Sep 08, 2016

James Groman x Instinctoy – King Corpse Debuts at STGCC


The eagerly awaited King Korpse (12”), a collaboration between James Groman and Instinctoy, will officially be unleashed in a limited, advanced release at the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic convention (10.10 – 10.11).  No friend of dinos, King Korpse is rumored to have squared off against Groman’s Rotten Rex and Instinctoy’s Vincent.  While James designed and sculpted the ape, Hiroto Ohkubo of Instinctoy added the Liquid Heart to the design as his part of the collaboration.   The removable heart peeks out between the bones of the removable rib cage – crazy stuff.  As always, Instinctoy has gone above and beyond in terms of packaging and extra touches.  King Korpse comes in a printed burlap-style stack with a metal KK-head button.

The fearsome ape will debut in two main editions – True Terror (left, above) and Fearful Fantasy (right, above).  It almost goes without saying that the paint jobes on both of these are striking and really convey the rage and power of the beast. King Korpse will also be available in a crazy, colors-are-awesome mixed parts edition – each one with a different mix of colors. The mixed parts apes include a clear removable rib section + GID liquid heart.  Both True Terror and Fierce Fantasy are limited to 50 pieces each, with 5 of each available via lottery at STGCC for roughly $442.  It sounds as if 5 pieces of the mixed parts figure will also be available at the convention.



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Sep 07, 2016

Blackbook Toy – Artist Customs for STGCC (10.10 – 10.11)


Blackbook Toy has big plans for their booth [AA36] at this  year’s Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (10.10 – 10.11) including intricate customs as well as new releases which will be announced shortly.  On the custom side, SKUM-Kun is the featured toy canvas. 

Kenth Toy Works has transformed four SKUM-Kuns into unique members of a Japanese Bosozoku (motorcyle gang), each with different color jackets and pants.  Chop of Monster Farm puts tongue firmly in cheek with his Dynamic Duo: Asshole and Prick – you’ll never look at Gotham the same way ever again.  Sold individually,  each is signed on the fingers (tattoo style).  For his own personal turn, Knuckle of Little Chop Design, the creator and sculptor of SKUM-kun, has created the Freaky Franken Bros – four unique two-faced customs.  All of the SKUM-kun customs come with a mini New Era cap and bandana.

Finally, Kenth Toy Works has pulled double duty.  In addition to his previously mentioned customs, he also has turned his talents to a pair of one-offs of Frank Kozik’s Lil’ Alex figure with Midnight Fantasy and ILL Fantasy—complimentary variations on a wildly colorful theme.


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