Aug 01, 2008

Bwana Spoons – Giant Killer


Bwana Spoons' long-awaited fiberglass Giant Killer coming from Efp3 was shown in its final painted form at Grass Hut’s SDCC booth.  This massive piece has turned out really nicely – with a purple paint job with either glitter or metallic flecks, shines nicely as you can see in the pics.  Hope to have more details on this unique piece soon.



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Jul 29, 2008

Dead Presidents X Cardboard Spaceship @ SDCC



Last Thursday at SDCC, Dead Presidents made his presence felt doing a live pin-striping demo at Cardboard Spaceship’s booth. He had available a bunch of his custom kaiju figures for sale. He would show off his skills on a few D.I.Y.’s to show everyone how much focus it takes to do some real pin-striping. More pics after the jump.


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Jul 26, 2008

Dez Einswell – “Iron” Ape



Dez Einswell just dropped his brand-new “Iron” edition Ape from STD Toys.  This is a nice counterpart to last summer’s hulking green edition. 


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Stolen Katope Painting !?!?


Here’s some very disappointing news -- one of Gargamel’s Katope paintings has apparently  been stolen from their SDCC booth.  If anyone has seen it please encourage the offender to return it or let Gargmael know about its whereabouts.  Theft is rotten, but stealing art is really low – taking someone’s creativity away from them.  On top of all this it’s a dismal greeting for Gargamel who made the trip from Japan.


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Yoskay Yamamoto + Koibito


LA painter Yoskay Yamamoto can now officially add toy designer to his resume.  His Koibito from Munky King has proved popular -- the drawing for an opportunity to purchase his all-black SDCC exclusive have been busy and eagerly anticipated each day of the show.  His on-the-spot hand-customized editions make the all-black even sweeter.  On the 2D side, his Koibito Gocco (hand-screened) is limited to 25 pieces for $250 per.


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Muttpop’s Bill + Dr. Destruction


Muttpop was in the house on Saturday at the Munky King booth.  Dr. Destruction’s creator and artist Bill made the trip across the ocean from France for the signing and release of Dr. Destruction Black Bean.  Muttpop Bob and Jerry Frissen were on hand to sign for fans as well.


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Seen: Beasts of Burden (7.25.08)


Beasts of Burden, a custom Yoka show curated by Cardboard Spaceship and Subtext, opened up last night at Subtext with 30+ Yokas from a diverse and talented group of artists.  If you missed it last night, check it out tonight -- Saturday (7.26), the last night to do so.   After the jump - loads of pics.

680 West Beech Street #1
San Diego, CA 92101


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Skeletal Carnival 3 @ Super7


Held on Thursday, Pushead’s Skeletal Carnival 3 was THE event of SDCC for many kaiju collectors.  Pushead hand-picked Mike Sutfin and Usugrow to join in on the creation of wickedness for hard-core collectors.   At 3:39 PM (or so), Pushead removed the curtain hung over the display case containing the object of so many people's desires -- handpaints and exclusive figures.  Small groups of collectors were brought from the separate waiting area at the back of the exhibition hall to view the goodies and decide on purchase.

The hand-painted figures never fail to turn heads, illicit awe, and yes maybe even 'cause a bit of drool.  Pushead's HPs along with Mike Sutfin's HP Bop Dragons seemed to live up to expectations given the collector response.  Among the exclusive figures, Usugrow's clear blue Rebel Ink was the primary target (apparently limited to 50 pieces).  More pics after the jump.


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Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth figures @ SDCC


If you love underground comic artist Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth Comix, you’ll be stoked to hear that Span of Sunset is releasing two figures from the series @ SDCC --   Loady McGee and Sinus O'Gynus.  Johnny Ryan comments on both characters’ personalities -- “Loady McGee "is the spikey-haired, zit-faced jerk who loves watching snuff movies and eating teddy grahams"  and  Sinus O'Gynus "is America's #1 wimp and Loady's favorite punching bag". Sinus is ready to rock with a knife and a paddle ball game and has a slit on the back for back-stabbing action.   Both have dead fish accessory. The figures ship in dirty outhouse themed boxes.

Three colorway (Regular, Toxic Green & Yellow) are available at the ‘con from Buenaventura Press (#1732) and Fantagraphics (#1716).

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Jul 25, 2008

James Jean @ Giant Robot


LA standout artist James Jean signed for fans @ the Giant Robot booth.  Not surprisingly, he drew a crowd – the line wound around the booth.  James signed prints, issues of GR 54 featuring his cover story and several books and other items people brought with them. 


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Brandt Peters Serv-O-Matic


Here’s a quick  followup to yesterday’s post on Brand Peters' upcoming mini figs from MINDstyle. The series is called Serv-O-Matic and it appears that at least one of the designs will be produced as a larger figure as well.  Portraying a reto-vision of automation, each design features a common lower carriage complete with faux wind-up mechanism and little mechanized feet. The figures on display are hand-painted paint masters.   Very cool.  After the jump – individual close-up pics of several of the figures.


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MAD @ ToyQube


MAD signed and doodled on ToyQube’s exclusive 10” GID Blue MAD*Ls at the company’s booth today.  The MAD*L is back on track with the new 10” form, the TQ Ninja MAD*L and the recent drop of Phase:3.  The future is shaping up nicely too – MAD was showing off his new exclusive with Mechanized (November) as well as an Andrew Bell design done for Frozen Empire (December).  Great stuff.  More pics after the jump.




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Luke Chueh’s Black in White


Luke Chueh’s Black in White is undoubtedly on collectors’ minds – especially with the debut of a prototype at Munky King booth.  The key reveal is that the outer white bunny is in fact a removable cloth suit complete with bunny head.  Nice.


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Itokin Park @ Super7


Kazuhiko Ito (Itokin Park) will sign at 4 PM in Super7’s booth.  Along with the S7 SDCC exclusive Himalan, Kazuhiko is also offering 5 Mikazukin SP’s (“specials”, customs).  Kazuhiko is shown above with one of his fans.


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Joe Ledbetter – Lava Unicornasaurus


Kidrobot dropped Joe Ledbetter’s  SDCC exclusive Lava Unicornasaurus today (7.25.08) at their booth with a signing from 11 AM to 2 PM.  The Lava is limited to 350 pieces at a rather reasonable $65.  The figure looks very nice.  Didn’t get to the signing until about 1 PM (too much partying…).  Supplies lasted through at least 1:30 or so.   A different tack with exclusives by using larger run sizes – service all (or most) versus drop a super-rare piece.  Plenty more pics after the jump. 


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Seen: Munky King x Vinyl Pulse - VinylKings


Thursday night’s come and gone (mostly!) and with it a lot of SDCC parties.  We were stoked to work with Munky King on our own bash – VinylKings @ Basic Bar + Urban Kitchen.   Seven dope artists worked their butts off in an amazing live painting sessions.  In about five – six hours they transformed 4’ x 4’ wood boards into incredible paintings.  Props to 2H, Angry Woebots, Jesse Hernandez, Jason HanPeekaboo Monster, Scott BelcastroYoskay Yamamoto. The large crowd enjoyed the process and the final result – you will too.  The pieces are great – check ‘em after the jump. Thanks to everyone that come out – much appreciated. 


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Buff Monster Signing @ MINDstyle (7.26.08)

Heading into the weekend each day is going to be packed with signings and events. It can be hard to keep it straight and figure out where to go next.   If you’re feeling the need for some pink,  don’t miss  Buff Monster’s last SDCC signing  on Saturday from 2:30 to 3:30 PM (7.26.08)  @ the MINDstyle booth (#4249).  Drop by and check out the new SDCC exclusive S2 Revenge figures

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Jul 24, 2008

Jesse Hernandez – Aztec Munky + Live Painting Tonight



Munky King posted a teaser flier of their upcoming Aztec style munky figure from Jesse Hernandez.  Cool.  We’ve had the good fortune of getting a closer look  and we’re impressed – EXTREMELY detailed project.   If you’ve been wondering where the wicked sculpts have gone -- you'll only be waiting just a bit longer.

Btw, don’t miss the Munky King x Vinyl Pulse VinylKings party going down tonight (8:30 – whenever) @ Bar Basic.  It’s on 11th and J.  Come on out.  Surprises?  Oh Yeah – here’s the big one.  Jesse Hernandez is going to be live-painting in addition to the previously announced artists.  Rad.  Another?  Fine…  we’ve got a small (and green) surprise for 25 or so lucky souls. 

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New Western Series from Super 7



Super7 is showing a Hollis Price proto from Le Merde.   This one in a series of figures form Western artists including Bwana Spoons, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas (hand-drawn image after the jump and Fleribant Wythmann.


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New Brandt Peters Minis from MINDstyle


MINDstyle is showing a brand-new upcoming mini-series from Brandt Peters.  Great stuff.  Look for updated pics + info shortly.  Very cool!

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New L’Amour Supreme @ Super7


Wicked. Rad.  Bad-ass.  Yes, that’s a lot of superlatives.  But this new L’Amour Supreme figure coming from Super7  (shown in proto form) is pretty sweet.  Part of the Snakes of Infinity Line, sculpted by Cosmo Liquid, 100% Japanese vinyl.  Yum.

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New Friends With You Plush


Ok… last post of the night.  If you’re down with the brand of voodoo that Friends With You does so well, you’ll want to see the new giant plush being shown at STRANGEco’s booth (white / rainbow).  Teddy bears, we don’t think so…  See you tomorrow for more of the madness that is SDCC ;-) 

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Tim Tsui’s Da Minci Customs


Tim Tsui is sharing a portion of ToyQube's booth at SDCC.  In addition to his new Da Lupus.Hope figure, he’s offering a limited-edition gold Da Warrior custom for $400 each.  There are eight @ SDCC (20 in all).  This is the same one he offered at TTF.  Jump on this if you want it – they go quickly, may already be gone.

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Brandt Peters – SDCC Exclusive Vintage Slap Happy


MINDstyle’s held back a few surprises for SDCC. And how.  Front and center is the SDCC Exclusive Vintage Slap Happy from Brandt Peters.  This is done in a sparkling white – call it pearlescent.  Similar paint treatment to three of the S2 Buff Monster figs. Sharp.

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Upcoming Benny and Red Bird Editions


MINDstyle is prepping two new Benny and Red Bird editions from Kathie Olivas.  There’s a DIY white edition (release info pending) and a silver edition – the secret Fresh Manila edition (August?). 


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