Oct 02, 2019

IamRetro x QUICCS — Crystal TEQ 63 Tron at NYCC


IamRetro collaborates once again with Swarovski®️ to create the extremely limited Crystal TEQ 63 Tron edition.  Starting with the sold-out TEQ 63 Tron figure from QUICCS and Martian Toys, Swarovski®️ has meticulously hand-applied 1006 crystals in Light Turquoise, Jet Hermatite and Jet to add bling and style to the original figure's design.

Limited to just 12 pieces, Crystal TEQ 63 (w/official Certificate of Authenticity) will be available at New York Comic Con from the Martian Toys booth [#295]. The new crystal edition follows IamRetro's Crystal Green Camo Kitty released earlier this summer.


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Toy Tokyo at NYCC: Proto Man Grin from Ron English x Pop Life Global


Toy Tokyo will debut the brand-new Proto Man Grin vinyl art from from Ron English and Pop Life Global at New York Comic Con (10.3 - 10.6). The latest in a series of officially-licensed figures based on the classic video game franchise, Proto Man Grin follows this summer's launch of the Mega Man Grin figure.

Available at the Toy Tokyo booth [#588/688], the 15" Proto Man Grin vinyl art toy is ready to tackle any robotic challenge with his shield and plasma cannon arm. While perhaps not as famous as his little brother, Proto Man slays robots with a style all his own. 

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Czee13 x Kyle Kirwan — Badda Bing Badda Bloom


UK street artist Czee13 has mind-melded with Kyle Kirwan to create the Badda Bing Badda Bloom resin figure.  The first in a series of artist collaborations with Kirwan's Bloom, Czee13's  acrobatic design turns Bloom upside down (almost) with the character in a hoodie, chillin' in a headstand.  The new edition puts an energetic, urban twist on Bloom.  Oh, did we mention it's just plain fun?

Limited to 25 pieces, Badda Bing Badda Bloom (3.25") will debut at the Five Points Fest pop-up (10.4 - 10.5) and then will be released online on Monday (10.7) from Kyle Kirwan's online shop.


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Pete Fowler x Superplastic — Hench Undead Recovery Agent at Down To Shop (10.4)


Superplastic will be dropping the brand-new Hench Undead Recovery Agent from Pete Fowler on Friday. The new edition features a camo-style letterman jacket with a vibrant flock of hair, perhaps a result of those pesky undead types.

The 'where' is a bit interesting too…Continuing their knack of finding innovative ways to their art toys, Superplastic has charmed the folks at Down To Shop—a new fangled, live video + online shopping channel that just happens to live in an app for Android/iOS.  Exclusive to DTS, the newest Hench is limited to 300 pieces and will be available on Friday (10.4) at 12 PM PDT.   

DTS you say ?  We just watched 'Sammy Sellers' on the app's Daily Drop live shopping segment… He's full of energy, engaging, wacky, and making us feel OLD… You might love it though.

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Sucklord at NYCC


The irrepressible Sucklord has several things lined up for you, the collector, for NYCC (10.3 - 10.6).  First up, we have his so-called 'POP' Exclusives <grin>. Limited to 30 silver and 6 pink, these will be available at the Dpad RetroGaming booth [#480] on Saturday (10.5) from 2 to 3 PM.  He's also flexed his customizing chops on his THOT ROD custom for the MEGA NYCC show featuring customs of the MEGA TEQ63 figures from QUICCS and Martian Toys.  Speaking of QUICCS, Sucklord has also created the Sucklord 63 collaborative release. These drop on Saturday (10.5) at 4 PM from the Blackdrove booth [#780].


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Oct 01, 2019

Kinjaz x Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx — Kindrik


As a follow-up to the white+black ComplexCon 2018 exclusive edition, dance + lifestyle collective Kinjaz has just launched a new edition of their Kindrick polystone figure created by Clogtwo and Mighty Jaxx.  The new edition flips around the colors for a black  ninja-like design with white accents.

Rocking the Kinjaz hand-sign, the 6" Kindrick figure is kitted out for battle—dance or otherwise—with straw hat, removable face mask (magnetic), removable double katana and kunai. Limited to 100 pieces, the 6" polystone figure is available now from Kinjaz for $150.


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myplasticheart at NYCC: Expired Stock Kill Kats


myplasticheart will debut the new Expired Stock Kill Kats by Andrew Bell at NYCC (10.3 -10.6).  Ever clever, Mr. Bell has created a fun back story for his vintage mono edition complete with special Kill Kat retro packaging. While none of the Kill Kats are suitable for consumption, this is doubly so of these, which expired at the end of 1937—a momentous year in cookie wafer history.

Limited to 250 pieces, the Expired Stock Kill Kats will be available at the mph booth [#888] for $50 and then online at a later date.


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Flawtoys — Mini Strangers Regular and GID (10.2)

Mini Stranger Group

Stranger, Flawtoys' signature toy will now be available in a brand-new mini size. Perfectly sized for a desk or cubicle, the Stranger Minis stand 3.2" tall compared to the 8" size of the original design. The first release of the minis is loaded with choices from six Series 1 colors (Fire Red, Honey Yellow, Ash Grey, Leaf Green, Viola Purple and Lagoon Blue) and two GID editions (Yellow and Blue).

Limited to 100 pieces each, the Stranger Minis will be released on Wednesday (10.2) at 8 AM PDT from the Flawtoys shop for €23 ($25) each for the S1 colors and €25 ($28) for the GID editions.


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Sep 30, 2019

Tenacious Toys at NYCC: Exclusive Empty Wolf Blue by Kuro x J.T Studio


As part of it's NYCC release schedule, Tenacious Toys will offer several exclusives including the Empty Wolf Blue by Kuro x J.T Studio. The shop's first J.T Studio exclusive feels tailor-made from their signature blue to the wolf which reminds us of their dog mascot.  Limited to 100 pieces, the Empty Wolf Blue figures (7" long) will be available from the Tenacious Toys booth [#780] for $99 each. This may be one of the last new vinyl releases from J.T as he is re-focusing efforts on his 1/6 figures and moving away from vinyl.


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DKE at NYCC: Vintage Gold by Lou Pimentel


DKE Toys has curated a large selection of releases of indie art toys for NYCC with their signature focus on retro-style 3.75" art action figures.  For 2019, Lou Pimentel follows last year's Vintage Gold project with a new selection of popular movie characters.

Featuring 20 different characters, each figure features his original watercolor portrait of the character on a backing board and a  blistered vintage action figure of the character. Vintage Gold offers Pimentel's original art in a fun, novel approach. This year's selection includes Rick Hunter, Indiana Jones, Magnum PI, Doc Brown and more. The Vintage Gold figures will be available for $165 each. Be sure to visit the DKE booth [#575] early for the best selection.


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Tristan Eaton x Kidrobot — 'New Money' Metal 5" Dunny (10.4)


It's been 16 or so years, since Tristan Eaton created the Dunny for Kidrobot, igniting the art toy scene in the United States as a novel canvas for artistic expression. Nearly ten years after his last Dunny design, he returns to his enduring creation with incomparable style.

Echoing his fragmented painting style seen on numerous striking murals around the world, the New Money 5" Dunny is a gleaming expression of his evolved artistry. Crafted in brilliant, chromed metal, with strips of filigree, symbols and disjoint text flowing effortlessly across the surface, the new edition transcends the Dunny's origins, blurring the lines between art object and toy. The innovative edition delivers an enduring, durable statement with the use of metal, the ideal material for chroming.

Tristan Eaton will debut the New Money 5" Metal Dunny ($100) on Friday (10.4, 6 PM) with a signing and limited quantity release at his Strange Future solo show (10.3 - 10.6)  in New York City.  This will be the only opportunity to purchase a signed figure. The Lower East Side art show and release location will be announced shortly. In addition to the NYC release, New Money will subsequently be available through retail channels.


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Target Exclusive Star Wars Collection by Futura x Funko

Untitled 3Funko has announced a new Star Wars x Futura collection, to be available exclusively at Target stores in conjunction with Triple Force Friday (10.4)—a coordinated release of a huge number of Star Wars merchandise.  The collection features the NYC graffiti legend's take on the iconic sci-fi franchise and the infamous Boba Fett with several POP vinyl toys as well as apparel (Tees + Caps) as well as a backpack. Many of the items feature Futura's signature splatter graffiti treatment including the Boba Fett seen above as well as two larger 10" versions with minimal line graphics. 

While not included in the official Target x Funko PR image, Futura has also shown what appears to be a Jawa POP with his camouflage design. Perhaps there's more coming as well.

It's great to see Futura reaching a wide audience with this new Star Wars x Target x Funko collection.  This Friday's the day, be ready.


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Toy Tokyo at NYCC: Marvin the Martian Monotone SFBI from Ron English


As part of it's NYCC lineup, Toy Tokyo will debut the new Looney Tunes-licensed Marvin the Martian Monotone SFBI vinyl art toy from Ron English and Pop Life Global. The gray, white and black palette complements the artist's signature grin concept. While Marvin missed the B&W era of cartoon by just a few years, the monotone edition seems a fitting tribute to the spacey character which debuted in 1948.

The Marvin the Martian Monotone SFBI toys will be available from the Toy Tokyo booth [588/688] during New York Comic Con (10.3 - 10.6).

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Sep 29, 2019

Tristan Eaton — 'Strange Future' NYC Exhibition


Tristan Eaton returns to New York City for his new Strange Future exhibition running October 3rd - 9th 2019 at an as yet unannounced location on the Lower East Side. Coinciding with NYCC (10.3 - 10.6), the show takes stock of the profoundly challenging times we find ourselves in through a collection of original paintings, print editions, and special releases.

In terms of editioned drops, the artist has announced three prints: Strange Future Poster (Open Edition, 11x17", $50, free to first 50 attendees), Let's Bang blacklight print (300 pcs,, 17x35", $250) and a 3D print of his Heavy Metal Magazine Cover (edition of 100, 36 x 52", $750).   He will also have a special, mystery Kidrobot release —art toy perhaps? 

Tristan Eaton will also debut his new note card set ($40) at the show. The set features five different card designs, each of a signature mural including Audrey of Mulberry (NYC) and Medusa (Hawaii) which was created for Versace. There are 20 cards in total (4 of each design) with 20 envelopes matching the design of the stylish slip case packaging.


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Whereschappell — All Four Grinch Colors (9.29)


Here's a quick update on today's (9.29) pre-order for the new Grinch resin (v3) from UK artist Whereschappell. We featured three of the four editions/colors in our first post, but now that photos of the deep blue Grinch (with pink shoes to boot) are out, it's a perfect time for an update/reminder post.  All four editions will be available for pre-order today (9.29) at 12 PM PDT from Mahalo Cabin for £64.99 ($80). These will ship in late November/Early December, in plenty of time for the dreaded holiday. 


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Sep 28, 2019

Woot Bear Celebrates 5th Anniversary with 'For Friendship' (9.28)

superdeux flyer

Woot Bear is turning five years old and to celebrate the San Francisco art toy destination is hosting 'For Friendship'  tonight (9.28) from 6 to 9 PM showcasing figures from a flock of friends including Squibbles Ink, DKE, myplasticheart, Martian Toys, Toy Tokyo, 3D Retro, Super7, Munky King and Lulubell.  In addition to the fun selection of toys from some of the top producers, Woot Bear has created a friendship print as a party favor and also has a few raffle surprises as well.

Congratulations to Woot Bear for five years of serving the art community and supporting independent artists. Here's to five more!

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117

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myplasticheart at NYCC: Metallic Green Foo Pup by Reactor-88


The Foo Pup returns for NYCC — an annual highlight for those looking for hiqh-quality indie resin.  Reactor-88's elusive mythical canine will be available in a brand-new metallic green (+ gray) colorway exclusively from myplasticheart [#888] for $40 each. This fifth edition of the Foo Pup is waiting for you and he's ready to play.


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Sep 27, 2019

Unbox x Go Nagai x Kenny Wong — Devilmolly Sirene Edition (9.28)


First released at Superfestival 82 last weekend in Japan, the Devilmolly Sirene Edition (8") from Go Nagai x Kenny Wong will be available this Saturday (9.28) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox's online shop for $100 each. Devilmolly is a seamless blending of Go Nagai's iconic Devilman and Kenny Wong's beloved Molly characters. Rather than a mere composite, the coherent new figure retains the essence of each character.

The clever figure design allows for expressive poses. Her bent right arm is key, allowing Devilymolly to cover her mouth or eye while the straight left arm can be positioned behind her back for the classic nice vs. naughty pose. The Sirene edition features a light-hued design blending gold, milky white, blue and pink primary accents with pink, flesh-colored vinyl. Based on the photos it appears that this edition may have black light-reactive paint.


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Dirtyrobot x Mighty Jaxx — DeadMen (9.28)


DeadMen by Dirty Robot (UK illustrator Daniel Isles) features two bearers of death, sent to bring souls into the afterworld.  The latest art toy project from Mighty Jaxx, the 7" vinyl art toy features two DeadMen in action poses, set against a fog backdrop/base. Based on one of the artist's illustrations, the diorama-style piece allows for dynamic poses not normally seen with art toys while offsetting the downsides of the base by working it into the characters' world.

DeadMen will be released for pre-order on Saturday (9.28) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $199 (w/free shipping) and is slated to ship in March of 2020.


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Tokidoki in NYC: Mets + Yankees Unicornos and Tatsu Ramen Bowls


Tokidoki is headed to NYC for NYCC weekend (10.3 - 10.6) with big plans.  First up for NYCC are the  NYCC Execlusive Yankees and Mets Unicornos vinyl art toys. Whether you root for the Bronx Bombers or the team from Queens, you win.  Pick them up from the tokidoki booth [#128].

And for something different, yet deliciously fun… Tokidoki has teamed up with Tatsu Ramen for a special 'Buy a bowl, get a bowl' event (10.3 - 10.6)  featuring four NYC-themed limited-edition tokidoki ramen bows. Enjoy any Tatsu Ramen bowl at the NYC location and take home the tokidoki bowl it comes in. Each day will feature a different bowl design.


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Toy Tokyo — Batman Bubblegum Edition by Joe Ledbetter x DC Artists Alley


The Caped Crusader returns to Gotham with Toy Tokyo's NYCC Exclusive Batman Bubblegum Edition from Joe Ledbetter and DC Artists Alley.  A follow-up to JLed's OG take on Batman as an actual bat, the NYCC edition features a nearly all-pink design with black and yellow accents.  It will be available from the Toy Tokyo booth [#588/#688] during NYCC (10.3 - 10.6).

With the announcement of the Batman Bubblegum edition, we're wondering if Bubblegum editions of Joe's Penguin, Catwoman, and Robin figures are close behind — all four were shown in proto form at DesignerCon 2018.


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Sep 26, 2019

MoMA Exclusive DOB-kun figure by Takashi Murakami x Instinctoy


The MoMA Design Store is now taking orders for the brand-new DOB-kun figures from Takashi Murakami, with production by Instinctoy. There are apparently five MoMA exclusive editions with four colorways still available: Light Blue, Fuschia, Light Pink and White. The iconic standard blue edition appears to have sold out. As we saw with the early proto pictures, Instinctoy has gone to great lengths to ensure quality especially in terms of the number of individual pieces used for the eyes alone. This approach should allow extremely crisp painted details. 

A must-have for Takashi Murakami collectors, the 9" DOB-kun vinyl figures are available now for pre-order at the MoMA Design Store for $650 each and are currently backordered with an estimated availability date of December 20th, 2019.


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Kidrobot — Spiritus Dea Dunny Series (9.27)


The new Spiritus Dea Dunny series is almost upon us. Translated from Latin as 'Spirit of the Goddess', the 3.5" blind-boxed series features Goddess-inspired designs from twelve female artists including: Candie Bolton, Laura Colors of 64 Colors, Stephanie Buscema, Marylou Faure, Stickymonger, Mizna Wada, Lisa Toms, Mia Alvarez, MJ Hsu, Muxxi, Tomodachi Island (Emelie J.), and Yoii (Anna J.). This impressive new collection is the second all-female Dunny series following Dunny Fatale (2010). 

The Spiritus Dea Dunny Series will be released on Friday (9.27) from select retailers including myplasticheart, I Am Retro and Rotofugi and directly from Kidrobot.com (9 AM PDT) for $12/blind-box. Taking a page from the welcome past, Kidrobot will include a special alternate color of Stickymonger's design for the first 50 people who order a case (20 pieces/$240) or more of the new Dunny series.


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Whereschappell — New Grinch Resins (9.29)


With the holiday season starting to come into focus, Whereschappel is to revisit one of his most popular releases, the Grinch.  While not labelled as such, we believe the new Grinch figure is the third version to-date and follows last year's Santa suit version

For 2019 Grinch is back to his birthday suit, arms crossed defiantly, with a foot on a despised gift. The 'Xmas hater is back in four editions: Grinch Green, Vintage Green, White and Blue.  All four will be available for pre-order this Sunday (9.29) at 12 PM PDT from Mahalo Cabin for £64.99 ($80).  These are slated to ship at the end of November/Early December, plenty of time for Mr. Frown to pass judgment on your holiday cheer.


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Toy Tokyo — NYCC Elefanka Blue by Ron English x Pop Life Global


Toy Tokyo will release the its NYCC Exclusive Elefanka Blue vinyl art toy (8") from Ron English and Pop Life Global from their convention booths [588/688]. A follow-up to the OG orange edition which made its USA debut at SDCC, the Blue edition features a blue + yellow gradient design highlighting the character's butterfly + elephant origins. While no price has been announced for the new Blue edition, the OG Orange edition was available at SDCC for $100.

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