Oct 03, 2013

Brutherford x Clutter Magazine – Melt Grenade for NYCC


Brutherford Industries will have their very own NYCC exclusive available a the Clutter Magazine booth #504. The “Melt Grenade” will debut in a clear pink resin, which will be limited to 25 pieces. They will be available beginning on Thursday for $50 a piece.

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Oct 02, 2013

myplasticheart NYCC exclusive – Gordo Salvia by Brent Nolasco


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Brent Nolasco’s Gordo figure.  So we’re happy to report that a new Gordo will be coming to NYCC via myplasticheart. mph will release their exclusive Salvia Gordo which is cast in clear blue resin and features black and silver accents.   Salvia Gordo will be available for $100 through mph’s booth during NYCC [#113].  mph will also be offering a few one-off color samples from their archives.

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Oct 01, 2013

Gary Ham x Lana Crooks x Clutter Magazine – Neapolitan Hermes


Gary Ham and Lana Crooks team up once again to bring you another delightful Con exclusive treat! Check out the Neapolitan Hermees, which exclusive to the Clutter Magazine booth #504 at NYCC. This super cute plush stands 14” with a 17” wingspan and is limited to only 5 pieces total! They will release on at $200 a piece on Saturday, October 12th at Noon for both Gary and Lana’s signing.

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Steff Bomb x Clutter Magazine – Bacon Pancake Plush


Clutter Magazine has teamed up with Steff Bomb to release an exclusive plush just for NYCC. Introducing the Bacon Pancake, which will be made available on Saturday, October 12th at 4PM during Steff’s signing at the Clutter booth #504. This deliciously cute plush features 3 stacks of cakes, a pat of butter, and of course bacon! This piece will measure 6.5” wide and 2.5” tall and will be limited to 15 pieces at $60 each.

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Kidrobot @ NYCC 2013


To follow up with our previous Kidrobot NYCC post HERE, we now have a look at their exclusive releases! They’ve got three special releases and a few goodies they have held back from SDCC.

First up is their Black edition of the Day of the Dead Homer figure. Standing 6” tall and complete with mariachi suit, sombrero, and painted calavera mask, this NYCC exclusive will retail $50 and will be available beginning on preview night.

Blog_Images_Homer (1)

Next is something for all you Street Fighter fans! The NYCC exclusive 3” gold Ryu figure. No mention on price or run, but be sure these will be in high demand!

Blog_Images_Ryu1 (1)

To keep your heads warm, Kidrobot has teamed up with Mishka for the Keep Watch beanie. These will be available on 10/10 for $35 and will also be available in two colors, with the Magenta colorway only being available at NYCC.

Blog_Images_Mishka (1)

So the goodies they will be brining back from SDCC include the Miska Labbit and Jon-Paul Kaiser 8” Locodonta Dunny.

KeepWatchGrip-Mishka Snapback_350x350 Locodanta-SDCC

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Ron English x Clutter Magazine – NYCC Exclusive Mini Heart Skull


Ron English’s Heart Skull will be making an appearance at this years NYCC. The Clutter Magazine booth #504 will be playing host to this NYCC exclusive mint rotocast resin figure, which measures 6” x 5” x 7”. These will be limited to 30 pieces and available on Sunday, October 13th at 2PM during Ron’s signing.


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Mark Nagata x SubUrban Vinyl – One-Off King Negora

sub urban square 2 template max

SubUrban Vinyl has got their hands on an elegant one-off custom King Negora figure by Mark Nagata for their booth #208 at NYCC. This rad custom features an amazing orange, red and blue paint scheme, which is expected to go quickly! So make you’re way towards their booth to pick up this beauty for $175.

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myplasticheart NYCC exclusive –- Ferg x Chris Ryniak GID Misfortune Cat


myplasticheart continues to reveal it’s NYCC lineup with several announcements in the past few days.  Their  latest exclusive announcement is the Ferg x Chris Ryniak  5” GID Misfortune Cat.  This new piece comes just in time to for All Hallow’s Eve and would make a great companion to last year’s ivory edition Misfortune Cat.  Limited to 100 pieces, the GID Misfortune Cat will be available for $55 from the mph booth [#113].


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Sep 30, 2013

myplasticheart x MAD – Skele-Con Modern Hero for NYCC


Can we expect to see the first Modern Hero release take place at NYCC? We hope so, because what looks to be a skeletor colorway looks amazing! What better place to release such a colorway than at NYCC? Even the skull and mouth accessory are GID! Stay tuned for more info on this release!


It looks as though Mad’s Modern Hero will be making an appearance at NYCC, exclusively through the myplasticheart booth #113. The Skele-Con colorway will be available throughout the convention for $65 each. MAD will also be signing at the booth on Saturday, from 3-4PM.


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myplasticheart – NYCC Glop in a Box by Andrew Bell


Andrew Bell’s Glop in a Box returns! This time in radioactive form and an exclusive to the myplasticheart booth #113 at NYCC. This awesome new colorway will be available in custom wooden crates, which means a chance at finding a special chase variant hidden inside. This limited edition piece will be available during Andrew Bell’s signing on Saturday (Time TBA) and will retail $120 each.

Project Glop-BX5 – Classified Document

Incident Report 10.11
Shipment MPH13
Upon arrival at project site, manifest check discrepancy was noted. Crate #1027 unaccounted for. Search of immediate area unfruitful. Item is highly radioactive and should be handled as class 3 waste. USE GREAT CAUTION WHEN HANDLING. RETURN TO LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORIES IMMEDIATELY UPON RECOVERY.

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Ron English x Clutter Magazine – NYCC Exclusive Count Calorie


From Ron English’s Cereal Killer series is the brand new signature Ron English Count Calorie Colorway. This purple and green colorway is limited to 100 pieces and will be exclusively available through the Clutter Magazine booth #504 (50 pieces) during NYCC and online through Popaganda.com (50 pieces). The NYCC release will take place on Friday, October 11th at 10AM.

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Max Toy Co. x Clutter – NYCC Exclusive Micro Kaiju Negora


Here we have another exclusive to the Clutter Magazine booth #504. Check out the hand-paited Micro Kaiju Negora by Mark Nagata. Limited to only 6 pieces, these will be available on Saturday, October 12th at 3PM for $45 each.

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Sep 27, 2013

JFury x SubUrban Vinyl – NYCC Exclusive Bunny Boom Boom

Bunny Boom Boom

Suburban Vinyl will have a number of exclusive releases available at NYCC. One being their collaborative exclusive with JFury. Take a gander at the Mountain Dew colorway of the Bunny Boom Boom figure. Limited to only 10 pieces, these 4” tall figures will retail $65 each. Find them available at booth #208.

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Matt JOnes x Clutter Magazine – NYCC Exclusive Furry Cup of Tea


Lunartik aka Matt JOnes has designed a Clutter Magazine Exclusive Cup of Tea for NYCC. Limited to 200 pieces, 100 will be available at NYCC at the Clutter booth #504 and the other 100 will be up for grabs through Lunartik’s webstore (10.11 3PM GMT). They will retail $30 each and comes complete with pink Lunartik figure and white flocked tea cup. Each figure is also signed and numbered by the one and only, Matt!

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Sep 26, 2013

SubUrban Vinyl x Juan Muniz – NYCC Philipe the Bunny

001-Juan Muniz Philipe resin

SubUrban Vinyl will be exhibiting at this year’s NYCC  and they’ve got quite a few exclusives to tempt you.  If you ‘re a fan of Las Vegas artist Juan Muniz, you’ll want to pick up  his NYCC exclusive Philipe the Bunny cast (3”) in clear teal resin by JFury. Limited to ten pieces, these will be available for $30 each from the Suburban Vinyl booth located within the Tenacious Toys Collective mega-booth [#208). In addition to the new toy, Suburban Vinyl will also have Juan Muniz OG art and prints.  Juan will be signing on Friday (10.11) from 2-3 PM.

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Cop A Squat Toys – NYCC Okaasan Semi Korosiya


Cop A Squat Toys will release an exclusive Semi Korosiya sofubi edition for NYCC.  This special edition was created in honor of creator Adam Saul’s mother who passed way in February.   Cast in his mother’s favorite color, the new colorway is lovingly called the Okaasan Edition (‘mother’ in Japanese).  As a tribute, Adam, his wife and group of awesome friends sent one of the Okaasan Semi Korosiya figures nearly into space via a weather balloon outfitted with two cameras.  We’ve embedded a video below showing that ride high above Earth.

Limited to ten pieces, the Okaasan Semi Korosiya will be available on Friday (10.11) @ 3 PM EDT for $60 each from the Clutter Booth [#504]


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Sep 25, 2013

myplasticheart NYCC Edition – Denbu by Abe Lincoln Jr. & Leesasaur


Here we have another NYCC release coming from myplasticheart. Introducing the Denbu figure, which is a collaborative hand-crocheted plush figure by Abe Lincoln Jr. and Leesasaur. There are 4 different designs to choose from, “I Agore You” Denbu, “Damaged Goods” Denbu, and “Dapper” Denbu. They are limited to 6 pieces each, measure 5.25” x 3.25”, and will retail $45 a piece. Find them only available at the mph booth #113 at NYCC!

Denbu is a hapless fellow who’s luck is always running on empty. No matter the occasion Denbu always winds up mauled by some unforseen event. Some say he’s born under a bad sign, others say there’s a rational scientific explanation to his bad luck. Whatever the reason, Denbu is just one tiger attack away from exiting the emergency room and entering your heart!

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Sep 24, 2013

Kidrobot @ NYCC 2013


Kidrobot announced their NYCC exclusives and artist signings earlier via instagram.  As far as exclusives there’s a Street Fighter Gold Ryu, Day of the Dead Mariachi Homer, Locodonta Dunny, Mishka Keep Watch Labbit and Mishka Beanie.  On Friday, KR will host three of the Dunny Evolved artists (Scott Tolleson, Huck Gee and Frank Kozik) for a signing of the series which officially drps the day before.   It sounds like KR will release more info tomorrow – if so we’ll definitely update you. It all goes down in booth #607 in ‘The Block’ section.

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Sep 23, 2013

Kyle Kirwan – Mudcat Resins at NYCC


Kyle Kirwan will release the first three of his Mudcat series resins at NYCC (10.10 – 10.13).  So far he’s only released pics of Edmund (3” skull dude) and Duane (3” four-armed creature). He’s currently working on the larger 6” Gopoo. While we don’t have a storyline for the series, it seems to feature kooky, whimsically creepy, perhaps misunderstood characters.

Limited to ten hand-made pieces each, the figures will debut at NYCC in the ‘Ivory’ edition for $25 each.     Since he doesn’t have a booth, Kirwan will be doing the drop backpack style.  To find him be sure to check his Instagram and Twitter during the ‘con. Looking beyond NYCC, the silhouette series lineup drawing (after the jump) shows a total of ten Mudcat toys. 


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Sep 20, 2013

myplasticheart x Leesasaur -- NYCC Exclusive Rexy Plush


myplasticheart’s announcements for NYCC keep on coming.  Up until now all of mph’s announced exclusives have been made of plastic (vinyl, pvc, etc), so it’s a nice change of pace to talk about mph’s oh-so-cute exclusive Rexy dinosaur plush figures  hand-crocheted by Leesasaur.  As hand-made products, expect some variation in the NYCC Rexys – no two will be exactly alike, which is a plus in our book.   The Rexy Plush will be available for $40 each from mph’s booth [#113].  For those of you that like to meet the people behind the toys, Leesasaur will be signing at the booth at a date/time to be announced.

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Sep 19, 2013

Lou Pimentel x myplasticheart – NYCC Exclusive Necro Candy Corn Junior


All ready for Halloween is Lou Pimentel’s Junior figure! The Necro Candy Corn Junior will be a NYCC exclusive to the myplasticheart booth #113. This sweet looking edition features a clear yellow body with orange, white, and yellow details. These will be very limited and available for $35 each. Lou will also be signing and sketching at the booth (time and date TBA).

Before he was Cranston Fellows Jr., this little devil bat was just known as Junior. Small, egg shaped and lovable, he was born in the underworld and was a prankster from day one. Junior likes to dance, paint, and play practical jokes. His favorite pastime is hiding in small places and jumping out to scare his mom. Yes, he’s living his toddler years to their fullest. He does not make his bed and loves making a mess. He prefers peanut M&M’s and is always looking for new adventures. Speaking of adventure, Junior would love to come home with you to start one together. You bring cookies and a map and he’ll bring the ruckus.

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myplasticheart x NiSStuff - NYCC Exclusive Outlander Hemic & Stygian


Previously shown HERE was a teaser from myplasticheart for an exclusive for NYCC. They’ve just revealed that they’ve teamed up with NiStuff to co-release the Hemic (red) and Stygian (black) figures. These figures stand 3” tall and will be available at the MPH booth #113 during NYCC and through www.481universe.com on September 27th at 9PM EDT for $10 each. These figures comes with 18 different parts and are compatible with Onell Design’s Glyos toys. 

The Outlander is a mysterious figure in the 481Universe. His past is unknown even to himself. To search for answers he travels through space and time on a quest to discover his past and unearth his destiny.

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VISEone – NYCC Exclusive Yellow Edition Zombie Goo


VISEone will be releasing his Zombie Goo 8” vinyl figure at this years NYCC! The NYCC Exclusive yellow edition will be available through the Tenacious Toys booth #208. These will be limited to only 100 pieces total for $40 each. Get them before they all run off!

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Sep 17, 2013

myplasticheart with another NYCC Teaser


Rather than an official announcement, myplasticheart is teasing what appears to be an exclusive (or two?) Onell Glyos figures for NYCC.  Yes, I’m assuming they aren’t just releasing two heads…

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Sep 12, 2013

myplasticheart at NYCC – Exclusive Sideways by Yoskay Yamamoto


myplasticheart is starting to reveal their line-up for NYCC 2013 (10.10 – 10.13).  Yesterday we wrote about their mono Akashi 5YL from Dave Bondi and today it’s an  NYCC exclusive pink + blue Sideways from Yoskay Yamamoto and Mighty Jaxx.  So now we know what those curious pink feet in mph’s first teaser belong to ;) Limited to 100 pieces, the wood + resin figure will be available from mph’s booth [#113] for $85 throughout the show or until it sells out.  Yoskay will be making the trip to NYC and will be signing at the booth at a date/time to be determined.

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