Oct 03, 2014

Carson Caitlin x SubUrban Vinyl – NYCC Custom Release


Carson Catlin will have a ton of his spliced and diced customs available at the SubUrban Vinyl booth #208 at this years NYCC 2014. There’s plenty to choose from, such as 4” Munnys, Coarse Mini Omens, Kronk Mayhem Dunnys, and a Last Knight figure from Dead Zebra Inc. These will all be available for purchase all weekend long.

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James Groman x CURE – Lulubell NYCC Exclusive Brain Bug Boogie


Lulubell Toys will have a bevy of releases for NYCC. One of them being the James Groman x CURE Toys Brain Bug Boogie! The clear/gid and painted versions will be super limited, so be sure to stop by their booth #408 as soon as you can! Both of these releases are just stunning and there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to see these in person.

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Andrew Bell – Back to Back Black Toy Release Tour


Alright folks! Here’s the skinny on Andrew Bell’s Back to Back Black Toy Release Tour! The first stop will be NYCC beginning on Friday, October 10th at the myplasticheart booth #113. Andrew will be at the booth on Saturday at 2PM to sign and sketch. The next stop will be at Designer Con beginning on Saturday, November 8th where he will be signing at his booth all weekend. Then there is the Black Friday sale on November 28th where the remaining figures will be available in his webstore!

On the list of releases are:

“Squid Ink” O-No Sushi – 90 pieces – $35
”Blackest Knight” Last Knight – 200 pieces – $75
”Blackened” O-No Sashimi – 90 pieces – $45
”Nightcrawler” Can of Worms – 90 pieces – $55
”Black Gold” Dealmaker – 50 pieces – $35
”Black Box” Glop in a Box – 30 pieces – $120


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Andrew Bell – Back to Back Black for NYCC & DCon


Andrew Bell will have both coasts covered in the next couple months with his Back to Back Black toy release tour! First stop will be the myplasticheart booth #113 at NYCC, then Designer Con at the Dead Zebra booth, and then online on Black Friday for any of those who cannot attend either of those events! We’re liking what we are seeing from his teasers online, such as a new Dealmaker, Last Knight, O-No Sushi, Can of Worms, and Glop in a Box. Stay tuned for the full reveal and info!

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Oct 02, 2014

Bwana Spoons at New York Comic-Con 2014


Bwana Spoons will be shacked up at the Lulubell Toys booth #408 at this years NYCC! He will have his own spread of goodies including: exclusives, t-shirts, prints, originals, and custom figures! Word on the street is that there will be a new “Purple Dreams” Killer, “When Sparks Fly” Bwana x T9G marty, Killer, and Globby figures, New Suns of Brodar releases, a new Bwana x Biskup Pollard, and Mini T9G figs. Do you need any more reason to check em’ out at NYCC?

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plushPLAY & POPprolific – Haberdashery Edition NYCC Exclusive Sextopus


plushPLAY and POPprolific are working on a new series of figures with myplasticheart for this years NYCC. Their Sextopus resin figures were inspired by cephalopods and the Behilithfrom Berserk. The idea has then turned into different characters with different number of appendages from 0-10 for a counting book. All of the Sextopus are hand sculpted and painted by POPprolific and the needle felted hats were done by plushPLAY. This series is limited to 5 pieces, with each of them wearing a unique needle felt hat. They will be available at the myplasticheart booth #113 for $69 each.

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kaNO x Toyqube – 24” Hi-Def


No that’s not a mini Hi-Def you’re looking at. You are looking at a 2’ version of kaNO’s Hi-Def figures with Toyqube (Teased HERE). This bad boy will be on display at the myplasticheart booth #113 during NYCC. Now all we need to know is when and how much!

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Travis Cain’s Fun Gus at NYCC 2014

unnamedunnamed (2)unnamed (1)

Travis Cain, who is best known for his BFF’s Blind Box series and Wooden Dunnys with Kidrobot, will be over at the SubUrban Vinyl booth #208 on Saturday at 5PM to show off some prototypes of his new figure, Fun Gus. He will be there to promote his upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which will help bring these figures to life! There are already mock up designs by Buff Monster, Kozik, Jeremyville, as well as DIY versions. Be sure to stop by the booth to get a better look-see.

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La Maison de Mageritdoll at NYCC 2014


La Maison de Mageritdoll’s figures will be making their way all the way to NYCC from Bilbao, Spain. They will be releasing 2 brand new figures at the SubUrban Vinyl booth #208. Mageritdoll Superheroine ($229) and Mageritdoll Steampunk ($242) are made of resin and will each stand 2.5” tall. They both come with an artistic book with their memoirs and a certificate of authenticity. It even comes with a custom made 100x100 mm acrylic display case.


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Sep 30, 2014

SubUrban Vinyl at NYCC – Wasted Talent “Droplets” & Lou Pimentel “Odisseia”

comic con umetoys

The SubUrban Vinyl booth at NYCC will have a little bit of something for everyone! The first thing being Wasted Talent’s 2.5” THC Droplet figures, which will be available in a OG Purp and OG Kush editions. Each colorway is limited to 12 signed and numbered.


Lou Pimentel will also be live painting at their booth all weekend. Not only that, but he will be releasing his new print “Odisseia”. It will be a run of 50 pieces printed on color rag paper and are signed and numbered by Lou. Stop by their booth #208 and expect some goods all weekend!

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Kyle Kirwan at New York Comic-Con 2014

unnamed (3) unnamed (1)

Kyle Kirwan will have his very own booth #425 at this years New York Comic Con, so you can expect to see it filled with a bunch of goodies! Some of which includes, new trading card series, stickers, buttons, hand painted blind-bag magnets, original rotocast resin art pieces, mini-figures, new colorways, and something brand new! It doesn’t stop there! There will also be customs, original paintings, and the Willo prototype from his previous Kickstarter campaign. More photos after the jump!


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David Kraig’s Skullnade’s for NYCC 2014


David Kraig is super excited for NYCC! You want to know why? Because he will be releasing his newest creation, the Skullnade. These resin figures measure 3” x 4” x 2.5” and will be available in black, red, hot pink, yellow, green, blue retailing $45 each and a special NYCC exclusive GID for $65. Curious about DIY versions? They will have them too for $35! Get a up close and personal look at #419.

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myplasticheart at NYCC: APO Frogs by Twelvedot


myplasticheart will offer a selection of the red-hot APO Frogs from Twelvedot. Part of the AFTR project, these adorable toys are aimed at raising awareness of the plight of endangered frog species.  mph will have four species of the APO Frogs including Strawberry Banana Split, Pepto Black, Lime Black, and the brand new Pumpkin Pie colorway with prices ranging from $65 to $75.


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Sep 29, 2014

Ewokone x Mighty Jaxx – Toy Tokyo NYCC Exclusive Brainlington


Mighty Jaxx and Ewokone has just shared a photo of the upcoming Brainlington figure by Ewokone! They mention that this will be a NYCC 2014 Exclusive to the Toy Tokyo Booth #101. You can also expect that Ewokone will be there signing as well! No official name for this release, so for now… we shall name thee Grimace! Due to this awesome purple flocking!

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Monster Island @ New York Comic Con 2014


The Monster Island booth will be jam packed this year at NYCC 2014. Grizlli Atoms, Death Cat Toys, and Snatch Punch Toys will be at the booth #402 with special guests featuring Splurrt, Uamou, Nerdone, Coma21, Dr. Gonzo, Gorgoloid, Meteoratoyz, Blockhead Toys, Bukimi Blasterz, Blood Guts Toys, Kenth Toy Works, Acolorfulmonster, Bad Teeth Comics, Refreshment, and Radioactive Uppercut. Lots of sofubi, kaiju, and resin toys to go all around!

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myplasticheart NYCC 2014 –- Exclusive Negora & Migora from Konatsu


myplasticheart will release two exclusive figures from Japanese artist Konatsu for NYCC.  First up there’s her signature Negora (3.5”, $35) in a ‘zilla homage edition featuring clear green vinyl with gold and silver sprays.  Backing him up is the new Migora (1.75”, $13), cast in clear grey with gold + black sprays and fierce red eyes.    Pick both up at NYCC from the mph booth [#113].

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Sep 25, 2014

Rotobox x Kuso Vinyl – myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive Swallow Jinpei Minicel


myplasticheart has gotten their hands on the third release of Rotobox and Kuso Vinyl’s Catchaman Minicel figures. Inspired by the classic anime Gatchaman, the Swallow Jinpei figure will be available all weekend at their booth #113 until they sell out. Be sure to stop by and pick yours up for $20 each.

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Jeremiah Ketner – Custom Unicornos for NYCC 2014


The myplasticheart booth #113 will play host to these amazing custom Unicornos by Jeremiah Ketner. Spring, Autumn, and Winter will be in full view at the booth and available for purchase! Jeremiah did an amazing job on these 5” Tokidoki figures. If you want these in your collection, you’re going to have to make you way straight to their booth once NYCC opens!

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Sep 24, 2014

Peter Kato x Cubo NY – ETI the Alien Nurse at NYCC 2014


Peter Kato is proud to present his newest design, ETI the Alien Nurse and Cubo NY took that concept and 3D sculpted it and 3D printed it. Peter then took that and molded, casted and hand painted them just in time for NYCC.

Who is ETI you may ask?

The story behind ETI is that she is part of these Alien doctors/nurses that travel space curing diseases and helping all lifeforms. Unfortunately their language is so advanced when they come down to earth to help us/fix us we are usually terrified from the experience because we have no idea what they are saying or doing. Abductions are actually necessary house calls for them to help us from diseases and illnesses we cannot detect.

This figure stands 4” tall and is casted from seven parts and will be limited to 20 pieces for $60 each. ETI will also come with a free downloadable set of 3D printable files for a D.I.Y. syringe station for ETI. You can get a closer look at all their goods at the Cubo NY booth #501. Peter is scheduled to sign at their table on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11AM – Noon. He will be doing sketches for customers who pick up an ETI figure and even give them a little gift!


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myplasticheart x Instinctoy – NYCC Special Release “Haunted Edition” Muckey

nycc2014_muckey2 nycc2014_muckey

October means Halloween, which also happens to be the same month as New York Comic Con! myplasticheart and Instinctoy will be have a special “Haunted Castle” Edition Muckey figure available at their booth #113. This releases features a neon orange glow vinyl, flocked tail, purple highlights, and printed chest. When you open up his head you get sharp gold and silver teeth. These will be available in limited numbers throughout the convention for $140 each.

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Sep 22, 2014

SubUrban Vinyl x Furry Feline Creatives –- NYCC Exclusive Suburban Reptile Kaiju Purridge Plush


As part of it’s NYCC plans, SubUrban Vinyl will offer their exclusive Suburban Reptile Kaiju Purridge plush from Furry Feline Creatives.   Limited to 12 hand-sewn pieces (14” x 12”), the latest incarnation of Kaiju Purridge will be available at the SubUrban Vinyl booth [#208] as part of the large Tenacious Toys area.   Alvin Ong and the Furry Feline Creatives folk will also be attending NYCC for the very first time – drop by and say hi.

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Peter Kato x myplasticheart – Sweet Harvest NYCC Exclusive Edition Sleeptime Bunnies


myplasticheart keeps the ball rolling with more NYCC exclusive releases! This year they have fellow New Yorker, Peter Kato with his debut release of his Sweet Harvest edition Resin Sleeptime Bunnies. Their exclusive comes in 4 different candy shades of autumn and are limited to only 30 blind boxes. There is even a special chase colorway hidden in one of the blindboxes. Find them available at the MPH booth #113 for $12 each. The Bedtime bunnies are finally ready to sleep and need a place to stay!

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Sep 17, 2014

Otto Bjornik x myplasticheart – “Amara” Custom Munny Release @ NYCC 2014


myplasticheart has just revealed that Otto Bjornik will have this beauty of a custom available at their booth #113 during NYCC. Otto has done some amazing work customizing this Munny from Kidrobot and we feel a lot of people will be gunning for this one-off at the show. There’s so much other stuff going on at their booth, such as the Sylvan Yeti, Junior Rosebud, Astronocchio and Hunter Mako. Stay tuned because we believe there is still more!

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Sep 11, 2014

Brent Nolasco x myplasticheart –- NYCC Exclusive Hunter Mako Edition


As part of its NYCC onslaught, myplasticheart will release their exclusive Hunter Mako edition resin figure from Brent Nolasco. The Hunter is the latest wild creature to spring from Nolasco’s mental menagerie.  Standing 8” tall, this debut edition features an aquamarine color scheme revealing the predator’s river habitat.  Adding to the art appeal of this extremely limited edition, Brent hand-painted each of the figures.

“In my days of wandering in countless nomadic adventures, I came across different forms of life. Some have stuck in the landscapes of my mind, and other have been forgotten. Hunter was one that left an impression. I remember the first time I saw him while on one of my daily walks by the river. He rose out of the murky water at dusk and ate insects. He looked around cautiously so as not to be seen. Then he disappeared, back into the river, not to be seen again. From time to time I would lurk in the shadows to try a catch a glimpse of Hunter again, but my luck has run out. I didn’t ever see him again. The only images that I have of him live in my sketch book, until now.”

Hunter Mako edition will be available exclusively from myplasticheart  [booth #113] at NYCC (10.9 – 10.12).

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Sep 10, 2014

Dave Bondi x myplasticheart –- NYCC Exclusive Astronocchio Blue


myplasticheart continues its NYCC news with the reveal of their exclusive Astronocchio Blue resin from LA artist Dave Bondi.  Limited to 25 pieces, this mashup of Pinochhio and Astro Boy is cast in translucent blue and armed with a silver blade runner style pistol, This NYCC exclusive follows the debut of the SDCC red edition which was released earlier this summer.  Astronocchio Blue will be available at NYCC (10.9 – 10.12) from MPH [booth #113] for $65.

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