Apr 25, 2015

Revolution Brewing x Shawnimals – Galaxy Hero Plush at C2E2 (4.24 – 4.26)


For this weekend’s C2E2 convention, Shawnimals worked with Revolution Brewing on an all-Chicago collaboration to create a plush based on their Galaxy Hero India Pale Ale, created specifically for the annual nerd gathering as the official C2E2 brew. Wait…official beer…of a comic-con? Mind blown, confused, and I suppose pleased. Ok yes, it’s been around for three years, but I’m a toy blogger not a beer blogger… (err, nevermind…). Come to think of it, I first met Shawn at a Kidrobot Toy Fair Party in a bar…

At any rate, Shawn started with the action hero style alien on the beer label and transformed it into something just a bit softer and yes, cuter. Limited to 500 pieces, the happy go lucky Galaxy Hero Plush will be available at the Shawnimals/Revolution Brewing booth [#668] for $20. If you can’t make it out to Chicago for the show, they will soon be available from RevBrew’s online shop.


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Mar 26, 2015

Flat Bonnie & Friends at Wondercon!


Flat Bonnie will be posted up heavy at this years Wondercon! She will have 2 new and very cute releases available for the weekend event at her booth #1749. First up is the “Sour Candy” Edition Sparq the Baby Dragon, who is limited to 20 pieces! Sparq stands 11” tall and comes with a special Wondercon sewn tag and hangtag, adoption certificate, button and sticker for $50.

Coming all the way from the forests of Endor is the BunEwok! Flat Bonnie is sporting an adorable costume for the Con, which is limited to 25 pieces. BunEwok stands 12” tall and also comes with a special Wondercon sewn tag and hangtag, adoption certificate, button and sticker for $35. If you aren’t able to attend Wondercon, you can Pre-Adopt these adorable plush on their webstore HERE.

FlatBonnie_WonderCon2015_BunEwok_2 FlatBonnie_WonderCon2015_Dragon_1

But wait, there’s more! Just in time for Easter, we would love to introduce you to Pinkerton, a collaborative plush figure with Scott Tolleson. Pinkteron is limited to 10 pieces with the first 5 available at Wondercon. They each stand 16” tall and will retail less than $200 (they are still working out the kinks). Scott will also be making an appearance at the booth on Saturday from 1-2PM to sign and sketch.


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Jan 22, 2015

Shawnimals – Valentine’s Day Dumpling Plush


Personally, the stomach is the way to my heart, so why wouldn’t I want to receive some scrumptious looking dumplings for Valentine’s Day? These Valentine’s Day dumplings from Shawnimals are hand filled with love and will make the perfect gift for that special someone. In this dumpling set you will receive; three mini dumplings in different shades of red and pink, one of them with a heart, and an outer label for a custom note, which all comes bundled up in a take-out box. This handmade series is very limited and available now HERE for $18.


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Jan 12, 2015

Lana Crooks x Gary Ham–Plush Sylvan Release (01.16)


Based on Gary Ham’s original character Sylvan and masterfully crafted by Lana Crooks, they bring to you the Plush Sylvan! Limited to only 10 handmade pieces, the last 5 of the plush Sylvans will be releasing on Friday, January 16th at 12PM CST through Lana’s webstore HERE. Each piece is made of wool and fleece and stand approximately 20” tall and 13” wide for $285 a piece.


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Nov 06, 2014

Scott Tolleson x Lana Crooks – DesignerCon Beetlings


Scott Tolleson and Lana Crooks are following up Old Beetaronomy with their new, smaller and 100% cute Beetlings plush.  Deubting at DesignerCon, the Beets (14” x 16”) are handmade and come with a farm official signed/numbered screenprinted bag.  The first crop of ten will be available from the Tolleson/Crooks/Catlin booth [#301] for $150 each.


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Jul 18, 2014

Lana Crooks x Gary Ham – SDCC Sylvan Plush Release

sylvan 3

Last years SDCC brought you the Hermees plush release by Lana Crooks and Gary Ham. This year, this magical team brings Sylvan to life! This amazingly cute and detailed plush is limited to 10 pieces with 5 up for grabs at their booth #5139. Each plush measures 19” x 14” and are each handmade by Lana. There is even embroidered signatures and wood numbered tag. They will be available first come first serve for $285 each.

Now we’re just waiting to see the Sylvan vinyl figure produced by Pobber Toys!


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Jul 12, 2014

Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot – SDCC Exclusive Sparq the Baby Dragon


The Giant Robot booth #1729 will be carrying some plush goodies by Flat Bonnie, including an exclusive Black Smoke edition of Sparq the Baby Dragon. Each piece is hand cut, sewn, and designed by Flat Bonnie and you will notice that in the amazing quality of each piece. So be sure to stop by the GR booth to check out Sparq and friends!

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SDCC Exclusive Luchador Mr. Toast Plush


Dan Goodsell, the creator of Mr. Toast will once again be at this years SDCC. With him he will bring the masked Luchador Mr. Toast plush! These plush measure 7” tall and will be available at their booth #5250 at $10 each. It’ll go great with your other Mr. Toast, Shaky Bacon, or Clem Lemon plushies!

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Apr 03, 2014

Stitches and Glue at ToyConUK

hector_3 IMG_2881

Stitches and Glue will be participating in this years ToyConUK and they’ve got two plush releases you’re going to want to keep your eye out for! First up is Hector, “the lodger of a long standing barbershop in the East end of London. He’s regularly spotted gracing the surrounding streets tipping his hat to passers-by. Easing and comforting everyone around him remains his major concern, a true English Gentle monster. Complete with his very own top hat, wind-up pocket watch and Cravat.” Hector stands 14” tall with an arm span of 26”! There are only two of these plush available, which are made from high grade faux suede and fur and hand casted and painted facial features. On top of that, this plush is fully posable with arm armature! Hector will be available at their booth #3 for £300.00.

There will also be Hector’s buddy, Pierre! This bat eared pup measures 6.5” x 6.5” and is doll jointed in the head to get those adorable puppy head slants. The ears are also posable and even features an engraved dog tag and carry box. There will only be 8 of these available, with 4 available online HERE and the rest at ToyCon for £125.00.


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Mar 22, 2014

David Choe x Upper Playground – Munko Plush

unnamed (1)

Upper Playground has brought back David Choe’s Munky character! Not in vinyl like we’ve seen before, but in a nice big plushy! Presenting the Munko Plush Toy, which measures 10” and is up for grabs HERE at $28 each.

"Munko Has no arms or legs, but don't take pity and cry for her. He is here, she is there, he is everywhere all at once. She is him and he is her, she is chubby little baby and 2 billion year old wise wizard. He can Transform and shapeshift into your wildest wet dream or your worst nightmare.  SHe is selfish and cares nothing about you. fuck your stupid problems, fuck your feelings, but also loves you and cares about you and puts more importance on you, more than anyone In your life, I love you I love you I love you. The black hole in her head eats all the pain and darkness in the world. he believes all her strength knowledge and luck comes from his only tooth, but in reality it's the sole survivor of her over active sweet tooth. Munko is Simple in form and mind and shape, yet so complex living on many levels and realities, not so simple that he can't feel multiple emotions and contradicting feelings and opinions all at once. She is telepathic and can read your deepest darkest thoughts, you cannot hide or lie to munko, when you are with munko you just be, and you will finally be at peace with your fucking self. " —David Choe


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Feb 28, 2014

Furry Feline Creatives x Toy Chronicle – “Sir Ringo” for Toycon UK


Toy Con UK is coming up and you know what that means! A flood of exclusives will soon be released! Here we have Sir Ringo, a collaborative piece by Furry Feline Creatives and Toy Chronicle. Ringo proudly embraces his nation with the Union flag along his chest. These will be available during Toy Con weekend at the Toy Chronicle booth on April 12th for £30 each. You can’t wait? Toy Chronicle has a pre-order up for them now until the 9th. These will be limited!

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Feb 19, 2014

The New Plush Labbits direct from Frank Kozik (2.21)

001-tumblr_n0ng961dXD1rsjx77o1_500 001-HAPPY_LABBIT_375X280-01

While the new bearded plush Labbits officially drop on Thursday (2.20), you might want to wait until Friday to order directly from the man himself.  Frank Kozik will be selling a limited number of the Relatively Hip Bearded Labbits – including the larger 7” and 14” versions in both pink and blue ($9.99 and $19.99) as well as full sets (10 designs) of the minis for $49.99.  As is usually the case, Frank will be signing the new plush labbit boxes.  Statisfy your Labbit lust on Friday at frankkozik.net.

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Feb 10, 2014

Kozik x Kidrobot – Relatively Hip Bearded Happy Labbits (02.20)


Kidrobot will soon be unleashing to the new Relatively Hip Bearded Happy Labbits into the world. Designed by none other than Kozik, this release will feature a 14” ($20),  plush, 7” plush ($10) and a 2” Hip Happy plush mini-series ($5). These will be available at Kidrobot Stores, KR Online and select retailers on Thursday, February 20th.


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Feb 08, 2014

Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Relatively Hip Happy Labbit Mini Plush Series 2 (2.20)


If you love Frank Kozik’s Labbits, can’t get enough of the critters, and would love to be able to bring ‘em along wherever you roam,  then just might need  Kidrobot’s upcoming Relatively Hip Happy Labbit Mini Plush series.  Featuring ten new plush blind-boxed Labbit designs, the follow-up to 2011’s mini plush Labbit series  is all about swanky facial hair stylings from the classic ‘stache to crazy beards.  Not only are these new plush Labbits cute, Hip, and Happy, they are also on-the-go friendly thanks to the handy-dandy loops.

The Relatively Hip Happy Labbit Mini Plush series drops on 2.20 from Kidrobot and select retailers with a suggested retail of $4.99/blind box. 


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Feb 06, 2014

Shawnimals - Love Ninja


In search of that perfect gift for your Valentine? Shawnimals has brought back the Love Ninja to full-fill those needs! This adorable plush stands 5” tall and is presenting a heart to your special someone. The hang tag that comes with it comes blank so you can add your own little message. Find them available HERE for $15 a piece. These will only be up until February 21st, so act fast!

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Nov 14, 2013

Anna Chambers – White G.I.D. Plush


Anna Chambers will soon be releasing a new set of GID plush figures! There are 3 super cute styles to choose from, Spark Tiger, Blinky Cat and Pop Lion. Each are limited to 150 pieces and stands 12” tall! Each pieces features a white canvas with G.I.D. stitching. Just let it charge for a few moments and you’ve got yourself some glow action! Find them at your favorite toy retailers for $25 each.

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Nov 06, 2013

Flat Bonnie x Nathan Hamill – Octoplush Pre-Orders at DesignerCon


Flat Bonnie has teamed up with Nathan Hamill on the brand-new Octoplush – a plush version of his Octopup vinyl.  The 12” handmade plush will be on display at Flat Bonnie’s Dcon booth [#705] where she will be taking pre-orders (10 pcs, $100 + s/h).  From the photos of the prototype, it looks like Yukari has worked her magic again with her latest offering.


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Sep 11, 2013

Vinyl Riot x Flat Bonnie – QT the Flat Hedgehog Nerd Edition (9.13)


Vinyl Riot has teamed up with Flat Bonnie on a special exclusive Nerd Edition of her QT the Flat Hedgehog plush. Starting with her QT plush, Bonnie has transformed him into a nerdy Hedgehog by adding pleather eyeglasses (w/tape of course),a bow tie and pocket protector.  With all the additional details, the Nerd edition stands apart from the standard edition; almost as if it was a brand-new figure.  Limited to just 8 pieces, the Nerd QT complete with QT button  will be available on Friday (9.13) @ 3 PM EDT for a rather reasonable $30 each exclusively from Vinyl Riot.


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Aug 07, 2013

Mister Toast – Vince Plush Kickstarter

001-e346812628f0f7f579a55abb75c95ca6_large 001-9d0a87a4e00dcf907b15b899b3d30474_large


Dan Goodsell has completed work to bring Vince, the videotape character from his Mister Toast universe, to life as a 7” plush doll. Now all he is needs is $2500 to produce Vince in China.  So he’s set up a Kickstarter with several sweet rewards including a pre-order for the standard Vince (left above) for just $10, a sweet set including the Kickstarter exclusive Obsolete Vince (above right) with hand drawn, signed and numbered tag + standard Vince ($25), as well as plenty of higher-tier rewards including plush collections, original drawings, and at the highest levels special opportunities to have Dan work for you for a day :)  Assuming Vince is fully funded, Dan expects to release the plush dolls sometime in December. If you want to help make this plush videotape doll a reality, head on over to Vince’s Kickstarter page.

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Jul 13, 2013

Gary Ham x Lana Crooks – Hermees Plush for SDCC


We told you Gary Ham had more in store for you at SDCC. Presenting the Hermees plush, a collaborative release with Lana Crooks. These will be super limited to only 5 pieces and are hand crafted by Lana. Find them at their booth #5139.


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Jul 12, 2013

Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot – SDCC Exclusive Plush

FlatBonnie_BatBun_11_SQ_Blog FlatBonnie_ShelBun_2_Blog

Flat Bonnie has got you plush needs covered for SDCC with their Exclusive BatBun and Shelbun plush releases. These adorable plush will be available only through the Giant Robot booth #1729. The BatBun stands 12” tall and is limited to 10 pieces and comes with a BatBun postcard, button, and sticker for $40. The Shelbun is limited to 25 pieces and also comes with a Flat Bonnie postcard, sticker, and button for $25. Proceeds from the sale will also go towards a number of different animal rescue organizations.


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Jun 19, 2013

Cavey – Pink Polkadot Piggy Cavey (06.24)


Cavey will soon be releasing their latest plush figure, Pink Polkadot Piggy Cavey. Perhaps the first of many that would go great in a Cavey barnyard. Made from pale pink polar polkadot fleece and featuring  pointy piggy ears and piggy snout, the PPP Cavey is limited to 50 pieces. It also comes with an enamel Cavey badge and Cavey cube for $25 +S&H. They will go on sale HERE on June 24th PDT.

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May 24, 2013

Sneak Peek: Anna Chambers New GID Plush Series

001-cat GID_amb 

Anna Chambers is about to release a new series of GID plush animals, three in all. Here’s a look at the GID cat based on  Blinky the Cat, which was released at the end of 2012.  As you can see the new plush features GID thread/yarn in both green and orange.   While we haven’t seen the other two, we’re guessing one is based on Spark the Tiger.  So if you’re a glow fan and a plush fan, these new plush toys from Anna Chambers should be at the top of your list.

001-cat GID_dark

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May 16, 2013

New Tokidoki Plush


Tokidoki has just unveiled two new plush figures + a new pillow.  Following the release of the Donutella mini plush, comes two adorable 8” plush figures – Donutino and Donutina ($19.95 each). On the pillow side, there’s the new 22” Adios star shaped pillow featuring the adorable grim reaper character ($29.95).   The plushes and the pillow will be available in June from tokidoki.it and retail locations.


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Apr 25, 2013

Hey Cavey - Spring Lamb Cavey (05.01)


Holly aka A Little Stranger is out to release her latest Cavey plush to celebrate Spring! Check out the Spring Lamb Cavey in all of its fluffiness. They are limited to only 40 pieces and made from faux lambs fleece, with hand cut felt face, pink nose, and gray ears. They will be available in the Cavey Shop for £16 each on Wednesday, May 1st at 12PM PST.

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