Apr 14, 2008

NYCC: NVC's Ishikawa The Roller @ myplasticheart (#866)

Dr. Bao and Spive of NVC will drop a very special release of their new Ishikawa the Roller resin figure at NYCC in the myplasticheart booth (#866) starting on Friday (4.18) @ 3 PM.  They've readied five Ishikawas with  unpainted white faces for NYCC and will offer them for $175 each. Unpainted faces?   Bao and Spive will be customizing the color of the faces for each collector on Saturday (4.19) LIVE at the mph booth.  That's plenty dope but NVC always goes the extra mile -- so they've created five hand-painted boxes for the figures.  Each buyer gets to choose his or her box (first come / first served).  The five NYCC figures are part of the original colorway run limited to a total of just 20 figures.  Click through for pics of Ishikawa and the custom boxes up close.


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NYCC: Brent Nolasco's Blood Sweat and Tears @ mph (#866)

Top flight customizer Brent Nolasco will bring his Blood, Sweat and Tears to NYCC at the myplasticheart booth (#855).  Brent has flexed his customizing chops on Vivisect Playset minis and will be offering them in sets of 3 for $ 150 (only 4 sets available).  In addition he'll be offering a print limited to 13 pieces.  The items will be avaiable starting on Friday 4.18 from 3 PM.  Brent will be signing on Saturday (4.19) from 11 AM to Noon.

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myplasticheart NYCC '08: Barry the Beaver Black Hearts Ed.

Ningyoushi will build on the quivering excitement of the Barry the Beaver vibrating vinyl from Jeremy Fish with the new very limited Black Hearts Barry the Beaver.  This one is jet black with pink heart undies.  This special edition  drops first at NYCC from myplasticheart for $50 in their booth (#866).

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myplasticheart NYCC 08: Evilmind Mini Damendron

The flood of NYCC news from myplasticheart continues, this time with kaiju flavor.  mph will release their exclusive Evilmind Mini Damendron (very limited run) from Rumble Monsters  at NYCC (4.18 - 4.20) in their booth (#866) for $35.

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Apr 13, 2008

NYCC: MINDstyle's Mechtorians Paint Masters by Doktor A

MINDstyle turned heads with the unveiling of their Mechtorians mini-fig series created by renowned toy customizer Doktor A earlier this year @  Toy Fair.  While we wait for the release of these steampunk infused minis, MINDstyle will release 10  resin paint masters of the  Mr. Head figure  @ NYCC (4.18 - 4.20).  Each of these paint masters   is 7% larger than the upcoming production figures (to account for vinyl shrinkage). They will be available for $199.99 each  starting on Friday April 18th  from 4 PM at the MINDstyle booth (#1313).  These are strictly limited to 1 per customer.    This is a rare opportunity -- a hand-painted pre-production piece from what is shaping up to be one of the hottest mini series of '08.

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Apr 12, 2008

MINDstyle's Gold Horselington @ NYCC (# 1313)

MINDstyle will release their eagerly awaited Gold Horselington by EWOK 5MH @ NYCC (4.18 - 4.20).  25 pieces of this striking edition will be available at the MINDstyle booth (#1313) for $199 each.  The total run is a very low 50, the other 25 will be released directly through EWOK at a later date. EWOK 5MH will be signing @ the MINDstyle booth on Saturday April 19th @ 3 PM

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Apr 11, 2008

Exclusive Filth Kanser @ NYCC from Toyqube

Filth's sweet Kanser inspired by chinese opera masks is coming shortly from Toyqube.  In addition to the regular Pink edition (with a nice gradient paint job) there's also Toyqube's exclusive black edition.  Toyqube will be offering 30 pieces of the black Filth Kanser during NYCC at their booth (#864).  Click through for more pics.

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MINDstyle's 16" Vintage Slap Happy @ NYCC (booth # 1313)

MINDstyle will release their  16" Vintage Slap Happy figure from Brandt Peters in an  black on black NYCC exclusive at their booth (#1313).   This is the one collectors have been looking for as it brings all the details of Brandt's retro character to life -- including the bomb and plank with nail.  Limited to 100 pieces, The NYCC exclusive black on black goes on sale at 4 PM on Friday April 18th for $174.99 and will be strictly limited to one figure per person.

Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas will be holding their only NYCC signing  at the MINDstyle booth (#1313) on Saturday April 19th from 12:30 to 2:30 PM.  Keep your eye out for daily NYCC exclusive updates from MINDstyle leading up to the show which takes place on April 18th through the 20th at the Javits Convention Center in NYC.

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Apr 10, 2008

NYCC BOTM - Glowflage Atom Bomb @ myplasticheart (#866)

myplasticheart will release April's BOTM -- the sick Glowflage Abomb BUD by Ferg, @ NYCC  starting on April 18th (confirmed) in their booth (#866).  Design is  impressive -- great camo pattern + GID to boot.  Right on.

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adFunture NYCC Releases @ myplasticheart (#866)

adFunture will release several new figures at NYCC  in  myplasticheart's booth (#866) from 4.18 - 4.20.   The long-awaited Perk Pioneers from the Shanghai duo make their debut as a blind boxed series.  Another mini-series release, the Buka Chinese Design Series will also drop at NYCC.  Packed in a box inspired by the Double Happiness Cigarette packaging, the series features  designs by Tong Yan, Zhang Sheng, Tim Tsui, Jukai, Mr. Box, Suzzy of Pen Crew, Zhark, Susie Zhang and Yiyi.   And in keeping with the asian theme, Chicago-based Shawnimals drops his Wee Sticker Vinyl -- dumplings rule in all flavors: pork, chicken, shrimp and vinyl. The Wee Sticker Vinyl will also be available from Shawnimals (booth #1057)   

Each of these three products drop first @ NYCC from myplasticheart  (booth #  866).  Also
, be sure to drop by adFunture's booth (#1841) to get a first-hand look at upcoming figures. Click through to the full post  for closer looks at these releases. 


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Apr 09, 2008

Kaiju Invades NYC (4.19.08)

Kaiju continues to inspire collectors and artists with its own unique appeal fueled by a refreshing design aesthetic and high  Japanese production values.   For all the spectrum defying editions produced by Kaiju companies, customizers continue to find ways to bring out the subtle details of the sculpts through dazzling color schemes applied with stunning precision.    Kaiju Invades NYC opening on Saturday, April 19th 2008 (8-11 PM)  @ The Showroom NYC will feature customs from some of the top Kaiju painters around. The continues @ the showroom through the 21st and then will be shown online at toytokyo.com until the end of April. So go to NYCC during the day, and party with Kaiju fans and artists on Saturday night (4.19).

So who's dropping paint on these Japanese treasures ?  Buff Monster, Bwana Spoons, David Horvath, Elmer Preslee, Gatchabert, Keith Ciarmello, Koji Harmon, LamourSupreme x Mishka, Paul Kaiju, Sun-Min, Threezero, Tim Biskup, Toybot Studios, Lash and more to be revealed.

The Showroom NYC
117 2nd Avenue (& 7th Street), 2nd floor
New York, NY 10003

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Apr 08, 2008

Mike Burnett's Neighborwood @ NYCC

Mike Burnett makes amazing hand-crafted and painted wood toys.  In a fit of creative insanity, he created a wood DIY figure just for the Neighborwood show that went down in Portland  back in December '06.  Thanks to Bigshot Toyworks, artists all over will  now get a chance to paint on  a real wood DIY figure with the imminent  release of the production Neighborwood figures.

Neighborwood comes in a ready to paint and hang wood box with a target retail price of somewhere between $40 - $45.  The first run is 500 figures but if they get snatched up, Bigshot Toyworks will create a new supply to field a  global army of custom wood figures.  Visit Bigshot Toyworks at NYCC (4.18 - 4.20) in booth #949 to check out Neighborwood and their other sweet toys.  No promises, but it sounds like a small supply of Neighborwood figures might be avaliable for purchase at the show.

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Mimobots NYCC Signing Schedule

Mimoco the company behind Mimobots (our favorite designer flash drive) will be at NYCC again -- holding down booth #857.  The big news of course is the release of the new tokidoki mimobots -- get 'em at the booth first.  Here's the signing schedule --

Friday (4.18)       5-7 PM     Dino Alberto (Core Series Designer)

Saturday (4.19)    2-4 PM    Simone Legno (tokidoki)

Please Note: Mimoco is anticipating a crazy turnout for Simone's signing.  So... they will be handing out stickets (sticker tickets) on Friday at their booth for Saturday's signing.  Be sure to grab a sticket on Friday.  In case you haven't entered yet ....  Mimoco is giving away a tokidoki prize pack each Tuesday until April 22nd featuring  a tokidoki mimobot, a tokidoki bag, and a hand-customized Vimbot by Simone

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NYCC Peleda @ Toy Tokyo (#858)

Toy Tokyo will release an NYCC exclusive version of their windup Peleda figure in booth #858. The series designed by Nathan Jurevicius combines old school paint jobs with the nostalgic windup action.  The NYCC exclusive limited to just 200 pieces is probably our favorite colorway so far -- featuring a nice two-tone amber paint application with silver circular shutter eyes.

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Apr 07, 2008

tokidoki [email protected] @ NYCC

Here's a really nice look at the tokidoki 100% [email protected] from Medicom to be released at NYCC  (4.18 - 4.20) in the Toy Tokyo booth (#885).  Simone Legno will be signing for the release at the booth (no word on times yet).  TT also is offering the figure now for pre-order @ $19.99.  Pic courtesy of Toy Tokyo.

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Apr 06, 2008

STRANGEco NYCC Releases @ myplasticheart (#866)

myplasticheart is really bringing it for NYCC (booth #866).  They are loaded with exclusives, debuts and special releases including six from STRANGEco.  From tokidoki, mph has the exclusive release of the Platinum edition Sandy (264 pieces).  The Moofia line has been updated for '08 with the addition of three new 'flavlors -- Creamina, Riso and Fragolina (cream, rice milk, and strawberry milk).  mph will be the first to offer the newly updated  blind-box series (11 instead of the previous  8 characters) @ NYCC.   Simone Legno will be signing on Friday (4.18) from 3-5 PM.

Next up is the premiere release of the Green Luey's from Bob Dob (Raging, Drinking and Smoking).   Finally, mph will have the hard to get GID Bird God from James Jarvis, White Mainframe by Dean Bradley, and the Night Edition Arkski by Nathan Jurevicius.  Drop by mph @ booth #866 for all of this goodness.

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Toy Tokyo Exclusive Blobpus @ NYCC

As previously posted, Toy Tokyo is releasing an exclusive wild bloody exclusive Blobpus figure (50 pieces) for NYCC (4.18 - 4.20) at their booth (#858).  We thought you might like a bigger shot of this one -- so here ya are courtesy of TT.

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Apr 03, 2008

Toy Tokyo @ NYCC (Booth #858)

Toy Tokyo will drop several exclusives for NYCC (4.18 - 4.20) at booth #858.  Let's go big to small just for fun... First up the huge (17") MG2 Midnight Mexico from Marka27.  Next up an all white Jeremiah the Innocent from Daniel Johnston and At Arms.  For  Kaiju fans, TT has a sick exclusive Blobpus (50 pieces)... what is that insert?  whoa.  Hmmm... a yellow Tokyo Plastic 'mini-geisha', standard size or really a mini ?  We'll try to verify.

And... the tokidoki 100% [email protected] from MedicomSimone  Legno will be signing at the TT booth for the release.

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NYCC Bumrush

After  the shock to the system that is the original  Bumrush, Dynomight  is dropping a vivid NYCC exclusive Bumrush -- dayglo yello and purple -- you're awake now, aren't ya! .  250 pieces / $75 / Booth #960 (4.18 - 4.20) Click through for more pics.   


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