Jul 24, 2019

Seen: MINDstyle / Pop Life Global at SDCC


For San Diego Comic Con  MINDstyle showcased Pop Life Global's  DC Comics x Imperial Court collaboration at their new booth location, directly adjacent to the Funko booth.

To celebrate the worldwide debut of the line's Batman and Superman figures (15", $350), MINDstyle brought DC's characters to life with an impressive installation featuring six 7-foot fiberglass statues of Superman, Green Arrow, Batman, Robin, The Flash and Harley Quinn.

The new officially-licensed line of toys features alternate visions of DC's iconic superheroes (and villains) as ancient Chinese warriors wearing styled versions of traditional armor through a license from the Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company. Each of the stylized characters is immediately recognizable yet immediately distinct as they carry the visual hallmarks of imperial tradition.

In addition to the release of the Batman and The Flash figures, MINDstyle also gave fans a sneak peak of coming figures with factory samples of Superman, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn and Robin.  

MINDstyle also showcased the brand-new Johnny vinyl (10", $150) from NYC graffiti legend Futura as well both Series 1 and Series 2 of the Bode SFBI minis
(2",4-pack, $60)
featuring Vaughn Bode's characters from his underground comics.

[Additional pre-show photos courtesy of MINDstyle]


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Jul 23, 2019

Kidrobot x Netflix — Disenchantment Mini Series Protos at SDCC


After making the rounds in the increasingly smaller art toy section at SDCC, I usually head over to the larger mainstream booths for anything that catches my eye.  On Friday I ran across these protos for Kidrobot's new Dienchantment mini series featuring the characters from Matt Groening's Netflix show.  Per the sign, expect these for this Holiday season.


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Seen: Unruly Industries at SDCC


For its first ever SDCC, Unruly Industries made a splash with displays at not one but two booths.  First, they had a standalone Unruly Industries booth in the desinger toy area where they showcased mostly brand-new prototypes including Ghetto Blaster by kaNO, Smelter Skelter by T.Wei, Stabby by Craola, the two Starry Knights toys also from Craola and Bone Head by Tony Riff.  The Unruly booth also showcased Tracy Tubera's Marvel trio: T'Challa, Wade and Miles.

As impressive as their booth was, Unruly also had an even larger set of displays at parent company Sideshow's enormous booth.  In addition to showcasing all the previously announced figures, Unruly also used the ample space to debut prototypes of Jesse Hernandez's upcoming Wolverine and Iron Man busts, Guru delToro by Chogrin, and King Charles by Dull.

Enjoy the pics!


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Jul 20, 2019

A Look at the Ron English x Pop Life Global SDCC Pop Up


As previously mentioned, Ron English and Pop Life Global have an SDCC Pop Up store located offsite at Luce Loft, about three blocks from the convention center.  On the last day of the event (Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM), here's a quick look at just a small portion of what's available at the store.  The full range of new Ron English toys are available including the Street Fighter Grins, Megaman Grin, Menace Grin, Elefanka and many, many more.  There's also a wide selection of apparel including t-shirts, caps, and even formal dress shirts.

On Friday, Ron hand-painted five customs of his upcoming Mona Lisa Grin vinyl bust which is based on his painting of the same name, shown at his sold-out English Translation Series show in Shenzhen, China.  The customs are available for purchase at the Pop Up along with an amazing selection of Ron English product from Pop Life Global.  If you've love Ron's art, this is a must-do if you're down in San Diego for Comic Con.

Ron English x Pop Life Global SDCC Pop-Up
Saturday, July 20th (11 AM to 6 PM)

Luce Loft
1037 J St.
San Diego, CA


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Jul 18, 2019

Ron English — 'Original Grin' Book Release (7.18) at SDCC Pop-Up


Ron English will release and sign his new Original Grin art book on Thursday (7.18) from 6 to 8 PM at his offsite SDCC Pop-Up located at nearby Luce Loft, presented by Pop Life Global. In addition to the new book, the event will feature brand-new, limited-edition Ron English art toys, food and drinks.

Ron English || 'Original Grin' Book Release
Thursday, July 18th 2019 (6-8 PM)

Luce Loft (3 blocks from convention center)
1037 J Street / 10TH Avenue
San Diego, CA


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Jul 16, 2019

Zeen Chin x Pop Life Global — Kinna Cola

2736  Kinna Cola_max

Pop Life Global will release the joyful Kinna Cola SFBI art toy by Malaysia-based Zeen Chin at SDCC.  The brand's second release with Zeen Chin, Kinna Cola features one of the artist's imp-like creatures enjoying a cold, refreshing soda pop.  Everyone, even imps, needs a relaxing break from time to time.

The Kinna Cola (8") vinyl toy will be available at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $75.

Secondary Photo: Anonymous Ridicule


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Jul 15, 2019

Jeromeski — 'Ninja Please' at SDCC


Now this one makes us smile.  Jeromeski (Jerome Lu and Scott Wilkowski) have teamed up once again on the SDCC Exclusive Ninja Please double-cast resin figures (2.25").  Starting with an original Ninja Monkey sculpt by Macsorro, Wilkowski has worked his figure-within-a-figure wizardry to bring these to undead life. 

Apparently available in four colorways, Ninja Please will be available at booth 2547 from Preview Night (Wednesday, 7.17) on for $80 each.


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Pop Life Global at SDCC — DC Comics x Imperial Court Batman and The Flash


Ever since Pop Life Global announced the DC Comics x Imperial Court art toys inspired  by ancient Chinese warriors and their traditional armor, many have been wondering when these would be released.  The answer is SDCC

Created in conjunction with the Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company, the first two 15" vinyl figures in the series, Batman and The Flash, will be available at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $350 each.  For those that enjoy alternate, outside-the-box visions of iconic characters, the concept, the large form factor, armor variety and details on these should seal the deal.


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Futura x Pop Life Global — 'Johnny' SDCC Debut

2541 Johnny by Futura

Pop Life Global continues to reveal sought-after art toys for SDCC.  First seen in prototype form at ComplexCon last year, Johnny by pioneering graffiti artist Futura features his signature character style with a loose, sketch-like features.  The 10" vinyl art toy will debut at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $150 each.

The new Johnny toy is part of the Futura Laboratories project which made high-profile news with the debuts of the FL-001 and FL-002 sculptures at Beyond the Streets New York and the Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Off-White

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Jul 14, 2019

Munky King x Unruly Industries SDCC Party (7.18)


San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner, so too the Munky King party.  The venerable tradition is back for its remarkable 12th year on Thursday (7.18) from 9 PM to 1 AM at Basic Bar in downtown SD.  This year's party is co-sponsored by Unruly Industries, Sideshow's new designer toy brand, who have sponsored giveaway prizes.  Live painting returns once again with a roster featuring several Unruly artists : kaNO, Luke Chueh, Nooligan, Jesse Hernandez and Mike 'poopbird' Groves

Munky King x Unruly Industries SDCC Party
Thursday, July 18th 2019 (9 PM - 1 AM)

410 Tenth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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Jul 13, 2019

Pop Life x Les Schettkoe — Strumtruppen 1918 Debuts at SDCC


As part  of its expansive SDCC lineup, Pop Life Global will debut the Strumtruppen 1918 figure designed by LES (Les Schettkoe).  Inspired by  World War I German storm troopers and the artist's penchant for skeleton characters, Strumtruppen 1918's story unfolds with his distinctive and fictional helmet. Featuring  a stylized WWI era camouflage pattern, the helmet combines the iconic spike from the Prussian Pickelhaube with a WWI-era Stalhem, a homage to the Kustom Kar culture popularized by artists such as Big Daddy Roth who was often spotted wearing one.

The Strumtruppen 1918 vinyl art toy (8") will be available at the MINDstyle/Pop Life booth for $75.


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Jul 12, 2019

Pop Life x Ron English — Pop-Up Shop Celebrating SDCC (7.17 - 7.20)


Pop Life Global  will celebrate San Diego Comic Con with a Pop-Up Shop at Luce Loft in beautiful San Diego featuring brand-new releases from the 'Godfather of Street Art', Ron English.  With daily drops and exclusives, the Pop Up will be filled with the latest Pop Life SFBI art toys by Ron English including collaborations with iconic franchises such as Astro Boy, Flinstones, Megaman, Street Fighter and more. It's also the spot to pick up in-demand, just released figures from English's sold-out solo show in China, Toycon Pop Life FanX and his Asia Pop-Up tour. Conveniently located just three blocks from SDCC, the Ron English x Pop Life Pop Up is a must for collectors and fans of the renown artist.

Pop Life x Ron English Pop-Up Shop 
Wednesday (7.17) - Saturday (7.20) from 11 AM to 6 PM   

Luce Loft
1037 J St
San Diego, CA 92101


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Munky King at SDCC: Superstar Destroyer Black


As previously mentioned, Munky King will release the new Superstar Destroyer Black vinyl art toy (10") by Bill McMullen as part of its SDCC lineup. Limited to 100 pieces, the Black edition (includes print) will be released on Preview Night, Wednesday (7.17), and will be available for $185 at the Munky King booth[#2649] and Bill McMullen's off-site solo show (info soon). 


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IamRetro x QUICCS — Crystal Green Camouflage Hello Kitty Debuts at SDCC


IAmRetro has elevated their Exclusive Green Camouflage Hello Kitty vinyl (Kidrobot) with a high-end Swarovski crystal makeover.  The Crystal edition features 1940 crystals, applied by hand, one by one.  Limited to 32 pieces total, the new bling edition (4 pieces) will debut at SDCC at the Nsurgo booth [#5601]. Due to the limited nature of the figure, Nsurgo will release one Crystal edition per day via rafffle (7.18-7.21). Nsurgo will also offer an IamRetro x QUICSS capsule collection at SDCC. Pricing has not been announced.

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3DRetro — SDCC Exclusive Shi Shi by Bigshot Toyworks


Hot on the heels of the just launched (and funded!) Shi Shi: The Tiny Guardian Kickstarter, 3DRetro has announced their SDCC Exclusive Shi Shi sofubi from Bigshot Toyworks.  Cast in light blue sofubi in Japan, the unpainted edition 4" edition is limited to 50 pieces and will be available at the 3DRetro booth [#2459] for $45.


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Jul 10, 2019

100% Soft — SDCC Exclusive Dumpster Fire


For SDCC, 100% Soft will release their Exclusive Dumpster Fire resin art toys.  Based on the pin design, the toy offers a cheerful thought even when things might not be going very well.  It's also just plain fun.  Limited to 50 pieces of the regular edition and 10 of the blue flame variant, Dumpster Fire measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.75" and is produced by Props And Pop.  Pickup this clever, cute exclusive from the 100% Soft booth [#1532] for $50 each.


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Huck Gee x BAIT x Robotech — SDCC S.Head Gold


BAIT will release their S.Head Gold figure at SDCC featuring Huck Gee's  design blending his officially-licensed take on the Robotech Cyclone and his signature Skull Head character.  The new edition stuns with a suit of futuristic golden armor, red + black accents and a dark smoke visor.  Available at the BAIT booth [#2747] for $125.
The new Gold edition is the second release of the S.Head variant, following the black DesignerCon edition.

Source: Unofficial SDCC Blog.


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Jul 09, 2019

Bill McMullen x Munky King — SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer Black Edition


It's been about two months since Munky King released the long-awaited Superstar Destroyer by Bill McMullen in the OG colorway.  His take on the Imperial Destroyer slots in nicely with McMullen's classic AD-AT figure (Span of Sunset), both of which are inspired by the classic Adidas Shelltoe.   Interestingly, McMullen created the Superstar Destroyer design before the AD-AT design.

How best to follow the OG drop?  Black, of course.  The Black Edition features a black hull with white stripes, essentially an inverse of the original design.  Limited to 100 pieces, the SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer Black Edition will be available at Munky King's booth [#2649]. There is no word on pricing yet.

Munky King will release their SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer in Black by Bill McMullen at their booth [#2649] for $180. The Black edition is essentially the inverse design of the OG white edition. 

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Jesse Hernandez x Unruly Industries — Iron Man and Wolverine Busts


Unruly Industries has revealed the upcoming Iron Man and Wolverine bust art toys from Jesse Hernandez.  In creating each of the pieces, Jesse has re-interpreted the iconic super heroes through his signature aesthetic which is heavily influenced by Aztec imagery and symbolism.  The Wolverine design is impressive as a nearly complete translation to Jesse's style, especially in terms of the mask design and detail.  Both busts will be shown at Sideshow's SDCC booth [#1929] and will be available for pre-order on Tuesday (7.16) between Noon and 3 PM PDT.


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Flat Bonnie Has a Trio of SDCC Releases


For San Diego Comic Con, Flat Bonnie has created three pop-rific plush releases available at the DKE and Giant Robot booths.  Chewbactus is a fun merging  of the brand's cactus character with the most famous Wookie of all. This large format (11") figure is a deluxe vinyl pleasure release featuring plenty of galactic detail including hand-sewn bandolier and metal spikes. It comes with a s/n hang tag and adoption certificate.  Limited to just 20 pieces, Chewbactus will be available exclusively from the DKE booth [#2643] for $100.

Flat Bonnie will also have two releases at the Giant Robot booth [#1729]: Captain Meowvel ($20) and the Mini Jackalope Plush blind bag series ($20).  Captain Meowvel ($20)features Caughtington the Hairball in cosplay as the marvelous cosmic heroine. Meowvel is 4" tall and 5" wide and features vinyl pleather, fleece and faux fur. She is signed/numbered and comes with an adoption certificate. Speaking of cosplay, the Mini Jackalope Plush blind bag series features the cute furry ones dressed up as their favorite inhabitants of Endor. Each fabric bag contains one of four colors: Brown, Grey, Tan and a mystery color.  Each Mini Jackalope stands 4.75" tall and is handmade with vinyl pleather and fleece.

For those that can't attend SDCC, Flat Bonnie is offering pre-orders for both of the Giant Robot releases from her online store. Beyond the super cute designs, Flat Bonnie's plush toys also help make the world a safer place for our furry friends. As devoted animal lovers, the brand donates a portion of all proceeds to bunny/animal rescue organizations.


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Jul 08, 2019

Andrew Bell at SDCC: King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat


If you like your re-animated treats red hot, then Andrew Bell has just the horrific flavor for you.  He'll be unleashing the King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat at San Diego Comic-Con.  At 15" tall, this new XL edition packs quite a wallop with the pure flavor of the fiery, famed and fictitious Himalayan Death Pepper and tricked out 'tri-tone fade' paint. The King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat will be available from the Dumbrella booth [#1335] for $130 each.

In other Kill Kat news, Andrew should also have the Purple Drank Kill Kats (regular size) at SDCC. These translucent treats were first available at the recent Five Points Festival.


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Andrew Bell at SDCC: 'Spike' Android

downloadThough we're pretty sure we heard Andrew Bell say last year that this was the 'last time' and maybe the year before that too, the allure of SDCC has lured him back once again. Maybe it's the CosPlay, or the hot dogs, or all of the cool collectibles, or maybe he's addicted like the rest of us. At any rate, he's revealed the first of his Comic Con releases: the Spike Android toy.

Debuting at SDCC, the Summer-themed Android brings you the joy of the desert. The clever design is two-thirds cactus and a third terra cotta pot.  Based on the newer modular body, Spike can be mixed and matched in crazy combinations with himself and any of the Robot Revolution androids.  Find Spike ($12) and the other goodies Mr. Bell has yet to unveil at the Dumbrella booth [#1335].


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Luke Chueh x Munky King — SDCC Ghostbear GID


Luke Chueh and Munky King will unleash the new Ghostbear toy in a special glow-in-the-dark edition debuting at San Diego Comic Con.  The figure is based on the character seen in the artist's Ghostbear digital comics which he began creating shortly after the passing of his father. Limited to 299 pieces, the Ghostbear GID soft vinyl figure will be available from Munky King's SDCC booth [#2649] for $35.

While perhaps the first 'official' Ghostbear figure, the new toy does follow the previous Jiangshi figure from VTSS. No word yet on when we can expect the OG white Ghostbear toy.


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Jul 06, 2019

Super7 x Peanuts — 'Good Grief' SDCC Pop-Up (7.19 - 7.21)


Super7 will showcase their extensive new Peanuts collection at their Good Grief pop-up at their San Diego store during SDCC weekend (7.19 - 7.21).  The new toys, apparel and lifestyle items are based on the original cartoon designs from the 50's and 60's rather than their more modern iterations. 

The Good Grief Gift Shop will feature a pair of SDCC exclusive figures. First up is the Good Ol' Charlie Brown (3.75") ReAction figure ($20) with a design inspired by the first Peanuts comic strip (10.2.50), featured on the blister card packaging. For many, Peanuts is ultimately a story of a boy and his dog. S7 pays homage to both of the stars of the classic comic strip with the  16" Snoopy Deluxe vinyl, complete with Charlie Brown mask and cloth shirt ($195).  

Super7 will also debut a full Peanuts ReAction line featuring Cowboy Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally and Schroeder ($15 each) as well as the Peanuts Baseball Keshi Surprise blind-box minis (1.75", $4 each) which include foil stickers.

There's plenty more in store for you at the Good Grief pop-up including SDCC exclusive pennants, cups, tote bag, sticker set, and jigsaw puzzle. Plus, S7 will soon unveil their Peanuts apparel too.  For all the info, check out Super7's detailed introduction to the new Peanuts collection.


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May 21, 2019

Kidrobot — SDCC 2019 Exclusives Pre-Sale (3.22 - 3.24)


The wondrous, never-ending convention schedule rolls on.  While we're mostly focused on Five Points Festival, SDCC is already on the board—just under two months out—as Kidrobot has just announced its four exclusives which they will offer via a three-day pre-sale starting on Wednesday (5.22) and running through Friday (5.25).   KR's 2019 SDCC exclusives include the Buzzkill Chia Pet 5" Dunny  [200 pieces, $40] by KronkMecha Godzilla 8" Chrome vinyl art toy [500 pieces, $100], SpongeBob 20th Anniversary 8" Shellebration art toy[300 pieces, $50] and the Aggretsuko 6" Rage Red GID vinyl art toy [500 pieces. $40 each].

The Buzzkill Chia Pet Dunny continues KR's new Chia Dunny tradition which began with last year's Jeremyville's Grow Love Daily Chia Dunny.  The stylish and shiny—thanks to an electroplating process—8" Mecha Godzilla arrives shortly after the new Godzilla: King of the Monsters film (5.31) and begs the question, of whether the character will make an appearance in the film.  As you might know, we have a weakness for translucent and clear toys, so that SpongeBob 8" Shellebration figure is pretty tempting.

The best (safest) way to purchase KR's SDCC Exclusives is to get them through their pre-sale release (5.22 - 5.25) with limited quantities of each available at 9 AM PDT from Kidrobot.com. KR will ship pre-sale exclusives as week after SDCC.  Limited quantities of the SDCC exclusives will be available at the show from the Kidrobot booth.


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