Oct 11, 2016

ToyQube’s NYCC Exclusives Available Online Now!

toyqube-alex-pardee toyqube-bombzy toyqube-astro-boytoyqube-combrattoyqube-germs toyqube-jim-mckenize toyqube-mishka-pos toyqube-popeye 

If you weren’t able to attend New York Comic-Con or if you attended and now fully regret picking not up a piece from ToyQube, here is your chance! TQ has just put up all their limited releases online. They’ve got toys with just about everybody, such as Alex Pardee, Ron English, MISHKA, x Edward Colver, GERMS, Kenny Scharf, Jim McKenzie and of course the TQ production of Astro Boy.

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Oct 09, 2016

Shawnimals x myplasticheart – Pocket Pork Dumping S2 Spotted at NYCC


Mmm… Dumplings.  Shawnimals and myplasticheart are almost done cooking up a new batch of Pocket Pork Dumplings.  Here’s a look at the packaging for S2 along with a closeup of the delectable varieties.  mph also previewed their 2016 Halloween releases with a pair of mummy-ish designs – these apparently will be available for pre-order on Tuesday October 18th.  Stay hungry, these vinyl morsels will be out of the steamer soon. Thanks to John Wong—our foodie correspondent.



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Oct 07, 2016

NYCC 16: DTA Dunny Show


NYCC is the site of the  DTA Dunny Show 3 presented by Kidrobot and Clutter. Thanks to John Wong—vigilant correspondent—here’s a look at this year’s amazing customs (as well as some return appearances of the DTA Dunny 2 20’s).


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NYCC 16: Kidrobot Unveils their Madballs Collection


Bam! Here’s the latest from John Wong – tireless Kidrobot has unveiled a large part of their upcoming Madballs collection including their blind-box series(?)—dig the display bases, medium vinyl including the crazy KR Bot  Headcrossover piece and Horn Head, as well as the large foam series we mentioned previously.  We believe keychain minis are also in the works.


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Oct 06, 2016

NYCC 2016: A Look at the myplasticheart booth


myplasticheart [booth #113] is usually one of the first stops for collectors shopping ‘The Block’ at NYCC.  They always have an impressive selection of blind box figures to choose from and a long list of exclusives.  Here’s a look at the latter from John Wong, heroic correspondent.


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NSURGO at NYCC: Street Fighter Decks + 1000Toys


NSURGO is at NYCC [booth #505] with their line of exclusive Street Fighter decks including the brand-new Zangief deck by Long Vo, the first S3 release.  Based on their previous decks, this one should be $50-$60.

They are also hosting 1000toys from Japan who are showcasing and offering hands-on demos of three upcoming releases:  1/12 IZMOJUKI "Probe 20WT", 1/12 TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human and 1/6 Jomon Kugutu.



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Oct 05, 2016

Luke Chueh x Scott Wilkowski – Infected Decapitated Bear Head NYCC Exclusive @ Clutter Magazine


We cannot get enough of Luke Chueh’s Decapitated Bear Head! Throw in some of Scott Wilkowski’s “Infected” magic into the mix and you got the best of both worlds! Check out Clutter Magazine’s NYCC Exclusive Infected Decapitated Bear Head! This is one release you would not want to miss! Find them available in limited numbers at the Clutter booth #603 for $100 a piece.

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Lou Pimentel x myplasticheart – Custom 5” Munny Series at NYCC


The myplasticheart booth will also be carrying another series of custom figures by Brooklyn based artist, Lou Pimentel! They will have available The Birds and Bees custom 5” Munnys, which are each hand painted and show amazing detail! These oil painted beauties will be available at the MPH booth #113 and will retail $250 each. 

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Teancious Toys Exclusive – Don Danger by Suckadelic


For NYCC, Suckadelic has channeled his inner mutt and come up with the Don Danger action figure (10, $75).  His bipedal take on the Tenacious Toys mascot will be available at their booth [#309].  Catch him before he runs away.

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ToyQube x Tezuka Productions – Astroboy at NYCC


ToyQube apparently never sleeps!  In addition to their long list of NYCC releases (many  debuts), TQ is bringing Astro Boy to NYC in style with  a brand-new officially-licensed vinyl figure that reimagines  the anime icon as the Statue of Liberty.  With a stylish patina finish plush torch in one hand and tablet in the other, Astro Boy is ready for Ellis Island. As a fun detail, the tablet reads ‘October VI MMVI’ or 10.6.2016 – the start of NYCC. The figure is fixed to the Statue of Liberty style base and features articulation at the neck.  Astro Boy will be available at the TQ booth [#121] for $135.

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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Brick Baby Debuts at NYCC


The stork has made a precious delivery, just in the nick of time for NYCCJason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx are the proud parents of Brick Baby, a new-born Lego-ish bundle of joy.  Limited to a total of 200 pieces, Brick Baby’s floating sculpture presentation (8”, 5+ pounds w/metal base) recreates the gallery experience of Freeny’s OG sculptures on a smaller and more wallet-friendly scale ($120). The line between art multiple and art toy is getting fuzzier and fuzzier—very nice.

An advanced shipment of just 20 pieces will be available via Tenacious Toys [booth #309]—4 on Thursday, 4 on Friday, and the remainder at Freeny’s signing on Saturday at 11:30 AM.   Mighty Jaxx will offer a general release the weekend of the 14th.14566623_1142627469149291_3600929838283620352_n


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BAIT x GI JOE x 1000 Toys – Storm Shadow 1/6 at NYCC


BAIT and 1000Toys will debut and release a very limited stock of the new BAIT exclusive Storm Shadow 1/6 figure. This officially-licensed reimagining of the popular GI Joe ninja recasts the character as a cybernetic assassin.  A strong follow-up to the previously released Snake Eyes figure, Storm Dhadow has a distinctive appearance with minimalist Ninja garb making his mechanical nature more apparent than his Joe counterpart. Drop by BAIT[booth #408] to check out Storm Shadow as envisioned by 1000Toys.

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Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive: Pico Mao by Touma


Good news for Touma collectors.  While the artist won’t be at the show, Tenacious Toys will be offering an exclusive Pico Mao, in Tenacious blue.  This little guy (1.5”) is limited to 50 pieces and will be available for $15 form the Tenacious booth [#309].

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Oct 04, 2016

Jim McKenzie x ToyQube – The Scarecrow at NYCC

14597222_178464222597197_7078666120298758144_nU: Final Product Flier

A personal project  done in between work over the course of two years, The Scarecrow sculpture was created by Jim McKenzie (of AardmanNathanLove fame) from a simple sketch and a reversal-of-fortune concept he’d be mulling over since 2014. Instead of scaring away the crows, this Scarecrow is, in fact, deathly afraid of the ominous birds.  The behind-the-scenes creation video made quite a splash on the ‘net, as did the sculpture which was shown at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica in June.

Fans looking to take a bit of the Scarecrow magic home with them quickly snapped up official prints.  Now, thanks to  a collaboration with ToyQube you’ll be able to take home your very own Scarecrow—a limited-edition 10” resin sculpture—due to debut at NYCC.  It  (180 pcs) will be available from the TQ booth [#121] for $16514482162_550081888515717_1998138280679309312_n Jim McKenzie will be on-hand at the booth on Friday (10.7) @ 2 PM for a signing and will do free drawings for everyone who shows up as a scarecrow. If you can’t make it to NYCC, the figures will be released the following Monday (10.10) at 10 AM EDT from JimMckenzie.net and ToyQube.com.


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Andrew Bell x myplasticheart – Area 51 Karoshi San at NYCC


Andrew Bell’s Convention exclusive Area 51 Edition Karoshi San will be up for grabs in limited numbers at the myplasticheart booth #113. This extra terrestrial business man stands 7” tall and will retail $65 a piece.


Are you in need of more from Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra Inc.? Don’t you worry! They’ve also got you covered with the special 5” Wooden Android figures, which are made from Solid Wood! These are actually all handmade in NY and feature regionally sourced FSC certified white oak and maple woods and finished with natural shellac and bees wax. Not one Wood Android are alike, so be sure to stop by the booth to take your pick for $120 a piece.

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Reactor88 x myplasticheart – NYCC Exclusive Custom 5” Dunny Release


Our very own Reactor-88, the man behind our monthly custom corner will be sending over a few of his very own customs to NYCC to be released at the myplasticheart booth #113. Each Dunny stands 5” tall and features his signature totem style in 4 different interpretations, Totem, Maori, zulu, and his Spayde-Skull. Each piece will retail $180. Be sure to get to their booth quick before they are gone!

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Luke Chueh x Clutter Magazine – NYCC Exclusive Black & Gold Dissected Bear Head


Luke Chueh and Clutter Magazine are at it again with their very own NYCC exclusive release of the Black and Gold Dissected Bear Head! This vinyl release features a semi-gloss black, gold skull with matte black eyes, which sits on a puddle of blood! The Dissected Bear head measures 6” x 6” x 5.5” and comes signed and is limited to 50 pieces. Where may you acquire such a piece? Only at the Clutter Magazine booth #603. This piece will retail $100 a piece. Be sure to follow Clutter Magazine on updates for Luke Chueh’s signing schedule at their booth!


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Pushead and Friends -- Hyperstoic Returns (10.8)

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 8.37.36 PM

Pushead will continue his NYCC-weekend tradition with Hyperstoic Returns, a new collective art show featuring a himself and a wicked group of fellow artists including Rockin’ Jellybean, Brandon Holt, Shane Pierce, Usugrow, Wes Benscoter, Lango, John Cebollero, and perhaps a few surprises. It all goes down on Saturday (10.8) from 2 to 9 PM at basement 91 (Toy Tokyo).  Open to the public.  For more info, drop a line to the mailing list address: [email protected] and keep an eye on @hyperstoic_returns.

Pushead and Friends||Hyperstoic Returns
Saturday, October 8th 2016 (2-9 PM)

Basement 91 (Toy Tokyo) 
91 2nd Ave (btwn 5th and 6th st)
New York, NY 10003



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Inami Toys x myplasticheart – NYCC Tumble Tops Release


Tumble Tops are the newest release coming from Inami Toyland! If you’re already familiar with their Robo Tops, you may want to look into these! The new Tumble Tops feature 3 new characters, Ninja, Miner and Pirate, which will be released at the myplasticheart booth #113 in blind bags of blue, yellow and red editions. There will also be chase versions available in a translucent red, yellow or blue vinyl, which almost look like gummies. Each bag will cost you $12 each. 

Be sure to also stop by the MPH booth on either Friday, October 7th from 5-6PM or Saturday, October 8th from 3-4PM to meet Kevin, the guy behind Inami Toys. He will teach you how to play with these innovative toys and will be accepting all challengers to win some prizes.


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Ron English x ToyQube at NYCC: Combrat 12” ARTion Figure


Having established their signature series of art resins, ToyQube is  branching out with new resin releases as well as new vinyl art toys as well.  They’ve got an impressive lineup of brand-new figures including their first 12” ARTion figure—Combrat by Ron English! Featured in several of his paintings, Combrat works on multiple levels, provocatively teasing apart our deep-seatednotions of war, childhood, play, rock ‘n roll and more.  The figure features a cloth camo uniform and army green rifle/guitar. 

Combrat will be available at the TQ booth [#121] for $135 and will include a bonus print [while supplies last]. Ron English will be signing at the booth on Fri and Saturday from 3 to 4 PM.

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Oct 03, 2016

Kyle Kirwan at NYCC: Blooms are Blooming x7 !

cavusactualGo big or go home.  Kyle Kirwan has taken that to heart with his epically large plans for his ironically diminutive Bloom figure.  For NYCC, Kyle will unleash the Cavus GID Blooms (5.5”) spanning seven editions, each available from a different booth, or in the case of the seventh from a source roaming the floor. Beyond mere colorways, each has a personality of it’s own thanks to varying facial expressions/treatments.  As if that weren’t enough fun for one convention, Kyle has gone the extra step with one-off variants for each edition, plus randomly inserted golden-tickets redeemable for a secret colorway due next year.  At $30 each, the Cavus Blooms will be easy on the wallet. Grab your favorite colors or maybe go big and catch ‘em all:

Red (10): Arsine via Big Kev’s Geek Stuff [booth #401]
Yellow (10): Germane via the DKE Toys [booth #423]
Orange (10): Boron via  Art Whino  [booth #104/#108]
Green (10): Chlor via MyPlasticHeart [booth #113]
Blue (10): Bromine via Tenacious Toys [booth #309]
Purple (10): Stibine via Clutter [booth #603]
White (5): Florine  via For The Masses Podcast who will be hiding amongst the crowd.

Hit the jump for close-up shots of each specimen plus a first-hand account of the Cavus Bloomus in the wild.


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NYCC: DTA Exclusive Black Incognito 5” Dunny


Oooh. In addition to the standard edition of the upcoming Incognito 5” Dunny—an opportunity awarded as part of Twelvedot’s win as the Designer Toy Awards 2015 breakthrough artist—there’s also a DTA exclusive Black GID edition. Limited to 150 pieces, this special edition adds glow to the fun bug disguised as a frog design with a GID frog head and GID frog leg accessories.  Even better, all sales proceeds of the Black Icognito will be donated to the Designer Toy Awards. It’ll be available at NYCC via the Clutter  booth (#603) for $34.95.


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Sep 30, 2016

Instinctoy x myplasticheart - NYCC Exclusive Releases


myplasticheart will be the mecca  for exclusive Instinctoy Releases! Their booth #113 will have a little bit of everything! They will have limited numbers of figures such as the Pastel Pearl Rainbow (GID) Vincent $290, Pastel & Rainbow (GID) Mini Muckey $70 ea., Bat Liquid Gold & Silver $50 ea., Zombie and Crazy edition GYAWO at $125 ea., and last but not least, this big chunk of vinyl, Mixed Color King Korpse by James Groman for $400. So much goodness coming from this booth that will leave us broke!


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Super7 - More Vinyl Releases for NYCC 16!

Instagram Images-31

As promised, Super7 has announce even more soft vinyl releases for this years New York Comic-Con! They are bringing along their micro mascots in an unpainted pink vinyl! Available for $10 each is the Mummy Boy Micro and Rose Vampire Micro figures. They are also introducing a new colorway of the SD Dokuwashi by Brian Flynn, dubbed the "Blue Spectre", which will retail $35. They also have some Kandy Kaiju joining the party with the "Mister Mint" Foster figure for $25. Last but not least is Leecifer's "Autumn Blaze" edition Honoo from their Monster Family line for$35 a piece. All these goodies can be found at their booth #126


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Alex Pardee x ToyQube – The Astronaut NYCC Edition


Scary time!  As cool as the first edition of The Astronaut was, this new mostly mono edition (with just a dab of red) ups the fright factor by a fair mount.  This one’s due to drop from Alex Pardee and ToyQube at NYCC.  More info soon.

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