Apr 22, 2008

Buff Monster Web Exclusives

MINDstyle showed three new editions of their Buff Monster figures at NYCC '08 (across the back row). Each of these will be released as  web exclusives directly from Buff Monster.  We're partial to the green/black one in the center.  These drop shortly -- one per month, for three months.  Keep an eye out.

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DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Juke-Bot

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Juke-Bot vinyl produced was shown at producer Bigshot Toyworks' NYCC booth.  These are limited to 500 pieces, with most being sold as part of their current Hardsell Tour.  Flashy with the red and gold.   Click through for a look at the back.


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Apr 20, 2008

NVC - Ishikawa the Roller

Bao and Spive of NVC released 5 Ishikawa the Rollers for NYCC through the myplasticheart booth (#866).  All five pieces sold quickly to lucky collectors.  The two artists have created these figures by hand -- from design to casting, sanding, assembly and painting.  The end product is impressive, even more so in  person. While NVC was perhaps somewhat overwhelmed initially by the amount of work required to create the figures, the results speak for themselves. The level of detail in the sculpt and the sense of life captured in the paint application will make the wait for the final 15 pieces in the original colorway agonizing. 

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Sket One's 16" Ripple

Kaching Brands is showing Sket One's current 8" Ripple figures and three tantalizing 16" Ripples -- white, black, and a dayglo green  at NYCC in booth # 1313. While Ripple looks good at 8", at 16" he's got a strong presence befitting the persuasive brand mascot.  Upcoming -- the wait will be worth it.   Sket will  be signing  today (4.20) at the booth starting from Noon.

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Apr 19, 2008

Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters Signing

Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters just finished signing at the MINDstyle booth (#1313) @ NYCC.  Both have stirred things up -- Brandt with the release of the gorgeous 16" Slap Happy Vintage and Kathie with her NYCC exclusive Mexican custom red-birds. Both created sketches and doodled on figs for folks.


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adFunture's Yoka

adFunture showed off  Yoka -- their brand-new panda bear shaped platform figure.  Designed in house, Yoka will be available in the fairly large size shown here (9+ ") as well as a mini-figure series.  The strength of the design is that it offers a look that is at once familiar yet appealingly different.  The figure looks good standing and sitting -- which is pretty much a rarity.  Look for an artist series on the larger size Yoka.  Additionally, there are rumblings of potential alternate Yoka heads. Btw, apologies on the marginal photo quality -- we'll see if we can get better pics.  These definitely look better in person.

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MINDstyle's Buff Monster Line - Colorful Clear Future

MINDstyle (booth #1313) is showing off  a dizzying number of  upcoming projects from Buff Monster @ NYCC '08.  Our hands-down-favorite are the new colorful clear Buff Monster figures shown both in the 3" and 1.5" forms.  While we're speculating that the very nice 1.5" clear set will drop first, the 3" really are a step beyond their smaller counterparts.  If you're wondering, these are beautiful  with no obvious bubbles.    While the rainbow-hued future of Buff Monster toys is quite bright, the here and now has collectors pumped as well  They  made a run on the MINDstyle booth on Friday @ 4pm -- lining up to buy Buff's NYCC exclusive which sold very well.

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Apr 18, 2008

tokidoki's Bulleto by STRANGEco

Moofia fans rejoice!  STRANGEco has unveiled  tokidoki's Bulleto -- the male counterpart to Mozzarella (Moofia leader)-- at NYCC in the myplasticheart booth (#866)  This one rocks -- big bull horns, ear rings and a cattle tag (with the tokidoki symbol), a double-barrelled shotgun, and two shotgun shell friends (one happy and one angry).  Summer '08.

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Ashely Wood's Bertie @ NYCC

Bigshot Toyworks has what may very well be the best designer toy here at NYCC.  Ashley Wood's Bertie (WWR) is stunning.  At 14" tall, this figure has 40+ points of articulation and crazy detailed accessories.  Having played with a final production piece at the Bigshot Toyworks booth (thanks Klim!), I can say it's everything people were hoping it would be  The articulation on the fingers is crazy (3 points per finger) -- he can hold almost anything.  The weapons are also top flight -- from the resin rpg launcher to the pistol complete with spinning revolver chamber.     Props to Bighshot for pulling out all the stops.  It shows very clearly in many aspects including the beautiful paint job.  The rust on the Dirty Deeds edition is sweet and has a nice tactile feel.   Additionally, Klim has used multiple production techniques to bring Ashley's vision to reality -- including abs, resin, and rotocast vinyl. 

Bigshot Toyworks are showing the upcoming Desert Rat and Dirtie Deeds editions at their booth.  They have six of the bloody Dirty Deeds versions for sale @ $300 which will be allocated via lottery due to the huge demand. 


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Tokyo Plastic Koguma @ myplasticheart (#866)

Here's a look at the painted protos of Tokyo Plastic's Koguma upcoming from mphlabs. The lil 'guy is anatomically correct -- click through from a close-up shot.   If you're at the con check it out at booth #866.


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Dalek 10" Teddy Trooper

adFunture is showing a brand-new brown 10" Teddy Trooper from Dalek.  Sharp.  The design plays to the removable helmet really well - with a "dual" face design.   


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adFunture: DGPH Topo - Woodsman and Robot

adFunture is showing several new upcoming figures.  Including two new variants of DGPH's Topo figure - Topo Woodsman and Topo  Robot. Very nice -- due soon. May ?  The robot printing is crazy!


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Toy2R Kaiju Qees

Toy2R is showing three of their new Kaiju Qee shapes at Diamond's booth.  These are black with silver spray -- we believe to show off the shape.  No color editions shown. 

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NYCC Flash: Kathie Olivas Scavengers

NYCC is here.  And that means the return of VP flash... quick updates -- pics + a small amount of text.  Here's a full shot of Kathie Olivas' Scavengers from MINDstyle.

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NYCC: Buff Monster Shared Exclusive @ Toy Tokyo

You remember this purple pirate Buff Monster figure from MINDstyle released last December at VTN as a shared exclusive with 3DRetro, don't ya?  200 were made, and 100 were offered and sold out.  Now, this exclusive hits the east coast -- Toy Tokyo will offer the remaining  pieces for $24.99 each  @ their NYCC booth (#858).  Buff Monster will be signing figures today (Friday, 4.18) @ 6:30 PM in the TT booth. 

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Dacosta Bayley @ NYCC

Dacosta Bayley (creator of DCTO) will be offering his new 'Untitled Koko' giclee print  @ NYCC (4.18 - 4.20) at the ToyQube booth (#864).  The signed and numbered  print measures 11x17" (image area - 9.5" x x 14."), is limited to 20 pieces and can be yours for $50.  Dacosta will be signing at the ToyQube booth from 2-3 PM on Saturday (4.19).  Drop by and check it out.

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Proto: A-Type from mphlabs

Woot!  On the ground now in NYC.  You want more info and you want it now...  Here's an exclusive first look at a proto of the new A-Type platform figure designed by Andrew Bell  and produced by mphlabs.   myplascticheart will display the A-type  at their NYCC booth (#866).  Standing roughly 6-7 inches tall, the A-Type appears game for a difficult challenge -- come up with a cool unique shape that hasn't been done to death and still provide enough generality so artists can adapt it and make it their own.

While the shape starts with the simple idea of incorporating mph's heart-shaped logo, Andrew's design touches including the  arms, the upturned 'hands' and the stubby fangs  bring the character to life.  The A-Type is reportedly quite flexible display wise and can even hang by it's hands....    Click through for more pics.


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Proto: Tokyo Plastic's Koguma from mphlabs

Thanks to our robot ninja spys, we have the very first shots of Koguma, the  next figure from web animation wizards Toyko Plastic.  Drawn from their hypnotic flash animation, Koguma is currently in production from mphlabs.  Here's a look at an unpainted work-in-progress proto.  This lil' guy rocks out in his own decibel defying swivel chair complete with base.  Drop by myplasticheart's NYCC booth (#866) to get a look at Koguma up close and personal. More pics after the jump -- click through.


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Apr 17, 2008

NYCC: Marka27's MG-2 Midnight Mexico @ Toy Tokyo (#858)

NYCC starts tomorrow.  Here's more sweet news -- Toy Tokyo (booth #858) will pre-release Marka27's MG-2 Midnight Mexico during the show.  Marka will be signing and sketching (bring your black books) this Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 2 PM each day.

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Hand-painted NYCC Mexican Red Bird by Kathie Olivas

One day to go before NYCC.  MINDstyle has announced a sweet exclusive:  the NYCC Mexican Red Bird hand-painted by Kathie Olivas.  This great piece is limited to 25 pieces and will be available for $250  on Saturday April 19th @ Noon from the MINDstyle booth (#1313).  Kathie and Brandt Peters will be signing from 12:30 to 2:30 PM on Saturday (4.19) at MINDstyle's booth.  Don't snooze. 

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Apr 15, 2008

Shawnimals Plushform Customs @ NYCC (#1057)

Updated: Added Jeremiah Ketner's piece to the gallery (click through)

About a month ago we wrote about the new Plushform DIY plush from Shawnimals and Squibbles Ink.  The new project offers a ready-to-create platform for artists  looking to do plush without worrying about needles.  To show off what's possible Shawn has invited several  artists and fellow Chicagoans to customize Plushforms for display at NYCC (4.18 - 4.20) in booth # 1057. Merry customizers include Jeremiah Ketner, Heidi Kenney, Brian Morris, Joey Potts, Phoneticontrol, Jimbot,  Jordan Owen from OhNoDoom!, blUtt  and more.   Thanks to Shawn We have a sweet preview of quite a few of these customs.  Be sure to drop by the booth to check 'em out in person and to buy  Plushform  which will be available as an advanced release during the 'con.


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MINDstyle's Series II Mini Figures by Buff Monster

Just in time for NYCC, MINDstyle has released their Ice Cream Flavorways Mini Figures Series II by Buff Monster.  This new flavor assortment includes Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road, Vanilla and Coconut. The speckled flavorway editions are extra nice. They're available now from your favorite designer toy store  including several exhibiting at NYCC such as  myplasticheart, ToyQube and Toy Tokyo.  These new blind-assorted figures are $5.99 each and will be available  for a limited-time only.

Buff Monster will be signing on Saturday, April 19th 11 AM to Noon in the MINDstyle booth (#1313).  Also, don't miss Buff's solo show, Born of the Abyss, opening later that night (4.19) from 6:30 to 10 PM  @ Giant Robot New York.


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Apr 14, 2008

MINDstyle's Stephen LePod Paint Masters @ NYCC

MINDstyle will make ten NYCC Exclusive Copper   Stephen LePod - The Explorer resin paint masters available  exclusively to  Art Toy Society (ATS) members for $199.99.  These are pre-production paint masters from MINDstyle's upcoming Mechtorians mini-fig line created by Doktor A.  ATS members can reserve this paint master  through 1045 Showroom for shipment or pick up their reserved copy at NYCC from the MINDstyle booth (#1313). Due to the limit of ten paint masters, received reservations will be randomly selected and filled.   

Additionally, MINDstyle will offer five paint masters of the ultra rare  original blue Stephen LePod to ATS Platinum members.

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Update: FILTH Kansers @ NYCC (booth #864)

Here's a little more info on  incoming FILTH Kansers from ToyQube which we posted briefly about last weekFILTH, originally from Brooklyn and now living in Portland,  drew inspiration from Chinese opera masks for his Kanser design.  Chinese opera masks symbolize different emotions and personality traits based on the colors and the way they are painted. FILTH has created two editions a pink (500 pieces) and a black Toyqube exclusive (100 pieces)  The pink edition represents sophistication and composure. One thing we do know is that both Kansers like the limelight -- click through for plenty of close-ups.

ToyQube will pre-release the Pink FILTH Kansers ($49.99) and also release 30 of their Black exclusive ($54.99) for NYCC in their booth (#864).  If you can't make the show, ToyQube has your back -- the pink will be available online at Toyqube.com on Saturday 4.19 @ 12 AM EDT.


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NYCC 08: myplasticheart Signing Schedule

Now that your morning is on myplasticheart overload, let's go for tilt...  In addition to all the figure releases we've mentioned over the past few days, mph has a full schedule of signings for NYCC going down in booth #866 (all items will be available from 3 PM on  4.18) :

Friday  4.18 3-5 PM                  Simone Legno of Tokidoki (Platinum Sandy)
Friday 4.18 5:30-6:30 PM         MAD (mph Black Guard MAD*L)

Saturday 4.19 11-12 PM.          Brent Nolasco   (Vivisect Playset customs)
Saturday 4.19 1-2 PM               Dan Goodsell (Mr. Toast and Friends - vinyl and plush)  
Saturday 4.19 3-4 PM                MAD
Saturday 4.19 (time TBD).        NVC (Bao and Spive) customizing Ishikawa the Rollers

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