Aug 08, 2007

Seen: Marka27 - Minigods Gold Grillz Release

Marka27 released the ToyTokyo Exclusive Gold Grillz Minigods (100 pcs) toy at SDCC.  We couldn't let this go without some coverage.  This is the first colorway to drop. Standing 15" tall  with a working speaker (sounds very nice btw), the MG1 (first of three different characters) is an impressive figure with a fresh 'indigenous' aesthetic.  For his first ever toy release, Marka signed and sketched for collectors and fans.   Gold Grillz is available through ToyTokyo.   

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Aug 03, 2007

Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters @ SDCC

Judging from the high-demand for their first original art toys released at SDCC, artist couple Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters are now  on the "must-buy" list of many collectors.  MINDstyle's  SDCC Mono Benny and Red Bird from Kathie Olivas sold out of available stock (~ 100 figures) at SDCC and VTN . The baby blue box was  one of the most sought after at the 'con.  The two-figure set is a very nice translation of Kathie's paintings to vinyl with meticulous attention to detail. Brandt Peters' retro 'toon style was also extremely well received with strong sales of MINDstyle's SDCC Mono Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles set.16" Vintage Slappy figure, all from MINDstyle. 

Brandt and Kathie signed for collectors at the 1045 Showroom booth at SDCC and at VTN UUP.  Everything was fair game -- their figures, DIY blanks including at least one giant 16" Qee, and of course sketchbooks.  Both took the time to create  detailed sketches for fans.  Riffing off of their collaborative gallery show, Brandt created his interpretation of  Kathie's  Bird for a fan.  Next up for Kathie and Brandt toy wise are  the regular  colorway editions of their debut figures plus Brandt's 16" Vintage Slappy figure, all from MINDstyle.

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Aug 01, 2007

ToyQube's Sharky Release

ToyQube released their new Sharky vinyl figure designed by Keith Poon in four versions at SDCC.  In addition to the gray edition and a bloody black edition, they also dropped the Huck Gee edition based on the Mitsubishi Zero WWII fighter in two colorways.  Each edition comes with a different 'bitten' object that fits in Sharky's mouth -- the first two feature a bloody leg and a bomb (Huck).  Finally, TQ  also offered a blank DIY version which artists gladly doodled on and which will likely be turned into cool customs shortly.

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WWS Protos: Luke Feldman's Mai and Evil Ice Cream

At VTN UUP, Wheaty Wheat Studios revealed painted prototypes of Luke Feldman's Mai and the first Evil Ice Cream vinyl figure by Kelly Horvath and Darth Rimmer.  Mai is elegant and sexy with just a touch of intrigue with her tentacle-like legs.  She will ship with a tree accessory complete with an asian hanging lantern.   The Evil Ice Cream proto is essentially the orange creamsicle plush character 'cept in vinyl. 

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Jim Koch's Hanus Proto

October Toys unveiled the prototype of Jim Koch's upcoming Hanus figure at their SDCC booth.  Jim has come full circle -- from his original Skeeter figure with adFunture to a long stint creating dope platform designs (Circus Punks, Qee, Trexi, Zugan, Ningyo) and now back to another original figure design. Hanus produced by October Toys looks to be a wild clown with a surprise behind his back -- a drumstick, the prime choice in a ragged clown's arsenal.  The out-of-control static cling hair really makes this piece in our opinion.

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Jul 31, 2007

MAD's Bentworld Vandals

MAD signed during the SDCC pre-release  of his Bentworld Vandals at the Kidrobot booth.  The new blind-boxed mini-fig series features a vandal's arsenal of painting and drawing tools -- both 'new' and 'used' variants, all with an ever so stylish crook.  In addition to signing figures and boxes, MAD also signed his fair share of DIY's, sketchbooks, and at least one bright yellow hard-shell pack.  Fresh off two summer 'con pre-releases at TTF and SDCC, Bentworld Vandals Series 1 drops this Thursday in wide-release.  Purchase a BWV case from Kidrobot and select retailers and receive a free blue/gold four color 18 x 24" screen print.  Speaking of prints, MAD will be offering his SDCC Bentworld Giclee prints through his web store starting  this Thursday for $50 which includes a free signed BWV blind-box. 

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Glenn Bar - The Janes

In addition to the upcoming Hell's Proprietor Vinyls, Dark Horse also took the lid off protos for The Janes toys by Glenn Bar at their SDCC both.  Riffing on everyone's favorite Saturday morning  family of the future, the line consists of four Muses collectively known as The Janes. The Janes are a manifestation of Glenn's concept  of "fate as a living thing" (from Dark Horse Press Release).  Each Muse has her own inspiration-specific saucer with an apparently removable dome: Ava - The Muse of Cocktail Hour, Tika - the Muse of Destruction, Mashika - The Muse of Funk, and Betty -  the Muse of Pathos.   These ambitious designs combine multiple production techniques including rotocast (the muses themselves?), and abs (ships and various attachments?) and are scheduled for  Spring 2008.  Hopefully the pictures convey the line's  sweet design and visual impact.

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Upper Deck x TWEEQiM - Subcasts

Upper Deck  and TWEEQiM have teamed up to bring you alternate visions of Marvel's superheroes (and eventually villains) with the new Subcasts polyresin figures.  Upper Deck released the first Subcasts figure, Spidey (2000 pcs), at their SDCC booth. Iron Man is next in line slated for September '07 followed by Ghost Rider and Wolverine.  These are cool -- hopefully we'll see more artistic license in future interpretations of the characters.  Unleash TWEEQIM ;-)

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Glenn Barr - Hell's Proprietor Vinyl

Dark Horse showed several art toy figures at their SDCC booth including these gorgeous protos of Glenn Barr's upcoming Hell's Proprietor vinyl figures.  As you can see these have a strong presence from the large size (at least 10" though production will likely be smaller due to "shrinkage"), vivid paint application, and the details from the stubble to the flame and trident accessories.  Slated for an October '07 release, both the Brown (1000 pcs) and the Blue (500 pcs) will retail for $74.99.  These look quite promising.

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Jul 30, 2007

Seen: Da Festicon @ SDCC (7.26.07)

SDCC is not all about the latest exclusive toys.   After the exhibition hall doors shut, it's time to PARTY.  STRANGEco and Munky King hosted Da Festicon this past Thursday night (7.26) at Basic featuring live painting by several members of the Pocket Full of Monsters Crew -- Angry Woebots, Mainframe, Peekaboo Monster, Phallic Mammary, Tragnark, and more.  Turnout was really strong (as you can see in the pics) with many of the artists and industry folks involved in the crazy world of art toys there to have a good time.  Basic turned out to be a great venue -- large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone without any lineup at the door, all in  a very relaxed environment.  We're happy to bring you these shots as the media sponsor.


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MINDstyle SDCC 5k Giveaway Results

MINDstyle has announced the winning ticket number for their  5K SDCC giveaway, selected randomly from  the entries received at the 'con. To claim the prize, email [email protected] with an attached photo of the winning ticket.  Two alternates have also been selected in case the winner doesn't respond with verifiable proof within 72 hours.

Winner:             7911617
1st alternate:     7910395
2nd alternate:    7910802

The winner will receive the following prizes:

  • Michael Lau’s CRYLON set with exclusive Black on Black series (Value: $1,500 / NFS)
  • Michael Lau’s M076 & M077 x MINDstyle Black on Black Series (Value: $300 / NFS)
  • Prototype of MINDstyle’s Madonna by Viktor Schreckengost (Value: $2,000)
  • Custom MINDstyle BIG Buff Monster (Value: $1,000)
  • Custom MINDstyle Cameron 13 Tomodachi (Value: $800)
  • Barracuda x MINDstyle T-28 Black on Black Series (Value: $400)
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Jul 29, 2007

MINDstyle's Madonna and Peter the Fisherman by Viktor Schreckengost

MINDstyle showed a wide-range of upcoming art toys at their SDCC booth including two striking new art figures based on famed industrial designer Viktor Schreckengost's fine art sculptures.  The prototypes of MINDstyle's Madonna and Peter the Fisherman by Viktor Shreckengost push the boundaries of vinyl art.

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Jul 28, 2007

Flash: Sucklord Vinyl

Sucklord is best known for his Suckadelic series of home-made Star Wars parody action figures including the infamous Gay Empire toys.  He attends conventions rocking a silver bobba fett inspired costume and  an old-school boombox.  The new upcoming Sucklord vinyl shown at the DKE Toys booth catpures the likeness of his alter-ego equipped  with turntable, boombox, and light saber (?) accessories.  More details as they become available.

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Flash: Sum Protype by Plaseebo Custom

Plaseebo Custom is expanding their line of "American Kaiju" with several new additions including SUM -- a dark yet somewhat humorous mix of Kaiju and a discarded object vibe (ala Katamari Damacy or is that Spirited Away?) -- check out all the items trapped in Sum's "tail". The Sum proto is on display at ToyTokyo's SDCC booth.  Sum will be produced as an LE tinted green translucent vinyl with sprays, a GID skull, and a belly "surprise".

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Flash: Mike Burnett's Plush Luchadors

Mike Burnett, the master of wood, is making a plush move.  One of his upcoming green luchador plushes is on display at Toyqube's booth. These are being produced by Bigshot Toyworks.  Yes, these do have an official series name -- but it's lost in the recesses of your haphazard reporter's mind.  Will update shortly.

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Flash: Vivisect Playset Painted Protos

STRANGEco is showing painted prototypes of each of the Vivisect Playset mini-figures.  This upcoming blind-boxed set features figures by Amanda Visell, Anthony Ausgang, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Joe Ledbetter, Luke Chueh, Peter Gronquist, and Thomas Han.

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Flash: Thomas Han's Pushers Unmasked

Thomas Han's Pushers are finally here from Munky King.  These turned out extremely well -- with gorgeous paint jobs.  Munky King released 40 a day (via raffle to purchase) of the SDCC exclusive GID versions of the Pirate and Spirit Pushers.  Here are some nice close-up shots of the standard editions unmasked. We're looking forward to the final two Pushers - Animal and Monster.

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Flash: Amanda Visell - Carnivorous Giraffe

Amanda Visell is showing the prototype of her Carnivorous Giraffe -- part of her upcoming Zoo Trip LE Resin Figure Sets.  Based on an original painting, the Giraffe will eventually have a long tongue wrapped around its diminutive "victim" (unpainted gray resin here).   Amanda is now working in several figure mediums -- wood, vinyl and now resin, playing to the strength of each.  Amanda's proto is on display at the DKE booth along with a treasure trove of new upcoming figures and protos.

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Dave Bondi's MxM Project

Dave Bondi's figure project fusing everyone's favorite videogame plumber and the world famous celluloid mouse is moving along nicely.  Dave individually showed the rapid prototype of this figure which neatly fuses the two iconic characters -- the Mouse: ears, eyes, hands, and lower body and the Plumber: hat, mouth, suspenders, hair and more.  Rather than a celebration of famous characters, Dave's new hybrid figures questions the status of commercial icons in a pointed fashion.  While Dave has yet to name the figure,  'Corporate Whore' has been suggested and certainly is fitting. 

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Frank Cho - 24" Cow

Frank Cho made a BIG impression with the public unveiling of his upcoming 2-foot Cow vinyl from MINDstyle.  His  self-milking bovine character commands a strong presence at this extremely large scale.  More info on edition size and release window when we have it.  With the  24-inch Cow and the 16" Slappy by Brandt Peters, MINDstyle is actively expanding the market for BIG art toys.

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Jul 27, 2007

Flash: CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy @ SDCC

The Artist Sisters -- CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy have their own SDCCbooth decked out with their original art and style. They are showing quite a few varied original art pieces from paintings to metal/wood shaped art, russian nesting dolls and more.  In addition, their new vinyl art toys from MINDstyle -- Michievous Maeve and Dink, are available from 1045 showroom and VTN (3dretro).  When we went by the booth, Miss Mindy was hand-painting devil and angel baby qees for the Love Hate show going down this weekend @ Subtext here in SD.

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Flash: Devilrobots SDCC KidTofu @ Kidrobot

Kidrobot will release their Devilrobots exclusive KidTofu figure @ 2 PM in their sdcc booth (#4269).  This one has two different "personalities" on the front and back, is limited to 200 pieces, will be available for $60 each.

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Jul 26, 2007

Flash: 126 Minutes of Pus

Pushead x Super 7   is becoming an annual tradition.  At 4:26 PM today (Thursday), Super7 hosted Pushead for the special '126 Minutes of Pus' event.  This year, Pushead dropped his new Rust Pirate from Secret Base and several tight hand-painted customs including Rust Pirates, Kaws x Pushead Companions and more.  The Rust Pirate customs turned heads -- with the super glossy finish and the bright swirl of colors. 

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Ashely Woods - WWR Proto @ SDCC 07

The prototype of Ashley Wood's upcoming WWR figure is on display at ToyQube's SDCC booth #4937.  Produced by Bigshot Toyworks, this is one mean killing' machine armed to the teeth with weaponry -- machine guns, rocket launcher(?), and assault shotguns to name a few plus ammo bandoliers and more.  WWR seems ready to add the 1:6 scale genre's attention to hyper-realism to the world of vinyl art toys.

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SDCC Party: Da Festicon (7.26.07)

Down in SD for SDCC and looking to party?  STRANGEco and Munky King are hosting Da Festicon @ Basic Bar and Restaurant tonight -- Thursday, July 26th from 9 PM to closing.  Da Festicon will feature live painting from several members of the Pocket Full of Monsters Crew -- Angry Woebots, Mainframe, Peekaboo Monster, Phallic Mammary, and Trangark.  Tunes provided by DJ Colby.  So after a full day of comic-con madness, unwind at Da Festicon.  Vinyl Pulse is proud to be the official media sponsor for Da Festicon.

Basic Bar and Restaurant
410 Tenth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

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