Jul 10, 2012

More Pushead Event Release Shots

IMG_1311 IMG_1364

Kirkland Jue of Toybot Studios has hooked us up with a couple VP Exclusive shots of the SDCC releases for the Pushead Event. How could we not pass up more pictures, as this event will be EPIC! Take a gander and wipe up that drool! Take a look back at out previous post HERE. Shout out to Toybot Studios!

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Leecifer for SDCC


Leecifer has been a busy madman, working up a storm in his studio to gear up for SDCC. He will have a bunch of his customs available at the Dragatomi booth #4935, as well as a signing with Dril One on Saturday, July 14th at 11AM. On display at the Giant Robot booth #1729 will be his custom BatDave figure. Lee will also have a collaborative (with Drils) custom set of Chipsters at Scott Tolleson’s booth #4836. There will also be his custom So-So Happy Qee at the Toy2R booth #5038. Of course he will also have some of his SDCC Exclusive Pink Honoo figures available at the Super7 Booth #4729. This guy is all over the place! More pictures after the jump.


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Dril One x Invisible Creature – Leroy The Destroyer Release @ SDCC


Dril One has teamed up with Invisible Creature to release an SDCC Exclusive custom release at the Dragatomi booth #4935. The limited edition Box set features 1 Custom Invisible Creature Leroy C. figure by Dril One, 1 4”x6” print by Invisible Creature (signed and numbered), 2 Leroy the Destroyer Vinyl Stickers, 1 Leroy the Destroyer Button, 1 set of dogtags. All for the price of $250. They will be available on Thursday, July 12th at 2PM during Dril One’s signing, where he will also be selling a 11”x14” print by Invisible Creature for $25 each. Any leftovers will be available during his other signings on Saturday, July 14th at 11AM and Sunday, July 15th at 1PM.


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Camilla d’Errico @ Munky King for SDCC


Camilla d’Errico will be at the Munky King booth #4539, where she will be rellesing her SDCC exclusive ‘The Dandelio Crown’ Print. She will be signing at the booth on Saturday, July 14th from 3:30-4:30PM. Her print will be available for $100 and is limited to 50 pieces. See the rest of the exclusives and signing schedule HERE.

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Giant Robot Signing Line Up @ SDCC


Here’s a helpful little reminder on when and which artists will be at the Giant Robot booth #1729 for SDCC. You can meet some of your favorites, such as Luke Chueh, Grody Shogun, Touma, David Horvath and Mari Inukai. We also posted about their exclusive releases and Remix Project HERE.

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L’amour Supreme & Mishka for SDCC


L’amour Supreme, Mishka, and Healeymade have some good stuff they will be bringing along with them to the Toy Tokyo booth #5336 for SDCC. Including the new collaboration Dino figure with Healeymade. We also spy one huge Bootleg figure, we cannot forget the Custom Bootleg figure (seen HERE), RxH Necromon and a reverse colorways of the 1st release of MOTUKU. Be sure to find these guys at TT on Friday, July 13th Afternoon. Thank you Instagram!


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Philip Lumbang x Dragatomi – Prototype @ SDCC


Dragatomi has finally spilled the beans on the figure they’ve been teasing everyone with. It is in fact a collaborative piece with Philip Lumbang, which was also sculpted by Chauskoskis. Awesome Bear will be on display at their booth #4935 during SDCC. Be sure to also stop by on Saturday, July 14th from 4-5PM to meet Philip in person!

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Jul 09, 2012

Gary Baseman – Kostopol Warrior Signing @ SDCC


Gary Baseman will be signing his new Kostopol Warrior figure (250 pcs, $120)  from The Loyal Subjects at SDCC.  Kostopol Warrior is the 2nd colorway of Baseman’s Buckingham Warrior.  The signing will take place on Friday July 13th @ 2 PM at the BAIT booth [#4429].  This is Gary’s first signing for his Buckingham Warrior project which was inspired by his family’s personal struggle against Nazi Germany during WWII.

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Dwight-Howard---NBA-by-Coolrain Evirob MINDstyle-x-Disney-Mad-Hatter-Project---Mad-Hatter-by-Ron-English Angel-Stitch---MINDstyle-x-Disney-10th-Lilo-and-Stitch-10-year-anniversary

Incoming lifestyle brand BAIT will make its debut @ SDCC ahead of the opening of its flagship store in Diamond Bar, CA.  For SDCC they’ve got  an impressive list of  toy debuts and exclusives including releases  from MINDstyle, Play Imaginative, Erick Scarecrow, and Coarse.   In fact, here’s a hunch that many ‘want lists’ just got turned upside down. Read on for all the drops.

From  MINDstyle, BAIT will offer pre-releases of the following:the Disney x Ron English Mad Hatter (10”, 300 pcs, $100), Disney x Gary Baseman Toby Dee and Toby Dum (9”, 300 pcs, $125), the 18” Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard NBA x Coolrain figures (300 pcs each, $275), both the Rock Stitch (100 pcs, $125) and Wood Stitch (500 pcs, $125) by Disney x Eric Tan, the 5” Angel Stitch ($30), as well as series 1 of the Disney BasixBeanz mini-figs ($8)featuring classic characters including Mickey, Donald, Goofy, the Seven Dwarves and more.

BAIT will also be releasing two editions of the Devilrobots 4” Evirobs from Play Imaginative ($15), the Clear Purple Wet Maria (48 pcs, $48), and the previously mentioned BAIT x Coarse ‘Fallen’ Bust Sets (10 sets, $2500).


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Bait X Coarse -- ‘Fallen’ Bust Sets


New lifestyle brand BAIT will make its debut at SDCC with a full slate of releases including their exclusive Fallen Bust Sets by Coarse Toys.  Limited to just ten sets, Coarse Fans will recognize the new busts as special editions of the previously released fiberglass Noop and Paw busts.  As the name suggests, the new busts have a gritty, hardened appearance with black splashes throughout. While the original Paw Bust was gray, the Fallen features a sweet olive green Paw with orange nose.   The Fallen Bust set will be available in limited quantity at the BAIT booth [#4429] for $2500.


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3DRetro’s Bart Grin ‘Ron English’ Drop @ SDCC


3DRetro has just announced that they will be debuting the Bart Grin ‘Ron English’ edition figure from Ron English at SDCC. This edition of the new 10” figure, features a blue tee with Ron’s iconic happy face grin graphic.  3DRetro will have 50 pieces (run of 200) for $120 each at their booth [#4734].  Ron will be on-hand for a signing at a still to be announced time.  In case you’re wondering, the standard edition of Bart Grin (w/red shirt) will be available at Toy Tokyo for $120 as well.

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Toybot Studios has some Pushead SDCC Event News!


Kirkland Jue of Toybot Studios has the dish on the exclusive releases and special guest for the Pushead event at the Toy Tokyo booth #5336 during SDCC. He was even lucky enough to snap some of these photos himself. Lucky guy.. The big event will take place on Thursday, July 12th and Pushead has asked along TAKESHIT (Fink Shit) to join in on the fun. Kirkland notes that Pushead was able to have TAKESHIT get his Fink Shit figure out of retirement (after 15 years). This is the very figure that inspired the development of Secret Base. Kirkland also notes that the version being released will be a never released “scar” version that has never seen the light of day!


Pushead has also worked his magic and un-retired the retired SkullBrain figure, to be released as an exclusive ‘Andy’ Edition. This edition features a dark gray & Glow marbled vinyl Grim Skullbrain with a clear gray outer head and skullmantis arms. It also features Scary Andy’s logo on the back.


And that ain’t all! Available will be the cross figure between Pushead and Usugrow, the Rebel Captain. This run features a dark purple & Glow marble vinyl, with a skullpirate’s Eye Tampo on the back.

There will be tons more surprises and customs available at the event. The only way to see is by waiting in line on Thursday, July 12th at Toy Tokyo at 4:20PM. [Via Toybot Studios]


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Jul 08, 2012

Sucklord Update for DKE Toys Release @ SDCC


Here’s a tasty update on all the goodies Sucklord will be bringing to the DKE booth #4728 for Comic Con. All we’ve previously seen were teasers and WIP shots, but here’s the real McCoy. Above is the ‘The Toy Whose Name We Cannot Speak’ figure by Suckacelic, last seen HERE. There will only be 9 of these 5” figures available on Thursday, July 12th at 11AM during his signing for $150 each.


Next up is the ‘Gay Enterprise’ 2 Pack figure set, which feature two familiar faced shirtless gents. They will also be available during the signing at the DKE booth and are limited to 30 pieces and will run you $150


The third release they’ve got going for the signing is ‘Gay Energon’, which are limited to 40 pieces and will run you $125. They stand 3 3/4” tall and come packaged in a blister card.


Unlike the previous releases, Licorice Leslie will be available at DKE beginning on Preview Night. She is limited to 70 pieces and will retail $45.

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Sketchbot V6 Release @ SDCC


Steve Talkowski will debut his new Sketchbot V6 @ SDCC.  The gray figure with marker pen accessory will be available from the Dragatomi booth [#4935] for $35.  Steve will be at the booth on Thursday (7.12) from 11 to 12:30 PM to sign, and will also be bringing iPhone cases and what remains of the  Superdeform Sketchbots ($60) from DesignerCon 2011.


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Turning Characters Into Toys Panel @ SDCC


I Heart Guts have put together this amazing panel that will be taking place on Thursday, July 12th at Room 4 from 6:30-7:30PM at SDCC. The ‘Turning Characters Into Toys’ panel will be a perfect way for all of you indie toy artists to pick up some pointers on the industry. Those joining the panel are Nitin Bhargava (Kidrobot), Shawn Smith(Shawnimals), Dan Goodsell (Mr. Toast), Kerry Horvath and Darth Rimmer (Evil Ice Cream), Dov Kelemer (DKE Toys), Joshua Ben Longo (Longoland), and Kris Schantz (Happy Worker), moderated by Wendy Bryan (I Heart Guts).

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Chris Ryniak – SDCC Exclusive Blue Triple Crown Monster


Rotofugi will unleash  Chris Ryniak’s Triple Crown Monster with a debut SDCC exclusive blue edition.  Created in conjunction with the Triple Crown of Yo Yo, this three-headed beast was sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative and produced by Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink.  TCM is a pretty sweet figure – a monster that proves three heads is better than one and that might makes right.    Limited to 25 pieces, the first Triple Crown Monster will be available from Rotofugi’s booth [#4736] for $85.

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Rotofugi’s Roto-A-Matic Helper Dragon by Tim Biskup @ SDCC


Rotofugi has fixed up their Roto-A-Matic machine to whip up some awesome little Tim Biskup figures, named the Helper Dragon. Unfortunately the machine is down, but they were able to make enough to bring along with them to SDCC. We are crossing their fingers in hopes of their repair guy to have this fixed up and ready to work, so they will have a vast amount of Helper Deragons ready for Comic Con. Each Helper Dragon stands 4.5” tall and will retail $6. Tim Biskup will also be at  their booth #4736 on Friday from 1-2PM


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Scott Wilkowski x DKE – ‘…Of All Ages’ @ SDCC


Here we have another look at what Scott Wilkowski has under his sleeves for his ‘… Of All Ages’ show at the DKE booth #4728 for SDCC. Scott plays around with Ferg’s Misfortune Cat and gives us a look at what he looks like under the skin. They will be released on Thursday, July 12th at 4PM, which is then followed by a signing with Ferg and Scott at 5PM. They will retail $125 each! This just leaves the Mousemask Murphy and the Two-Faced Hazel to be unseen. Stay tuned!

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Kuso Vinyl Signing Schedule for SDCC


Here we have both the times and dates on when you can find some of your favorite artists at the Kuso Vinyl booth #4937. They’ve got Van Beater, Beefy & Co., Rotobox, Jesse Hernandez, kaNO, Martin Hsu and Bigfoot coming through! So be sure to stop by pick something up and meet some of these fine folks!

Thursday, July 12th
12-2PM Van Beater
2:30-3:30PM Beefy & Co.
4-6PM Rotobox

Friday, July 13th
12-2PM Jesse Hernandez
2:30PM-4:30PM kaNO

Saturday,July 14th
12-2PM Rotobox
2-4PM Bigfoot

Sunday, July 15th
12-1PM Martin Hsu

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Rotofugi For SDCC


Rotofugi has just unleashed a barrage of debut and exclusive toy releases at their booth #4736 for the upcoming SDCC. One being the Grim Marshall by 64Colors. Who knew something so sweet could look so evil. The Grim Marshall features a glow in the dark vinyl and will be available for $13 and will soon be available online after the convention. Detailed shots can be seen after the jump.


Want something to hang on your wall? Well Touma, along with Sweet Streets will be releasing a special 16”x20” Goon Poster. The Goon Poster is limited to 50 piece and is printed on archival paper and will be available for $18. Be sure to also catch Touma at the Rotofugi booth on Thursday, July 12th at 11:30AM.


Rotofugi will also be the spot for you to pick up all of your Max Toy Co. goodies! Rotofugi will have 3 of their own exclusive figures, a few Max Toy Co releases and a bunch of customs! Exclusive to Rotofugi are the Mini Kaiju Negora with Big Fish for $50, Lady Darkness for $44 and the unpinated blue Micro Eyezon for $15. Mark Nagata will be at the booth on Thursday, July 12th at 11AM. Take a look after the jump for photos of the rest of the toys Mark will be bringing along with him.


Chris Ryniak’s Snybora will be making an appearance in a GID edition in two variations, an orange spray and a green spray. They will be up for grabs beginning on preview night. You can find yourself spending $33 per figure! More photos after the jump.


64Colors will also be brining in Marshall’s plump little pet companion, Gumdrop. The Bubble Gumdrop is limited to 500 pieces and will be making it’s debut at SDCC. He will be available for $8, which will soon then be released online. Check out more shots after the jump.



Travis Lampe will have the debut release of the “Rinaldo The Fabulous” edition of his Tear Drip vinyl figure. He is a run of 300 pieces and will retail $11 each. You will also be able to find these available on Rotofugi.com after the con.


Don’t you forget about Ferg’s Squadt gohst s003, which we last talked about HERE. There will only be 60 available at the convention, with 20 released on Thursday, 20 on Friday and 20 on Saturday. They will be available for $125 each.



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Jul 07, 2012

Dez Einswell – New Toys, Prints and More @ SDCC

599457_4291405762922_1567465761_n 99f1008ec16911e1ab011231381052c0_7 8e597a2cc85211e1a94522000a1e8aaf_7 b7472d14c17f11e192e91231381b3d7a_7

Judging from his FB and Instagram, Dez Einswell is more than ready for SDCC.  It looks like he’ll be debuting his new Kid Whyno plushes, along with his new Herme figure/sculpture, the Sky Wok-R collabo with J*Ryu, as well as taking pre-orders for his new Kicks Lab Be@rbrick.  Plus, expect several new prints. Quick note on the Sky Wok-R, this is a new version of the Octo Wok-R with mech legs provided by the talented J*Ryu.   All of this can be yours from booth #4929.


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Scribe x Cardboard Spaceship – Clear Green Rumpus @ SDCC

001-282920_3893188600859_520079048_n 001-483933_10151250803110558_2003035611_n

It looks like Cardboard Spaceship  [booth #5032] will be releasing a limited-edition Clear Green Rumpus resin by Scribe at SDCC. Love the color and the spray can accessories.  And… based on a very recent photo from Scribe, it looks like his wife, Alicia Ross, might be providing plush ‘octo’ legs to go along with the piece.  Very cool.  More info as it flows.

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Paul Kaiju Teasers for Super Magic Funtime Unit (07.13)


Lulubell ToysSuper Magic Funtime Unit is looking real good right now! Paul Kaiju has been teasing us with a few shots of what he is currently working on. So far we see some new resin figures, Mockbats, Salamander Joes, the return of some Sally Joe masks and of course a GID Pollen Kaiser! The event at 5&A Dime is something you’re not going to want to miss. More details coming soon!


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Skinner for Super Magic Funtime Unit Event @ 5&A Dime (07.13)


Skinner recently received a huge box filled with toys to paint. We were all curious as to what they were for and we assumed they were for SDCC. As he posted photos of all the customs, he mentioned that these were for the upcoming Super Magic Funtime Unit event that Lulubell Toys and 5&A Dime has put together. Now we know at least one of the “friends” that the flier had mentioned. Stay tuned for more information on the event! More pictures after the jump.


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Giant Robot for SDCC


Giant Robot has a number of amazing things going on at their booth #4729 at this years SDCC. First up is their book signing with Luke Chueh on Thursday, July 12th from 12-2PM. There will also be a FREE Luke Chueh print with every book purchase. Touma will also be at the booth on Saturday, July 14th from 2-3PM.


On Sunday, July 15th at 1PM they will also be having Mari Inukai at the booth, where she will be releasing her new GID Nekomitaina figure. There will also be a free print with each figure purchase!


Giant Robot is also proud to announce the Remix Project, a custom show featuring custom Uglydoll and David Horvath vinyl figures. This show was curated by Giant Robot and Luke Chueh and will feature a number of customs by Luke Chueh, J*Ryu, Angry Woebots, David Horvath, Dehara, Spanky Stokes, 64Colors, Miso, A Little Stranger, Mari Inukai, Dril One, Leecifer, kaNO, Scott Tolleson, and Julie West.


Peter Kato will also have some resin figures available at the booth! Plenty to choose from! Up for grabs will be the SDCC exclusive Turtle Tetsujin, Man-Nie, FrightBite and Kawako resin toys. All reasonably priced from $10-$20 each.



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