Jul 30, 2013

Monster Worship – SDCC Exclusive Online Release (7.31)


Monster Worship released a treasure trove of new sofubi at this year’s SDCC in a one-day, two hour session at the Dragatomi booth.  Collectors lined up and huddled into the booth for a chance to grab the new figures which included the first painted edition of  Jeff Lamm’s Mecha Greasebat, a painted GID Black Heksen,  an MW exclusive Semi Korosiya by Cop A Squat toys,  the Pink Hawaiian  editions of Rottweiler Herpes and Cannibal Fuckface by Johnny Ryan,  and finally the debut of Ryan’s newest figure, Caligulon Priest.  

So what if you missed the SDCC drop?  You’re in luck. Monster Worship will be releasing their remaining SDCC exclusives on Wednesday (7.31) @ 7 PM EDT from their webshop.  Don’t miss out, and be sure to hit the jump for more pics from the SDCC drop.


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Jul 21, 2013

Seen: SDCC ‘13 Pushead Event


For Pushead collectors, Comic-Con Thursday usually brings the artist’s annual event offering untold limited-edition sofubi, hand-painted customs,  prints and more.  For 2013, Pus changed things up with a covert-style Sunday event. 

Unlike previous events, this year brought no public reveal – no dramatic curtain drop.  Instead, Pus invited each person in the ordered queue into a back area at the Toy Tokyo booth to  purchase at his underground-style pop-up shop –- similar to his NYCC setups.

Thanks to Pus, we were able to step into the back and check out the treasure awaiting collectors who were lined up just outside.  In a sweet touch, a section of the store shelves featured unpainted versions of each the toys on offer. As you can see in the wide shot above and the more detailed shots below,  the 2013 selection included a new ‘hydro’ fight figure, a new skull pirate -- salvation ink Patchwerk figure, Avo Nag (head), Fink Shit, Skull Pirates, at least one Cocoroc, several Mecha Gorilla Ju’s  and more. 


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Seen: Coarse x Rotofugi -- ‘Nowhere Far’ During SDCC


When Coarse  began discussing their comic-con plans with Rotofugi, it was decided that a single 10 x 10 booth wouldn’t accommodate the release of not one, but three new limited-edition vinyl sculpture offerings.   Rather than simply moving the release to an external venue , Coarse decided that they would use the opportunity to showcase their current and evolving art with a mini exhibition and celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary  for their collectors and fans to enjoy.  Months of work by both Coarse and Rotofugi, came together on Saturday evening (7.20) with the opening of the one-night only ‘Nowhere Far’ event at the Horton Grand Hotel’s Regal Ballroom, just blocks from the San Diego Convention Center. 

As the line grew outside the venue, Coarse Co-Founders Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, put the final touches on the exhibition in the center of the large room –- adjusting sculptures (previously seen and brand new) just so and then placing the display covers over the pieces which were located under a professional lighting rig.  Drawn from Coarse’s unfolding ‘Souls Gone Mad’ figure series / narrative, many of the sculptures feature various incarnations of The Void, his Omens and Fever.  In addition to the one off resin pieces, the three new vinyl releases [Souls Gone Mad – Ignited (180 sets, $80), Omen – Shine and Omen – Shimmer (180 pcs, $80)] as well as the impressively ambitious ‘The Passage’ diorama style figure set were on display.  Finally, in celebration of a decade of creating their signature figures, Coarse presented updated and refined versions of the sculptures for their  original 12” action sports figures, fluid and flake.

One collectors made their selections which were then bagged up in special Coarse totes, they had the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition as well as have Sven create Omen sketches for them on the spot, which he and Mark both signed.   Known as much for their exacting attention to detail and production quality as for their signature aesthetic, Coarse along with long-time collaborators Rotofugi, delivered a release experience that exceeded the high standards the brand’s collectors have to come to expect and marvel at.  For those that weren’t fortunate enough to make it to the event, watch for news from Rotofugi about an upcoming online release of the three exclusive releases.


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Jul 20, 2013

Seen: Amanda Visell’s ‘Where Eagles Dare’


Amanda Visell opened her ‘Where Eagles Dare’ solo on Friday evening (7.19) @ MRKT, just a few blocks north of SDCC. Amanda’s new collection of original paintings celebrates pop culture (Voltron, Dumbo, Mickey, and more) as well as personal independence despite prevailing societal opinion.  Depicting girls bravely facing danger and incorporating uplifting messages, several of the paintings continue Amanda’s focus on empowerment as seen in her ‘Posters for Girls’, which were also available at the exhibition. 

In addition to the paintings, Amanda showcased her Wood Idols – unique hand-crafted wood sculptures.  While she’s created 55 Idols so far, this is the first time collectors have had a chance to view them in-person –- many (including us) were surprised that the sculptures are quite large; most are 8-10”.   At a reasonable $800, the large Wood Idols are some of Amanda’s most compelling original figures. 

The show also gave toy collectors a chance to check out painted protos of three new collaborative sofubi figures from Itokin Park, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura – Itokin’s astronaut, Michelle’s Robot Girl and Amanda’s beaver in log mobile.


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Jul 19, 2013

Seen: Munky King -- SDCC Party + Art Battle


On Thursday, almost everyone’s after comic-con plans revolved around Munky King’s annual party at Basic bar + urban kitchen – just a few blocks form the convention center.  This year’s event drew a large crowd which filled the venue and completely packed the live art area.  While MK usually showcases live painting from a few artists, they flipped things up by presenting the Versus Art Battle featuring six 2-man artist teams competing for the title of Versus Art Champions.   Moderated by John Stokes of Spankystokes, the battle was split into two rounds pitting the teams of Food One and Mike Huddleston, Angry Woebots and Dez Einswell, Jerome Lu and Podgy Panda, Deph and Rocom, Martin Hsu and Jeremiah Ketner, Gmonik and Jorge Gutierrez against one another.   The new format proved quite popular, with standing room only for most of the evening.  While we left around midnight  to rock out a few posts  before the winner was chosen, MK has announced that the team of Deph and Rocom was declared  champions by the crowd and received championship belts for their triumph. Congrats!



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Jul 18, 2013

Seen: Toybreak's SDCC Indie Toy Panel

Toybreak has put together an Indie Toy Panel to shed light on what's involved in making toys in the small scale. Moderated by Ayleen Gaspar, the panel features Scott Tolleson, George Gaspar (October Toys), Jay Garcia (Mana Studios), and Eric Cornboy Mase. Hit the break for pics from the panel.


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SDCC Flash: Metacrypt's Shub Zeroth @ Lulubell

Gearing up for their signing at Lulubell (#5045), Metacrypt is showing their two new release edition Shub Zeroth figures (black and neon green) as well as a Blobpus hand-painted piece (edition to come?) and a sweet off white + black test.


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ForTheFunkOfIt -- Bob Dob’s Wil the Mousketeer’

Daniel Rolnik recently dropped by Bob Dob’s studio to learn more about his new vinyl figure, Wil the Mouseketeer produced by 3DRetro.  As you may know, the figure is Bob’s take on The not-so-sucessfull Yippie invasion of Disneyland.  Additional Mouseketeer figures are shown on the video but humorously pixelated out. If you’re at SDCC, Bob’s new figure is available from 3dRetro [#5051].

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Toy Break – SDCC Indie Toy Secrets Panel (7.18)


Toy Break has put together an ‘Indie Toy Secrets’ panel for SDCC, ideal for looking to become part of the wave of indie, artist-owned toy projects.  The panel will feature The H. Eric ‘Cornboy’ Mayse of The Four Horseman, Scott Tolleson of Stolle Art, Jay Garcia of Mana Studios, and George Gaspar of October Toys. Moderated by Ayleen Gaspar of Toy Break, the indie secrets panel will be hold on Thursday (7.18) from 8 to 9 PM in Room 32AB.

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Buff Monster’s Resin Tsunami Hits SDCC


Buff Monster is in town for Comic-Con and he’s brought a resin army with him.  He’s releasing several resin heads including the brand-new devil head in pink (small run, $20), a set of three heads featuring the regular head and zombie variant in black resin + purple glitter and a crystal clear skull (small run, $55 per set), and two stand-alone GID heads – regular and zombie (small run, $20 each).  In addition to the ice cream resin heads, Buff will release two new editions of his Double Heather Cheap Toy – Frosted Clear and gloss pink with glitter (small run, $15 each).  All of these resin releases will be available during a signing on Friday (7.19, 1-3 PM) at Toy Tokyo (#5337) featuring L’Amour Supreme, Greg Mishka and Buff.

Finally, Buff has brought along several sweet hand-painted custom resin heads.  If you want one of these, track him down at the show and buy the customs directly from him.


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SDCC Flash – BAIT Exclusive KR Shin Akuma + Jesse Hernandez Tee


BAIT’s exclusive Shin Akuma figure ($15) from Kidrobot proved to be one of the most popular drops on preview night.  To celebrate the release, Jesse Hernandez created a special Shin Akuma Tee for BAIT.  It’s available in both a standard white edition and a special black edition which is part of an Akuma shirt + toy set ($35). 


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SDCC Flash – Sylvan Prototype by Gary Ham


Alongside brand-new Wooper Loopers, his awesome Monster Toytems, and the oh-so-cool Hermes Plush (w/Lana Crooks), Gary Ham is showing his hand-painted proto of his next vinyl toy – Sylvan.  This woodland creature carries over some of the DNA of the Hermes vinyl, in particular the 2.5D aesthetic. Check it all out in booth #5139.

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SDCC Flash: Rotobox x Kuso Vinyl – Minicel Figures


Here’s a quick look at the brand-new minicel figures from Rotobox and Kuso Vinyl.  The blind-boxed series features four designs – mini celsius, mini Fahrenheit (right side) and the two chase versions (on the left).   Get ‘em at SDCC from Kuso [#5642].

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De Korner x Frank Kozik – Exclusive Yellow Mini Mao Bust at SDCC (7.18)


Psssst. De Korner will release their exclusive Yellow Mini Mao Bust by Frank Kozik  at SDCC on Thursday (7.18) from 3 to 4 PM at booth #4632 for $60. Limited to 50 pieces, the bust will also be available online shortly after the comic-con release at dekorner.bigcartel.com.

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SDCC 2013: Preview Night Overview


SDCC!  Preview night has come and gone – three hours zips right by.  Here’s a quick look at some of the artists, industry insiders, and friends we caught up with while gawking at new toys.  In terms of trends, there’s no denying the strong draw of pop-culture properties. The largest line-ups in the vinyl section were for S7’s Prototype ReAction Alien figures, Kidrobot’s Marvel Labbits and BAIT’s Shin Akuma exclusive.  Enjoy these quick snaps – more to come shortly.


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Jul 16, 2013

tokidoki at SDCC – Comic-Corno Release, Mad Barbarians Collabo Tees and more


tokidoki has alot of new product in store for SDCC including the brand-new Comic-Corno vinyl figure (5”, $30), as well as several new t-shirts including several crossover designs with Street Fighter, Mad Barbarians, Stoopid Monkey and new Sol Republic Headphone band / draw string bag.  In addition, the just released Unicorno Frenzies ($6) will be available as well.  Simone Legno will be signing Thursday through Friday (7.18 1:30 –3:30 @ tokidoki [#5145], 7.19 4:00 – 6:00 PM @ Toy Tokyo, 7.20 1:30 – 3:30 @ tokidoki and 7.21 1:30-3:300 @ tokidoki).  Each signing session  is limited to 60 people each – wrist bands will be passed out each morning.  In addition, Simone will be signing with Seth Green & Matt Senreich of Stoopid Monkey on Friday (7.19) from 11 AM to 1 PM @ the tokidoki booth [#5145].

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Mad Barbarians are Coming to SDCC


We’re happy to report that Japanese artists Mad Barbarians are going to be at SDCC this year, their first visit in quite awhile.  They’ll be signing at the Toy Tokyo booth [#5337] on Saturday (7.20) from 2 to 3 PM in conjunction with the release of their Hello Kitty toy charms and poster and at tokidoki [#5145] on Sunday (7.21) from 1:30 – 3:30 to celebrate the release of their collabo tees.


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Coarse x Rotofugi -- ‘Nowhere Far’ Pop-Up Exhibit and Vinyl Release (7.20)


What are your plans for Saturday Night at SDCC ?  If you’re a Coarse Fan, you’ll definitely want to drop by the Horton Grand Hotel – Regal Ballroom for their just announced, one-night only ‘Nowhere Far’ pop-up exhibition and release in conjunction with Rotofugi.   Both Coarse founders, Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, will be on hand for the event which will feature an exhibition several coarse originals available for purchase, as well as the release of three vinyl sculptures. 

Head lining the glow-themed vinyl releases is the Souls Gone Mad – Ignited figure set which features Fever in his pajama pants, one Omen Nightgleam and one c-o-a-r-s-e glowing cube.  Limited to 180 pieces, the set will be available at the exhibit for $180 (includes tax) – one per person.  Coarse will also release two additional Omen figures, Omen–Shine and Omen-Shimmer.  Both are limited to 180 pieces and will be available for $80 each (includes tax).  Both of the stand-alone Omens carry the glow theme with GID eyes.

Coarse x Rotofugi || ‘Nowhere Far’
Saturday July 20th (7-10 PM)

Horton Grand Hotel – Regal Ballroom (enter on 3rd avenue)
311 Island Ave
San Diego

From the San Diego Convention Center, walk north on 5th Avenue to J Street and turn left, continue to 3rd Avenue and turn right; the Regal Ballroom will be on the right approximately 3/4 of a block north.



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Jul 15, 2013

Paul Kaiju and 5&A Dime Presents: Time Funnel (07.20)


A lot of you have been wondering where and when is Paul Kaiju going to have his toy release during SDCC? Well wonder no more! The fine folks of 5&A Dime will once again be hosting the off-site release event titled, “Time Funnel”. The event will begin with ticket hand outs at 6PM and then numbers being called at 7PM. With the silhouette be an indication of the long awaited debut release of the King Jinx DX? Let’s cross our fingers! See you there on Saturday, July 20th.

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Dragatomi SDCC Custom Blind Box Series: Android Vs. Dunny


For the last few years, Dragatomi has been putting together a special custom blind box release for their booth #5350. One year its been custom Android blindbox series and another year its was a custom Dunny blindbox series. This year it’s both! Presenting the Android Vs. Dunny Blind Box series, which features customs from:

Kat Brunnegraff, Valley Dweller, JC Rivera, D-LuxSneaky Raccoon, Tasha Zimich, Podgy Panda. JFury, Zam, Task One, Scott Tolleson, Button Eyes Toys, DrilOne, Leecifer, Jay222, Mikie Graham, Mike Die, Ardabus Rubber, Spanky StokesJ*RYU, Jeremiah Ketner, Jerome Lu, and Malo April.

Each artist got their hands on 3 Android figures and 3 Dunny figures to customize. You have the choice of choosing an Android BB or a Dunny BB, or you can even settle for both at $80 each. For every first 5 blindbox customer who purchases one of each blindboxes, they will receive a free referee figure by Jay222. That will only occur on Wednesday through Saturday.


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Frank Kozik x 3DRetro x Blackbook Toy – Exclusive GID ‘A Clockwork Carrot’


As part of the massive comic-con lineup, 3DRetro will release its exclusive GID edition of Frank Kozik’s ‘A Clockwork Carrot’.  Produced by Blackbook Toy in Japan, this edition is limited to 50 pieces and features the painted details of the OG edition on a GID body.  It will be available for $140 at the 3DRetro / Kozik booth (#5051).   Frank will be signing at the booth throughout the convention (except Sunday).

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3DRetro x Retro Outlaw – Evel Fett Boba Edition


3DRetro will release their exclusive Boba Edition of Retro Outlaw’s Evel Fett Vinyl for Comic-Con.  Limited to 200 pieces, the Boba edition of the galactic bounty hunter and daredevil mashup stands 12+” tall and features a removable cape and ‘swagger’ stick.  It will be available for $120 from the 3DRetro/Kozik booth [#5051].  Evel Fett fans will also want to check out the red, white and blue edition over at Retro Outlaw’s booth [#929]

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Reactor-88’s Totem Mellow Custom for SDCC


Reactor-88 (Ryan Crippen) won’t be at SDCC this year, but fans and collectors of his work will want to check out new Totem Mellow at the Dragatomi Booth (#5350). For his custom of Chris Lee’s Mellow figure (2007), Ryan went with his signature Totem style but changed things up with an unusual palette of red, green, brown and black. 


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Brandt Peters x Kathie Olivas x Cardboard Spaceship – Blank Wandering Misfits for SDCC


Over the past few months, we’ve been bringing you news of the upcoming Wandering Misfits mini-series featuring a large number of characters from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas (11 total ?). Having seen the detailed sculpts,  the question on everybody’s lips is ‘when?’. The answer is SDCC – at least for the first taste.  Cardboard Spaceship will release blind-boxed blank (white) Wandering Misfits at their booth (#5346) and Brandt Peters will be sketching and signing from 2 to 3 PM at the booth on Saturday (7.20).  Due to limited quantities, the blank Wandering Misfits will be limited to 2 per person.



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Andrew Bell x mphlabs -- ‘Clear Envy’ Dealmaker @ SDCC


Andrew Bell will release his brand-new ‘Clear Envy’ Dealmaker sofubi edition at Comic-Con.  Produced by mphlabs, featuring yellowish green and white sprays on a clear translucent green base vinyl, this is the second colorway of Andrew’s wily devil produced by mphlabs and manufactured right here in the USA by Veracious Vinyl.    The new Dealmaker will be available daily in limited quantities throughout the ‘con from the Dumbrella booth [#1335] for $35 each.   After the jump, take a look at all of the toys AB is bringing to SDCC including a full body shot of the new Dealmaker and his new Blueblood Can of Worms.


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