Jul 17, 2011

Le Merde @ SDCC


We are very excited to hear see some SDCC news from Le Merde. Posted up on his blog we’re a few sneak peeks of what he’s got coming to you for Comic Con. Being released is a new colorway of his Megalith figure by Gargamel, which was first released during his custom show at Thrashout from a few months back, which was mentioned here. He also shares another photo of his mini Burgerbun resins in GID form! We cannot wait to see what else he will be bringing to the Grasshut/Gargamel booth (#4739).


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Jul 16, 2011

Paul Kaiju @ SDCC

Paul Kaiju has been busting his rump getting ready for SDCC. We’ve been following his Flickr stream and we’ve noticed a lot of figures that makes us feel that Friday couldn’t come any sooner. There we will see his long awaited Salamander Joe figure, which features a clear vinyl with a touch of milky added to the base, with aqua and pink sprays. Also making its debut is his newest resin figure, Mockbat. There will be 10 individual handpaints available, which should be gone in a flash. Then there is Paul’s Boss Carrion figure, who made his first appearance at last years SDCC and has been selling out almost immediately since then. He mentions that there will be a variety of limited styles available during his release, which is taking place on Friday, July 22nd from 1-3PM at the Global Figure Symposium booth (#4937).


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Hi-Fructose @ SDCC


Just as past years, Hi-Fructose will be releasing a ton of exclusive prints and books at their booth (#4939) during SDCC. Coinciding with their releases will be a ton of amazing artists that will be signing and sketching for there fans, who include: Brian McCarty, Alex Pardee, Buff Monster, Tristan Eaton, Joe Ledbetter, Junko Mizuno, Attaboy, Nathan Spoor, Ron English, Tara McPherson, Bob Dob, Skinner, and Kris Lewis. Take a look after the jump of their release dates and signing schedules!


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Grody Shogun – SDCC & Lulubell Release of Monster


Grody Shogun has been teasing us with a bunch of sneaks peaks of his newest figure, Monster. He even sent out a tweet saying, “Any one good at math? 4 bodies, 6 heads and eight arms cast in 5 different colors. What's the chance of there being 2 alike?”, which makes us curious of what he has up his sleeves. That has now been revealed, all thanks to Lulubell Toys. Available now HERE and at the DKE booth (#4728) during SDCC are what the first-unpainted-prototype-one-off versions of Monster! The chances of finding the same figure with same colors, arms, heads, and bodies is highly unlikely. These stand 6” tall with 3 points of articulation and will be available for $25 as blind bags.


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Blamo Toys – Dragatomi Exclusive Drool Edition Hug @ SDCC


Blamo Toys will be releasing their new ‘Hug” figure through the Dragatomi booth (#4935) at this years SDCC. Designed and produced by Spencer Hansen, this 2” resin figure will make it’s debut as the Drool edition, which was hand detailed by Mikie Graham.This release is limited to only 5 pieces and comes bagged in a ziplock bag and includes 4 full color Blamo Stickers for the price of $20.

hip_hop_billy_WEBBlamo Toys will also have several previews of their upcoming Blamoville Characters, which will be available for pre-sale in limited quantities. One of the previews include the Hip Hop Billy, who comes geared with ghetto blaster, hat to the side, and stylish kicks.

Mikie Graham will also be in attendance at the convention. He will be signing, sketching, and doing a live painting on his new resin figures on Sunday, July 24th from 11AM-1PM.


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Global Figure Symposium SDCC Schedule


Just posted on Fig-Lab’s Blog is the official Global Figure Symposium booth’s (#4937)schedule for SDCC! It’s here where you will find a wide range of toys from a bunch of amazingly talented artists and companies. Take a look after the jump and start planning your days! Is it just me or would you also like to see this flier as a poster print?


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Monster Worship @ SDCC


Monster Worship has what you crave at SDCC! They will be apart of the Global Figure Symposium booth (#4937) and will have their exclusives available on Friday, July 22nd from 5-7PM. There is limit 1 figure per design per customer and the leftovers will be available online on Tuesday, July 26th at 6PM EST. Now let’s get onto the exclusives!


Mark Rudolph and Monster Worship are proud to present to you their newest figure, Altar Beast. The Black Mass edition stands 6” tall and is made from true soft vinyl. Altar Beast features one point of articulation in the torso and will be available for $35. It looks like he either wants wants to be picked up or is trying to scare you. Either way he is pretty awesome!


Monster Worship will also be debuting their newest figure by Johnny Ryan, Cannibal Fuck Face. Pardon my French. The Blood Bath Edition stands 7.5” tall with 4 points of articulation. He is cast in a flesh colored vinyl and is covered with blood. Most likely someone else’s. Also made from soft vinyl, CF will be available for $85.


Everybody’s lovable Real Fighting Greasebat! Jeffrey Lamm’s RFG makes an appearance at SDCC, but seems to have forgotten something. His skin! The Super Clear Greasebat includes insertable colored guts and the ‘Greasebat Field Target Identification Guide’, which was illustrated by Jeffrey Lamm. Retail for this piece will run you $75.


beaK’s Kusogon figure will also be joining in on the fun at Comic Con. We are hoping to get some pictures on this colorway very soon and once we do, you’ll be the first to know!


Monster Worship will also be offering some goodies from Splurrt. Available in the original Splurrt colors will be the Diggler! No word on price yet, so please stay tuned!


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Jul 15, 2011

Joey Potts – Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi Exclusive Green Apple Solem @ SDCC


And you thought that would be it with the Exclusives from the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi booth (#4736) at SDCC. Well, you are gladly mistaken my friend! They’ve got another Lake Monster to join the party. Joey Pott’s SOLEM (Single Optic Lake Effect Monster) figure, who made it’s first appearance at last years Comic Con, but unfortunately went MIA to receive a make over, is now back and ready for SDCC 2011! The Green Apple edition was painted by both Joe Somers and Kirby Kerr and sculpted by Chris Ryniak. He stands 5.75” and will be available all days (while supplies last) for $60


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kaNO – Kuso Vinyl SDCC Reveal of Dragon King

DSC05576 DSC05575

Following all of their awesome releases, Kuso Vinyl will also be displaying kaNO’s new Dragon King figure at their booth (#605). Along with the reveal, kaNO will also be signing and sketching on Saturday, July 23rd from 5-6PM.


Be sure to pick up your very own 4” DIY Spiki figure ($8) and get it signed by Dave Quiles (outtamymind creations), Jeremy Dale (Vlydweller), Jure Gavran, Nakanari, Tracy Tubera, Linda Le, and kaNO. Signing schedule as follows:


2PM - 3:30PM Dave Quiles

4PM – 5:30PM Jeremy Dale


1PM – 2:30PM Jure Gavran

3PM – 4:30PM Nakanari

5PM – 6PM Jeremy Dale


11AM – 1PM Tracy Tubera

1PM – 2:30PM Linda Le & Nakanari

3PM – 5PM Dave Quiles & Jure Gavran

5PM - 6PM kaNO

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Chris Ryniak Cheat Sheet for SDCC


You must be overwhelmed with everything going on at SDCC. It must be hard to keep up with all of the releases and artist signings. We’re happy to know that Chris Ryniak is thinking of you, because he made a handy cheat sheet covering all of his releases and signing schedule.

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Smash Tokyo Toys x Toy2R – Beartank Mini Qee @ SDCC

Sierra Exif JPEG

Here is one more thing to your want lists for SDCC. Smash Tokyo Toys x Toy2R’s Beartank Qee will be released at the Toy Break/October Toys booth (#4838) on all days. There will be a limited number of these available and they will retail for $28. Matty of STT’s also mentions that these will be the only way to get a hold of one of these until much later in the year.

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Jul 14, 2011

The Vinyl Frontier @ SDCC


Daniel Zana of The Vinyl Frontier will be attending this years SDCC. You can find him at the Toyqube booth (#4934) selling his ‘Vinyl Frontier’ DVDs. as well as their exclusive Vito ‘Sharky’ Finzetti figure by MCA and Keith Poon. They will have the regular release Pink edition, which is limited to 120 pieces for $45. There will also be an SDCC Exclusive GID edition, which is only limited to 100 pieces for $60. They will also be having artists featured in the DVD come through to the booth for a signing session. Signing schedules soon to come!


There will also be a panel discussion with Tara McPherson, Keith Poon, Frank Kozik, and Jermaine Rogers on Saturday, July 23rd from 4:30-5:30PM in room 24ABC. Feel free to stop by, check it out, and perhaps get some questions answered!

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Global Figure Symposium @ SDCC


The Global Figure Symposium booth (#4937) is back once again for SDCC and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of Matt Doughty of Onell Design and Jesse Moore of Rawshark Studio. Just as past years, GFS will be playing host to a number of artists and companies, which includes Onell Design, Rawshark Studio, Uamou Studios, RealxHead, The Tarantulas, Paul Kaiju, Suckadelic, Fig-Lab, Monstre Hero, Triclops, Bruno Orbit, Monster Worship, L’amour Supreme, Blobpus, Galaxy People, SideKick Lab, UhUh Toys, and Frenzy Bros. We cannot wait to see what this great mix of people will bring to the table. Stay tuned for their scheduled releases!

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Steve Talkowski – Dragatomi Sketchbot V4 Exclusive Release @ SDCC


Here is more exciting news for the Dragatomi booth (#4935) at SDCC! They will be the official exclusive retailer of Steve Talkowski’s Sketchbot V4 at the con. That means those attending SDCC can be some of the very first to own this lime green edition Sketchbot. After the con, these bad boys will be showed all around the world.  Steve will also be doing a signing on Thursday, July 21st at 12PM and on Sunday, July 24th at 3PM. During his signing, Steve plans on having some limited edition SDCC Exclusive Sketchbot prints for sale!

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Tracy Tubera x Kuso Vinyl – Spiki Chiisai Series: Radiclaw X


Here is another exclusive from the Kuso Vinyl booth (#605) at SDCC. Coming straight from the Spiki Chiisai mini series is Tracy Tubera’s Radiclaw X mini figure. This design parodies one of the X-Men’s most popular characters, Wolverine and he is limited to only 100 pieces for $15. Tracy will also be signing at the booth on Saturday, July 23rd from 11AM-1PM. There will be a limited edition print available during the signing, which will go perfect with Radiclaw X!

RADICLAW is your Friendly & Ferocious Superhero. When JUSTICE is needed RADICLAW zips up his SUPERHERO suit and leaps into action! Don't make him angry or he might GO BERSERK & pop his SUPER SHARP CLAWS.

Criminals beware, this CAT is one RADICAL HERO.


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Toyqube @ SDCC


Here’s a collective post of all the exclusive goodies you will find at the Toyqube booth (#4934) at this years SDCC. First up is the Batbaby Sharky, which is limited to 150 pieces and comes with custom cape. Only 80 of these will be available at SDCC for $47.99 each.


Making it’s debut at SDCC is the Deep-Sea Dracula figure by Keithing. This is set to release on Friday, July 22nd and is an edition of 50 pieces for $64.99.

270588_10150240460640748_546750747_7511493_8369434_n 270588_10150240460625748_546750747_7511490_418780_n 270588_10150240460630748_546750747_7511491_4404950_n 270588_10150240460635748_546750747_7511492_5249644_n

Also new to the SDCC scene is Keithing’s 4” Myth Warriors, which will retail $34.99 each. There are 4 different versions available and there will only be 50 sets at SDCC.


Here are one of my personal favorites. Keithing’s custom Hi-Def Clones, which pays homage to Star Wars Clone Troopers. There are a total of 3 sets (12 figures) of the yellow, blue, red, and green Troopers. One set will be available online, while the other 2 sets will be available at SDCC beginning on preview night for $300 each.


Keith will also have a ton of his ‘Driftwood’ customs available at the booth. This run of customs include Super7’s Ghost Town figures, 8” Dunny, Mummy Gator, Mummy Boys, and some 3A Squares. Prices on these will be listed at the booth!

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Pushead’s ‘Patchwerk’ Event @ SDCC 2011


This is the announcement many of you have been waiting for. After Pushead’s brief one year hiatus from SDCC, he’s back with the special ‘Patchwerk’ event scheduled for Thursday (7.21) @ 4 PM in the Toy Tokyo booth (#5437).   Not one to disappoint, Pus has a full product lineup including vinyl figure, including he gnarly marbled Siamese Skullpirate shown above, handpaints and unpaints.  On the book front, there’s the limited edition Skeletal hardcover with giclee & silkscreened print as well as Sparrow #15 with SDCC 2011 book plate.  Prints?  yes, including the skullpirate giclee (after the jump).  Guests?  Definitely.  Mike Suftin and a ‘top secret’ guest [Awesome photos: Kirkland Jue of Toybot Studios].


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Chris Ryniak – Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi Electric Watermelon Big Muscamoot @ SDCC


Is Chris Ryniak’s Synbora figure not enough for you at SDCC? Well the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi booth (#4736) will have another exclusive Lake Monster Release, the Electric Watermelon Big Muscatmoot! This release was painted by Joe Somers (Squibble Ink.) and Kirby Kerr (Rotofugi) and will be available all days of the con (while supplies last) for $75 each.


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Spoonful of Star Wars @ SDCC


Not only will DKE Toys be displaying tons of toys, prototypes, and samples, but they will also have on display Bwana Spoons’ ‘Spoonful of Star Wars’ show. This collection of over 100 paintings based on vintage Star Wars figures was first seen at Designer Con. Now it makes it’s way from Pasadena to San Diego and to a very appropriate event!

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Toy Tokyo Signing Schedule @ SDCC


Toy Tokyo has just released their official signing schedule for their booth (#5437) at SDCC, which features David Horvath & Sun Min-Kim, Gus Fink, Emi Boz, Ashley Wood & Kim, Ron English, Morgan Spurlock, and Pushead. The TT booth should definitely brining in a ton of traffic, due to their exclusive releases and signings. Be sure to start scheduling your days now!

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Dragatomi @ SDCC


Dragatomi’s booth (#4935) will definitely be bringing the heat to this years SDCC! They’ve got all things you need covered for SDCC, including exclusive releases, customs, signings, and special surprises! Their releases include some exclusive prints from N.C. Winters, Skinner, and Bigfoot. In the toy department you can expect to see some goodies from Blamo Toys and Bob Conge aka Plaseebo, which we hope to see photos of very soon. Although we do have pictures of a couple of their other exclusive toys:5881033625_19673b5738_b copy

Some of their exclusives include Circus Posterus’ ‘Red Death’ Masao Skelve by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, which is limited to 66 pieces.


A Little Stranger will also have an Exclusive Super Hero ‘Cavey’ figure, which is sporting the Dragatomi Blue. This plushy is limited to 30 pieces for $30.

Dragatomi will also have a custom showcase featuring a ton of customs by a ton of artists! The artist list includes Chauskoskis, Betso, Grimsheep, Drilone, J*Ryu, Southerndrawl, Wheelbarrow, Squink, Jeremiah Ketner, KingQuan, Leecifer, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Jay222, 64Colors, Travis Lampe, Motorbot, Chuckboy, Rsin, Aradabus Rubber, Brent Nolasco, Plaseebo, and Mikie Graham. You can find a few of the customs displayed after the jump, as well as their signing schedule!


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Jul 13, 2011

Preview: Bwana Spoons @ SDCC


Bwana Spoons is busy prepping his SDCC offerings and what a haul it is.  Preview night (7.21) brings custom Randalls and ‘Mellow Yellow’ blank and painted Sloths. Thursday’s (11 AM) attraction is the ‘completely bonkers’ uh-oh globby handpaint (unpainted SARS member exclusive shown after the jump).  Friday brings the newest installment of his Jelly Factory blind box series (Friday 7.22 @ 11 AM)  with handmade boxes and six new sculpts: Randall, Mooneater, Stanley, Ohgon Batsu (shown above, WIP), Fredrick and Zombie Ghost Steven. 

Bwana will also have addition customs available from Thursday on as well as OG art and prints.  Moving into the ‘will it be ready’ zone, there just might be a new Dolly handpaint preview and there’s a good chance we’ll see a preview of the Graves and Spoons tapir.

Look for more pics shortly.


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CoolRain x MINDstyle – SDCC NBA Playoff Collector Series 1 Set


Action Figure Express will release their exclusive SDCC NBA Playoff Collector Series 1 Set featuring five of MINDstyle’s 5” NBA figures designed by Korean artist Coolrain.  The set includes the set exclusive 2010 MVP Derrick Rose figure in his white Bulls jersey, as well as Kevin Garnett, Dwyane Wade, Amare Stoudamire, and Kobe Bryant.  CoolRain’s NBA figures bring a much needed injection of style and recognizability to the NBA vinyl toy genre.   

Limited to 300 sets @ $100/set, this SDCC exclusive should appeal to designer toy collectors and NBA fans. The SDCC set will be available at the Shopafx booth (#3345) beginning on Wednesday (7.20) and online at www.shopafx.com.


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Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu – ‘My Drifting Heart’ @ SDCC

006-B NOLASCO JRYU My Drifting Heart 06
You’ve seen the unpainted sculpt, now feat your eyes on the first fully painted edition of  Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu’s ‘My Drifting Heart’.  Brent’s stunning hand-painting work pulls out all the detail of J*Ryu’s sculpt and Dodgrr’s cast pieces.  From Brent’s spot-on signature colors to the realistic rendering of the metal and wood surfaces, this is a painting come to life in thrilling 3D fashion. 

While this first colorway is limited to 10 pieces, it’s unclear at the moment how many will be available at the Dragatomi booth (#4935).  Brent is in crunch mode, painting away as the mother of all shows approaches. Pre-orders will be taken at the booth for the remaining, yet to be completed pieces.  No word on pricing yet. We’re eager to check out ‘My Drifting Heart’ in person.

"The heart drifts freely in the ebb and flow of our lives, with the tide's current taking it wherever it pleases. Knowing that it is fragile, thorns and spiky barriers are erected, armoring itself from those who wish to do it harm or to protect itself from the feelings it cannot help. And for every heart, there is but one key out there that can finally release it to flourish and fly, and shed itself of the ghosts that remain. It may not know where it may heading, but eventually the drifting heart will find it's way..."


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Jul 12, 2011

Jamungo x Scott Wilkowski – BudBat @ SDCC


Supremely talented sculptor Scott Wilkowski continues his collaboration with Jamungo for the SDCC exclusive BudBat figures.  Based on the BUD Flamehead figure, Scott’s added an incredibly creepy skeletal head within the translucent flame.  Result, very mean lil’ buggers. These hand-done figures offer a special experience, above and beyond production minis.    BudBat will be limited to 40 pieces in 2 colorways (green and blue) at the DKE booth (#4728) for $60 each.


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