Jun 08, 2016

Kidrobot Does SDCC Exclusive Pre-Order Pick-Ups (6.13)

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It looks as though Kidrobot is taking note of other SDCC vendors by offering a pre-order pick-up offer for all of their exclusives. While announcing this big news, they've also shown of 6 of their SDCC 2016 exclusives, which includes:

  • Adventure Time "The Lich" 8-Inch Resin Figure (200 pieces) - $100
  • The Simpsons Kaiju "Mr. Sparkle" 7-Inch Figure (500 pieces) - $50
  • Street Fighter "Shin Akuma" 7-Inch Figure (500 pieces) - $50
  • Looney Tunes x Jason Freeny GID "Anatomical Wabbit" 12-Inch Figure (500 pieces) - $65
  • TMNT Gold "Shredder" 7-Inch Figure (500 pieces) - $40
  • TMNT Green "Triceraton" 7-Inch Figure (500 pieces) - $40
  • Mega Man Metallic 3-Inch Figure (1500 Pieces) - $15

The Pre-Order will take place on Monday, June 13th on their webstore at Kidrobot.com. A limited amount of each exclusive at a special pre-order price will be available only to those attending SDCC. To pick up your items, you will need your Order Number, SDCC Badge and valid ID, which must all have matching information. Could pre-orders be the future of SDCC exclusives?!


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