERE and at NYCC at the Onell Design Booth #102. They are available in 3 different sizes, 2” mini rubber figure ($15), 4” articulated figure ($35), and a 7” articulated figure ($75).


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    Scribe x True Cast Studio–NYCC Exclusive Resound Field Guide Mini Rubber Figures

    You didn’t think Scribe would leave you all hanging for NYCC did you, well once again working with True Cast Studio they’ve got some goodies you aren’t going to want to miss out on. Take a look at their latest project, mini rubber figures of Scribe’s Resound Field Guide series. These will be available at the Onell Design booth #102. This is a fun and exciting series we cannot wait to see more of in different colors!

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    Ron English – NYCC Exclusive Smiley Grin


    NYCC is shaping up to be a great convention for Ron English fans. Here’s a look at the NYCC Exclusive Smiley Grin vinyl coin bank produced by Made by Monsters.  This one features a light purple Grin with metallic gold teeth.  Limited to 200 pieces, this one will be available for $40 from the BeeFy and Co. booth [#222]. And if you dig this, there’s also a Smiley Grin wallet from Dynomighty available at NYCC.


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    Oct 03, 2013

    myplasticheart – Andrew Bell’s Mercutio Dealmaker for NYCC


    myplasticheart has a second piece of Andrew Bell goodness for you for this years NYCC. Here we have the NYCC exclusive Mercutio Dealmaker, which features a clear red vinyl and silver spray details. Make some deals over at the MPH booth #113 next weekend for this limited release at $35 a piece.

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    MCA x Outsmart Originals – Project: Evil Ape


    Outsmart Originals is tag teaming a special project for NYCC with MCA! Project: Evil Ape feature’s MCA’s iconic character, which has been redesigned by MCA, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Oliver Hibert, L’amour Supreme, and Evoker for a special T-shirt release. Each Tee will be super limited and available at booth #208 in The Block. All 6 designs are available for pre-order HERE at a discounted price of $25 until October 16th.


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    FrankenFactory x Clutter – Apocalypta Wolfgirl for NYCC


    Clutter Magazine has picked up FrankenFactory to whip up a round of special exclusive figures for this years NYCC. The Apocalypta WolfGirl resin figure is limited to only 11 pieces and stands 7” tall. These are each handpainted and feature a gloss black on the wolf’s pelt and matte black everywhere else, with white cast resin masks. Find them at the Clutter booth #504 for $85 each beginning Thursday at 3PM.

    "WolfGirl took fate into her own hands and defeated the beast. Now she wears the pelt proudly as a message to all who hunt the vulnerable, torment the weak and seek to destroy. A warning that should be heeded..."


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    Ron English x Dynomighty –NYCC Exclusive Release

    Dynomighty have teamed up with Pop-Art icon Ron English for a Popaganda series of their mighty wallets and for NYCC they’ve got a special exclusive lined up. Just for NYCC, Dynomighty will be releasing 200 pieces of a Popaganda Logo wallet design by Ron for the big event. Be sure to stop by their booth #505 to pick one up and enter for a chance to win a original sketch by the man himself. You can also meet Ron at the booth on Saturday from 4-5PM. On Sunday, Dynomighty will be selecting the lucky winner of the sketch, so be sure to stop by daily to sign up.


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