Oct 05, 2017

BAIT at NYCC 2017 (10.5 – 10.8)


BAIT is headed to the East Coast for NYCC with several sweet toy debuts and an NYCC exclusive pin.  Following up on the OG editions released at SDCC,  BAIT will debut their  new Camo Transformers figures in both 4.5” ($20)  and 6.5” ($45) at NYCC.  More?  How about the TMNT Leonardo and Rafael 100+400% Be@rbrick sets from MedicomBAIT’s the exclusive US retailer and is dropping them in NYC ahead of the global launch.  Finally, if pins are your sickness, then BAIT’s going to feed your addiction with their NYCC Exclusive Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Vegeta white on black pins (500pcs, $20) from Figpin. All of these drops will be available from BAIT’s booth [#220]. 

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ToyQube – NYCC Releases


ToyQube returns to NYC with several new releases lined up for NYCC [booth #578].  TQ’s got a bit of a dark vibe going this year with a new mono style Beneath the Harvest Pumpkin King by Jim McKenzie as well as a black-on-black Astroboy (120 pieces) in Liberty pose.  And… speaking of returning home to the Big Apple, kaNO will be at the booth from 12 to 1 PM on Saturday (10.7) to sign his brand-new 20” Dragon King figures, officially licensed by the Bruce Lee estate.


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Oct 04, 2017

UNKLE x Super7 - Black Glitter UNKLE77 Figure at NYCC


Just with minutes left on the clock, Super7 pulls out another exclusive for their booth #126 for New York Comic-Con. This past weekend UNKLE had a pop-up shop at the Doc Martens store in London, where they released these black glitter UNKLE77 ReAction Figures. It now looks like Super7 will have some of these available at their booth. The awesome thing about this release, is that they come carded with 45" adapter. Each figure will retail $15 each.


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Andrea Kang x Nicky Davis x Martian Toys - Artist Series Dead Bear Releases at NYCC 2017

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Martian Toys is super excited to launch their Dead Bear vinyl artist series project at NYCC featuring  a gangly bear character/platform designed by Nicky Davis. So far, it looks like  two of the planned six artist editions will drop in NY. First up is Davis’ Voodoo Queen featuring a purple+green Dead Bear complete with matching ghost and lil orb dude. For her turn, Andrea Kang remakes Dead Bear with her stylish, refined black, silver + pink pallette and fun ice-cream character with her familiar three-eye design.  Both of the Dead Bear vinyls will be available from Martian Toys [booth #679].  Nicky and Andrea will be signing at the booth on Saturday (10.7) from 12 – 1 PM.


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Kidrobot x New York Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives!


Kidrobot has just shared their New York Comic-Con offerings! It may not be a lot, but it's quality of quantity, as all of these releases are quite awesome! Available at their booth #428 they will have the NYCC exclusive colorways of the Spongebob and Powdered Toast Man from their Nickelodeon 90's Blind Box series. They will also have something for all you Simpsons fans! They've got a brand spankin' new colorway of Mr. Sparkle. For all you pin loving collectors, they will also have a NYCC Exclusive NY Taxi Inspired Dunny 3" Enamel pin up for grabs.

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Oct 02, 2017

Andrew Bell – KillKat Vinyl to Debut at NYCC


Oooh.  Andrew Bell has let the Kat out of the bag.  His brand-new KillKat vinyl figures will debut at NYCC at the myplasticheart booth [#888]—just in time for Halloween ! These are the latest confections from the mad men at O-No Foods.  Kill-Kat (official project page) began  with the release of the KillKat Chocolate Terror resin (one-off?) for the Bewitching Halloween show at Stranger Factory in 2012  as a deliciously twisted original resin sculpture which Andrew followed with the  Green Tea Terror for the 2013 Bewitching show. Both of the OG resins are seen below.  We had the pleasure of chekcing out the new vinyl  figures in person during the Summer and they look really, really good.  Looking forward to seeing the packaging (in non-teaser form)—looks like the OG resins came with amazing ‘wrappers’.


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Oct 01, 2017

Six TwentyEight Goes Horror with NYCC and TTF Exclusive MITTs


Following on the heels of its super-limited Kamen Rider MITT, Six TwentyEight will continues its small pop culture-inspired runs with two homages to Horror films.  The NYCC Exclusive MITT ‘The Clown’ (10 pcs) celebrates Stephen King’s classic ‘It’ complete with a very convincing/creepy clown face and iconic red balloon.  It will be available from myplasticheart [booth #888].  For Taipei Toy Festival, Wrong Gallery Taipei [booth A79] will release MITT ‘The Puppet’ (10 pcs)  based on the relentless Saw horror franchise. These special editions are scary good, good luck scoring em.



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myplasticheart – NYCC Releases Part Two


myplasticheart’s second wave of NYCC releases (booth #888) offers a nice mix any way you slice it: East/West, Colors, and medium/material.  Let’s start with Reactor-88’s Foo Pup Gold ($40).  The debut edition of Ryan’s first self-produced resin toy offers a royal vibe with a golden body and deep red accents.  Dog lovers, will also want to check out Teresa Chiba’s Inu-Harigon spirit dog sofubi ($50), available in a striking red/white/blue/black edition from mph.

Evoking both the Knicks and the Mets color-wise, the new Bai Lan: Guhao Edition ($125) vampire huntress from Otto Bjornik is ready to charm collectors and slay bloodsuckers.  On the bright color tip, Kevin Nam’s 3d-printed Gacha Tops  ($7, $18 for three) are the latest incarnation of his popular rock-paper-scissors spinning toys. They will be available in blue, yellow and red in three designs—Octo Pirate, Snake Ninja, and Dog Digger.  If you’d like to see these in action, Kevin will be spinning these at the booth on Saturday (10.7) from 4 to 5 PM.

Finally, there’s the baddest of the batch. Brent Nolasco’s NYCC Exclusive Doomsday ($150) features a dramatic weathered gold paint application from Task One.  Brent will be signing at the booth on Saturday (10.7) from 11 AM to Noon.

All of this goodness and more will be available from mph’s nycc booth (#888). Stay tuned for the third and final wave of mph announcements.

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Sep 30, 2017

Super7 x NYCC 2017 - Exclusives List


Super7 has a pretty awesome variety of exclusives for this years New York Comic-Con. They've got action figures, they've got sofubi and they got M.U.S.C.L.E. figures!

Starting with the sofubi, we already mentioned the Silver Streak Mummy Boy. They've now added the GID Blood Splattered Queen Alien Soft Vinyl figure with Secret-Base, which will retail $65.

Now for their M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure releases, they've got a new orange colorway for their "The Worst" line. You've got two packs to choose from that will retail $6 each. From their Mega-Man line, they introduce a new The Devil M.U.S.C.L.E. figure with this two-pack, which comes in yellow for $10.

To cover their 3.75" Figures, they've collaborated with Toy Pizza for the exclusive The Worst - Horrid Falcon and Knights of the Slice - Fight Fire two-Pack. This set comes carded and will cost you $25. Then for those die-hard Jack Kirby Fans, NYCC gets their very own exclusive Lord of Light ReAction figure. The "Midnight God" will run you $15. All these great items and many more can be found at their booth #126.

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Sep 24, 2017

DKE Toys Reveals First Part of NYCC Lineup


DKE Toys will be slinging artful action fingers (affectionately referred to as bootlegs) at NYCC (10.5 – 10.8) from booth #678.  As is their tradition, they are revealing their exclusives in a series of announcements. The first four reveals include three Star Wars-inspired figures and one Simpsons send-up.  Starting with the road less travelled brings us Blart (4”, 50 s/n pcs, $75)  by Manny X Romero who’s translated Ron English’s vision of a hedonistic Bart into a 4” resin figure.  Each Blart comes with 2 of four total snack accessories and comes with a have your cake and it eat too clamshell package—a trend we’d love to see more of.

On the Galaxy, Far, Far Away front we have Bounty Hunter (24 s/n pieces, $150), Manly Art’s nod to the under appreciated and maligned Gredo. The real story here may be the packaging. Each sparkly green figure comes with a hand-painted backing card.  Doing sentimental in their own special way, Special Ed Toys brings you Stranger Wars: Princess El (3.75”, 25 s/n pcs, $100). Finally, DKE will release Josh Mayhem’s first 3.75” foray.  Blown Away Trooper (3.75”, 50 s/n pcs, $125) brings Josh’s signature style to the ubiquitous storm trooper.

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Sep 22, 2017

Super7 Unveils a new Mummy Boy for NYCC


Super7 will be heading East for NYCC (10.5 – 10.8).  They’ll be bringing plenty of new treasures with them including a new Silver (glitter?) Mummy Boby with Silver, Black and Gold Spray.  Look for more goodies announced shortly, all available at booth #126.

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myplasticheart NYCC Exclusives Revealed So Far


NYCC (10.5 –10.8) is sneaking up on us all.  NYCC stalwart myplasticheart will be offering enticing exclusives as well as an amazing selection of blind-box figures from booth #888 – auspicious number ftw. mph has revealed four exclusives/debuts so far.  First up is the brand-new kawaii The Dessert Oracle by Sad Salesman ($50, vinyl) with a triple stack of sweet satisfaction.  If sofubi is your thing, mph will have the new MITT Rainbow from Six Twentyeight ($42, vinyl) featuring a colorful, gradient-loving bumper car bulldog.  Monsters?  Konatsu delivers with a new  clear green Daioh Negora (price tbd) with gold, silver and black accents.

Hmm… Are we forgetting something?  Pins!!! Fear not enamel enthusiasts, mph will have the brand-new Pocket Pork Dumpling pins from Shawnimals in two designs ($10 each).

Maybe I’m just getting old and things are blurring together but with the rise of several new-ish Asian conventions (TTE, ATC, BTS, Toy Soul)  it feels like convention season runs almost year around. Taipei Toy Festival follows right on the heels of NYCC opening on 10.7 and running through the 10th.  And… DesignerCon drops just over a month later (11.11-11.12).  It’s a promising though pricey  development.

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