Jul 19, 2017

10th Annual Munky King SDCC Party (7.20)


Were you worried?  Ok, we were sweating it just a bit.  Have no fear though, the legend is back!  That’s right, Munky King is once again hosting their infamous SDCC Party on Thursday (7.20) at Basic.  Turns out this is the 10th anniversary edition—times does fly.  A decade of pizza, beer and amazing art—an essential part of the SDCC experience. 

This year the festivities will include live art followed by a silent art auction.  The artist lineup includes KMNDZ, Ekundayo, Luke Chueh, Jesse Hernandez, Juan Muniz, Frank Kozik, Rocom, Woes, and NC Winters.  

Munky King 10th Annual SDCC Party
Thursday, July 20th 2017 (9PM to 1 AM)

BASIC urban kitchen + bar
410 10th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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Luke Chueh x Munky King x Tiny Giants -- ‘Grief Encounters’ Animation


It’s true! Luke’s Bear is making the jump to the screen with the upcoming Grief Encounters animation project—perhaps a series of shorts—done in collaboration with Munky King and Tiny Giants. So far, MK has released a fun teaser showing the bear trudging along the street with a bucket of paint… There’s also a still of the bear in front of a firing squad.  Definitely seems like a tale of ups (hah!) and downs (yep) for our favorite bear. 


What else do we know?  MK has announced a Grief Encounters scavengers hunt for SDCC and also that the launch is set for 7.20. We’re pretty sure the launch is for the Kickstarter campaign to make the dream a reality.  If you’re going down to SD, you’ll definitely want to drop by MK’s booth [#4851]. 

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Rotofugi: SDCC Releases

unnamed (2)

Rotofugi will once again be making the trip from Chicago to San Diego for SDCC—great news for toy collectors.  This year’s booth [#5428]  will feature new vinyl releases from Chris Ryniak, Ferg, and this year’s featured guest artists: Nick and Lindsay DiFabbio of Cherry Moth Cake.

unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

From Chris Ryniak comes a trio of GID Figgle Bits (300 pcs/character, $14)  and the previously mentioned Synbora Stark Edition (20 pcs, $38).  In addition, Rotofugi will have a limited supply of blank Snyboras on hand for your customizing needs.

unnamed (1) unnamed

If soft vinyl finger puppet toys are your thing, Rotofugi has you covered with both the brand new Ghost Eye figures (eds. of 35, $15) from Cherry Moth Cake as well as a trio of Ferg’s A Little Miss Fortune figures (eds. of 50, $15).

unnamed (6)unnamed (5) unnamed (7) 

Cherry Moth Cake has several enticing self-produced releases lined up for SDCC.  On the toy side, there’s the future-meets-monster Visor Girl resin sculpted and cast by OttoWerx (10 pcs avail, $250) and the trippy blind-bagged Ghost Tank Micro resins ($10). Nick and Lindsay are known for their crazy enamel pins and we can definitely see why.  They’ll have blind-bagged Jumpman pins (135 pcs) with five chase Ghost Tanks worked into the mix -- $24 each.

Customs?  Definitely. Rotofugi will have customs from Mark Nagata and Jeremiah Ketner (view) .  Be sure to drop by the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi & Friends booth [#5428] to check out all the releases and chat with the kind folks behind the tables—Joe and either Whitney or Kirby.

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Jul 18, 2017

Jeremiah Ketner – SDCC Custom Gumdrops and Uamous

unnamed (9)

As is somewhat of a tradition, Jeremiah Ketner has worked his magic on a new collection of custom toys for release at SDCC via The Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi and Friends booth (#5248). This year he’s turned his attention to the Gumdrop figures from 64 colors as well as the regular Uamou and Manekineko Uamou vinyls. Featuring his vibrant palette and signature nature-centric kawaii style, each custom is  available for $135-$165—don’t sleep on these.

unnamed (10)unnamed (8)

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RCNSTRCT Studios x MINDstyle x Black Seed Toys – SDCC Exclusive Yu Shou Long

BlackSeed xSFBi

Kenneth Tang’s (Black Seed Toys) Yu Shou Long has taken the sofubi world by storm with sold out release after sold out release.   In collaboration with RCNSTRCT Studios and  MINDstyle the extremely popular two-headed dragon/temple hybrid figure will be released in an SDCC exclusive edition featuring a vibrant red+blue design. Limited to just 40 pieces, the SDCC Exclusive Yu Shou Long ($300) will be released at the MINDstyle booth [#4845] via daily lotteries. 

Part of MINDstyle’s 10th Anniversary celebration, the exclusive will be released alongside the launch of the brand’s new SFBi Originals line featuring artist figures inspired by Japanese ‘sofubi’ from Secret Base, Ron English and more. Check out our post on SFBi Originals for a sneak peek of upcoming releases.  

BlackSeed x SFBi2 BlackSeed x SFBi3

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3DRetro – King Gordo Old Time Ed. by Jim McKenzie


3DRetro will release the King Gordo Old Time edition by Jim McKenzie at their SDCC booth [#5250]. Limited to 100 pieces, the grayscale rendition of the popular new art toy will be available for $45.  Jim will be signing on Friday (7.21) from 1 to 3 PM.

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Cardboard Spaceship at SDCC: Thimblebugs from Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak


The Thimblebugs are coming.  That’s right, Cardboard Spaceship (booth #5638) will release the new Edison and Weebeetle resins (l to r, above)  at SDCC in debut light blue editions, respectively  from  Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak.  The newest inhabitants of Thimblestump Hollow will be joined by the previously announced SDCC Slumbergummpy vinyl mini.

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MINDstyle Launches SFBi Originals at SDCC


MINDstyle will celebrate its 10th Anniversary with the launch of its new SFBi Originals brand inspired by vintage Japanese ‘sofubi’ toys.  The line features a talented roster including: RCNSTRCT Studio, Secret Base, Three Tides Tattoo, Mark Dean Veca, Ron English, Madsteez, Rob Prior, Jeremyville, Mark Bode and  Michael Lau. SFBi Originals will release its debut exclusive and limited-edition soft vinyl figures at the MINDstyle booth [#4845].

In addition to their SDCC booth, MINDstyle and Pop Life are also presenting Ron English’s Make America GRIN Again tour at Luce Loft (7.19 – 7.23).

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Woot Bear – SDCC Exclusives from Scott Wilkowski x Uamo and Dave Bondi


Woot Bear will several exclusives at SDCC on Friday (7.21) with a fun booth takeover from 12-2 PM at Hyperactive Monkey [#5624].  They’ll be releasing the Resin Master Uamou collabo figures from Scott Wilkowski and Uamou.  These feature Wilkowski’s signature double-pour technique with a brand-new Uamou skeleton sculpt.  These will be available in five sets of color combinations handpicked by Scott--each colorway limited to just 20 pieces. In addition to the comic-con drop, Woot Bear will release the Uamou figures online from their website on Saturday (7.22) at 12 PM.

FullSizeRenderIMG_4843 IMG_4950 

Woot Bear will also release  Bondi The Woot – Debutante Edition (3.5”, 8 pcs)  at the booth.  Dave Bondi’s take on the store’s mascot features a stylish sculpt cast in super clear resin and a light-up base. It appears that the head features curved sculpt lines that flow seamlessly from the ears to the face—worth a double or triple take.  Nicely done.


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Andrew Bell at SDCC – Single Servings, Andy and More!


Andrew Bell will be throwing down at SDCC in his customary Dumbrella digs (#1335) on the far side of the convention center.  It’ll be more than worth the stroll though.  Toys and more delicious toys.

Let’s start with a bit of a surprise.  Andy ($12).  This new  4” Android-inspired figure with a fun, wavy body will be at the ‘con in limited early release quantities.  As cool as Andy is by himself, he also comes with a phone accessory complete with emoji sticker sheet for customization.  Because. Awesome.


Speaking of Android, there’s also the Summer 2017 Special Edition Android ($10) with a fun Watermelon design.  The sweet design features a translucent red body and a rind head.


Perhaps you’re looking for something, oh I don’t know, a bit more… bite sized.  O-No Food Company has you covered with the new Single Servings keychain series which will be available at SDCC as a sneak peak release.


Rounding out the art toys, Andrew Bell will also release a brand-new batch of Pet Food resins. These are a steel at $80.  He’ll also have one each of his framed moth sculptures—Midnight(black, $150) and Memories Lost (bronze, $250).


Andrew will also have several new stickers and enamel pins a s well a nice selection  of tees, prints, and more.   All of this (and more) will be waiting for you at the Dumbrella booth [#1335].  We’ve omitted just a few pics, so if you want the full monty, head on over to Andrew’s official preview page.

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Jul 17, 2017

Warner Brothers x Funko – Marvin the Martian: Space Clones Custom Show for SDCC


Marvin the Martian fans (and who isn’t ?) will want to be sure to drop by the Funko Pop Up Shop at the Funko SD offices during SDCC (7.20-7.23).  Warner Brothers and Funko have collaborated on a custom art show featuring artist customs of the 9” DIY Space Clones Mega Dorbz vinyl of our favorite Martian. A quick browse on IG revealed a diverse group of artists with a few names well known to art toy fans—Sket One (above) and Shiffa, at least one comic book superstar—Jim Lee, and a nice selection of artists from various backgrounds including Karol Banach, Mel Copes, Shamsia Hassani, Sonny Liew, Kristen Liu-Wong, Love Each Other, Nikkiciri, Kerby Rosanes, Gustavo Rimada, Vivian Ritter,Marc Sandoval, Sonny Boy, Turan (@sonertattooer) and Tasya van Ree.

Hit the jump for a quick preview of the pieces we spotted.   The Space Clones customs will be auctioned off to benefit CalArts’ scholarship programs.   

The show fits nicely into the cartoon-centric Funko Pop Up which will feature a large number of exclusives including Pop! versions of Marvin and Duck Dodgers. For more info, check out the Funko Blog which breaks down the exclusive action: part one and part two.

Ah yes, now we come to THE question… Will Space Clones be released as a DIY vinyl after the show?  No definitive answer yet, but seems quite possible.

Funko Pop Up Shop
448 West Market Street  (across from the Grand Hyatt Manchester)

Thursday-Sunday (July 20-23)


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Ron English – ‘Make America GRIN Again’ Pop-Up During SDCC Weekend (7.19 – 7.22)

Donald T Rich Grin

Ron English will begin his brand-new Make America GRIN Again tour with a Pop-Up exhibition and shop at Luce Loft in San Diego—an easy walk from the convention center—during SDCC weekend (7.19 – 7.22).  The event will feature art work and editions from Ron English as well as fellow artists Mark Dean Veca, Rob Prior, Madsteez, and Jeremyville.

The Pop-Up shop will feature the debut of Ron English’s eagerly awaited Donald T. Rich Grin vinyl figure in both standard and Black Light Magic editions.  Collectors who purchase a Donald T. Rich item will receive a free 11x17” comic book cover poster. The Pop-Up will also be stocked with the full range of exclusive figures and goods from  Ron’s East Meets West Asia tour.  In addition to toys and products from Ron English, event will also feature secret drops from Mark Dean Veca, Madsteez, Rob Prior and Jeremyville.

This is the perfect opportunity to meet Ron English and perhaps chat with him about Popaganda.  He will be signing at the loft on Wednesday (7.19) from Noon to 2 PM and on Thursday through Saturday (7.20-7.22) from 3 PM to 5 PM.

The multi-layered event will also feature the debut of Pop Life’s brand-new SFBi Originals brand of toys inspired by vintage Japanese soft vinyl toys—sofubi. Exclusives from several of the artists from the brand’s extensive roster will be released in very limited numbers at the Pop-Up beginning on Wednesday (7.19).  There will also be daily raffles for SFBI Originals figures—no purchase necessary.

Donald T Rich Donald T Rich Cover final_1_


Make America Grin Again: Ron English's Popaganda Pop-Up
Wednesday – Saturday (7.19-7.22)  11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Friends and Family VIP Party (Invite Only): Thursday (7.20) at 7 PM.

Luce Loft
1037 J Street @ 10th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

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Jul 16, 2017

Jermaine Rogers at SDCC – A New Treasure Trove of Toys


Perhaps somewhere known only to the Dero, Jermaine Rogers has stashed away a toy chest full of figures, waiting for their time in the sun.  For SDCC, he’s cracked the chest wide open with at least five new art toy releases dropping from his booth [#4532].


Let’s start with Veil.  There are two new Veil: Specimen #72 editions-–Dero Skin (125 pcs) and Shadow (300 pcs). In addition, there’s the wild new Veil: East (10”, 500 pcs). The panda-esque new figure appears to feature a Specimen #72 head and body with newly sculpted arms—a great addition the new Veil family.


Jermaine will also release a new edition of Dero CreepingSpectre (50 pcs) features super clear resin with lime green GID resin swirled throughout.  It looks fresh in regular light, and downright ghostly or is that ghastly in the dark.


beLIEve—a new resin sculpt will make it’s debut at SDCC as well.  All we have so far is a teaser featuring a demon-like, four-fingered hand. Very interesting.  No word if this will see a release at Comic-Con or will be display-only with a release in the future.


For something completely different, Mr. Rogers has collaborated with the mad geniuses over at Special Ed. Toys on The Candyman resin action figure—an homage to Gene Wilder’s turn as Willy Wonka. This one will be released in limited quantities each day (7.19 – 7.23) in both a regular painted edition (50 pcs) and a Grape edition cast in translucent purple (25 pcs).


In addition to the new army of toys, there are also new pins! T here’s Dero Trance available in both standard and shadow variants.  If you’re looking to make a splash, there’s also the Aleppin Sane Glam edition featuring a speckled, silver/gray design. All of this goodness will be available at Jermaine’s booth [#4532].

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Jul 14, 2017

Super7’s Skeletor’s Lair & UNKLE Pop-Up Shop

unnamed (4)

From the booth to their San Diego Store, they got more exclusives for you that don’t even require a badge! Bringing back Amanda Visell, comes a She-Ra resin figure, which is hand-casted, hand-sculpted and hand-painted! This figure stands 7” tall and will go great with the He-Man and Skeletor Resin figures from Skeletor’s Lair 2 years ago! Did you miss out on those? Well They will also have a limited edition GID Version of those exact resin figures. All retail $120 each.

unnamed (3) unnamed (5)


More MOTU Vinyl! Check out the newest colorways of their Japanese Soft Vinyl Red Skeletor and GID Beastman Figures. These will retail $65 each.

PromoJuly_SecondWeek2017_parko PromoJuly_SecondWeek2017_parko 

Making their debut at the Skeletor’s Lair are the Micro He-Man and Skeletor sofubi figures. They will be available in a black and red vinyl, each retailing $10 each.

unnamed (2)

And last up for their MOTU Items is the Mini-Comic variant Trap Jaw figure, which will retail $15 a piece.

Promo7.13-11 unnamed unnamed (1)Promo7.13-08 Promo7.13-07

We recently announced the exclusive Super7 x UNKLE Collab  (HERE). They will be completing the collection with some awesome apparel! These will also be available at the UNKLE pop-up shop from Saturday to Sunday at their San Diego Store Location!

Super7 San Diego
701 8th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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Super7 San Diego Comic-Con Update!


Super7 just shared a couple more newsletters to share what else they have in store for SDCC weekend, which is less than a week away! Let’s start with their booth #4945 goods, which includes some Japanese vinyl!

A trio of micros make their way in a beautiful translucent green vinyl. That trio being the Caveman Dino, Wing Kong and Bat Boy! Each figure will retail $10 each.

Promo7.13-05 Promo7.13-06Promo7.13-03 Promo7.13-04

Rolling in is the newest colorway of Invisible Creature’s Colonel Stinson in a glow in the dark vinyl for $65.

From the imagination of Joshua Herbolsheimer, comes a new colorway of his Caveman Dino, dubbed the Furious Fossil for $35.

Super7 and Secret-Base collaborate once again to release the all new Metallic Mayhem Blue Alien Queen for $65.

Last but not least for vinyl is another Secret-Base collab with none other than Steve Caballero. The Black Cab Dragon will be available at the booth for $45.


Not only will they be debuting the Worst M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, but of course you gotta get some of the ReAction Figures. What better place to release the Stars Worst figures, which pay an homage to Star Wars. Each figure will retail $15 with option to purchase them individually!


And last up for their booth is the debut release of the ALIENS M.U.S.C.L.E figures! There will be 5 different packs to choose from at $6 each.

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Jul 13, 2017

Flatt Bonnie x Giant Robot–SDCC Exclusive Baby Unicorn as WonderCorn


Flat Bonnie will once again have a special limited edition plush available at the Giant Robot booth #1729 during this years San Diego Comic-Con. This years exclusive is the Baby Unicorn who is cosplaying as WonderCorn! You can find this heroic wonder available for only $20 a piece. The Baby Unicorn measures 4.5” x 4.5” and it comes with a special GR/Comic-Con signed and numbered hang tag. If you cannot make it your way to SDCC, Flat Bonnie has a very limited number of them available on her website HERE.

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De Korner at SDCC: Exclusive Boxing Brain + New Pins


De Korner will release several SDCC exclusives at their booth [#5249]. First up is  a special Mini Boxing Brain set (50 sets, $60) by Ron English and ToyQube featuring a black + gold left glove and a purple + green right glove.

If you love pins, De Korner has you covered with four new enamel masterpieces: Boba (100 pcs, $10) by MaloWrx, Blinky Exposed (50 pcs, $10) by Pirate RobotCrazy Vs. Batty (100 pcs, $10) by David Baker x Stoops, and last but certainly not least,  Plumber’s Pride De Korner Edition—spreading sunshine far and wide—by APpins x Double G Toys.

In addition to the exclusives, De Korner will have their usual selection of previously released figures from Kidrobot, 3A, Hot Toys and more as well as some hard-to-find pieces.  heck it all out at booth #5249.

image4 image5

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Jul 12, 2017

UNKLE x Super 7 25th Anniversary Action Figures (7.22-7.23)

Super7 has been teasing their upcoming collaboration with UNKLE, set to drop at a special two-day event at their San Diego location (7.22-7.23).  Thanks to a nice Hypebeast article we now know that the mysterious project is actually an UNKLE action figure and record combo packaged inside a  matching Pointman clamshell—part of UNKLE’s 25th anniversary.  Very nice. 

As Hypebeast mentions, the design of the new figure is based on the OG figures released by Mo’Wax  in support of UNKLE’s 1998 debut album, Psyence Fiction. The original figures were designed by Ben Drury based on Futura’s signature Pointman character.  The new figures will be released in three colorways-–pink camo, green camo, and blue camo.  As you can see the sculpt is very close to the 1998 designs, with perhaps a bit more style and flair.  Pointman now has a subtle facial expression, his gear is slightly reworked, and the differing arm lengths are more exaggerated.  As with the OG figures, the new figures come with a clear stand—doubling as a capsule-style record—in order to display the feetless figures. Each figure comes with a different vinyl single: Pink-The Road, Blue-Nowhere to Run and Green-Looking for the Rain.

The UNKLE x Super7 Action Figures will be limited to 500 pieces in each colorway and will be available for $50 each at the UNKLE event at Super7 San Diego (7.22 – 7.23).  The new figures look great, have a nice backstory, and would be a nice compliment to the later Medicom produced UNKLE toys. 

http-%2F%2Fhypebeast.com%2Fimage%2F2017%2F07%2Fsuper7-Unkle-25-year-anniversary-2 http-%2F%2Fhypebeast.com%2Fimage%2F2017%2F07%2Fsuper7-Unkle-25-year-anniversary-4 http-%2F%2Fhypebeast.com%2Fimage%2F2017%2F07%2Fsuper7-Unkle-25-year-anniversary-3 tmpVIatvH.jpg.580x580_q85

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Jul 11, 2017

DKE SDCC Exclusives Announced So Far

unnamed (9)unnamed (10)

DKE is the go-to source for bootleg/art action figures at San Diego Comic-Con.  From  the exclusives they’ve announced so far, that well-served reputation will continue to grow with carded treasures appealing to Star Wars collectors and art collectors looking for edgy, humorous, gotta see it to believe it toys.  Here’s our roundup (read: catchup) post of all the goodness that DKE has announced to-date that will be available at their SDCC booth (#5045).

Let’s start with two releases from artists new to the world of art action figures.  First up is Santo Vader (30 s/n pcs, $100) by Carlos Ramirez formerly of the renowned Date Famers art collective. From the eclectic sculpt to the the color scheme, the new toy fits seamlessly into the Date Farmers  art style.   On the lighter side of things, The Great Showdowns (50 s/n pcs, $100) 2-pack brings us illustrator Scott C.’s  take on Ghostbusters in his signature infectious, sketchy style.

unnamed (1)unnamed (2) unnamed

Moving on, DKE will also release a trio of new figures from  RYCA which showcase the range of his growing body of bootleg action figure art, from the socially-conscious I Am a Man (30 s/n pcs, $55) to the Art Trooper Series: Haring (65 s/n pcs, $55) and the blinged-out Wampapi (25 s/n pcs, $80).

unnamed (11)unnamed (3)unnamed (7)  unnamed (6) unnamed (4)unnamed (5)

While the bootleg art toy game continues to diversify, the most popular inspiration for figure riffs is Star Wars.  As with past years, DKE will have plenty to satisfy those eager to walk on the alternate side of the Lucas galaxy.  On the Light Side of the Force, there’s R2-DPoo (40 s/n pieces, $45) by Random Skull Productions and YoClops (50 s/n pieces, $55) from Little Lazies.  On the Dark Side, there’s Muckuss (30 s/n pcs, $65) by Credenda StudiosBounty Hunter (24 s/n pcs, $150) by Manly ArtJob Wars: Unemployed Trooper (20 pcs, $55) and the Boss Vaderus Maximus Pin by DrilOne (100 pcs, $10).

Finally, Dollar $lice Bootlegs Junkie The Krusty Clown (30 s/n pcs, $55) depicts the popular  Simpsons character like never before. 

unnamed (8)

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Chris Ryniak x Rotofugi – SDCC Snybora

19955530_690345271090111_2485177968498835456_n (1)

Rotofugi is starting to reveal its plans for SDCC.  First up is this gorgeous rainbow-hued Snybora from Chris Ryniak.  This one is limited to 20 pieces, so stay sharp!  More info soon about what to expect from the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi and Friends booth [#5248].

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Luke Chueh x Munky King – SDCC Prisoner Dextroamphetamine


The string continues with news that Luke Chueh and Munky King will release the new Prisoner Dextroamphetamine (Black Beauties) at SDCC.  It’s definitely time to mentally carve out a portion of your Comic-Con budget for this one and the rest of the Luke Chueh drops: Headspace White, Headspace Grey and Rainbow Hung—all at the MK booth [#4851]

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Coarse x Play House-- SDCC Nibble and Root Crunch and Always Mine



Toy Tokyo is offering the SDCC Nibble and Root Crunch and Always 2-figure set as a regular online purchase available to all.   The set features the Crunch and Always Mine editions of the adorable Nibble and Root combo figure from Coarse and Play House.   You can purchase the SDCC Nibble and Root Crunch and Always Mine set over at Toy Tokyo for $55 (+ s/h). 

While this release is labeled as an SDCC drop, it’s not clear that these will be available at SDCC proper.  At any rate, best to purchase these now online if you’re planning to get them.

CrunchAlway_Revise__0001__26152.1499453353 CrunchAlway_Revise__0004__43752.1499453356

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Jul 10, 2017

BAIT SDCC Exclusives – Transformers, Hello Kitty and More


BAIT is headed to San Diego once again, loaded for bear with an arsenal of shiny exclusives for Comic-Con.  2017’s drops are all about Pop Culture from Saturday morning cartoons to 80’s video games to Small Gifts. There will be something for the inner child in all of us at BAIT’s booth [#5146].


Transformers and more transformers!  BAIT has Tran sformers exclusives for days, starting with their very own Switch Transformers vinyl figures. First out of the chute are six figures in two different sizes. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Shockwave will each be available at 4.5” for $20.  In addition, both Optimus Prime and Megatron will be available at the larger 6” size for $45 each.   BAIT will also have a super shiny 100% and 400% Megatron Be@rbrick set from Medicom for $125. 


If cute and nostalgic is more your speed, BAIT has  you covered with their new Pac Man x Hello Kitty crossover figure ($20). The set includes iconic Hello-kitty flanked by mini Pac Man and Ghost figures.  The toys feature 8-bit styling throughout from the jagged edges of the mini figs right on through to Hello Kity with her 8-bit style bow and Pac Man logo on the shirt.  In addition to this color edition for SDCC, BAIT will release a sleek Ghost edition for NYCC featuring translucent dark blue figures.


Following up on the OG Mr. Penny Bags vinyl, BAIT will release the Switch x Monopoly x BAIT figure in a new Pewter colorway ($50).  The new edition has us reminiscing about the classic metal Monopoly pieces.

Finally, Dragon Ball Z fans will l want to check out the Figpin x BAIT Super Saiyan Goku pin ($15).  This SDCC exclusive features a gritty, black+ white mono design.

Hit the jump for pics of all the BAIT SDCC exclusives


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Jul 09, 2017

Super7 SDCC & Skeletor's Lair Reveals!


Super7 keeps the SDCC & Skeletor's Lair exclusives train rollin' with some new reveals. Let's start off with the goodies for their booth #4945. First up is the debut release of their Aliens M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, which features a special two-pack with Ripley in Power Loader and Queen Alien in yellow, which will retail $12.

unnamed (1)

For all you ReAction Figure collectors who want to stand their figures up proper. Super7 are debut releasing the ReAction Figure stands. These 10-Packs come with 9 clear stands and a randomly packaged colored stand that will retail $10.

unnamed (2)

On to Skeletor's Lair, where they will be debut releasing the third wave of their Masters of the Universe ReAction Figure line, which includes Battle Armor He-Man, Battle Armor Skeletor, Teela, Stratos, Kobra Khan and Zodac. Each figure will retail $15 each.


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Jul 06, 2017

3DRetro is Morphin with Jason David Frank at SDCC (7.22-7.23)


3Dretro will host Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger fame, at their SDCC booth [#5250]. He’ll be signing on Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM [7.22-7.23] until he’s signed for the Last Fan Standing (very cool).  In addition to meeting Jason, you’ll be able to pick up two new Green Ranger themed prints from Juan Muniz and Jerome Lu as well as an exclusive JDF robot by 1000 Toys.  If you grew up watching and imitating (we know you did!) the Power Rangers, you’ll definitely want to make a visit to the 3DRetro booth.

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