Apr 22, 2019

Apportfolio x Peanuts Collection


Apportfolio unveiled its new Peanuts collection of art toys done in conjunction with the Peanuts Global Artist Collective at its Shanghai Toy Show booth.  The inviting walk-in booth featured prototypes of upcoming figures from many of the collective artists including André Saraiva, FriendsWithYou and AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus). 

André's pieces feature Snoopy, Woodstock and his signature Mr. A character—in yellow, as a nod to, and occasionally as Woodstock.   The FriendsWithYou pieces feature Snoopy with their peaceful moon and cloud characters.  AVAF's Peanuts art comes to life with two neon-hued,crisscross renditions of Snoopy and Charlie Brown.  Apportfolio was also showing what appeared to be a just-completed cosmic Charlie Brown by none other than Kenny Scharf.  Many of the pieces are priced at 1480 RMB (~221) and are apparently scheduled for a Fall 2019 release.   Definitely an exciting project to keep an eye on.  Be sure to check the gallery for photos of each of the prototypes.


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Apr 05, 2019

adFunture at STS: New Space Woody by Law Sun-Yeung

54237193_123150412170148_6498837806729570883_nadFunture will return to the second-annual Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14) with several new editions of their toys as well as special runs from guest artists. After the unpainted blue/GID debut and several hand-painted micro runs, Space Woody by Law Sun-Yeung is set to step out with the first fully-painted edition.  Limited to 50 pieces, the new edition features a white suit design created on clear-cast soft vinyl.  It will be available at STS (A73) as well as online from adFunture.com.

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Seek Streetwear Enlightenment with Buddeng by Yama


After months of eye-catching photos, Korean artist Yama is set to debut his new Buddeng project at Shanghai Toy Show with pre-orders available (B82).   Happiness comes in many forms including streetwear bliss. The apparent deity of hypebeasts the world over, Buddeng contemplates material existence  decked out in Jordan 1 Off Whites, red kangol style hat and black-rimmed glasses. He's surrounded by a supreme calling from the golden Air More Uptempo to the unmistakable red+white luggage.   In addition to the OG red edition, Yama has also shown a striking Stone Gold edition with a statue/idol vibe.

Starting with a fun, stylish idea, Yama has achieved the full potential of the concept by delivering precise detail throughout. From the sneaker silhouettes (down to the treads) to the Rimowa-style suitcase which opens and features rolling wheels, Buddeng represents the culture in impeccable fashion. The pristine execution of the hypebeast essentials elevates the figure from commentary to coveted.


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Fools Paradise — 'I Just Felt Like Running'


The April Fools collection picks up the pace with the fourth and latest announcement from Fools ParadiseI Just Felt Like Running continues the adventures of Mario meets Forest and follows the previously released Super Run.  Fools Gum's first stop is Shanghai Toy Show with a special pre-order offer with a special STS-only gift.  As with the other April Fools releases, I just Felt Like Running will be available for online pre-order on April 12th directly from Fools Paradise.

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Apr 01, 2019

Pucky x Chino Lam - 'Fat Fishy Fairy' Surfaces at STS


The dream duo of HK artists Pucky and Chino Lam have blended their styles to create Fat Fish Fairy, set for pre-order at the upcoming Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14).  Pucky's magical fairy takes to the seas with a vibrant, light-hearted aquatic outfit with fish hood--a fun way to incorporate  Lam's ocean characters--a sea foam dress with golden shells, starfish and more, flip-flop style sandals. and a metallic trident.

Limited to 280 pieces, the Fat Fish Fairy will be available for pre-order for 759 RMB ($113) with 140 pieces  on Friday (4.12) from the Pucky booth (A35) and the remaining 140 on Saturday (4.13) from the Chino Lam booth (B30). The figure is slated to ship at the end of May.


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Mar 28, 2019

J.T Studio -- STS Exclusive 8" Monkey King W Flocking Version


J.T Studio continues to reveal their exclusives for Shanghai Toy Show.  Following on the heels of the Yoru Fluorescent GID announcement, comes the STS Exclusive 8" Monkey King W Flocking version vinyl toy.  As with the STS Yoru, the new Monkey King W brings a darker feel with a black + red design featuring white flocked hair throughout the figure (face, forearms, legs, and tail).  With a black crown, black banana, and black + red staff, the STS Monkey King W offers a nicer alter-ego style contrast to the OG Monkey King W which features the more traditional red+yellow design with 'natural' coloring.

Limited to 100 pieces, the STS Exclusive 8" Monkey King W Flocking version will be available for 790 RMB (~$118) from the J.T Studio booth [A29].


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Mar 18, 2019

Sooya -- Ban & Nyang Ban Soft Vinyl for STS


Known primarily for her bisque (porcelain) dolls, Korean artist Sooya will release new Ban & Nyang Ban soft vinyl figures at Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14). In order to ensure that the desert-themed STS versions of her signature bunny Ban and the brand-new cat Nyang Ban soft vinyl toys retain the refined, subtle look of her bisque figures, Sooya designed a new face sculpt to make it easier for painters in China to replicate her painting style.  As with her bisque dolls, each of the vinyl characters feature their favorite foods attached to the back of their heads—a carrot for Ban and a fish for Nyang Ban.

While we are relying on machine translation to understand the artist's posts, it appears that the pictured toys are the paint masters she created.  We're looking forward to seeing the production versions at STS—assuming we can get close-up before collectors quickly purchase them.


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Mar 04, 2019

It's Almost Time for Shanghai Toy Show 2019 (4.12 - 4.14)


Pop Mart will present the second annual Shanghai Toy Show on April 12th - 14th 2019 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. STS and sister show Beijing Toy Show are the premiere art toy shows in China with an exciting mix of Asian brands and artists, many of whom do not show nor sell outside of Asia.

The visual style for this year's show was designed by HK-based artist Pucky. Her cheerful, mystical characters will be seen throughout the show on fliers, signage, badges, the official catalog and more.  An excellent choice, Pucky's popularity in China has grown tremendously with the release of four blind-box series from Pop Mart in the span of less than a year.

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