Jul 20, 2011

Blobpus x Fig-Lab – Millennial Monsters


In collaboration with Fig-Lab, Blobpus has created these amazing new editions to the Millennial Monster series. Available at the Global Figure Symposium on Thursday, July 21st from Opening – 2PM are Blobpus’ Dokugan and Blobpus DX in the classic Millennial Monster colorway for $80 each.

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Triclops Studios @ SDCC


Triclops Studios are all ready for SDCC! They will be apart of the Global Figure Symposium booth (#4937) on Thursday, July 21st from 2PM – Close. Their B.A.S.T.A.R.D. (Bootleg Army Stuck Together And Randomly Designed) resin series features 8 different characters to collect, which include Bullet-Proof Tommy Tanker and the Bogball of Doom, Bollock. There will only be a total of 36 pieces up for grabs!


They will also be releasing their Tanklopula figures. The ‘Toilet Fresh’ edition are limited to 9 pieces, which include 1 Minty Fresh and 1 Aqua fresh.


Triclops will also be slanging some goodies from Unbox Studios. That includes the exclusive Stee-Gar & M5 Bravo by Jeffrey Lamm, Pome ‘Metallic Edition’ by Fluffy House, and Patricio Oliver’s ‘Red Edition’ Almond and Salamandra. Also available will be some sticker packs, wallets, T-shirts, and other goodies available as well!

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The Tarantulas @ SDCC


By far, The Tarantulas has created the best SDCC product image ever! It reminds me of those old toy ads from the 90’s! It immediately screams out “They are having so much fun! I gotta have it!”.  Available during their time slot on Thursday, July 21st from 2PM to Close at the Global Figure Symposium booth (#4937) will be their all new Fishtank Castle Playset and from what we can see from their teasers, they will also be unloading a ton of assorted bright mix and match pieces for Nibblers and some great looking GID figures as well!


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Jul 19, 2011

Kidrobot’s SDCC Scavenger Hunt – OPERATION: Blind Box


Kidrobot will be putting you to work at SDCC with their Scavenger Hunt, dubbed Operation Blindbox! To participate, begin by following them on Twitter for their de-classified daily missions every morning before the convention opens. On days 1-4, you will be competing against a bunch of others to win one of the 4 Mega Blindboxes that are awarded daily. The first to complete and report all the tasks KR has provided to their booth (#4529) will win that days prize. Each Mega Blind box is jam packed with paint samples, factor test pulls, accessories, mini figures, exclusive wristband, and random vinyl. Good luck all!


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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Kaiju Chronicle – SDCC Exclusive Ollie

SDCC Ollie KC image

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore just posted up an image of their SDCC Exclusive Ollie figure with Kaiju Chronicle. This release takes on the classic Black/Silver/Red Thrashout colors, which will definitely be bringing all the boys to the yard! There is no other information than that, but keep your eye out for release details.

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Doktor A.’s ‘Dapper’ Humphrey Mooncalf @ SDCC

MooncalfDapper-05 2  

Pobber Toys x Doktor A. will make their presence felt at SDCC with their Humphrey Mooncalf figure being displayed at the DKE booth (#4728). For your viewing pleasures will be the ‘Dapper’ Edition prototype, which stands a full 8” tall. We are really digging the weathered details on this variant and cannot wait to hear on it’s official release!


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Aribto @ SDCC


Arbito has been posting up a ton of previews of the goodies he will be bringing to the Gargamel/Grasshut booth (#4739) for SDCC. There he will be releasing his resin Seekers and Cosmic Hobos, Squishy Scented Cosmic Hobo, Seeker, and Patty Power minis, his ‘Don’t Be A Dope’ T-Shirt, and an awesome collaboration between Gargamel’s Pocket Smogun and his Hobo Van, and much more!


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MINDstyle x NBA 18” Kobe Bryant by CoolRain @ SDCC


Working together, Pickyourshoes.com and MINDstyle are planning to release the limited edition Exclusive 18” Kobe Bryan figure by CoolRain at SDCC. This release is limited to only 300 pieces worldwide and comes packaged in a special carry case for $299.99. These will be available beginning on Preview Night at the Toy Tokyo booth (#5437) and exclusively online at Pickyourshoes.com on August 1st.


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Shawnimals – Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi Dumpling Mini Vinyl Preview & Release @ SDCC


Looks as though the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi booth (#4736) has pulled out another reason to stop by their booth during SDCC. Introducing the new DIY Pocket Pork Dumpling Vinyl figures by Shawnimals and produced by myplasticheart (MPHLabs) and Squibbles Ink. There will be two variants of these 2.5” figures available, with eyes and without for $7 each. The first Pocket Pork Dumpling series will feature 12-16 different designs as blind boxes. You may find some of your favorite designs from the plush series in the new vinyl series, as well as a bunch of new designs. We cannot wait to see what’s to come in the future!

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The Ultimate SDCC List of Releases & Signings


For the last few years Brad, aka Half Apparation has been doing a tremendous job of compiling a huge list of all the Toy Releases and Signing Schedules for Comic Con. He pulls through for us once again with this years massive list! Take a gander over at KRonikle (HERE) for this huge compilation and don’t forget to print this out! Thank you Brad!

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Jul 18, 2011

Tracy Tubera’s Radiclaw X Print @ SDCC


Tracy Tubera has just posted up a picture of his Radiclaw X print, which will be available during his signing at the Kuso Vinyl booth (#605) on Saturday, July 23rd from 11AM-1PM. This 8.5 x 11 print is based on his Radiclaw X design on the Spiki Chisai mini figure. 25 of these prints will be available at the convention and the other 25 will be available online, HERE.

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64Colors – Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi ‘Smell Me’ Marshall & Gumdrop Release @ SDCC


Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi gave us a double dose of SDCC toy releases for their booth (#4736)! They’ve just released info on a release with the amazing husband and wife duo, 64Colors. With the success of the Marshall series, they noticed something was missing. Marshall needs a pet! Making its SDCC debut is Gumdrop, who stands 2” tall and will be released in a GID vinyl.


That’s not all! Also available from 64Colors are the ‘Smell Me’ Edition Marshall figures! They will be available in a Chocolate, Strawberry, and Marshmallow scents, that’s right! These toys smell! This totally changes up the whole ‘opening your toys to get a sniff of that vinyl’ game. Prices are yet to be determined for these amazing releases, so be sure to keep a few bucks on the side. Eric and Laura of 64Colors will also be signing and sketching at the booth on Saturday, from 11AM-Noon.

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DKE Toys Exclusive Releses & Signing Schedule @ SDCC *Update*


DKE Toys will once again be attending this years SDCC. They won’t only be displaying tons of toys, samples, and prototypes from various toy companies, but they will also be releasing exclusives and have a few guests signing and sketching.


First up are Android’s Heroes & Villains Collectible Mini figures by Andrew Bell. Only one design will be released each day for 4 days, beginning on Wednesday, July 20th. Meaning you have to show up at the booth on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to collect the whole set. They will retail for $10 each!


The Sucklord will be releasing an exclusive ‘Asking & Telling’ Edition of the Lavender Guard from his Suckadelic Gay Empire series. These will be limited to 40 pieces and will retail for $69. Images of the Lavender Guard coming soon!

SDCC2011_BudbatB SDCC2011_BudbatC SDCC2011_BudbatA

Last year at SDCC Scott Wilkowski released the ‘Budcat’ with Jamungo. This year he is turning that bat into a cat, with the release of his ‘Budbat’ figure. These will be available in 2 colorways in an edition of 80 pieces. They will retail for $60 a piece.


olive47 will have some custom handpainted Miss Cupcake figures available at SDCC. Don’t let these sweet treats fool you, they are not edible! There will only be 50 pieces available for $50. They also come with signed and numbered print!


Next up we have something for all you Noferin and Pecanpal fanatics! Take a look at these mini glass figurines by Tynies. This GID colorway release stands as tall as a quarter! 200 sets will be available for $15 a set!


Take a gander at the Venice Blue edition of ZacPac x Suicidal Tendecie’s S'”K”UM-kun figure. This release is limited to 50 pieces, where 25 will be available in Japan and the remaining 25 will be at SDCC. These will retail for $120.


DKE has also got your plush needs covered! Introducing A Little Stranger’s super duper’d out Cavey plush figure! This caped crusader is limited to 30 pieces and will be available for $30.


Grody Shogun will also be apart of the DKE booth with his Monster release! Available blind bag style are his newest soft vinyl figures, which feature a variation of body parts mixed up to give to give this the ultimate one off effect! No one figure will be the same. These will be available all days for $25 each.




Lastly, DKE will have some special SDCC Edition Art Hustle promo cards! Each will be stamped with a gold foil ‘SDCC’ and one will be available daily on request!


Signing Schedule

Saturday 07/23 @ Noon - Holly - Cavey creator

Saturday 07/23 @ 1 pm - Andrew Bell - Dead Zebra

Saturday 07/23 @ 3 pm  - Sucklord - Suckadelic

Saturday 07/23 @ 5 pm - Ferg - Jamungo

Saturday 07/23 @ 5 pm  - Scott Wilkowski - Waxbean Studios

Sunday 07/24 - DKE SAMPLE SALE

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Jeremy Tinder – Tinder Toys @ SDCC


Rotofugi has just announced their new Tinder Toys line, based on Chicago comic artist Jeremy Tinder’s engaging characters.  Even better news,  the first three Tinder Toys (Clem, Rabburt and Boyger) are slated for release at SDCC as white mostly unpainted editions in Roto’s booth (#4736), if all goes according to plan (they are in transit).  Standing between 3” and 3.5” tall, the figures were produced in collaboration with Squibbles Ink and were sculpted by Josh Sutton of ERA Sculpture.

We’re digging these and looking forward to seeing them in person.  With their strong sculpt work, the Tinder Toys feel like something fresh and new in the mini-figure genre, and that’s a great thing in our book.

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Martin Hsu @ SDCC


Martin Hsu will offer new Tees, Limited Edition Prints, and even OG paintings @ SDCC.  Check out his goods and say hi @ booth G02 (at the back of the hall, near aisle 900). Martin’s a talented artist and you are likely to find something that catches your eye.  Worth a visit when you are down on the ‘other side’ (say in a large booming voice).

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Dave Pressler: ‘Future Clunker’ Print @ SDCC (7.23)


Artist/Animator Dave Pressler will release his new ‘Future Clunker’ (8” x 10”, 30 pieces) print for $20 @ the Munky King booth (#4539 ).  He’ll be signing at the booth @ 4 PM on Saturday.  Also be sure to drop by the Nickelodeon booth (#4113) to see a 2 minute trailer of Dave’s upcoming ‘Robot and Monster’ TV cartoon.

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tokidoki @ SDCC



tokidoki has big plans for SDCC with several new releases available from their booth (#4731).   Three items caught our eyes – brand new toys or editions available for the first time @ SDCC :  Royal Pride pre-release box set  (500 pcs) featuring Lion Pappa and Savanna ($25), blind-bagged Silver Unicornos ($10), and DIY Unicornos ($5) – perfect for Simone to sign, customize, or just keep for all those of you who dig white/blank figs.  Also look for  exclusive hats and tees and the newly release tokidoki x Marvel Frenzies keychain figs.

Finally, a word on signing.  Signing from Simone Legno will be handled on a ticket basis and will go down from 1 – 3 PM on both Thursday and Friday.  Only 60 tickets (free) will be handed out per day. The ticket will entitle you to get one item signed (no canvases).

For full info on all of tokidoki’s SDCC plans, visit their official show page.

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Dez Einswell – Octo Wok-R @ SDCC and Pre-Order


Dez Einswell’s Octo Wok-R resin figure is done and ready for collectors.  The 7” resin figure is available in two editions ‘The Day Wok-R’ and the ‘The Night Wok-R Classic’, both limited to 50 pieces each.  Each signed and numbered figure is hand-painted by Dez himself.  The finished pieces look great combining Dez’s humorous art with a fun mech vibe.  Where to  get your own Wok-R ? You have two options,  SDCC in Dez’s booth (#4929) and also via pre-order now @ Doodle Barn for $250 each.


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Scott Tolleson – Android 2.0 Customs @ SDCC


As a follow-up to his first series of Android mini-fig customs, Scott Tolleson will release his ‘2.0’ customs – 13 in all at SDCC.   Collectors will be able to choose the custom they’d like from those on display.  To add to the fun-factor, Scott has randomly added secret prizes (sketches, vouchers for toys etc) into some of the customs themselves.  The customs will be available for $100 each on a first come, first served basis from Scott’s booth (#4836).  This is a hard to pass-up offer – strong customs of arguably the hottest platform toy of the year at a reasonable price.


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Summary of 3DRetro’s SDCC Releases + Signings


3D Retro has big plans for SDCC including four new figure releases.  Each of the four artists will be signing at the Toybreak/3D Retro booth (#4838) – Ragnar will be signing his “2 Bags” Pepper vinyl on Thursday @ 11 AM, Jim Mahfood will be signing his new purple Beat Bee on Friday @ 2 PM, Brandi Milne will be signing her Bunny Ride Go vinyl on Saturday at 1 PM, and Nathan Hamill will be signing his Bellicose Bunny on Saturday @ 3 PM.

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Jul 17, 2011

Camilla d’Errico – DIY Custom Kuro’s @ SDCC

Camilla d’Errico just posted up this video of her customizing her new DIY Kuro figure, which will be available at her booth (#4723) during SDCC. You may even purchase a DIY for her to customize in 3 different customization levels ranging from $30-$50. Prices shown include figure and box!

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Plastic City @ SDCC


Here’s an update on what newcomer Plastic City (booth #4835) has in store for Comic-Con.  They’ll be releasing  Jermaine Roger’s Aleppin Sane Virgin Shadow edition bust, Tristan Eaton’s B-Bots (original/mascot and DIY), and  mostly likely Paul Frank’s Julius in Original and DIY.  Jermaine will release also the Aleppin Sane Virgin edition on Saturday (7.23) from his booth (#4537).   Check out Plastic City’s signing schedule:

Friday 11-1 PM : Jermaine Rogers
          2-4 PM:  Tristan Eaton.  1st ten customers to buy an OG B-Bot will receive a free DIY.

Saturday 11-1 PM:  Josh Taylor will be signing an exclusive s/n comic featuring the backstory  of Mary and Bitram (his upcoming toy)

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Subtext Presents: Super7 10 Year Anniversary Art Show (07.22)

subtexts71 subtexts72

There’s no better time than SDCC to put on an art show. Especially when all the toy nerds and art aficionados from all around are gathered in one common area. That’s what Super7’s got planned with their Super7 10 Year Anniversary Art show, which will be held at Subtext for only one night on Friday, July 22nd from 7:30-11PM. This show will feature artwork from the many artists Super7 has collaborated with over the years. All of the artwork at the event will be priced at $250 or under. Participating artists include: Brian Flynn, Josh Herbolsheimer, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Le Merde, Leecifer, L’Amour Supreme, Paul Kaiju, David Horvath+Sun-Min Kim, Invisible Creature, Itokin Park, Koji Harmon, Naoya Ikeda, Kiyoka Ikeda,Chanmen, KaToPe, Derek Welch/UNKL and Scott Saw.

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Mikie Graham x Deadbear Studios – Dragatomi Exclusive Chochinobake Release @ SDCC

lantern add

Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie has teamed up with Kevil Olson of Deadbear Studios to create his newest resin figure from his ‘Yokaiju’ line. Chochinobake is based on an old Japanese folklore, the haunted paper lantern. There will be 2 versions up for grabs at the Dragatomi booth (#4935) for $60. The Traditional Yellow version will be available from Thursday to Sunday and the Mystery version will only be available during Mikie’s signing on Sunday from 11AM-1PM. Each Chochinobake figures comes with a battery powered tea candle that lights up the hair/fire and a 8x10 mini print!


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Plaseebo – SDCC Molezilla


For SDCC, Bob Conge (Plaseebo) will release the debut production edition of his new Molezilla figure (7”), the first vinyl art toy made in the USA by Veracious Vinyl. The product of cruel animal testing of toxic chemical products, Molezilla is ready to exact revenge.  

Limited to just 10 signed and numbered pieces, the SDCC exclusive is cast in clear blue vinyl, features inset pink glass eyes,  a Plaseebo hallmark – a motion activated LED unit mounted in Molezilla’s head and comes with a color header card and sheet unfolding his backstory.  Pick up the SDCC Molezilla from Dragatomi’s SDCC booth (#4935) for $90.


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