Oct 11, 2019

Jermaine Rogers — Choices Gold (10.11)


Fateful decisions abound, turning points marked by danger and momentous implications.  Jermaine Rogers' Choices (8") returns in a new Gold Edition.  Limited to just 100 pieces, the bunny with knife drops this Friday (10.10) at 12 PM PDT from the artist's web shop for $90 each.  Fortune favors those that seize the moment.

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Oct 10, 2019

Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot — La Flamme 8" Dunny Green + KR Exclusive (10.11)


Kidrobot will release the new one-armed La Flamme 8" Dunny from Junko Mizuno on Friday in two editions — the standard Green (1000 pcs) which we featured a few days ago and the Kidrobot.com exclusive Dark and Metallic edition (400 pcs) which features purple, pink and blue details set against the black Dunny with opaque sculpted flames and translucent purple wand. As she mentions in her interview with KR, La Flamme channels her witch charactfer, featured front and center in the designer. 

The La Flamme 8" Dunny will be available on Friday (10.11) in both a Green Edition from select retailers and the Dark and Metallic edition exclusively from Kidrobot.com (9 AM PDT).


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Devilrobots x Kennyworks — Molly x To-Fu Oyako Collab Release at TTF


The teased Molly x To-Fu Oyako collaborative figure has been revealed and is available at Taipei Toy Festival [A81, A82, A83].  Devilrobots and Kennyworks have combined their two signature characters into a cool piece featuring a double-cast ice Molly sitting on top of a melting snowman to-fu head.  Fun! This drop is one of several, inspired Devilrobots crossovers.

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Neomlei x Mighty Jaxx — Skull House (10.12)


Illustrator Neomlei (Eli Klemmeck) brings his original illustration, How Do I Live In This House, into 3D with the brand-new Skull House polystone figure (6") from Mighty Jaxx.Offering an alternative, darker take on the ubiquitous home metaphor, the new piece features a house nearly engulfed by the two halves of the skull that surrounds it. Done in a glossy black+white design, Skull House's stark appearance is a strong translation of the mood of the original piece and carries the artist's intent well.

Skull House will be available for pre-order on Saturday (10.12) at 6 AM PDT for $169 (free shipping) from the Mighty Jaxx shop and is slated to ship in Q1 2020. 


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Oct 08, 2019

Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot — La Flamme 8" Dunny


It's been four years since Junko Mizuno's Violet Soda 8" Dunny. Now she returns in wicked style with a brand-new 8" Dunny.  La Flamme features an intricate green + gold design with sculpted, translucent light red flames burning along the head and body. The design reaches new heights between the Dunny's ears where a diminutive demon-like character sits, nestled between two large horns, adorned with floral flourishes.  Beyond the numerous sculpted elements, La Flamme features an unfolding story with detailed pad printing from head to toe, front to back. Finally, the mystical one holds a golden skull and crossbones tree.

The La Flamme 8" Dunny from Junko Mizuno and Kidrobot will be released by Tomenosuke on 7:59 AM PDT on Friday (10.11) for ¥14,300 yen ($133) and will be available from multiple retailers and KR shortly, likely on Friday as well. 


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Superplastic Teases King Janky The Fifth (10.10)


Superplastic continues to tease its upcoming King Janky The Fifth 3.5" figure. The popular design began with the Kickstarter campaigns and how has a momentum of its own.  From today's rear shot and yesterday's part shot of the face, the design seems to feature a fiery bird. The polka dot socks and underwear are a nice touch — there's nothing ordinary about this royal bird.  Look for King Janky #5 to drop on Thursday (10.10), most likely at 9 AM PDT barring a Superplastic curveball. Or perhaps this is a stealth TTF drop ? Naaah… right?


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Coarse — Jaws and Aura Ignited Set (10.10)


Coarse will release the Jaws and Aura Ignited Set featuring GID versions of both beast-meets-Noop figures. First released at Beijing Toy Show back in August, the new Ignited figures are striking in both regular ambient light and in the dark.  Interestingly, only the beast/animal elements are Ignited: the Dragon on Aura (14") and the Shark head on Jaws (10.4").  Interestingly, the new Jaws Ignited is apparently the first GID version of the figure so far.

In stock and ready to ship, the Jaws and Aura Ignited Set will be released this Thursday (10.10) at 8:59 AM PDT from the Coarse Shop for $360.


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Slick — DesignerCon Exclusive Freeway Series 10" LA Hands


Slick will have his own booth this year at DesignerCon and he's just revealed his DCon Exclusive Freeway Series 10" LA Hands vinyl art toys. Available in Blue and Red, celebrating LA's two baseball teams, the figures are limited to 300 pieces/edition.  Find them at the Slick's booth [#818].


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JPX — Labubu Batman and Nong TOY: Robin


JPX is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Batman with two fun artist collaborations. Labubu Batman brings Kasing Lung's take on the caped crusader, in conjunction with How2work.  For Robin, JPX turns to it's Nong TOY character with a new design from SGT Smile.  These in-development prototypes are currently on display  at Terminal 21 (Asok) in Bangkok. The Labubu Batman hits the sweet spot of a pop culture crossover with Kasing Lung reinterpreting the iconic character in a way that blends Labubu and Batman in a seamless, artistic manner.


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Oct 07, 2019

kaNO x DesignerCon Be@rbrick


And so it begins… Over the weekend kaNO posted pics of his new 100% Be@rbrick, part of the upcoming DesignerCon Be@rbrick series which features several high-profile artists. KaNO's design features his signature urban style including water tower and cap silhouettes in the two clear ears.


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Andrew Kang Has A New Toy In The Works


During her NYCC signing at the myplasticheart booth, Andrea Kang showed off a proto of her new toy in development. While there aren't many details yet, we do know that the lion figure is slated to be produced in vinyl. Very exciting news.

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Candie Bolton — Bake-Kujira Whale Fall at TTF (10.10 - 10.13)


Candie Bolton is headed to Taiwan for Taipei Toy Festival (10.10 - 10.13) which opens this Thursday. In addition to a custom show featuring her Aura figure (Unusual Creation Club), she's also releasing her hand-painted, micro run Bake-Kujira Whale Fall soft vinyl toy.  Limited to just 5 pieces, Whale Fall features a striking portrayal of the phantom whale in 'natural' colors with just a hint of its mystical nature. Head to booth C13 for the new Bake-Kujira and the custom show.


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Funko — Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pop! Icons


As part of its Icon series, Funko will soon celebrate perseverance against stacked odds and enduring commitment with the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pop!. Beyond politics, RBG has lived her life, her way, to the fullest from the beginning to her tenure as a Supreme Court justice.

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Kidrobot Exclusive Candy Cornelius Candemon by Alex Pardee x 3DRetro (10.8)


Alex Pardee's Cornelius Candemon makes the leap from the Candemon enamel pin series to horrifying (or is that hilarious?) art toy produced by 3DRetro. While apparently many people despise the iconic Halloween treat, the toy works either way — just a matter of who you root for, human or treat! 

The new character debuts with Kidrobot's exclusive Candy Cornelius Candemon Melty Metallic Edition vinyl art toy (250 pieces, 7.5") dropping tomorrow (10.8) at 9 AM PDT on Kidrobot.com. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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Oct 06, 2019

Uamou — 'Astronaut Uamou' Space Week Lottery


Uamou is releasing three new Astronaut Uamou figures timed in celebration of Space Week. The space-bound Uamou  debuted back in June 2018 in a classic white edition. These Astronaut Uamous have a looser/hand-sculpted style that sets them apart from the numerous space figures which usually feature tightly sculpted space gear and equipment. Uamou's approach adds a welcome charm and change of pace. The new Orange, Gold and Blue editions with ECLSS life support systems are available now via email lottery through Thursday (10.10) at 7:59 PDT for ¥5000 ($47). Versions without the life support systems will be offered afterwards via a yet to be announced sales method.

To enter for a chance to purchase, drop an email to [email protected] with a subject of 'Astronaut Uamou' entry and be sure to include your Name/Shipping Address/Zip Code/Phone Number and specify your preferred color (orange, gold, or blue).  One entry per person.  See the official lottery page for complete details including dates for winner notification and payment.  


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Aaron McNaught x Medicom — Dewy Pre-Order


Dewy is going big time with a new sofubi production run from none other than MedicomAaron McNaught's  creepy yet lovable character started off as a completely self-produced, one-man project with 3D-printed figures.  'Discovered' by Medicom at DesignerCon, the Dewy sofubi (9.45") are available now for pre-order  in unpainted green and blue editions for $103 each (Global/Japan) until 7:59 AM PDT on Thursday (10.10). In addition to the pre-order, a limited number will be available at DesignerCon from both the artist's booth [3222] and the Medicom booth [605].

It's always great to see indie toymakers be able to turn their passion projects into production editions. The new Dewy is a big win for Aaron McNaught and even bigger for collectors.


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Oct 05, 2019

Jim Dreams x OKluna — Jobi Chunk Debuts at TTF (10.10)


After a few teases, Jim Dreams and OKluna have revealed Jobi Chunk.  The fun new collaborative toy features both artist's signature characters in a clever design that plays off the front/back, expected/unexpected concept. From the front, Jobi looks like he's hitching a ride with his new found Chunk (Chubbi) bud, but the back reveals a more amusing story.

Jobi Chunk will debut at Taipei Toy Festival from the Unbox booth [A73-A74] on 10.10 at 3 PM with a signing and release.


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Ziqi Wu x Unbox Industries — Supersize Dino Lime Cola (10.5)


Continuing their recent run of beverage-themed editions, Ziqi Wu and Unbox Industries will release the Supersize Dino Lime Cola soft vinyl figure on Saturday (10.5) at 8 AM PDT from the Unbox Shop for $150. First released at Beijing Toy Show in mid-August, the large 8" refreshing figure is rather convincing from the cola-coloring to the ice, bubbles and yes, slices of lime. While Dino's food guises over the years have been enjoyable, the new Cola edition impresses with the attention to detail.


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Oct 04, 2019

coolrainLABO — Astrocat x Atmos Editions (10.5)


coolrainLABO will release special Astrocat x Atmos 1/6 editions on Saturday (10.5) for the well-respected shoe retailer's Atmoscon 7 in Shibuya at Hikarie Hall. Described as a 5+5+5 edition, the new Astrocats will be available in three sub-editions of 5 pieces each with different color Astro Max space shoes/boots (red, blue, neon green). Each figure comes in a deluxe wood box with several extras including the ENBT bench (Enjoy Break Time),  two decal sheets for personalization/customization, mini shoebox accessory and more. 


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Oct 03, 2019

Okeh x Mighty Jaxx — Vomit Kid Fast Food Pink (10.5)


He's back… A bit gnarly, maybe even gross, but definitely a great idea for a toy.  Okeh and Mighty Jaxx return with the new Vomit Kid Fast Food Pink. The edition name comes from his red+yellow outfit, but we're focused on the first part of the toy's name, this time created with translucent pink soft vinyl. We're hopeful that the toy looks as great as these renders.

The Vomit Kid Fast Food Pink (8") will be available for pre-order on Saturday (10.5) for $119 from the Mighty Jaxx shop.  The toy is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2020.


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BOUNCE — Limited Bounce Man Drop at TTF


If you missed out on the pre-order for the 1/6 Bounce Man deluxe figure from Taiwanese graffiti artist Bounce, you'll be happy to know that he'll have roughly 20 of the figures available at Taipei Toy Festival on October 10th.  It also sounds like he's trying to assess if he has enough quantity to open up another pre-order.

Bounce Man takes the artist's signature speaker-head spray can vandal into the 1/6 realm with a gritty, yet stylish portrayal. Taking his profession strictly seriously, Bounce Man is armed with the ultimate in painting tech —a shoulder-fired multi-can spray gun.  From the concept to the color scheme to the load-out, this is an impressive drop.


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Ron English x Clutter — Big Poppa at Five Points Fall (10.4)


Whoa.  Ron English has teamed up with the folks at Clutter to create an inspired mashup of his signature Mc Supersize figure celebrating the musical genius of the notorious rapper from Brooklyn. 

The brand-new vinyl figure features a head-sculpt that captures the musician's likeness and includes three removable accessories: a crown, shades, and big money chain. Did we mention the super sharp black + red colorway?

Limited to just 100 pieces, Big Poppa drops at Five Points Fall on Friday (10.4) at 6 PM EDT for $150.  Stay sharp.


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Healeymade — Raider, 1st Injected Molded Release


Today marks a special milestone for Healeymade.  Raider is his first injected-molded figure allowing for classic 3.75" action figure articulation.  If 'no articulation' has been holding you back, these are calling your name.  Raider features two swappable heads and comes with SMG weapon and extra rockets. Available now for $20 from the Healeymade shop.


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Fools Paradise — Low Fool: Skeleton Pre-Order


A little more than a week ago, Fools Paradise released their Low Fool - I Have the Power figure fore pre-order along with a teaser shot of his arch-nemesis.  Now comes  Low Fool - Skeleton.

Skeleton features the classic purple and blue design with several Fools' features including the oversized scepter, 'F' insignia on the chest plate, and of course sneakers.  What we're particularly enjoying is Skeleton's 'fool' head sculpt complete with customary moustache.   At 18" tall, the Skeleton vinyl art toy will cut an impressive profile, especially with the standard ultra-muscular Low Fool design.

Fools Paradise is taking pre-orders for the Low Fool-Skeleton (max edition of 398 pieces, 18") for $298 (includes global shipping) on their online shop. The purple baddie should ship out in the first quarter of 2020.


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Skinner — Original Monster Paintings (10.4)


Skinner, our favorite madman genius/artist, will release six original monster paintings (8x10") on Friday (10.4) at high noon (12 PM PDT) from his web shop for $500 each. From archetypes to some a bit more Skinner-ized, each is vibrantly painted in a fiery yet creepy palette set against a stark black background for a super crisp, high contrast look.  In addition to the six shown above, he'll also be releasing a trio of snake men pieces (10x20") at the same time.

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