Feb 05, 2019

Kidrobot x Andy Warhol — Pop Art Cat Plush


Kidrobot continues its collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation with today's release of three new cat plush toys.  The new products are inspired by the 25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy, a 1954  art volume he and his mother, Julia Warhola, worked on to celebrate their shared love of their cats.  Orange Sam the Cat, One Blue Pussy Cat and Yellow Sam the Cat are available now from Kidrobot.com for $29.99 each.

The range of Kidrobot's Andy Warhol line is quite impressive from the obvious including the various Dunnys  to the unexpected releases including the Polaroid Series, Campbells Soup Can Chess set and the clever Soup Can Mystery Art Figures.  Looking back on the numerous releases, Kidrobot has done a really nice job of bringing Warhol into people's everyday lives in ways both simple and elaborate.


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Oct 20, 2018

KAWS Reveals New Elmo Plush from Uniqlo


Today KAWS revealed his upcoming Elmo plush from Uniqlo.  This follows the reveal of two other Sesame Street plushies, namely Bert and Ernie.  No word yet on a release date for our furry red friend.

As for the smattering of criticism about Bert and Ernie,  yes they are all about the XX’s – but if they are in fact headed to Uniqlo (as is Elmo), that seems about right.  Think of it as KAWS for all, from mainstream buyer to discriminating collector.  Surely, not all of his plush should be as rare as expensive as the BFF.

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Oct 02, 2018

Adopt Oliver—Cutest Sea Monster Ever—from Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee makes extremely cute Leather Monsters, in crazy small batches, each a different color combo with its own personality and name.  Her Sea Monsters are pretty great and right now Oliver is waiting for someone to provide him a loving home.  He’s about 12” long and can be yours for $175 from the Secret Shop. Be sure to check out all the other monsters as well.

IMG_9126 IMG_9136

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Jan 11, 2018

Furry Feline Creatives - Super Toasty Avocadog Plush Available Now


You can have the comfort of getting a nice Avocado Toast with your dog in one convenient package! Available now through Furry Feline Creatives and Alvin Ong, is their new Super Toast Avocadog Plush! Their Bogie character is all suited up with Toast Cape and Avocado belly and is ready to combat those overpriced brunch spots! Avocadog measures 8.5" and can be found available HERE for $25 each.

image1 2 image2

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Nov 06, 2017

Flat Bonnie for DesignerCon: Dobichan, Honoo and Coarse Root Plush


Flat Bonnie [booth #317] has out done themselves this year with an enticing DesignerCon lineup. For exclusives, there’s the brand-new Dobichan character available as both a 9” plush ($50) and a 2” tall holiday ornament/bag charm ($25). Both features a DCon tag and numbered, sewn-in label.  This little swampie is adorable.  Next?  The Flat Bonnie x Leecifeer Honoo plush is back in a fiery orange+ red blended DCon Exclusive edition (15”, $90) with swanky numbered tag sewn right in.  

In addition to the exclusives, Flat Bonnie has made arrangements to release a small number of the Coarse Root Carrot collabo plush complete with screen-printed cloth bag,  produced by Playhouse (13”, $50). As always, the Flat Bonnie booth [#317] will be filled with a  wide selection of soft, cuddly animal plush ready for ‘adoption’. 

Flat-Bonnie-DesignerCon-Exclusive-Dobichan-Swamp-Monster-Ornament-Charm-A7s07682-800 Flat-Bonnie-Leecifer-Honoo-Plush-DCon-2017-A7s07649_BlogFlat-Bonnie-Coarse-Playhouse-Root-Carrot-Plush

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Nov 02, 2017

KAWS x Peanuts x UNIQLO - 'Black' Snoopy Plush Update! (11.20)


To quickly update previous post HERE, UNIQLO just announced that their 'Black" Snoopy Plush collaboration with KAWS and Peanuts will be released on Monday, November 20th, rather than on Black Friday as we had presumed. The release will take place at 10AM EST online and in-stores. The large plush will retail for $39.90 and the small for $19.90.

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Oct 19, 2017

KAWS x Peanuts x UNIQLO - Black Small & Large Snoopy Plush


What we think will be for a Black Friday release, Uniqlo will be releasing their KAWS x Peanuts line with new apparel and a brand new Snoopy x KAWS plush in all black! We expect these to be very popular and go as quickly as the original plush did. Uniqlo mentions these will be available both online and in store! The large plush measures 21.7 x 8.3" for $40 and the small plush measures 10.6 x 4.7" for $20.


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Oct 11, 2017

Flat Bonnie x Gary Ham – Mini ‘Mees Pocket Daruma (10.13)



 Flat Bonnie and Gary Ham have conjured up a cute ‘n spooky plush treat.  The Mini ‘Mees Pocket Daruma (3.75” x 3.5”) offers a fun spin on Ham’s Hermes the Bat character.  Flat Bonnie’s sweet sewing brings the collabo project to life from black, orange and blue vinyl fabric.  The pocket plush is ready to fly along wherever you go with loop and lobster clap.  Limited to 20 pieces with numbered sewn-in tag, the Mini ‘Mees Pocket Daruma with jack-o-lantern belly goes up for pre-order on Friday the 13th at 12 PM PDT for $31 (+ s/h).


Flat-Bonnie_Gary-Ham_Hermees-Daruma-Pumpkin_144717_Blog Flat-Bonnie_Gary-Ham_Hermees-Daruma-Pumpkin_A7s07556_SQ_Blog

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Feb 02, 2017

Flat Bonnie – “Good Luck” Pocket Rooster Daruma at GR2 (2.4)


Flat Bonnie has created super adorable Pocket Rooster Darumas for the Year of the Rooster show at Giant Robot 2 opening on Saturday, February 4th.  Limited to ten pieces, each 3” Rooster Daruma (vinyl pleather)  offers good luck and will be available for $25.

Flat-Bonnie-Giant-Robot-Year-Rooster-Art-Show-DSC06240 Giant-Robot-Rooster-Art-Show

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Nov 14, 2016

Horrible Adorables at Designer Con


Get your walls ready for some mountable plush, as Horrible Adorables will be making their way to Pasadena, CA for Designer Con. They will be posted up with their very own booth #1716. What can you expect to find at their booth? You will be sure to witness some amazing adorable felt creatures and some enamel pins! You will also get the chance to meet the artists behind the fantastic work you see here.

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Jul 16, 2016

Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot – SDCC 20106 Exclusives


Flat Bonnie will have some goodies posted up over at the Giant Robot Booth #1729. Leo The Otter is getting into the cosplay spirit by dressing up as a Rescue Wampa. Each figure measures 11” and are all handmade with faux fur and vinyl pleather and safety eyes. It will also come with a special GR2 SDCC numbered tag and magnetic life preserver and adoption certificate. For those not able to attend, a very limited number of them will be available through Flat Bonnie. The Leo the Otter as Rescue Wampa will retail $50 each. Be sure to also keep an eye out at the GR booth because they will also be carrying other Flat Bonnie and Friends goodies.


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Mar 09, 2016

Flat Bonnie – BunEwok and PiggiEwok Wondercon Releases!


Flat Bonnie will be gracing the Wondercon 2016 floor with more of her amazing plush figures! Available at her booth #2248 is the new PiggiEwok, which stands 10” tall and features the Flat Cavy in an Ewok costume. Each plush also has a handmade Guinea Pig poo charm necklace! These will be limited to only 40 pieces and will retail $45. For all you BunEwok fans, there will be 3 variations of this 12” tall plush available. The Brown/Orange is an edition of 40 for $45, the Cream/Green edition is limited to 40 for $45 and the Logray (multi-color) w/ skull hoodie is limited to 40 pieces for $50. All of these plush figures are handmade and are made from faux fur, soft fleece and vinyl pleather with safety eyes. You can pre-order them on their website now HERE for delivery and you even have the option to pick-up at Wondercon.


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Taylored Curiosities – Pink & Grey Worry’s!



Don’t Worry, Taylored Curiosities are here to fill you plushie needs! Introducing the 203 C Pantone Pink Worry, which was chosen by the public and will be made as a limited 100 piece run. Once these are gone, they are gone! So best put in your pre-orders for the Pink Worry now HERE for roughly $12. Not feeling the pink so much? They also have the Grey Worry plush from their Kickstarter campaign for the same price HERE.

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Feb 12, 2016

Flat Bonnie – Adopt a Plush – Save A Bunny!


Easter is just around the corner and Flat Bonnie is getting all geared up for the Holiday weekend! For Easter, they will be releasing a new line of plush figures, featuring a new baby duck and baby chick. Your favorite Bunnies will also be available, in three new pastel colorways and with multiple options. Each plush figure is made with premium luxe fleece for $23 each. Each adoption will get you a certificate, button and ribbon. The releases of these utterly cute plush is all a part of the “Adopt A Plush – Save A Bunny” campaign through April. As you know, Flat Bonnie’s mission is to spread awareness of abandoned animals, and the importance of adopting. You can find them available now on their webstore HERE.

About The Cause:
Every year, soon after Easter, shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with
abandoned animals that were given as Easter gifts to children. Most of
these Easter babies will not live to see their first birthday. Many will
die from injuries, neglect or be dumped at a park where they will become
prey. Others are abandoned at shelters where they will be euthanized.
No-kill rescues are overrun every year with unwanted "Easter Bunnies".

Live animals are not toys for children. Adopt a plush animal this year
instead. Teach a child about adoption and help an animal rescue at the
same time. A portion of all Flat Bonnie sales is donated to bunny/animal
rescue organizations monthly.


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Dec 30, 2015

Mr. Mitote x Toloache Toys – Coco Cat Plush


Known in the art toy world mainly for his excellent customs, illustrator/sculptor Mr. Mitote has collaborated with Toloache Toys on the Coco Cat plush.  The playful feline is the latest in the artist’s continuing plush series with the Mexican brand.  Available in both black and pink colorways, Coco Cat can be yours for MX$300 (~ US$17) + s/h. To order please email the artist at [email protected].


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Dec 01, 2015

Flat Bonnie x Scott Tolleson – Kookie No Good ‘Argyle Edition’ Plush (12.1)


Flat Bonnie and Scott Tolleson have teamed up on a second Kookie No Good plush.  A follow-up to the SDCC OG editionSDCC OG edition, the new Argyle edition (10”) has a  preppy, holiday vibe with a green sweater + red bow tie.  It will be available for pre-order beginning on Tuesday, December 1st at 7 PM PST for $50 from Flat Bonnie’s web shop and will ship out on December 13th—perhaps in time for Christmas.  Limited to 50 pieces, each 10” plush is made from vinyl pleather, french terry, and microfiber fabics, features safety eyes, comes with a removable “misfortune” and sports a Flat Bonnie/SPT sewn-in, numbered tag.


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Oct 06, 2015

Flat Bonnie x P!Q – BunEwok at NYCC!


Flat Bonnie’s BunEwok will be adventuring out to New York Comic-Con! If you missed out on BunEwok at Wondercon, you will be able to find em’ at the PiQ booth #614, which will feature a new style bag and special NYCC/P!Q tags. There will be 15 of these available for $50. The BunEwok stands 12” tall and are handmade with faux fur, soft fleece and vinyl pleather with safety eyes.


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Sep 24, 2015

NYCC Exclusive Furry Feline Creatives


The Furry Feline Creatives will be making their way all the way to the Big Apple for New York Comic-Con! They will be a part of the Tenacious Toys Collective booth #208, where they will have a bunch of goodies including: resin figures and plush toys by Cheri Ong. Exclusive for the event will be the NYCC Liberty Purridge Plush. Liberty Purridge, represents the feline community well with ice cream cone in one hand and tablet in the other. These will be numbered and and signed on the tag.


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Big Bad Wolf x Flat Bonnie – KiKi the Tree Huger Silver Woods Edition


Flat Bonnie recently collaborated with  Big Bad Wolf-–an artist-centric streetwear brand for kids—on a new plush creation.  KiKi the Tree Hugger (Silver Woods Edition) is  a friendly furry sort who clearly loves Trees and we suspect Nature as a whole.  What’s that he’s wearing ?  Maybe a seed pouch ?  Limited to ten pieces, KiKi is available for pre-order from Big Bad Wolf for $45 (+s/h). 

This great collab coincides with the recent opening of Big Bad Wolf’s flagship store in Honolulu. If you live in Hawaii or just find yourself out in paradise, go check out the shop, we’re next to positive you’ll enjoy the visit.


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Aug 03, 2015

Shawnimals – 2015 Forest Green & Summer Dawn Rustic Ninjas


Just in time for Summer are Shawnimals new Forest Green and Summer Dawn Rustic Ninja Plush! These can be found available HERE now. Both plushies come with ornamental nature bits, ninja rope and backpack. These guys are kicking off a new series of season related Ninjatown characters. Each Ninja measures 4x4” and are available as a set for $35 or individually for $18 a piece.


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Jul 28, 2015

Kidrobot Announces New Phunny Plush


Kidrobot has announced new additions to its forthcoming Phunny plush line. In addition to the previous announced Gremlins series, look for Phunnys of your favorite characters from Alien, DC Comics, Terminator, Elf and in a bit of a surprise – A Christmas Story.  The recent Phunny announcements dovetail with parent company NECA’s stable of entertainment licenses.

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Jun 29, 2015

Flat Bonnie x Scott Tolleson – Plush Kookie No Good


Scott Tolleson’s Kookie No Good character gets the plush treatment thanks to Flat Bonnie! This plush is limited to only 20 pieces and are exclusive to Scott’s booth #5139. Each plush comes with a removable misfortune surprise for around $50 each!

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Jun 09, 2015

Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin x Silent Stage -- “In The Dark”


Woebots and Silent Stage bring you “In the Dark”, a frenzied vision of his signature Panda. The gnarly image is available both as a microfiber pillow (16” x 16”, 20 pcs, $59.99) and a giclee print (17” x 17”, 100 s/n pieces, $74.99). 1 in 10 prints will include an original Woebots sketch! Both are available now over at Silent Stage.

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Jun 08, 2015

Kidrobot – Gremlins Phunny Line


Kidrobot is excited to announce their new line of collectibles, Phunny! Not Dunny, but Phunny, a line of 8” squishable plush figures featuring creeps, monsters and frights. The first wave of Phunny has a few familiar creatures you may remember from the 80’s. You may want to avoid feeding them after midnight, getting them wet, and exposing them to light. Gizmo, Stripe and Mohawk are  the first to join the Phunny line and will soon be available at your favorite toy retailers in August. Each plush figure will retail $16.99 a piece.

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May 19, 2015

Gary Baseman – Happy Toby To You! Toby Plush Available Now


For Toby’s 10th birthday Gary Baseman has released a new limited-edition  Happy Toby To You! 12” Toby Plush.  Limited to 100 signed and numbered pieces, the new Tobys are available exclusively from garybaseman.com for $300 (+s/h) each.  These are the first numbered plush Tobys since the original 15” versions back in 2005 which now command prices many times over original retail.   After checking, it turns out that unlike the 2005 edition, the new 12” edition does not have armature for posing Toby.

In addition to the new plush, Gary Baseman and Toby will celebrate the character’s 10th anniversary in style with the opening of the Happy Toby to You! exhibition opening on Thursday, May 21st 2015 at Times Square in  Hong Kong.  The new exhibition marks a tremendous year or so for Baseman in Asia which saw his touring ‘The Door is Always Open’ make stops  at MOCA Taipei (June 2014) and  at the Chi K11 Art Space in Shanghai(December 2014).  He also created an art installation at CentralWorld in Bangkok (July 2014) as part of the festivities for the opening of the new Groove entertainment section at the world’s sixth largest mall.

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