Jul 25, 2007

Flash: Brian Flynn's Ghost Land @ SDCC

Super7 has introduced Brian Flynn's Ghost Land line at their SDCC booth.  The Ghost Land minis (lower left of the case) deliver cute sculpts in perfectly translucent 100% japanese vinyl, packaged in retro tins for $12 each.  On the larger side of the ethereal realm -- Dokuwashi (middle of the case) is available in the first production  painted colorway -- a sweet blue with yellow/green accents.  Great start to this line.

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Flash: Cameron Tiede's Upcoming Mini-Series

MINDstyle is showing protos of Cameron Tiede's upcoming tribal-ish mini-fig series.  In the lower portion of this shot you can also see the display of upcoming editions of the 13 Tomodachi figures -- wild colors are coming!

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Flash: Sket One's Ripple

Ah... Sket One's Ripple is right around the corner.  Several editions of the upcoming figure are on display at the MINDstyle booth.  These are slated for Holiday '07.  Looking forward to 'em.

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Flash: Hiddy with new Usugrow Vinyl

Toy makers gather @ SDCC to show off the latest toys and just hang out.  Hiddy of Secret Base was informally showing a solid peach color version of the upcoming Usugrow vinyl.  Sick -- the back is particularly ill  -- will try to get a shot of it.

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Flash: Attaboy's Hand-painted Qwezshuns

Attaboy is offering 20 DOPE hand-painted Qwezshun resin figure at his booth.  Each of the figures is one of a kind with several different color schemes  mixed in across the series.  Atta kicked things up with custom wood boxes completed with cut-out edition number on the side and custom wood bases.  These lovely pieces can be yours for $300 each.

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Flash: Dez Einswell -- Green X-Large Gorilla @ STD Booth

Dez Einswell has two colorways of his new X-Large Gorilla at SDCC in the STD Toys Booth -- the original colorway and the incredibly green hulking colorway.  The green gorilla is $80 at the booth -- Note the 'SDCC 2007' on the tie, nice touch.

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Flash: MINDstyle's Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles Editions

MINDstyle is showing off new editions of Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles by Brandt Peters.  Solid black, blues, and a  white/red one.  More info as we get it.  The SDCC mono  edition is available from 1045 Showroom (#5335)

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Flash: tokidoki - Platinum Adios and Ciao Ciao

The secret is lifted. STRANGEco is offering limited-edition tokidoki Platinum Adios and Ciao Ciao figures at their SDCC booth #4729.

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Flash: Luke Chueh's Mono Possessed

Yes, it's here.  Mono Possessed. 150 pieces for $150/figure.  Goes on sale Thursday - 40 each day, pick up a number/bracelet in the morning...   Munky King -- # 4639.

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Flash: Live from SDCC '07

So we're in SD for what else... SDCC 07!  To bring you quick coverage of all the hot stuff -- we're going to be dropping flashes -- sweet short posts with pics and just a minimum of text.  Preview night is on and so after this post, we'll be bringing ya toys and more toys.

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MINDstyle's 13 Tomodachi by Cameron @ SDCC

MINDstyle will release the first four figures in the 13 Tomodachi Series by Cameron Tiede @ SDCC in the ToyTokyo booth (#5335).  Edgar, Oswald, Agatha and Roofus -- Cameron's first original toys, carry his bright color palettes and uniquel rendering of characters into the 3D realm.  Each character design has a strong personality brought out through extremely detailed scupts which emphasize the  organic and playful feel of Cameron's work.  With their bumpy surfaces, edged features, and  their slightly slanted stature, these figures fully utilize the potential of vinyl to bring his art to life.  Each of the 13 Tomodachi figures is limited to a collector friendly 300 pieces, ships in large 'can' packages, comes with a collector card, and retails for $39.99.  After these come and go, another four of Cameron's Tomodachi will be ready for adoption.

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Jul 24, 2007

MINDstyle Art Toys Society VIP Membership

In order to meet the needs of serious art toys collectors, MINDstyle has introduced its Art Toy Society  and revealed the details of the VIP Membership.     Limited to 300 worldwide members, the one year $200 VIP membership fee includes:

  • The convenience of being able to purchase exclusive convention limited editions (even if you’re not attending the convention) -- while they last.
  • Free quarterly product guide
  • Special limited edition releases exclusively for Art Toys Society members
  • 10% off all pre-orders
  • Plus: two Michael Lau x Mindstyle SDCC exclusive figures -- M076 Future and M077 Womax.  These black on black exclusive figures are included with the VIP membership and will not be available for sale directly.  The only way to get these special figures is by purchasing a  MINDstyle Art Toys Society VIP Membership.

MINDstyle Art Toyss Society VIP Memberships will be available at SDCC during show hours starting on Wednesday, July 26th @ 6 PM PDT and through electronic email to [email protected].

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Marka27 - MG1 Brazil Releases

Marka27's first Minigods figure -- MG1 Brazil is here.  The Toytokyo exclusive Gold Grillz edition (100 pcs) drops at TT's SDCC booth (#5335).  In other MG news, the SURU exclusive Platinum Grillz (100 pcs) drops on August 31st with a release and signing event. The Brazil colorway will drop on September 15th with a release party hosted by  Bodega  in Boston.  Standing 15" tall with a working speaker -- MG1 Brazil should rock (heh..., couldn't help myself). 

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MINDstyle's Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles by Brandt Peters + Giveaway

MINDstyle's Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles by Brandt Peters breathes 3d life into his dope black and white  down-on-their-luck retro characters.  The power of Brandt's work comes from the seemingly familiar and therefore pleasing style layered with his personal viewpoint.   The SDCC shared exclusive  2-pack features a fitting mono  colorway and will be available at  the 1045 Showroom @ Toytokyo booth (#5333) and also at VTN from the 3DRetro booth.   

Ahh... This is Tuesday.  So here we go... Time to try your luck in the Mr. Muggles and Slap Happy giveaway.  To enter simply write a comment on this post and be sure to include your real email address.  One randomly chosen winner will score the SDCC exclusive mono Mr. Muggles and Slap Happy 2-figure set.  Deadline to enter is Monday, July 30th, 2007 @ 8 PM PDT.

Giveaway Rules
1. To enter write a comment to this post.
2. Deadline to enter is Monday, July 30th, 2007 @ 8 PM PDT 
3. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification.
4.  One randomly chosen winner will receive an SDCC exclusive Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles 2-figure set.
5. Winner must respond to our notification within 72 hours.

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STRANGEco Signings @ SDCC 2007

SDCC 2007 is just around the corner and many of us are making final edits to our must-have lists. Here's another one to add on to that list, Dean Bradley's Mainframe SDCC exclusive "Night Rider" edition from STRANGEco. In addition to the new releases at  STRANGEco's booth, they will also be hosting several signings. The schedule is as follows, take note!!

-THURSDAY, Noon to 1:30 pm - Simone Legno of tokidoki. His first signing for the show, featuring an exclusive toy set from STRANGEco!

- FRIDAY, Noon to 1:00 pm - Dean Bradley. The world premiere of his iconic MAINFRAME vinyl figures, including a special release of the "Night Rider" camo edition.

-SATURDAY, Noon to 1:00 pm - Bob Dob . So Cal Artist Bob Dob will be signing the new LUEY vinyl figure, and a special limited edition print will also be available.

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Jul 23, 2007

Dave Pressler -- Stupid Little Robot Buddy @ SDCC

Dave Pressler will release his new Stupid Little Robot Buddy resin figures at Munky King's SDCC booth(#4639 ).  These 2" figures packaged in swanky boxes, are limited to 35 pieces, and are each hand-made, signed and numbered by Dave.  Come  pick up the Stupid Litte Robot Buddy for yourself, and see why as Dave says "Technology has never been so dumb!".

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Jul 22, 2007

Amanda Visell - Vinyl Proto @ SDCC

In addition to her humorous and charming paintings, Amanda  Visell creates sweet wood sculptures.  Her wood figures beg the question "What about vinyl" ?  So, we're stoked to bring you pictures of her hand-painted vinyl proto of the upcoming pink elephant vinyl under production from Munky King.  The production figure will feature a magnetic removable Drunky Mcskunky 'rider' figure.  To faithfully translate the look of her original pink elephant wood sculpture ('Switcheroo' show), Munky King will employ special painting approaches to mimic wood grain and Amanda's dry brush technique.  Drop by the Munky King SDCC booth (#4639) to check out Amanda's vinyl prototype in person.

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Sam Fout @ SDCC 2007

Sam Fout, the  Project: Neptoon artist will be signing his new Star Wars print titled "The Don" on Friday (7.27) from 3-4 PM  at SDCC in the   Acme Archives booth no.5529. He will also be at  ToyQube's booth signing for the KANIZA platform  release on Friday and Saturday from 4-5 PM.  Sam will also feature pieces he has done for the Project Bart Simpsons show and the Love Hate show at the Subtext gallery. It looks like Sam is going to be pretty busy at the 'con. Catch up with him and check it all out.

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Jul 21, 2007

SDCC Exclusives @ DKE Toys

DKE Toys (booth # 4832)  will release several SDCC exclusives from the companies and artists they distribute.  First up is Touma's Snarling Wood Grabbit  from Play Imaginative ( 100 pieces @ $120 ea).   Muttpop will debut the GID Mini Gobi (500 pieces  @ $12 /figure) at the DKE Booth. Red Demon GID will also be available. Staying with the GID theme, DKE will also have Crazy Label's SDCC exclusive Orange GID Firefly Treeson (300 pieces @ $30 ea). Jamungo will offer their own unique twist on minis with the release of the SKLLBUDs which feature transparent flame head outer sculpts with an inner skull head.  These are limited to 500 pieces @ $15 each.(70% are the 1.1 and 30% are the 1.2 with the blue inner skull).  The 9" Orange Nade (50 numbered pieces @ $100 each) is the big brother to the rare 3" version which now fetches a hefty price in the secondary market.

DKE will also drop two hand-made resin figures -- Suckadelic's new SURGE resin action figure (50 numbered pieces @ $30 ea) and Kill's hand-poured Godamnit resin Kaiju figure in both gold GID (20 pieces @ $30) and raw GID editions (10 pieces @ $30 ea).

Prefer plush?  DKE has you covered.  First up is the Huck Gee Mystery Circus Punk (50 signed/numbered pieces @ $100 each). The design will be kept under wraps until the show.  On the wild side, there's a special edition of the  Hello Maggot plush from Purple Flavor.  Designed by Shane Geil, this SDCC signed edition comes clothed in hand-made Alley Rat Pajamas (25 pieces @ $15 ea). Rounding out the plush offerings is the Kumanogollo Plush designed by Akiyoshi Chino for CWC.  This cute and cuddly creation is 10" tall, 11" wide, and 5" thick -- impressive and limited to 20 hand-made signed pieces ($30 each).

Finally, if you're looking for art books and DVDs be sure to stop by the DKE Toys booth where you'll find the signed w/limited print edition of the stylish Toy Giants art  book and 30 hand-stenciled, numbered, and signed versions of Kano's upcoming Citizen Kano: The Art of the Hustle ($40 each).   

Rather watch passively than read or flip pages ?  Check out the special SDCC collector's edition of the Treasures of Long Gone John DVD. This limited first edition version ships in  a specially designed cardboard gate-fold package and includes a pocket containing a reproduction of "A Pirate's Treasure Dream" signed by the artist, Todd Schorr. There are only 500 hand numbered copies of this edition signed by Todd Schorr, Long Gone John and director Gregg Gibbs ($35 each).

DKE will also host several signings at their booth during SDCC:

Thursday July 26th
3:00 - 4:00 pm  TOUMA

Friday July 27th
12:00 - 1:00 p.m. MUTTPOP  Jerry Frissen & Muttpop Bob
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.  JAMUNGO  Ferg & VanBeater

Saturday July 28th
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.  SUCKADELIC  The Sucklord with friends Spooky Booty & Crimson Suicide

Click-through for more  product images.


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Jul 20, 2007

Martin Ontiveros' Ojo Rojo @ SDCC 2007

Premiering at SDCC 2007 is Martin Ontiveros' Ojo Rojo in clear green vinyl. Produced by no other then the great Japanese kaiju toy masters, Gargamel. This 3.5 inch Kaiju figure will be available at  Pu-Pu Bros. Booth No. 5036  and Gargamel/Max Toy Booth No.4837  No word on edition size but you can be pretty sure this one is quite  limited. Let the hunt begin!

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Jul 19, 2007

Yoskay Yamamoto Fish Head Print and Proto @ SDCC

Yoskay Yamamoto is a rising Japanese artist in the LA art scene.  His varied work spanning painting and sculpture combines apparently innocuous human characters with larger than life mystical forces and symbols.  Munky King will release Yoskay's Fish Head (in black and gold) Giclee Print (limited to 50 pieces) @ their SDCC booth (#4639). The original painting was  featured in his recent "In a Foreign Land" joint show with Ogi at Project:

We've often looked at Yoskay's cool sculpted figures and dioramas and thought... hmm, what would that look like in vinyl?  So we're stoked to hear that Munky King will unveil the prototype of Yoskay's upcoming Fish Head vinyl (inspired by the painting) at SDCC.  Munky King is mixing established stars with rising talent for a very intriguing mix of upcoming art toys.

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Jul 17, 2007

Muttpop @ SDCC '07

Muttpop is all about Mini Gobi for SDCC. They will debut both the  GID Mini Gobi (500 pieces) through DKE Toys (#4832) and the Black Bean Mini Gobi (500 pieces) @ Munky King's Booth (#4639).  DKE will also have the Red Demon GID figures.

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Jul 16, 2007

Jamungo @ SDCC 07

Jamungo has some sweet exclusives lined up for SDCC.  At the top of the list are two new 3.75" SKLLBUD figures.  Each of these has a translucent outer flame head with an inner skull.  SKLLBUD 1.1 has a GID inner skull and SKLLBUD 1.2 has a clear blue inner skull (the pic is of just the inner skull).  While these pics are cool -- the full head sculpt in ambient light looks wicked.  Both SKLLBUDs and an orange  9" Nade (ltd. to 50 pcs) will be available at SDCC from the DKE Toys booth (#4832)

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Proto Monday >> Vivisect Playset: Ledkins

Today on Proto Monday we're unveiling the  Ledkins chase figure for the upcoming Vivisect Playset mini-figure series from STRANGEco based on the annual art show held at Gallery 1988  curated by Luke Chueh.   The two-headed Ledkins features the work of two top-flight painters with one-head designed by Joe Ledbetter and one dreamed up by Greg "Craola" Simkins.   The individual characters featured in their  humorous Siamese creation  were featured in original paintings by Ledbetter and Simkins at the most recent Vivisect Playset show. 

Ledkins can be found in the wild in two species -- regular (inserted in the blind-boxed series) and a special SDCC exclusive.  Both the platinum and gold SDCC exclusive Ledkins figure, limited to 300 pieces, and a separate Ledkins print from Joe Ledbetter and Craola will  be available at STRANGEco's SDCC booth (#4729).

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Jul 15, 2007

Nathan Jurevicius -- Monkey King Print @ SDCC 07

Munky King has just announced the new Monkey King Print by  Nathan Jurevicius  (50 pcs) to drop @ their SDCC booth (#4639).  This sweet giclee features the inspiration for MK's upcoming Monkey King figure created by Nathan J. and sculpted by Dave Pressler.

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