Feb 28, 2007

Toy Tokyo @ NYCC

With a full signing schedule, Toy Tokyo was one of the busiest toy booths at NYCC.  While we've previously featured the TT signings by both Erick Scarecrow and Ron English, several other artists signed including Tim Biskup (400% Calli Be@rbrick) and NYC Lase (Motug Destroyer Circus Punk) .

Beyond the toy releases with signings many  other toys made their public debut (or close to it) at the booth.  So here's a quick run-down on some of the brand-new products and protos at the TT booth.

KAWS was seen on the show floor and his new Cat Banks recently released at Original Fake in Japan were nestled safely on the top shelf. 

Super Rad Toys showed off their new Mister Cartoon figure.  Having seen it up close I have to say it turned out beautifully -- the flocked wings are really nice and the tattoo printing is impressive.  Super Rad also had several of the upcoming Ningyos on display including Plasticgod's which has some  impressive printing (concentric circles and such) and is probably our favorite of the series so far.

Big and green was in ;-) The 12" Kow HazMaPo designed by Kow Yokoyama from UNKL was available at the show.  Also, a painted prototype of Daniel Johnston's Jeremiah, the Frog of Innocence produced by At Arms made it to the booth on Saturday.

The ComptiBalls designed by Shultzo and produced by Toy Tokyo were among the most intriguing toys at the booth.  Designed using a completely digital process, the The TigerBall and FrogiBall are composed of two mirror-images creatures that join together to form a wild ball.

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myplasticheart @ NYCC

myplasticheart brought several exclusives to NYCC including their much-sought-after Twilight and Wedding MAD*L's, the 'Winking' TLP Lad Sets, and the bloody edition of Kano's Moneygrip.  The booth also featured STRANGEco products including the special Night edition Minitreehouse figures, previews of the new IWG Rocketship and Special Ops Packs and more. Finally, mph also hosted two customizers - Brent Nolasco and Daniel "Wavedog" Fenelon.

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Sket One, Jim Koch and Formulawerks @ NYCC

Sket One and Jim Koch shared a booth with clothing brand Formulawerks at NYCC.  Both artists had customs available for sale as well as prints and shirts.  Formulawerks was showing off their new lineup with designs from Sket, MAD, Brian Morris, and Joey Potts (who was at the booth). 

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MINDstyle @ NYCC

MINDstyle made it's debut at NYCC '07 with a large lineup described by Michael Polis, Senior Vice President of the Jim Henson Company,  as "amazing".   The lineup features gifted creators across a wide range of pursuits -- Illustration, Graffiti, Comic Books, and Martial Arts to name just a few.    The company's mission to produce the finest art toys available for discriminating collectors met with early success as Lev, the Owner of Toy Tokyo, remarked that MINDstyle toys sold extremely well at the show.

To that end, the brand presented the NYCC Exclusive MINDstyle Hand-Sprayed Horselington created by NYC Graffiti Artist EWOK 5MH, the NYCC Exclusive MINDstyle Da Minci created by Tim Tsui and the NYCC Exclusive Monkey Boy by comic book star Frank Cho.  While the aesthetics are wildly divergent, all three figures sold out as a result of each artist's unique vision.

Following on the success of the Monkey Boy figure, MINDstyle showed off a gorgeous painted proto of Frank Cho's Jen  seated in a large white chair.  In addition, unpainted prototypes of the comic book star's mini trading figures were on display.

The North Hollywood, California  company  hit close to home with the signing of Los Angeles artists  Cameron Tiede and Buff Monster to create art toys for the label.   Cameron Tiede brings his unmistakable signature style to MINDstyle with several projects including his 13 Friends project.  Production samples of the first four original sculpts in this series were on display at the booth. 

Buff Monster's work combines street art with fine art sensibilities. His  three series of toys include  mini trading figures, the mid-size figures shown at the booth as well as large 10" versions.

MINDstyle provides international appeal with  French artist Skwak  who recently created Wienerschnitzel television spotsHis upcoming MINDstyle Maniac figures presents an impressive vision by translating his frenetic detail-packed art seamlessly into the 3D realm.   

MINDstyle sought out singular visionaries as creative cornerstones. Jim Henson's creative genius from the Muppets to other childhood favorites is unquestioned.  MINDstyle has licensed several properties from the Jim Henson Company including the previously unreleased Critters property and the cult classic, Dark Crystal.  Prototypes of the first series of Critters mini trading figures were on display at the booth as were incredibly detailed prototypes of the Jim Henson Signature Collection "The Dark Crystal" 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Landstrider and uRac - the Scribe figures.

The  Shaw Brothers Studios produced many of the classic Kung Fu films in Hong Kong including the  classic, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.  MINDstyle has licensed the Shaw Brothers Studios properties from Celestial Pictures with a range of planned toys.  First up are two 1:6 scale  figures of   Lo Lieh, Star of the classic Five Fingers of Death, and martial arts icon Gordon Liu who appeared in both Kill Bill films.

The availability of  Michael Lau's Seventh Anniversary Crylon set of 7 separate colors (2 figures each) along with MINDstyle's exclusive black edition was one of the highlights of the booth.  We will have more on Michael Lau and MINDstyle on Friday. 

MINDstyle's singular focus on art toys is a timely reaction to a changing market.  Their impressive lineup  should prove to be diverse enough to cater to collectors of many different genres and in so doing provide growth.  MINDstyle  distinguishes itself by providing high-end collectibles for the discriminating collector.


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Feb 27, 2007

Sam Fout @ NYCC

Sam Fout and Moon Toad Productions showed off their upcoming self-produced Project Neptoon figures -- the two Gorillas and the elegantly cute Lemon Lime.  Correcting an oversight in the first Project Neptoon figures, the Gorillas are packing heat as one would expect.  At this point, the hope is to have the gun be an accessory rather than part of the overall sculpt. 

Sam also showed off brand-new limited edition hoodies and jackets featuring ink with suspended glass that glows under direct light as well a lovely golden print. 

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Kaching Brands @ NYCC

Kaching Brands and MINDstyle shared a booth flanked on either side by glass display cases filled with upcoming and current figures.    For NYCC, Kaching Brands built on its public debut at SDCC '06 by releasing several new figures and exclusives while revealing new figures in their ever-expanding lineup of collectible figures.

Kaching Brands offered the NYCC exclusive FLCL Canti designed by Cameron Tiede (100 pieces).  Additionally, Erick Scarecrow's Liberty and two Tristan Eaton FLCL Cantis were released at the show over in Toy Tokyo's booth.

The exclusives while exciting  were just a small fraction of the company's many upcoming figures on display at the booth.  The pre-summer lineup includes several new  Cantis including designs from Brian Morris, Cameron Tiede, Jesse Herandez, and Koa

Speaking of FLCL, collectors were buzzing about the new licesensed MM#5 figure coming from Kaching Brands.  Standing a towering 18" tall, this is one massive figure sure to catch the eye of anime fans and those that can't get enough of 'big' toys.

Two new "trading figure" series were shown at the booth - Sket One's Elementals featuring 8 different sculpts and the dare-to-be different TV Heads featuring Tim Tsui, MAD, Sket One, Toby HK, Mizna Wada, Colorblok, Cameron Tiede, Maxim, Teahair and Skwak.   The TV Heads come with an electrical outlet style base which allows the figures to be plugged directly into the base or mounted in a "floating" fashion through an "electric cord" which acts as a support.

Rounding out the previously unshown products, are Tim Tsui's crossover edition of Colorblok's Mono figure and  two artist edition Fourcube figures from MAD and Sket One.  Since entering the  market last year, Kaching Brands has  established itself as a major player with a lineup that mixes original artist projects with licensed projects featuring artist crossovers.


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Ron English @ NYCC

Ron English, master of billboard popaganda, created roughly 40 hand-customized SupersizeMe figures for a very special release at NYCC across two signings on Friday and Saturday at the Toy Tokyo booth.. As you can imagine, the line to purchase one of these one-of-a-kind pieces formed early on Friday.  20 fortunate collectors came up to the table one by one and were able to select from a small number of displayed customs (3-4 were shown at a time).  When #20 stepped up to the table, it was decided that since there were only 2 remaining figures to choose from for Friday's allotment she was given the option of returning on Saturday for a bigger choice.  Wisely, she asked to purchase the extremely rare all-white SupersizeMe figure on display. Ron nodded, and now she's the envy of many a collector. 

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Mori Chack @ NYCC

Mori Chack, the Japanese creator of the ever popular cute yet bloody Gloomy Bear, made the trip to NYCC to sign his artist edition Mimobots @ the Mimoco booth.  Mimoco announced  Vimobots, vinyl figures based on the Mimobot shape, @ NYCC.  Mori gladly customized blank Vimobots for his fans and collectors.   

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Erick Scarecrow @ NYCC

On the first day of NYCC (Friday, 2.23), Toy Tokyo's booth was clearly the center of the action for art toys.  Erick Scarecrow started off the toy releases with a signing for his Liberty figure produced by Kaching Brands.  100 pre-release figures of the standard green colorway (300 total + additional colorways) were released at NYCC and subsequently sold out. 

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Brent Nolasco's Dirty Pretty Things @ NYCC

Brent Nolasco showed off his considerable artistic chops at NYCC with his mini-show, Dirty Pretty Things @ the myplasticheart booth.  The center piece of his  offerings were his colorful custom Squbes.  He also had a nice aquamarine Bling and an imposing custom mash-up 12" figure.  Best known for his colorful and well-rendered customs, his ability to knock out tight sketches quickly with stylistic variations is an indication of his strong talent level. 

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MINDstyle Dual Signing - Frank Cho and EWOK (2.24)

This past Saturday at NYCC, MINDstyle  hosted two simultaneous signings -- one for  MINDstyle's Monkey Boy figure created by Frank Cho and the other for MINDstyle's NYCC exclusive hand-sprayed and dripped Horselington created by EWOK 5MH .  Fans lined up to have these two figures signed -- both of which sold out at the show.  While each artist has his own aesthetic, fans of both took advantage of the opportunity to meet the creators and to acquire prized limited-edition collectibles at retail prices.

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Feb 26, 2007

Seen: Showroom Showdown (2.26.07)

Artists, collectors, and members of the industry made their way to the Showroom NYC to check out Showroom Showdown this past Saturday.  Sponsored by Thunderdog Studios and STRANGEco, the event provided  party goers with a glimpse at new releases,  live painting sessions and even a bit of relaxation.

The featured product announcement were the Tenacious D figures  designed by John K. and produced jointly by Thunderdog Studios and STRANGEco.  The painted protos looked great, especially Jack Black -- the facial details are compelling.   The figures have an intentionally  kitschy appearance from the color choices to the unfinished back-sides.   I didn't really measure these, but they are fairly large (10+ or so?). 

Thunderdog Studios showed off painted protos of Tristan Eaton's Zulu Queen and a new figure from Murko!.  The first public unveiling of Zulu Queen in painted form featured not one but two colorways.  The first blue/white echos Tristan's older Zulu Cat Qee while the black/silver colorway features the addition of a sweet mohawk and apparently a different flag design.  The Murko! toy builds off brass knuckles to bring a cute yet ravenous (check the teeth!) character to bear.

STRANGEco showcased the upcoming IWG releases (IWG Rocketship and two Special Ops Packs), the upcoming Arkski Minitreehouse Figure from Nathan Jurevicius and the unpainted protos of the Vivisect miniseries

The live painting was very cool and featured two or three solo pieces plus one larger collab pieces -- check the pics for an eyeful! After people filed out of the Showroom around 11:30 or so, most went over to Lit to continue the party.  No pics of that -- don't want any nasty emails -- some of you know exactly what I mean ;-)


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Feb 24, 2007

Seen: Frank Cho @ NYCC

Comic book fan favorite, Frank Cho, signed his new toy -- the MINDstyle Monkey Boy at their booth (#639) on the first day of NYCC (opened to the public from 4 to 10 PM) on Friday.   Both the extremely limited Toy Tokyo black & white edition (50 pcs) and the patriotic NYCC edition (200 pieces) went on sale today (2.23).  Frank will be signing on Saturday (2.24) from 5 to 8 PM and Sunday (2.25) from Noon to 1 PM.

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Mister Cartoon @ NYCC

Mister Cartoon made an appearance at NYCC to promote his upcoming graphic novel, The Lost AngelSuper Rad Toys flew in a few of his Lost Angel figures for display at the Warner Books booth -- the rest are on the water now with a launch event scheduled for March 18th at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA.

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Faces on the Floor at NYCC

As an intro post, here's a quick look at the artists and industry folks I ran into while exploring the NYCC show floor. 'Cons are a great place to catch up with people you only see once or twice a year and also to chat endlessly about what else ... toys.


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NYCC - Day One

Day 1 has come (and gone...).  I'm blogging this from the hotel wirelessly via a Bluetooth cellphone -EVDO 'broadband' -- when wi-fi doesn't really work ;-) The show was "industry only" from 10 AM - until 4 PM. I spent a few minutes just wandering around, gawking at the show as whole.  Most  of our coverage will be designer toy focused, but just thought you might like a quick glance at the first day.   At 4 o'clock, the real customers hit the floor and the space quickly filled.   Things seemed to go fairly smoothly though there was some confusion about where exactly people should enter the convention hall.  Turn out was good for a Friday and I assume tomorrow (or is that today) will be a zoo.

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Feb 23, 2007

NYCC Exclusive MINDstyle Horselingtons Hand-customized by EWOK 5MH

EWOK  hand-sprayed and splattered about 90 of his Horselingtons today at the Showroom NYC for release at NYCC.  I dropped by to shoot these pics as he was finishing up with some last minute paint splatter and boxing up the finished pieces.  The MINDstyle Horselington by EWOK looks even better in person than in photos -- very fresh.  For these special customs, EWOK started with an all-black base  and then sprayed and splattered them with bright colors.  Interestingly, there are several different variations that become apparently when looking at them all together.  Props to EWOK and Lev of Toy Tokyo for letting us bring this to ya. 

25 or so of these  NYCC exclusive custom Horselingtons will be released at Toy Tokyo (booth 126) today (2.23) from 5 to 6PM at EWOK's signing with the remainder available across the three days from MINDstyle (booth 639).  Get in line early, as these are priced to fly at $99.99 with a hand-pulled signed 8x10" print.

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Fifth Anniversary of the Lit Lounge

Just got into town, checked in to the hotel... What to do?  Lit Lounge Fifth Anniversary Paty in the East Village.  DJ Alphabeast spinning... Hmm, he looks VERY familiar.  Good times.  A few pics to spread the cheer.

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Feb 22, 2007

MINDstyle's Horselington by EWOK 5MH

As promised... Here's a close-up look at MINDstyle's heavily anticipated Horselington figure by NYC legend EWOK 5MH. The buzz on this one is really strong with some fans making the trek to NYCC just to pick up the hand-customized edition available at the show. The pictured Original Color Version stands 10+ inches tall,  is limited to 400 pieces (700 total for the figure), comes with a signature base,  and is slated to drop in April '07.

As many of you know, EWOK has created 100 NYCC exclusive hand-sprayed and splattered Horselingtons.   25 pieces will be available from Toy Tokyo (booth #126) on Friday (2.24) from 5 to 6 PM during EWOK's signing and 25 pieces will be released each day (Fri - Sun) by MINDstyle (booth #639). People who  reserved this edition directly from EWOK will be able to pick up their figure + print at the show -- made in the shade. This must-have edition will sell for $99.99 and includes a signed 8x10" signed hand-screened print. Doesn't get much better than this. 

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Showroom Showdown (2.24.07)

STRANGEco and Thunderdog Studios will celebrate NYCC '07 with the Showroom Showdown on Saturday, February 24th from 8 - 11 PM at the Showroom NYC in the East Village.  The event will showcase sneak previews and new toy projects.  The two companies will also announce a special co-branded project...  Hmm, what could it be? In addition, the event will feature live painting by Mike Huddleston, Jim Mahfood, Jose Garibaldi, Joey Potts and music from DJ Pickel, Emynd and Bo Bliz, and Kidrobot's Chad Phillips. After party just down the street at the infamous Lit Lounge.  For more details peep the flyer.

Showroom NYC
117 Second Avenue (2nd floor)
Manhattan, NY 10003

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Feb 21, 2007

NYCC Exclusive Skull Zombi

Kaiju fans -- here's some cool news.The NYCC exclusive Skull Zombi by Vinyl Junkies will be released at Toy Tokyo (booth #126).  The Skull Zombi stands 5.5" tall and is the newest sculpt from the creators of the Blobpus. The NYCC exclusive colorway is limited to just 50 pieces so act quickly.  Thanks to Bob Conge of Plaseebo for the info :-)

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myplasticheart @ NYCC

For NYCC, myplasticheart  (booth #122) has lined up  several MPH exclusives, two signings, and a live customizing session.  The MPH booth will also play host to STRANGEco with several new products, the special NIGHT edition Naal and Bennzi Figures, as well as a display of future releases. 

First up, the MPH exclusive London Police #6 Winking Lad set will be available for sale.  Additionally, a small number of the very hard to find MPH Twilight and Wedding MAD*L's will be released during the show. Speaking of exclusives, the MPH Moneygrip designed by Kano will be released at NYCC with a signing on Saturday (2.24) @ 3PM.

If you love customs, the MPH booth is the place to be.  Brent Nolasco will present "Dirty Pretty Things" -- a mini show featuring hand-painted Squbes and a few other surprises. Brent will be signing on Saturday @ 1 PM. Come and check out his amazing work for your self.  Ever wanted to see just what goes into making a top-flight custom?  Daniel "Wavedog" Fenelon will be doing live on-the-spot customizing in the MPH booth on Sunday (2.25).  Got it?  Be sure to check out MPH @ NYCC, booth #122.  See the flier for full details.

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Feb 20, 2007

FLCL Canti X Cameron NYCC Exclusive

We featured several of the new FLCL Canti Series 2 artist crossover editions from Kaching Brands this past Friday.  Today we take a closer look at  Cameron Tiede's colorful NYCC Exclusive Canti which is limited to just 100 pieces total and will be available at the Kaching Brands booth (#639).     Btw,  you heard it here first -- Cameron is set to impress in '07 with more art toys than you can count on two hands. 

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Feb 19, 2007

Plaseebo @ NYCC

Bob Conge's incredible The Legend of  Plaseebo figure has been completed and is now bobbing along the Pacific Ocean on his journey from China.  The first edition Plaseebo combines the  spine-tingling design with glow-in-the-dark chills.   The figure also comes with the detailed Sarcophagus.  The Legend of Plaseebo has received some early attention in Japan and justly so.  Many people will likely mistaken this as a Japanese design which is a high compliment.   

Toy Tokyo (booth #126) will host Plaseebo for NYCC with two must-haves.  First up, a limited number of 1st ed GID Plaseebos (air... baby) will be available at the booth.  And... for something really special, eight NYCC exclusive hand-painted Legend of Plaseebo, Bloody Mummy figures will be available as well.  Be quick!  Plaseebo artist Bob Conge will be on-hand both Friday and Saturday afternoon -- so come by and meet the man behind the Mummy.

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Erick Scarecrow's Liberty at NYCC

After a prolonged tease, limited quantities of Erick Scarecrow's 12" Liberty vinyl figure produced by Kaching Brands will be available at Toy Tokyo's NYCC booth (#126).  Erick will sign at the Toy Tokyo booth on Friday (2.22) from 4 to 5 PM and on Saturday (2.24) from 10 AM to Noon. Liberty will be sold on a first-come, first serve basis -- so don't snooze.  Peep the flier for full details.

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