Jul 25, 2009

Lou Pimentel @SDCC 09


For his first trip to SDCC, Lou Pimentel hits the scene with his very own signing at the Toyqube booth. Lou had his Cranston figure on display at the booth as well as some custom wooden balls for sale. Congrats Lou!


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Deph @ SDCC 09


Deph is back with his second SDCC exclusive with toy powerhouse Kidrobot. Within minutes of the convention opening, tons of people were lined up for this release of Deph’s Fatcap.


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SDCC 09 – Planet Illogica Extravaganza


One of Friday Night’s main after-dark events was the Planet Illogica Extravaganza at the Wonderhaus featuring live painting on a nude model by none other than Ron English.  The party served as the launch for the new  Planet Illogica art-centric social networking site.  In addition, the event marked the second night of the Scribble08 art show curated by Mark Murphy and included a screening of the new art documentary of the same name.  Enjoy the sights after the jump.


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Jul 24, 2009

Chris Ryniak’s Stitch Stolen from SDCC


We have sad and frustrating news to report.  Chris Ryniak’s custom stitch (above) was stolen from the MINDstyle booth sometime around 6:30 PM tonight (Friday).  If you see this piece or hear that someone has it, please contact MINDstyle ([email protected]).  If you somehow have it, please return it – no questions asked.

The theft of art is always troubling and in this case doubly so since proceeds from the eventual sale of the custom stitch pieces will benefit charitable causes.  The situation is completely unacceptable and must not be tolerated at any level.  We hope that piece will be returned shortly.

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SDCC 09: Jeff Soto - Seeker

Bigshot Toyworks is showing the initial prototypes of the new Seeker project by Jeff Soto.  Sculpted digitally, the Seeker is shown in two different sizes created on a rapid prototyping machine.  At this point the design is fluid and may or may not include the plane which was part of the original source painting.  The possibility of the smaller figure being produced is being discussed as well.  Check the video above to hear Jeff talk about the project.



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SDCC 09 – Monster Family Lineup


 Super7 revealed the Monster Family series lineup on a flier  including what we believe are newly announced figures by Itokin Park (horned creature), Mutant Massacre (fireman), and Paul Kaiju (cat reptile?). We’re really enjoying this series sculpted by Kiyoka Ikeda of Gargamel

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SDCC 09: Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters – Big Sal Signing


Super7 launched it’s Monster Family series of figures by western artists on Thursday with the drop of the debut figure in its first colorway – Big Sal by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.  The figure looks great in person – the light blue clear is very nice.


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SDCC 09 – Shane Jessup’s Lucky Cat Dunny


Kidrobot kicked off it’s SDCC exclusive releases on Thursday with the drop of Shane Jessup’s black Lucky Cat Dunny (ed. of 200).  As expected demand was very high, with a monstrous line forming early in the morning.  Congrats to all those who waited patiently to score this sharp colorway.


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SDCC 09 -- Peekaboo Monster ‘The Birds’ (Friday, 10 AM)


In just a few hours at 10 AM on Friday, Peekaboo Monster will release the SDCC exclusive edition of his ‘The Birds’ resin at the Cardboard Spaceship booth (#4521).  An antikillers production, the blood splattered black edition pays tribute to the master of cinematic horror.


sdccbird3 sdccbird2

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SDCC 09 – Faces in the Crowd


One of the best parts of SDCC is seeing familiar faces including a who’s who of artists and industry folk.  Here’s a look at just a few of the people we ran into and captured with a few clicks of the shutter including Jeff Soto and Chris Ryniak above.


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SDCC 09: Jermaine Rogers –- Believe Resin


Jermaine Rogers offered several new prints in his SDCC booth (#5036) as well a brand-new resin project, Believe, which is the latest uplifting incarnation of his popular Dero character. Sculpted by Brin Berliner, Believe (9”) will be released in a few weeks in several editions including variants shown in proto form at the booth.  This fine art project will reach the pinnacle – a bronze edition.   Finally, Jermaine’s VANS sneaks were on display as well.   If you’re going to SDCC, check out his work at booth #5036.


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Jul 23, 2009

SDCC 09: Ragnar – Pepper Proto



Spied at Ragnar’s booth – a prototype of his upcoming Pepper figure from 3Dretro.  Pepper is a humorous yet unassuming little character.  The figure is still a work-in-progress – expect changes and refinements before the final product is released in December.  This is the first vinyl figure produced by 3DRetro – congrats.


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SDCC 09: Supermodifiedstudios MOD:Two

We covered Nick Manion’s (Supermodifiedstudios) Mod: One designer ABS robots a few years back.  So we were happy to see that Nick is back with a new line of hand-built wood robots – the larger MOD: Two and the much smaller MOD: One.  Both are made from reused tabletops that are screen printed with the design graphics, cut by Nick, and then assembled.  The result is something familiar yet fresh.  Like the MOD: One’s, they have Nick’s strong sense of design and are even more articulated. The larger MOD: Two’s are on sale at the show for $120 and a few designs have already sold out.  Check the video above to see Nick intro his new line and then hit the jump for plenty o’pics.


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SDCC 09: Rotobox’s Celsius


Kuso Vinyl has their ducks in a row and production of their initial lineup is flowing nicely now.  Rotobox’s (Stewart Ong) winged-avenger, Celsius, makes its debut at SDCC in both the original black colorway (ed of 600) and the SDCC exclusive Zero Degrees Celsius (ed of 200, $85).  Rotobox  comes  in an elaborate box with not one, but two separate magnetic latches and foam insert (the end of blisters?) carrying the figure, weapons arsenal, and mini comic.

1-DSC_9745 5-DSC_9756 3-DSC_9753 4-DSC_9754



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Custom Mimobots @ SDCC 09


I was able to catch a look at the amazing custom Mimobot’s at the Mimoco booth today. Tons of amazing work , which would have not been possible without the help of Drilone. More of the customs after the jump.


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Gargamel @ SDCC 09


I was most excited for this booth, because Gargamel brought the heat with their custom figures. One of the main attractions were their camo Full-Sized Zags, which were snatched up in no time. They were also showcasing some amazing custom Pollard’s. It’s safe enough to say that the line up to get a custom exceeded the Tokidoki line, that’s saying a lot.


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Grasshut @ SDCC 09


The Grasshut booth had tons of goodies on hand for SDCC. Tons of customs from the Grasshut crew Including: Bwana Spoons, Le Merde, and even Amanda Visell. They also had some awesome T-shirts, magazines, and books. It wasn’t long after when people were let into the convention, that most of the customs and figures were already gone.


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SDCC 09: MINDstyle 2nd Anniversary Box Set


The line at MINDstyle’s island themed booth on Preview Night wrapped around the corner as collectors waited to purchase the MINDstyle 2nd Anniversary Box Set (ed of 200, $130) featuring glossly black/white versions of five figures -- Buff Monster 3" by Buff Monster, Mask Mouse Murphy mini (Popaganda Circus Sideshow series) by Ron English, Two Faced Hazel mini  (Scavengers) by Kathie Olivas, Slap Happy mini by Brandt Peters, and Mechtorians mini by Doktor A (each set comes with 1 of six randomly inserted Mechtorians minis).


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SDCC 09 – Kozyndan Uprisings


Munky King is offering a pretty unique art sculpture – Kozyndan’s Uprisings resin book end.  This piece is based off the duo’s popular and clever tsunami image made-up of tiny bunnies.  Limited to 10 pieces, Uprisings is available for $480 each.


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SDCC 09: Noferin Pecan Pals Gray


In the DKE Toys booth, Noferin is showing the third-edition of their excellent Pecan Pals wood figures.   Following the full color, and the natural wood editions, the new pecan pals feature a gray/mono color scheme. 

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SDCC 09 – Amanda Visell Miao and Mousubi


Zakkamono is showing the third artist edition of their Miao and Mousubi figure set featuring a design by Amanda Visell.  It will be available in a standard color and a ‘dead’ alternate edition.  See it at the DKE Toys booth.


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SDCC 09 – Disney’s Stitch Experiment 626 Custom Tour


For 2009, MINDstyle has gone with a Hawaiian tropical theme for the booth to showcase the latest stop on Disney’s Stitch Experiment 626 Project Custom Art Tour plus offer a unique setting to purchase the brand’s exclusives.   From the large Lilo and Stitch at the front of the booth to the thematic crate style displays for the pieces, the presentation really enhances the experience of viewing the show. 

Adding to the excitement, several new artist customs have been added for the SDDC showing including pieces from Mark Dean Veca, Paul Kaiju, Lash, Kirkland Jue, Tim Tsui, Devilrobots, and more.


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SDCC 09: Angels and Gringos – Corpse Flower Sancho


Spied at the DKE Toys booth is the upcoming final colorway of Angels and Gringos’ Sancho – Corpse Flower.  Pretty wild colorway – if you’re looking for a visual jolt here it is. A nice send off to a very compelling figure.

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SDCC 09 – Coop’s Lil Mort


Munky King is showing samples of three editions of Coop’s upcoming Lil’ Mort vinyl due in late August / early September.  In addition to the standard edition (black) and the Corey Helford edition (red), they are also showing off a nice clear/smoke edition.  The head of the clear edition is surprisingly bubble free considering it’s not Japanese vinyl – not perfect, but quite nice.  Arguably the clear  is the standout edition of this figure.

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SDCC 09 – Brand Loyalty Toys


Last week we posted a teaser from new comer Brand Loyalty Toys.  Now here’s a look at protos of their first three toys as seen in the DKE Toys booth.  The concept behind the line is intriguing – offer new interpretations on classic american toys from a bygone era.  As you can see things are starting well with highly detailed sculpts. 

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