Oct 04, 2018

QUICCS x Martian Toys TEQ63 S2 Storms NYCC with Fortress White Edition


Now that’s what I’m talking about.  TEQ63 Series 2 rolls on with the new Fortress White edition from QUICCS x Martian Toys.  The sharp white + black version is debuting at NYCC from Martian Toys [#488] and then will be on his way to DesignerCon.

downloaddownload download download

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Now that’s Multitasking! Dogman Toys Brings Vishnu the Preserver to NYCC


Ok, so NYCC started this morning, but here’s a look at another of our favorite releases for the ever-expanding DKE Toys lineup.  Vishnu the Preserver form Dogman Toys (Spencer Pollard) brings us a whole-new side of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Springfield’s hard-working convenience store owner.  Limited to 25 pieces, Vishnu can be yours for $65 at the DKE booth [#575]. Now.


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Oct 03, 2018

Fingers Crossed: Mini Wooper Looper Autumn GID for NYCC


So… Assuming favorable winds, kind customs people, and good fortune, myplasticheart [#888] will release their exclusive Mini Wooper Looper Autumn (GID) edition from Gary Ham and Pobber for $35.  Fingers crossed!

This is the first Mini Wooper Looper to make it out into the wild.  Having had a chance to play with these briefly in Beijing, these are pretty amazing – a must for Gary Ham / Wooper Looper fans.  Really well done all the way ‘round.

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Tenacious Toys’ Danger Dog at NYCC


Tenacious Toys has quite the lineup for NYCC, much of which we’ve previewed over the past few days or so.  Yet, we’d be sad if we didn’t give Danger Dog, the Tenacious mascot vinyl some love.

Danger will be large and in charge at the TT booth [#780] in several editions and forms.  Rampage Toys has given the pup a wild neon pink (+blue) makeover with a run of 10 customs ($75).  On the production side, the fearless mascot will represent in both the painted OG (5”, $45) and blank white DIY editions ($40).

unnamed 41840211_483335698802955_6776922761552275321_n

And… Danger is also the star of the very first Tenacious Toys pin in an NYCC exclusive edition (100 pieces, 1.5” wide, $10) brought to life by  Nitelyfe Pins. Dig the design with fancy flourishes.  Oh, did we mention that you’ll get the pin as a fun free bonus if you purchase $100 or more at the booth ?


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Do A Double Take at NYCC with ‘Porgbacca and Chorg’ from The Katerpillar


So, quick confession…  While I adore Ewoks, not so much for the Porg… Maybe I’m just being contrary because I know they were designed to be popular or, they came second… Somehow that’s related to The Katerpillar’s Porgbacca and Chorg carded action-figure set (3.75”, 25 s/n pcs, $75) coming to NYCC by way of DKE [#575].  The fun, trading places style set re-imagines the annoying ones as fierce warriors and the wookie, as well a furball.  Fun idea and even better execution – check that Porgbacca face. 


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DKE Toys Tempts NYCC with Barttafinger by Danny Wicked


Out of DKE Toy’s entire NYCC lineup, the funniest and most innovative just might be Danny Wicked’s Barttafinger. A downsized and collectible edition of the artist’s OG three-foot edition, the 8” version is not too big, nor too small, but just right.  The sculpt does a really credible job of mimicking a partially eaten candy bar, and the wrapper is well done too. Limited to 40 s/n pieces, Barttafinger will be available for $45 from the DKE booth [#575]. 

unnamed 40716394_522124698254387_4202715530111265480_n-2

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NYCC Chiwen Struts The Silver Bling


For NYCC, Dream On Studios has created a special, oh-so-shiny Chiwen edition. Channeling the metal’s rep as a ward against evil, the shiny edition of their newborn sofubi beast is limited to just 3 pieces and will be available for $200 from Black Drove [booth #780]. 

download download

Riding the bling, Chiwen will also make a crossover appearance as stylish jewelry. Created in collaboration with Kozoo Studio, the head pendant is cast in silver (.925 pure, 30g) and comes with identity card, Dream On Studio card, and protective case.  Sold without a chain, three of the pendants will be available for $180 each from booth #780 as well.

41336760_2103212426663375_7542209459805915559_n 41470941_304313620362090_2186062031715428126_n

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Czee13 ‘Guru’ Debuts at Five Points Fest Fall (10.5 – 10.6)


Czee13 will debut his brand-new 6” Guru resin at the Five Points Fest Fall event in Union Square (815 Broadway) during NYCC Weekend (10.5 – 10.6). Produced by Clutter Studios, Guru—a mix of East and West—will be available in the debut Sublime Grape edition  cast in translucent purple.  Be quick, as just 10 pieces (edition of 30) will be available at the event.

downloaddownloaddownload download

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Oct 02, 2018

NYCC Alogonac Goes Pink to Blue in the Dark


myplasticheart will release a very special NYCC Algonac from Chris Ryniak x Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink.  The newest edition of the Chris’s Snapping Turtle mini in translucent vinyl starts off bright pink but then when darkness falls, glows a bright, eerie blue!  Pick up this magic turtle at the MPH booth [#888] for $20 each.



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Oct 01, 2018

Brent Nolasco -- Arc of Time Materializes in Black + Red for NYCC


The NYCC news continues to flow from myplasticheart with word of an NYCC micro run of Brent Nolasco’s Arc of Time in primal black + red. The new painted edition will be available for $200 at the mph booth [#888].  If you’re looking for an alternative to the mass appeal of brightly-hued sofubi, Brent’s self-sculpted beast with a big heart offers a ticket to a very different ride.   To dive deeper, check out our initial Arc of Time feature from March of this year.

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NYCC Camocats by Plushplay Bring Resin+Plush Hybrid Fun


The Shades of Grey Camocats from Mariangela Tan (Plushplay) are headed to NYCC.  The latest litter of her novel hybrid figures—featuring a resin exterior and a plush face—are cast in variations of grey/white.  They will be available for $65 each from myplasticheart.

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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx ‘Smart Bomb’ in Blue Debuts at NYCC


Following on the heels of the recently released Pink Edition, Tenacious Toys will release  Smart Bomb from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx  in Exclusive Blue Edition at their NYCC booth [#780] for $119 each.  Limited to 100 pieces, the 8” vinyl will debut in very limited quantities at the booth with the remainder available online.

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Sep 30, 2018

FYE at NYCC – XXRAY Bobs Burger & Wonder Woman Plus Astroboy GID


FYE has officially announced their ‘NYCC Exclusives’ and signings they have lined up for their booth [#622].  In addition to the previously mentioned Exclusive Astroboy GID (10”, $129)  from ToyQube, FYE will also debut two exclusive XXRAY figures from Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx.  The Gold Wonder Woman XXRAY (10”, $99.99)  features an all-gold homage to the quintessential female super hero. Drawn from the popular TV series, the Bob Belcher XXRAY (10”, $99.99) brings us a clever Bob the Butcher design featuring a fun take on anatomy with a cheese burger in lieu of the normal digestive organs.  In an extra-credit touch, the burger on the plate also features the cutaway treatment.  

In addition to stock at their NYCC booth, FYE is taking pre-orders for each of the three  new exclusives through their online store with a November release window.

XXDC _WonderWoman_Lifestyle-03 GID_Astro_FYE

FYE will also host three signings at their booth [#622]: Ron English (Friday, 5-6 PM) Jason Freeny (Saturday, 2-3 PM), and Camilla D’Errico (11 AM – Noon) who will be on-hand in part to sign her variant cover-edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey manga from Tokypop.


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Pootaurus by Eimi Takano for PIQ’s NYCC ‘Cube and Pony Show’


Asked to create a custom My Little Pony for PIQ’s ‘Cube and Pony Show’ taking place at NYCC (10.4 – 10.7), Eimi Takano transformed the classic toy into a centaur with a fun twist.  Pootaurus features a partially resculpted body and a brand-new cheery poo head!  If you’re going to NYCC, drop by the PIQ booth [#131] to check out all the customs.

download download

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Sep 29, 2018

FYE NYCC Exclusive Astroboy GID from ToyQube


FYE’s NYCC Exclusive Astroboy GID from ToyQube featuring the ‘Liberty’ sculpt is a perfect fit for the Big Apple.  As you can see, the exclusive features a nice bright green design which looks great in normal light – many GID figures have a slightly-green off-white appearance in ambient light that isn’t particularly eye-catching.  So with the lights on or off, Astroboy should look great.


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Cinemtraon NYCC Has the Droids You Are Looking For


These are the droids you are looking for. With a bit of a creative nudge from Dov Kelemer, UhOh Toys have created a fun, galactic edition of their Cinematron sofubi set (6.5”, 15 s/n sets, $65) for NYCC (10.4 – 10.7).   A bit of recasting sees the ode to cinema toy concept pay homage to perhaps the classic Sci-FI saga. The NYCC Cinematron edition will be available for $65 from the DKE booth [#575].

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‘Martin Longbottom’ Will Steal Your Heart at NYCC


Martin Longbottom is coming to NYCC and we dare you not to fall for this little beastie. If you’re doing a double take, this is the debut of a new, more compact sculpt which highlights his cute factor.  Tenacious Toys [booth #780] will release  a ‘NYCC exclusive’ edition (3”, 10 pcs, 45 ) of this handmade treasure from Rich Page.   If you’re focused on handmade resins, Mr. Longbottom should be right at the top of your NYCC list.

41373997_1291664760975895_849202939596660208_n unnamed unnamed

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From Tatooine to NYCC: Baby JaWabbits by Flat Bonnie


For NYCC, Flat Bonnie continues her Force-ful ‘Baby’ series with Baby JaWabbits (great name).  Limited to 50 pieces, the hand-made 5” fleece + vinyl pleather plush will be available for $20 from the DKE Toys booth [#575].   These are adorable and really nicely done, as are all of Yukari’s pieces.

Not only do you get a sweet plush at a very affordable price, you’re also helping care for animals as Flat Bonnie donates a portion of their sales to bunny/animal rescue organizations each month.


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Sep 28, 2018

Kidrobot at NYCC: Megaman, Spongebob and Astra+Orbit


We previously mentioned that Kidrobot would release exclusive editions of Astra and Orbit from Tara McPherson as well as an exclusive 3” Abrasive.  Now, KR has officially announced their plans for NYCC (10.4-7) including exclusives, early releases and signings. Let’s start with the new exclusives.


Front and center is a Megaman 30th Anniversary figure (3”, 300 pcs, $16) with a ‘pearlescent’ finish and shiny metallic accents.  KR will also release a set of ‘The Orville’ replica badges (editions of 100, $10)based on the humorous sci-fi TV shows in 5 designs: Engineer, Security, Office, Medical and Science badges.  Rounding out the exclusive details, Abrasive Sponge is an edition of 300 pieces and will retail for $16 while the exclusive Astra and Orbit is limited to 20 pieces and will be available for $80.


KR will also offer several advanced/preview releases at NYCC:

  • Adult Swim Mr. Pickles Medium Figure
  • Adult Swim Robot Chicken Medium Figure by Kidrobot
  • Adult Swim Aqua Teen Hunger Force Medium Figure
  • Stellar Dream Scouts Mini Art Figure Series by Tara McPherson

Kidrobot will also host  a signing with Capcom producer Tsuchiya-san for the 30th Anniversary Megman figure on Friday (10.5) at 1 PM and with Tara McPherson for Astra + Orbit and Stellar Dream Scouts Minis  on Saturday (10.6) at 1 PM. Finally, Kidrobot is hosting a party on Friday (10.5, 7-11 PM) at the Five Points Fest Fall event.


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Pun Pun & Shoot NYCC Exclusive from Coarse x Playhouse


Toy Tokyo will release the NYCC Exclusive Pun Pun &  Shoot at their booths [#588/688] during the show (10.4 – 10.7).  Pun Pun & Shoot is the newest release from the Friends Feast series, a collaboration between Coarse and Playhouse.  The NYCC edition (4”, 600 pcs)  is (we believe) the 2nd colorway of the humorous Panda and Bamboo Shoot duo, following the BTS colorway released by Pop Mart.  

If you can’t make NYCC, fret not.  Moving beyond the apparent NYCC exclusive branding, this Pun Pun & Shoot edition will also be available at Collect and Display (UK), Concept Store (HK), Paradise Toyland (TW) and of course, Playhouse (TH).


Playhouse has announced that they will be selling their stock on October 3rd at 10 AM Thailand time for 850 THB (~$26.32).  We’re not sure on exact timing from the other retailers, but we expect it to be around the same rough time window.


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Sep 27, 2018

Martian Toys Exclusive Nano TEQ63 Debuts at NYCC


Martian Toys will debut their exclusive ‘Nano Size Me’ Nano TEQ63 from QUICCS x Devil Toys at their NYCC booth in limited quantities at their booth[#488]. The newest wee TEQ63 features the iconic colors of McD’s mascot adding crossover appeal.

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Shukuteki Gacha Series Will Debut at NYCC via Blackdrove


Erik Jacobus will release his new Shukuteki Gacha Series at NYCC in a Blackdrove exclusive edition.  The series features four keshi figures (l to r, above) : Temujin: the samurai, Yoshiko: the assassin, Shukuteki: the ninja, and The Machine!  The sculpts on these look really tigght, especially given the size. Be sure to drop by the Blackdrove booth [#780] to check these out.

41522242_1104946579669663_4867768857300183536_n 41433940_1962643387366102_3930311283610804392_n  42112390_602776450125050_828541765802886693_n 42098074_302671736984815_2098697964406823191_n

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Reactor-88’s Foo Pups Come Out and Play at NYCC


myplasticheart will release the newest edition of Reactor-88’s Foo Pup resins at NYCC.  The metallic red pup features bright yellow, wide eyes and yellow tongue.  These will be available at the MPH booth [#888] for $40 each.  Don’t snooze, Foo Pup releases come around very rarely.

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Bimtoy – Kitty and Puppy Ghost Debut at NYCC


Bimtoy will debut  Kitty Ghost and Puppy Ghost figures from Reis O’Brien—known for his design work at Funko—at NYCC in metallic silver and gold editions.  Both will be available from the brand’s Bottleneck Gallery booth [#2160]. These follow O’Brien’s popular Tiny Ghost figure which was recently exhibited STGCC

Tiny Ghost fans will be happy to know that Fugitive Toys [booth #774] will be releasing a 5” Tiny Ghost in Blue GID at NYCC.  This limited-edition figure will be available through their lottery system.


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Rato Kim Bakes Up a Trio of Breadcats for NYCC


Rato Kim’s Breadcats are coming to NYCCmyplasticheart will have three vinyl editions of the the popular figure available at the show: Melon, Sky and Cow.  Each of the oh-so-cute Breadcats will be available for $38 from the mph booth [#888].

downloaddownload download

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