Sep 15, 2015

myplasticheart at NYCC: Bai Chu Ah-Sul by Bjornik


myplasticheart kicked off their NYCC news about a week ago with a black and white teaser of a Bai Chu resin figure from Björnik.  The near immediate response was, “Which color?”  Turns out it’s blue! Symbolizing tranquility, the mph exclusive Bai Chu Ah-Sul (6”, ed. of 35) will be available for $125 at NYCC (10.8-10.11) from  the myplasticheart booth [#113].

Ah-Sul : Tranquility

Having reached enlightenment after spending days lost in the Pacific, the Blue Ah-Sul edition is tranquil and zen (when he’s not consumed by the need to drink blood, that is, making him seem like a schizophrenic).

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Sep 11, 2015

myplasticheart at NYCC: A Pair of Taylored Curiosities Releases


Can you feel it?  NYCC is right around the corner (10.8-10.12).  If the previous years are any indication, myplasticheart will be offering plenty of tempting exclusives. They’ve already started their previews with two adorable exclusives from Taylored Curiosities. Both the Autumn Seedlings and the Spriggledop Nesting Sets blur the lines between plants and creatures with cute characters that double as plants or emerge from them.  Each of these hand-crafted exclusives will be available in limited numbers for $30 at the mph booth [#113].


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Otto Bjornik x myplasticheart NYCC Sneak


Going by their instagram teaser it appears myplasticheart will release an NYCC exclusive Bai Chu resin art toy from Otto Bjornik.  The grayscale image begs the question, which color?  Perhaps it will be the blue Ah-Sul edition?  One thing we know for certain is that the exclusive will be available at mph’s nycc booth [#113]. Hopefully we’ll find out shortly.

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Sep 08, 2015

Reveal: Leecifer Head for Collabo Project


Following the reveal of Brent Nolasco’s Sonny figure (above: right), here’s a look at resin test pulls featuring a full look at Leecifer’s head sculpt (on a Sonny body) for the artists’ upcoming “Bat” collaborative figure project. Look for the launch of Brent’s figure and Leecifer’s figure (body sculpt to be revealed ) with individual releases at NYCC.   The two figures will feature swappable parts for mix and match fun.  It sounds like plans are in the works for additional heads sometime in the future.


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Aug 13, 2015

Leecifer x Nolasco NYCC Project Sneak #2


Here’s a second look at the upcoming Leecifer x Nolasco project slated to debut at this year’s NYCC in October.  In our first glimpse we saw a partial reveal of Brent’s head sculpt.  Now we have a shot of Leecifer’s head with his take on a bat-like creature featuring teeny bat-wings (ears?) on the side of the head, and what appears to be parted hair.  Will each figure come with two swappable heads?  Look for full project details shortly.

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Aug 03, 2015

Teaser of Leecifer x Brent Nolasco NYCC Project


Brent Nolasco is keeping very busy these days with multiple projects including his recent  Bun Bun and Felix toys.  Plus, he’s somehow found time to collaborate with Leecifer on another figure slated to debut at this year’s NYCC.  Seeing as this teaser image is all we have to go on so far, the ears do kinda seem bat-like, though the body, not so much.

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