Jul 12, 2012

Chuck Boy x Frank Kozik -- SDCC Cyborg Labbit Excelsior Edition

Kidrobot unveiled and then released the SDCC Exclusive Cyborg Labbit Excelsior on Thursday. As the name suggests, the new figure is one half slick, streamlined machine and one half cute innocent hare. Frank and Chuckboy were on-hand to sign the new figure.

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SDCC Flash: Brendan Monroe's Figment

Here's a look at Brendan Monroe's new Figment sofubi in Blue and Red, available at SDCC from the DKE booth. This minimalist piece will look equally great on a book shelf in the den as in a toy collection.

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Kidrobots Keeps the Mystery @ SDCC

Unlike last year, Kidrobot is keeping their daily exclusives shrouded from anxious eyes (and lenses). The first of the trio, Chuckboy's Labbit will be unveiled and released on Thursday. After the jump, catch a look at the action on KR's giant chalk dunny.

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SDCC Flash: Ron English's Cap'n Cornstarch

We were happy to see Ron English's upcoming Cap'n Cornstarch at SDCC in the DKE boot next to his BFF, Fat Tony. While Ron recently posted a photo featuring the Cap'n in a seaside scene, we weren't sure if it was of the actual toy. It is... This one is sure to make many sugary cereal fans happy.

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SDCC Flash: Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx -- Hell Lotus

For SDCC, DKE has the pleasure of publicly revealing the upcoming Hell Lotus vinyl figure from Singaporean artist Clogtwo and Singaporean brand Mighty Jaxx. We're impressed with the urban buddhist vision as well as the high-level of execution. Dig the lotus flower seat.

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Luke Chueh's Target @ SDCC

For his legion of fans, Munky King is offering the SDCC exclusive of Luke Chueh's new Target vinyl. As previously mentioned, the SDCC version features Luke's hand-drawn crowned bear tag on the accompanying wall scene accessory. Also shown, is the upcoming regular edition featuring black paint -- on the bullseye and in the paint can.


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SDCC Flash -- Andrew Bell has Worms

Looks like Andrew Bell is about to unleash yet more 'creature(s) in my head'. Spotted at the DKE booth, these wormy creatures may or may not be called Can of Worms. Will followup.

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SDCC Flash: Gary Ham -- Monster Toytem

Gary Ham is giving comic-con goers a sneak peek at his upcoming Monster Toytem, in both color and mono versions. The cleverly named figure set features six stackable beastly vinyl pieces for plenty of re-arrangeable fun. Really looking forward to this one -- great character expressions. Slated for an August Drop.

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SDCC Flash -- Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire


DKE is showing Nathan Hamill's next 2-piece vinyl figure, Strife and Sire. Pulled from Nathan's sketchbook by the discriminating eyes over at 3DRetro, the upcoming release pairs a bat with a skull-o-tpus. Very cool, def our favorite from Mr. Hamill so far.

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Super7 Does Optimus Prime Jumbo Machinder


This news made me very happy, as Super7 have received licensing rights from Hasbro to create their own Drinking Glasses, Designer T-shirts, Vinyl Figures, Art Prints and SUPER SHOGUN JUMBO MACHINDERS based on the Transformers line. That’s right, I said it! Hopefully in the next year we will see an Optimus Prime Jumbo Machinder. That’s 2 feet of fun!

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Futurma Hypnotoad & Simpsons Buddha Homer for Kidrobot @ SDCC


2 of the many mysterious figures Kidrobot has silhouetted have finally been revealed! Here we have Futurama’s Hypnotoad, which is quite a hefty looking piece in person. A figure any Futurama fan would want!


Homer made an appearance at SDCC. This time covered in all gold with his big belly exposed. The Buddha Homer is an SDCC Exclusive and a toy you may regret not getting if you had the chance.

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Cardboard Spaceship @ SDCC


Cardboard Spaceship had the goods when it came to one of our favorite artists, Scribe. They carried the exclusive Clear Green Rumpus resin figure at their booth #5032. Alisa Ross even touched it up by adding a plush Octopus tentacle to the backpack.


They also had available their Zip Hop Zipper Pulls available for sale! At only $3 a blind box, why wouldn’t you pick a whole bunch up?


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Dragatomi @ SDCC


In need of some original, one-of-a-kind, custom designer vinyl toys?! Well the best place for that at SDCC would be the Dragatomi booth. Perhaps one of the brightest collection of SDCC releases in the joint. They had customs from Rsin, Dril One, Leecifer, Brent Nolasco, Paul Kaiju and much more! They also had a ton of exclusive releases as well! The Dragatomi booth #4935 is one you do not want to pass up!


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Philip Lumbang x Dragatomi – Prototype @ SDCC


Not too long ago we posted that Dragatomi would be working with Philip Lumbang to help develop his first vinyl figure, Awesome Bear. We got to see this bear in person at SDCC and we are loving it! We cannot wait to see this piece go into further development.

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Jul 11, 2012

Gargamel for SDCC


Gargamel does not know how to disappoint their fans, as they’ve brought along with them an abundant amount of custom Zags, Miborahs and Deathras, minis, and Megaliths. An hour later we went to check out how things were going at the booth and they were left with only a few customs! Can’t wait to see what else they have planned for the week?


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Jul 10, 2012

5&A Dime & Lulubell Toys Presents: Super Magic Funtime Unit (06.13) *UPDATE*


San Diego’s very own 5&A Dime has been a beacon to a  few toy related events in the past. For example, Jled’s Lava Ringo Release, Wheaty Wheat Studios Showroom, DC Shoes x Unkl Sug Release, and 2 years ago it was the Vinyl Frontier Sneak Peak & Q&A Session. For this years SDCC they have teamed up with Lulubell Toys, as well as Grody Shogun, Paul Kaiju, Veolocitron and friends to put on a special one night event on Friday, July 13th from 7-10PM.

**Update Event Details**
There will be no line ups required for this event. Camping will not be necessary. Just enjoy your day in San Diego and check out the convention. At 7:30PM at 5&A Dime, random numbers will be drawn from a hat and we will have event goers line up according to their number pulled. There will also be beer from Green Flash Brewing Co. and the La Fachada Taco Stand.

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Rotofugi’s SDCC Exclusive S.O.L.E.M. & Helper Dragon Bronze Release


And we had thought Rotofugi had shared everything they possibly could when it came to SDCC releases, but there is indeed more! Above we have the Strawberry Eyescream S.O.L.E.M. figure by Joey Pott’s, which was sculpted by Chris Ryniak and produced by Squibbles Ink. & Rotofugi. This release is Exclusive to SDCC and is cast in a light pink vinyl with dark pink spray and a teal blue eye. They will be up for grabs at the booth #4736 for $60 a pop.


Do you want to leave with the convention with something that has a bit of weight to it. The Rotofugi & Squibbles Ink. booth will have only ONE of the five piece edition run of Tim Biskup’s Bronze Helper Dragon. This piece was designed, sculpted and produced by Tim and stands 5.5” tall. It will be up for grabs for $2,700. Tim will also be signing at the booth on Friday, July 13th from 1-2PM.

Don’t forget about their previous toy announcements HERE, HERE and HERE.


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Scribe x Lightsleepers x Silent Stage – Party Shark T-Shirt Release @ SDCC


Enough about toys, there will be a limited edition ‘Party Shark’ T-shirt available at the Silent Stage booth #4929 during SDCC. This is an SDCC exclusive between Scribe x Lightsleepers x Silent Stage and is limited to 75 pieces for $25 each. They will also be giving out free mixtapes with every Lightsleepers product. They’ve only got 100 available of “KTC meets MF DOOM” one take mix tape, so get em’ while they last.


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Itokin Park for Super Magic Funtime Unit (7.13)


Super Magic Funtime Unit @ 5&A Dime on Friday (7.13, 7-10 PM) during SDCC, will be one of the ‘musts’ for sofubi fans featuring the work of Grody Shogun, Paul Kaiju, Velocitron, and friends.  One of those friends is Itokin Park.  While he won’t be making the trip to SD this year, his customs will.  Fresh from our inbox is a look at Itokin’s custom Crazy Kong and Zombie Prince built out of Grody Shogun figures.  

As is always the case, Kazu has gone the extra mile here.  The Zombie Prince features embedded comics from ‘Mad Monster Party’ – a stop animation movie mash send up from 1967,  which is one of Kazu’s favorites.  And, you’ll also notice alot of custom sculpting including the  Kong helmet (with hand-drawn  Itokin Park mini-stickers), the zombie prince crown,  as well as the mini-necklace items – the lightning bolt, sign and skulls. After the jump you’ll find a full photo gallery featuring closeups of the customs + plenty of sweet work-in-progress shots.


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tokidoki @ SDCC

SilverPorcino MudPorcino SilveTruffle BlueRocker sharpie2

tokidoki will be holding it down at SDCC once again in booth #4731.  They’ll be releasing several toys including the ‘con special Silver Porcino and Silver Truffle (500 pcs, $20), the new Muddy Porcino ($15) and the tokidoki brand exclusive Blue Cactus Rocker (400 pcs, $40).  As a cool enticement, tokidoki will be giving away tokidoki Sharpie pens with purchases of $20 or more – one per customer. In addition to the toys, tokidoki will be releasing new apparel including new tees and hats.  Finally, tokidoki artist  Simone Legno will be signing throughout SDCC.  Be sure to grab a wrist-band for  the daily tokidoki booth signings (limited to 60/day).  The full signing schedule is after the jump.


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Stealth Panda King Heads


Silent Stage has announced more SDCC goodness from Angry Woebots. The Stealth Panda Kings are cast in clear resin for an upscale look.  Limited to 25 pieces (1:5 bloody chase), they will be available from booth #4929 for $60.  In addition, expect the 30” hand-painted panda to be on display with preorders taken (ed. of 10, $1200).

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L’amour Supreme x Itokin Park – Vinyl Baby Huey @ SDCC


We’ve got another L’amour Supreme piece releasing at SDCC for ya! The Baby Huey, Designed by L’amour Supreme and Sculpted by Itokin Park, will be finally making his debut in a lovely black vinyl at the Toy Tokyo booth #5336 during their release on Friday, July 13th at Noon. If you remember, the Baby Huey was last seen two years ago at the Super7 booth as a resin release HERE. Don’t forget about the other goodies L’amour Supreme, along with Mishka and Healeymade will be dropping at SDCC that we last blogged HERE.


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Paul Kaiju for Super Magic Funtime Unit


I had the pleasure of scoping out Paul Kaiju’s laboratory and seeing all of what he has plans for the Super Magic Funtime Unit event at 5&A Dime on Friday, July 13th at 7PM. We finally get to shed some light on the teasers we last posted HERE . Let’s not keep you waiting any longer. After the jump you will see some custom one off Salamander Joe Heads + Masks, Limited run of Boss Carrions, Pollen Kaiser, Salamander Joe, and Mockbats. That’s right! Plural! There will be lots more surprises that can only be seen at Fridays event. Just imagine all of this, plus Grody Shogun, plus Velocitron, plus Skinner and plus Itokin park. Pure MADNESS!


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Grasshut/Gargamel for SDCC


Bwana Spoons has just posted this long list of toy releases for the Gargamel/Grasshut Booth #4739 at SDCC. See something you like? How can you not!? It looks as though everyone will be bringing some heat. Scrappers will also be debuting his new collaborative Hobart figure at SDCC as well! Gargamel was also able to put together a few limited edition runs. All of which can be found after the jump. We also included more Garg custom teasers and some sneak peaks from Bwana. Le Merde, and Kiyoshi will also be working the booth with some rad stuff you’re going to want to leave with. The flier also mentions Grumble Toy on Friday and Josh Barnett on Saturday. Also check out our previous post on Gargamel teasers HERE and Bwana teasers HERE.


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J*Ryu for SDCC


J*Ryu has been busting his rear to be all caught up for SDCC. Challenges such as having a signing at Kidrobot or his recent trip to Singapore did not get in his way to bring you some of his most outstanding customs ever! At the Silent Stage booth #4929 on Saturday, July 14th at 11AM he will be releasing 10 of his ‘Monk Life’ Gazer Busts. They will be sold as blind boxes and will retail $450 each. There is a good chance you may leave with a 1/10 Gold Chase or a 1/10 Onyx Chase.

J*Ryu is also a part of Dragatomi’s Android Blind Box series. He has 5 ‘Invicta’ Androids in the mix, which will go for $80 a box. There will also be a collaborative 10” Labbit with Ryan the Wheelbarrow, dubbed ‘Gothictype’, which will be available for $450.

The Giant Robot booth #4729 will exhibit his Ugly Dolls for the Remix Project. He will have 3 sets available, the Angela & Archimedes (white owl set), Tuesday & Tuscany (blue owl set), Rikkie & Raphael (pink owl set). Those will be available for $380 a set.

And last but not least, J*Ryu will have his 9 custom Omi’s + custom backdrop, ‘Bloom’ at the Munky King booth #4539 for $900.


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