Aug 28, 2018

Tomenosuke x Andrew Bell – Exclusive Too Much Sake Kill Kat(9.12)


Tomenosuke’s Too Much Sake Exclusive Kill Kat  proves that the carnivorous treat beast has at least one true nemesis.  Having had just a bit much of the iconic Japanese spirit, the drunken pair are literally wearing their diminished state as they slowly turn a lovely shade of blue.  This exclusive edition comes with probably our favorite wrapper so far featuring Japanese text and a traditional Japanese illustration.

a0077842_20095655 a0077842_19591146

So… When ?  Tomenosuke will debut the Too Much Sake edition at STGCC (9.8 – 9.9) where 50 (of 150) pieces will be available at their booth [#MB31].  The general online release will follow on Wednesday September 12th from Tomenosuke’s International and Japanese web stores. A small quantity will be held back for DesignerCon (11.16 – 11.18) and Tokyo Comic-Con (11.30 – 12.2).

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