Jul 21, 2006

Back in the Day @ L Street Gallery (07.21.06)

After the second day of Comic-Con, a bunch of us headed to Dick's Last Resort for dinner (second night in a row for us ;-).  After an amusing dinner where we discovered the "bucket of food' is really just a small plate of food on top of a bucket,  we headed to the Artists' reception for Back in the Day @ the L Street Gallery which is literally right across from the San Diego Convention Center.  Sponsored by Wheaty Wheat Studios, Back in the Day was created and put into motion by Sket One as a venue for custom retro toys of all shapes and sizes.

The L Street Gallery is a very nice narrow space that extends back quite aways.  The crowd was almost entirely made up of artists, industry folks, and 2 certain picture-happy toy bloggers.  The show consisted of several very well-done toy customs plus quite a few original 2d pieces.  Since it's late I won't do a full run-down of pieces (pics will have to suffice).  Really quickly -- two personal standouts were Sket's inspired Evel Speederbike and Mimic's cheerful and wacky Imperial Walker  + Mr Potato turned dinosaur (?). 

Quite a few of the artists were at the reception including Sket One, Chris Ryniak, Jim Koch, Tristan Eaton, Huck Gee, Michael Uman, and Andrew Bell.  Quite a few other industry folks and artists showed up to take it all in -- check out the pics ;-) Our apologies for not showing miQ willm0tt and Christian Azul's pieces -- we need to reshoot these.  We will try to update tomorrow.  Back in the Day showcases some really nice work.  The show runs through August 21st -- check it out if you get a chance.  That's all for tonight from SDCC (the bar won out over the blog)  -- we'll have LOTS more shortly.

L Street Gallery (across from the Omni Hotel)
628 L Street (6th Avenue and L Street downtown)
San Diego CA 92101

Jim Koch


Andrew Bell

Sarah Antoinette Martin


Michael Uman

Alex Pardee

Brandon Dunlap


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Jun 16, 2006

Toy Tokyo SDCC Exclusives

Toy Tokyo has unveiled some of their exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con.  First up are two 100% Be@rbricks featuring the art of two top-flight artists -- Calli by Tim Biskup and Silverbird by Nathan Jurevicius

Calli Be@rbrik


Next, there are the 2.5" Voltaire Creator Qees  in three colorways.  Now you can own the master of darkness himself ;-)  Speaking of Voltaire, why doesn't he have more toys?  Seems like there's always room for toys on the darker end of the spectrum.

Rounding up this set of announcements - is the Toy Tokyo exclusive version of the Fooly Cooly (FLCL)  12" Canti.  This variant was designed by Toby HK.

In case you're wondering, pricing and edition sizes have not been released yet.

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May 23, 2006

Chris Ryniak - Hater Figure and Custom Deck

Hater Resin from Chris Ryniak

Chris Ryniak has a new resin toy, Hater, which will be released at SDCC in the Toy Tokyo/Showroom NYC/High Five booth.  Hater will be available in two versions - standard and a special SDCC colorway, each limited to just 25 pieces.  This one looks pretty cool -- so save some of that green stuff for it . Man, July is always an expensive month ;-)  Also, here's a look at his custom skate deck for Decked Out  (ok, I guess it's longboards and decks...) which opens on the 1st at The Showroom NYC.

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May 12, 2006

Sun-Min Kim's 16" Spider Boom Plush

The giants are coming!!! The giants are coming!!! At SDCC 2006, expect to be attacked by Sun-Min Kim's 16" Spider Boom Plush. Retailing at US$40 each at the Toy2R booth,  make sure you come adequately prepared to wrestle this giant creature home!!

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