Dec 17, 2008

It Begins: Bwana Spoons Painting Rainbowsaurus



Bwana Spoons arrived this morning and is already hard at work hand-painting his Rainbowsaurus resin figures for Saturday’s release (12.20) at the Switcheroo Workshop.  Enjoy this first early look at the process.    We’ll update you regularly on the progress and some of the other surprises in store for Saturday. More pics after the jump.

Switcheroo Workshop
543-B South Raymond
Pasadena, CA 91108


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Brian Viveros and Daniel Elson for Wreck the Hallz

Wreck the Hallz
, a 10” Teddy Troop show presented by Immortal Beloved Toys and Genuine Artikle Gallery opens this Saturday, December 20th from 8-11 PM.  Here’s a look at custom TT’s from LA painter Brian Viveros and Daniel Elson.  Brian’s SmokingHam Palace piece is a send-up of British Royalty and Smoking in one fell-swoop.  The disconnect between the masculine uniform and his sexy trademark feminine eyes is strangely compelling.  On the flip side, Daniel Elson’s light-hearted piece bring us the classic sweet struggle – Bear vs. Bee.

If you’re in the NYC-ish area, go check out the show  this Saturday evening.  More pics after the jump (but of course!).

Genuine Artikle Gallery
527 Hawkins Ave.
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


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Super7’s Hawaii Ooze-Bat (12.27)


Dr. Killgore’s Snakes of Infinity continue to proliferate and spread their evil ways.  The newest Zombie variant to rear its head is the Hawaii edition Ooze-Bat engineered by Chan-Man.  Cast in clear pink and clear red vinyl – this one features the orange, red black, silver and metallic green Hawaii spray treatment.  It drops next Saturday, December 27th @ 11 AM PST for $50 at the S7 SF store and online at

Super7 Store
1630 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

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David Choe’s Choegal is available now!


Very soon to hit retail store shelves is David Choe’s second ever toy produced the Choe Gal. An all wooden figure she is limited to 1000 pieces so everyone can have a piece for their home. It is truely remarkable to see Choe’s work put into a new form and are thankful that Ningyoushi helped put this together. Ningyoushi also has a small supply of these for sale now on their site for only $45. They have also put together several signings at Giant Robot locations for the release for Choe Gal so be sure to keep on the look out for those dates..


"Featuring wooden mechanical parts, each doll has been painstakingly crafted to David Choe's specification and complex art style. Each doll has a multi-face feature, just turn the knob on top of her hat to reveal three different facial expressions - happy, sad, and angry. The arms are articulated with spring joints for multiple poses. No plastic parts have been used in the toy or packaging for an environment friendly product. Produced by Ningyoushi in association with Upper Playground."

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Reminder! 1 More Day Left For MAD’s Modern Hero Raffle

MTD Holiday Promo

Only more day left to pick up your raffle ticket to be eligible to win a 20” Modern Hero Dunny custom by MAD. So for any of you late Christmas shoppers stop by MAD’s Ebay Store to pick up goodies like prints, shirts, headphonies, and of course Mad*L’s. Remember every $50 you spend gets you one more ticket to give you greater odds of getting your number chosen.

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Bwana Spoons – Forest Island Minis


Bwana Spoons’s rainbow-hued world is coming to a blind-box near you.  STRANGEco is currently developing  his Forest Island mini-series.  As you can see from the concept art above, the series is a good mix of Bwana’s characters from his Kaiju crossovers such as Killer (which has sprouted legs!)  and Globby to happy-go-lucky human inhabitants and of course Steven the Bat, his signature character.  No word on a release date yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on the series.   

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Dec 16, 2008

James Yeah?’s Officer Tedlington – Wreck The Hallz (12.20)


Hopefully this copper can handle the madness that will be going on over at Genuine Artikle Gallery for the Wreck The Hallz custom Teddy Troop show put together by Immortal Beloved Toys. This custom was created by James Yeah? as his submission for the show. Given the title Officer Tedlington, but also in the scene you see him capturing The Evil Professor and his creation.

Officer Tedlington has spent most his life trying capture the evil professor. The evil professor conducts horrible toy mutations and experiments, he created the evil mutant dunny that went on a rampage, fortunately Officer Tedlington captured them both before anyone got harmed and locked them up with chains and threw them behind bars for life!

Only a few more days left for the big night. So anyone in the area be sure to drop by Genuine Artikle on Saturday, December 20th from 8 PM – 11 PM. More photos of Officer Tedlington after the jump.

Genuine Artikle Gallery
527 Hawkins Ave.
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


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Mekazoo’s Robolucha


Patchtogether recently released Mekazoo’s first vinyl figure, Robolucha. This mechanized brawler who began life from the NDA of a famous luchador is now retired from the Robot Wrestling League and taking it easy.  

Robolucha was the 2nd winner of Patchtogether’s design contest and has emerged from the production process in three colorways – Yellow/Black, Red/Blue, and Orange/Grey, of 300 pieces each. The design features  two  slightly textured faces which can be revealed by twisting he head.   For a limited time, Patchtogether is offering special promo pricing on the figures -- $35 for one  (normally $45), and $80 for the complete set of three (normally $100).

Patchtogether is definitely fulfilling their intent  of giving artists from around the world such as Mekazoo who is based in Istanbul, Turkey  a chance to turn their designs into production figures.   More pics after the jump.


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Killer J x Joe Wu -- Lulubell Exclusive Smokin Star


[Lulubell Toys will release their USA exclusive of Killer J's  Smoking Star featuring the paint stylings of Joe Wu tomorrow - December 17thLuke Rook sent along a short and sweet interview with Joe about the drop which will feature both 'clean' and 'dirty' editions.  More pics after the jump.]

Luke: Who the hell are you?

Joe:  In short: My name is Joe.
I like toys.
I like to paint.
I like to paint toys.

L: What is a Smoking Star?

J: The Smoking Star is a cute little pollution monster.

L: How did you get to work with Killer J?

J: I contacted Killer J asking if he would let me paint a run of Smoking Stars.
To my surprise, he agreed.

L: Have any other plans in the future?

J: There are currently some stuff in the works.
Look forward to more collaborations with Lulubell.
I'd like to thank Killer J for this opportunity and to Luke and Amy from Lulubell for all of their hard work.


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Comet Debris Exclusive Tokoji Seijin (12.20)


Koji Harmon will release a web-exclusive Tokoji Seijin on his Comet Debris site this coming Saturday, December 20th [7 PM PST] for $75.  The newest edition of Koji''s very cool figure is cast in gray vinyl with yellow, brown, purple and blue spray and has neon yellow eyes.

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Luke Chueh – Power Ranger Rabbotto


Power Ranger Rabbotto is Luke Chueh’s 2nd figure for Intheyellow’s Kaiju for Grownups line (KFGU).  The followup of sorts to Mecha Sad Bear invokes the now ubiquitious Power Rangers – a band of five warriors who thanks to the wonder (or is that horror?) of remixing have found new life battling Japanese monsters for the enjoyment of American audiences. 

Luke’s design goal for Power Ranger Rabbotto was to strike a balance between the genre inspiration and his own art – without one overpowering the other.  So while the 70’s bad-ass kitsch comes through, the face and the ears put the Chueh stamp on the design.

Power Ranger Rabbotto is due in ‘09 and will naturally be available in five colorways: Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink.  Click through for full-length shots of the upcoming figure.


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Bwana Spoons – Steven the Bat Belt Buckles (12.20)


Bwana Spoons is a prolific creator of rainbow-hued creatures.  We’re still partial to his Steven the Bat – essentially his signature character.  So you’ll understand why we’re stoked to reveal the new Steven the Bat Belt Buckles coming your way from Switcheroo.  As you can probably guess, these were sculpted and cast by the resident metal wizard, Jamie Mathis, at Fully Visual.

There are five different editions each with different color inset eyes (clear, blue, green, red and orange).  They drop this Saturday, December 20th during the special Bwana Spoons event @ the Switcheroo Workshop (otherwise known as the 2nd happiest place on planet Earth).   While these are designed as belt buckles, the strongly contoured 3D shape give them more of a figure-on-your-belt feel – which in our book is cool.  More pics after the jump.


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Usugrow’s Salvation Ink Prototype by Secret Base


Recently spied on Toybot Studios and Toy Punks revealed the new figure by Usugrow the Salvation Ink. After interviewing Usugrow for the upcoming Toy Punks Volume II DVD they couldn’t help themselves and managed to get some shots of the Salvation Ink prototype as well as some sketches. oping to get more news on this figure and plan on seeing a large amount of success just like Usugrow’s first toy the Rebel Ink. We are sure that Secret Base will do this figure right. [Source: Toybot Studios]

   3109311977_2af1241507_o 3110145414_6a9cc805fd_o

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Dec 15, 2008

David Horvath’s Turtle by Toy2R


He has been in the works for a while now but finally Turtle has arrived! Bossy Bear’s best friend and companion has made his way into vinyl form. News of Turtle recently popped up on David Horvath’s Blog and he says that Toy2R hopes to come out with the little green fellah around April/May. For all you Bossy Bear fans the next book "Just Like Bossy Bear” hits the stores March 3rd.

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Nakanari's Ninja Spiki -- Vinyl Proto


Since we first featured Nakanari's Ninja Spiki vinyl figure in a Proto Monday installment, Kuso Vinyl has been hard at work on production.  Here's the very first look at the unpainted proto test shots as well a rare look at the tooling used to produce the figure.

  At this point, Ninja Spiki's highly angular and well...  spikey shape set it apart from the majority of figures with simplistic geometric shapes.  If you look closely, you'll note that the pictures show-off Ninja Spiki's removable scarf/mask. The accessories and tail will be made from injected PVC rather than rotocast vinyl.  More pics after the break -- enjoy.


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Proto Monday >> Amanda Visell’s Dragon Scout


Amanda Visell’s tongue-in-cheek (or is that girl in the stomach?) Dragon Scout made its debut as a limited-edition wood sculpture at the Spring ‘07 VTN show.  It proved quite popular with a near instant sell-out.  That success created a wee problem… How would collectors beyond the lucky 25 satisfy their burning desire to own their very own Dragon scout ?

The answer is … vinyl ;-) As we revealed about a week ago, Switcheroo is in the middle of production on a Dragon Scout vinyl. For today's Proto Monday, we're bringing you an exclusive look at Amanda's hand-painted painter master of the original  green colorway.  Standing 6.5” tall, the vinyl Dragon Scout is smaller than the original wood version.  While very similar to the original design, this one has an open-mouth pose to show off his pearly whites instead of the original closed mouth pose. 

The vinyl version comes with the camp fire accessory from the original release plus an all-new girl scout figure.  For all of you who crave articulation -- Dragon Scout delivers with 6 points of articulation (head, tail, 4 legs).  As you can see in the shots of the unpainted proto (after the jump), the vinyl Dragon Scout has a cool wood texture.

We're looking forward to the Dragon Scout Vinyl release sometime in '09 which will also include a rarer blue edition.  Props to Amanda for her first self-produced vinyl figure.  Click through for more pics of the green paint master and the unpainted proto.


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Dec 14, 2008

Okkle’s Farmer Flufflekins – Wreck The Hallz (12.20)


It’s not to much longer until the opening night of Wreck The Hallz, which is hosted and curated by Immortal Beloved Toys & Genuine Artikle. Recently posted is Okkle’s contribution for this custom 10” Teddy Troop Show.He put his outstanding sculpting and painting skills together and came up with Farmer Flufflekins the carrot farmer extraordinaire.

Flufflekins took up the role of carrot farmer extraordinaire after his owner, the greatest carrot farmer the world has ever seen, passed away over 20 years ago. Since then he has devoted his life to growing and farming thousands upon thousands of carrots each year. Lately he has developed, through selective breeding, the mini carrot a perfect bitesize snack for a human or healthy breakfast for any rabbit!

We cannot wait to see more of the submissions for this show as it gets closer. So be sure to check out the opening night of Wreck The Hallz on Saturday, December 20th starting from 8 PM – 11 PM. More pictures of Farmer Flufflekins after the jump.

Genuine Artikle Gallery
527 Hawkins Ave.
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


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Lost Constellations: The Art Of Tara McPherson Pre-Order


Available now for Pre-Order through Dark Horse Comics here is the new art book by Tara McPherson entitled Lost Constellations: The Art Of Tara McPherson. Hard covered bound with 112 pages of elegant colored visuals which represents some of the finest art of Tara McPherson. To be released in April 1st, 2009 you can get yours now for $18.36 when it is originally $22.95.

Loss, love, and loneliness. Altered forms and transfigured ideas. Power and vulnerability. Parallel universes of the heart and mind. Space and time. In a few brief years, the stunning visual oeuvre of Tara McPherson has grown and evolved at thrilling speed. Expanding beyond the limits of rock poster art into the worlds of commercial illustration and fine art, her paintings, drawings, toys, sculptures, and installations have pushed her influence and authority across the breadth of creative expression and helped redefine the boundaries of pop surrealism. Lost Constellations: The Art of Tara McPherson Volume 2 is the compelling road map to the artist's most recent and ambitious journeys in paint, pencil, and sculpture.

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Attaboy Customs Now Available


After showcasing some awesome customs at VTN, Attaboy has a some pieces left over for anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to make the trip. Up for grabs he has 3 Mini Munnies (2 sided),1 Regular Munny (2 faced), and 2 Kanizas. Attaboy also has avaialble the last 5 of the 20 Qwezshun Figures numbered 15-20 each comes with a painted wooden box. If you were interested in picking up any of these figures you may contact Atta here.


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Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009 - (01.09)


From the Gargamel Blog they showed off a teaser of what is to come in the 2009 Gargamel Lucky Bag. From the looks of the teaser we can plainly see a few familiar shapes such as the Full Sized Zagoran, Crouching Zagoran, Deathra, Gatchamecha, Thrashman, Rokuron and a few other unwknowns. At $300-$325 a lucky bag, you will be able to pick one of these at Thrashout, Super7, and all Super7 distribution shops on or around January 1st.

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Dec 12, 2008

Munktiki @ Super7 (12.13)


This weekend over at Super7 Munktiki aka Miles Nielsen will be showing off some new pieces. Something less likely to see over at S7, Munkitki is known for his ceramic Tiki Mugs. He has put his skill of ceramics onto a whole new different playing field. This show will feature traditional Japanese ceramics as well as Japanese Monsters. Mark Nielsen will also be collaborating with Gargamel on a limited edition ceramic piece. Saturday, December 13th starting at 7 PM at the Super7 Store in San Francisco.

Super7 Store
1628 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

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Seen: Yoskay Yamamoto’s Koibito Drop (12.11)


Yoskay Yamamoto released his artful Koibito vinyl figure at Munky King last night (12.11) to an appreciative crowd, many of whom waited for several hours for the opportunity to purchase it.  Munky King released both the gold ‘n black standard edition (500 pcs, $80) as well an exclusive Smoky Clear version (150 pcs, $100).  Both are quite nice though they have very different vibes.  Not surprisingly, the Smoky Clear has sold out.

To compliment the drop, Yoskay offered up several hand-customized Koibitos, many of which had mini-scarves. The hand-done deco  including delicated flowers looked quite sharp. On the 2D side, Yoskay  released the Unrequited Love mini-giclee and the Under the Stars Gocco print.   One of each of the prints as well as a few others were raffled off as a thank to you collectors who came out early.

The Koibito is an exquisite piece – an ‘art’ toy without a doubt.  It’s graceful and has a strong presence.  The figure  is  a tribute to Yoskay’s departed gold fish. The sentiment shines through the form and the name which means ‘loved one’ and also is a clever play on ‘koi’ fish.    One of the top toys of ‘08.  So it’s not a surprise that Yoskay was a busy man throughout the evening as small groups came back to the signing table in a well organized fashion.

Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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Gifted, Harris and Ryan @ Cerasoli-Lebasse (12.12)


Cerasoli-Lebasse presents three art openings tonight, December 12th (7-10 PM).  Just in time for the holiday season is Gifted – a group show featuring affordable 12x12 pieces from a wide-selection of artists including Blaine Fontana, Yoskay Yamamoto, Eric Fortune, Jeremiah Ketner (above),  Scott BelcastroMelissa Haslam, Tessar Lo, Jack Long, Edwin Ushiro and more.

The gallery will also present Evan B. Harris’s  Maritime and Mythology solo (below) which draws upon the sea faring yarns told to him by his grandfather.  In the project room, Catherine Ryan explores the tension between animals and humans in close proximity.  More pics after the jump.


Cerasoli : LeBasse
8530-B Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


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Jason Jacenko Custom JLed Figures


Aussie tattoo master Jason Jacenko has been turning out eye popping customs and paintings for some time now.  He finally unveiled his long anticipated take on the iconic Mr. Bunny and Ringo figures.  Judging by the early returns, he may have just set a new standard for customs.  These beauties are being presented today at the Villain Custom Toy Show at the No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne.  No need to call the gallery for these two pieces.  They have been sold…to none other than Joe Ledbetter himself.  More pictures after the jump…


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Super7’s Pink Death Zombeard (12.13)


From the Snakes of Infinity Zombie Army series by Super7 comes the Pink Death Zombeard to join the rest of the troops. Scaled to 5” tall, body casted in black vinyl, head casted in a clear pink vinyl this hairy beast will be available online and in store over on S7 this Saturday, December 13th. So be sure to recruit this member as apart of your own collection!

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