Nov 17, 2006

Muttpop '07

In addition to Red Demon, Muttpop has a lot in store for the upcoming year. Here’s a tease at a few of the things coming from Muttpop in 2007! These sculpts look really tight -- though of course you and I wish we could see more ;-)  Love the intricate teeth on the character in the 3rd picture. Any guesses on the identities of these figures? 

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Sep 29, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 12

Here is the Pantone breakdown for Muttpop’s Original Red Demon figure. Muttpop kept things clean, simple and true to the character. To create a bit of contrast between Red Demon’s eyebrows and mask, a subtle bluish tone was chosen for the mask, shoes, and tie. This color choice was also made to better complement the maroon/red of the dominant suit color. Colors were applied over a photo of the gray toned sculpt by Monster5. As such, the colors have a gray undertone that will not be in the final production piece.  You guys will soon become very familiar with one of Les Formidables (check out the illustration by Bill below). Who? One can only guess…Don’t forget the Muttpop’s Blog

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Sep 22, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 11

Now that the wax cast of Muttpop’s Red Demon is approved, it’s time to brand the Muttpop and Monster5 logos! Here are a couple peaks at some beautiful fight sequences from the latest Luchadores 5 comic. Bill continues to destroy the pages with his gorgeous pencils! The man has skills. As always, there’s more to be seen at Muttpop’s Blog.

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Sep 15, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 10

Last week we showed you the initial wax casts. This week  we look at  the subtle difference in detail and shrinkage that occur in the transition which can be seen in these comparative views of Muttpop’s Red Demon final sculpt next to the initial wax casting.

Since Red Demon’s head will rest on a ball joint instead of the conventional rotational joint, the separation of Red Demon’s head will occur at a later stage of production.
While you’re waiting for next week’s Red Demon entry, why don’t you check out the daily updated Muttpop blog ? 

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Sep 08, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 9

With Monster5's sculpt complete, Muttpop sent the finalized Red Demon sculpt to the factory which created silicon molds of the sculpt. These molds were later used to create a wax cast of the figure. Keeping in mind the ideal way to partition the various elements of the Red Demon sculpt, the wax cast of Red Demon was carefully cut into 4 pieces.

Check back next week to see how the various pieces of the Red Demon wax cast will look when constructed. With the second issue of Lucha Libre planned for a November release, Bill, Gobi and the rest of the Lucha Libre crew have been hard at work on their respective pages of the comic. Below you will see an amazing action sequence illustrated by Bill (Red Demon designer) of Les Formidables versus the Werewolves. Who'd a thought the French could kick so much lycanthrope tail?! For a view of the full page of this fight and many more cool tidbits of pop culture, be sure to check out the Muttpop Blog.

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Sep 01, 2006

Red Demond Revealed Part 8

With the latest batch of Monster5 revisions, Muttpop’s  Red Demon sculpt is finally done! Photos of the sculpture in its entirety can be seen below. Now it’s off to the factory…Also included for your viewing pleasure are two more gorgeous panels fromthe Luchadores 5 comic by the masterful Bill!

We’re proud to announce that the first issue of our LUCHA LIBRE comics has finally hit stands in Europe. Read about this and other goodies at the Muttpop blog.




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Aug 25, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 7

This week is our 3rd look at the sculpt of Muttpop's Red Demon figure.  Last week's post  highlighted some revisions including the  tailoring of the jacket with much snugger sleeves.  That was just one set of revisions in a long process. As many of your comments pointed out last week, there was still more work to be done to ensure that the final figure would be a faithful 3d representation of Bill's creation.   With their keen attention to exacting detail, Muttpop had Monster5  perform delicate cosmetic surgery with two key requests:

"Lose the Nose"
The first thing that Muttpop had qualms with was Red Demon's nose. Bill made the stylistic decision that Red Demon would have no visual cues to a nose. As requested, Monster5 flattened the area between Red Demon's eyes and mouth.

"Less Crotch"

Also, Red Demon's crotch region protruded a bit more than the Muttpop crew
felt was necessary. Red Demon needed to be more James Dean and less Michael
Jackson. Monster5 appropriately sanded Mr. Demon's nether regions.

Many of you have been asking about the comics.  So, we're stoked to bring you one of Bill's amazing Luchadores5 comic pages in its final penciled and colored form. Bill colored the page himself (something that very few comic artists do).

For more artwork and character designs by Bill and the other marvelous artists from the Muttpop crew, be sure the check out their ever growing Muttpop Blog. Check back next Friday for the latest on the development of Red Demon.

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Aug 18, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 6

Here’s the latest batch of pictures of the first revision to Muttpop’s  Red Demon figure. In these full front sculpt , all the elements of the figure come together to create a very clear emotional vibe and attitude. Monster5 has now added a complete tie, sharper edges to his dress shirt, and fuller volume to Red Demon’s pant legs. As per the Muttpop Crew’s request, Monster5 significantly reduced the flare of Red Demon’s sleeves, giving Red Demon’s suit a sleeker more fitted feel. Also included below is a hilarious panel from the upcoming Luchadores5 comic illustrated by Red Demon designer and co-creator: BILL!

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Aug 11, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 5

Here’s a followup  look at the first revision of Muttpop’s Red Demon figure. Monster5 began to really clean up the suit while still maintaining a very cloth-like quality to the sculpt by adding wrinkles and seams. We were a bit worried if Monster5 would be able to produce a stable rendition of Red Demon’s awkward stance, but as can be seen by the photos, Red Demon looks to be standing just fine. Also included are two new illustrations of Red Demon by Bill. Be sure to check out the Muttpop Blog  for more of Bill’s artwork and an advanced look at many more characters created by the Muttpop crew.

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Aug 04, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 4

Monster5 went back to clean up his sculpt of Muttpop’s Red Demon. Notice the little details that Monster5 added to Red Demon’s eyes. Below you will also find Bill’s beautiful illustrations of the Luchadores5’s confrontation with Les Formidables. The collection of images are taken from the upcoming Lucha Libre comic book series. For more information on Les Formidables, be sure to check out Muttpop’s new Blog.  The new Muttpop Blog will continue coverage of the many OTHER aspects of Muttpop’s ever-growing Lucha Libre universe such as influences, character development, and comic page previews.

I am so excited to see the comic book series coming along so nicely. Now you not only can track the developments of the toys, you can also be up-to-date on the comics!!! Check back next week for full view images of Monster5’s Red Demon sculpt.






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Jul 28, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 3

Monster5’s rough rendition of Muttpop’s Red Demon sculpt was complete. Unlike the previous sculpts for El Panda and Tequila, all of the crucial elements of the Red Demon figure were there in this earliest rendering of the figure.  After three projects, he seems to have internalized the Muttpop style.

These rough sculpts carry the high quality work we've come to expect from Monster5. That said, Bill's drawings of the Luchadores 5's turf are worth waiting each week for in their own right -- smart and humorous. 
Check back next week for the first round of revisions to Monster5’s Red
Demon sculpt and some more of Bill’s artwork.

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Jul 21, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 2

Monster5 began to work on a rough rendition of Muttpop’s Red Demon sculpt. As can be seen by the two head shot images, Monster5 was able to capture the attitude and style of Red Demon immediately. We have also included some of Bill’s renderings of the Luchadores5 universe for your viewing pleasure. The universe of the Luchadores5 is Bill and Jerry Frissen’s reinterpretation of East Los Angeles. When developing a visual tone and style for this fictional version of East Los Angeles, Bill hoped to capture the beauty and energy of the city. Check back next week for a complete view of Monster5’s rough Red Demon sculpt and more of Bill’s development artwork.

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Jul 14, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 1

Now that El Panda has been officially released, it’s time to take a look at Muttpop's third rotocast vinyl figure: Red Demon.

The entire world of Lucha Libre began with the Luchadores 5. Originally created by Bill and Jerry Frissen as a 12-page comic book story, the Luchadores 5 quickly set a visual tone and style for this unique spin on Mexican Wrestling. The Luchadores 5 were a band of 5 aging individuals that donned Mexican Wrestling masks and believed they were the destined protectors of East Los Angeles. El Gladiator, Dr. Pantera, King Karateka, Diablo Loco, and Red Demon did everything they could to protect their beloved city despite the fact that their families and neighbors saw them as a bunch of overgrown losers.

While creating the turnaround for Red Demon, Bill had to tone down the roughness of his artwork and focus on the lines of the figure. I've been waiting for this fella ever since I first saw the comic strip. Tequila was my guardian, El Panda my  baby, but Red Demon is my MAN!!! Be sure to check back next week for Monster5’s initial sculpt.


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