May 09, 2016

BAIT x GI Joe x 1000 Toys – 1/6 Snake Eyes


BAIT has joined forces with the 1/6 specialists 1000Toys on a new officially-licensed Snake Eyes figure.  Shown at this past weekend’s Thailand Toy Exo, the new figure features a synthetic  take on the deadly assassin courtesy of the TOA Heavy Industries imprint. From the official description, it sounds like Storm Shadow might be lurking in the distance as well. Look for the BAIT x 1000Toys Snake Eyes to debut this Summer.

A project to resurrect an old-generation soldier using his DNA info has been requested to TOA Heavy Industries from the Arashikage Clan. After a successful DNA restoration close to 80%, the soldier was then resurrected using the Synthetic Human body with the restored DNA info. Even though the memory restoration was incomplete, the soldier became to successfully accomplish numerous covert missions on his own.

In the midst of a rescue mission for captured engineers, the soldier is ambushed by a mysterious white shadow…

Photos: @Hiro_Padawan & @2kaha2


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May 07, 2016

Thailand Toy Expo – Amanda Visell + Michelle Valigura


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura are back at Thailand Toy Expo (2nd year in a row), this time in the 3A booth.  Amanda has created a mechanized division of one off editions of her Ashley Wood WWR-inspired pieces including Berties, Brambles and at least one Harold.  She’s also releasing TTE exclusives of her Micro Bramble and Slug as well as the Micro Bertie and Snail.  Finally, Michelle and Amanda have released their newest resin—Elephant and Rider—a perfect match for the event.  Btw, definitely check out the closeup after the jump – painted detail is really nice. Pics?  Michelle Valigura – ground correspondent!


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Thailand Toy Expo: Coarse


Coarse never seems to disappoint.  Mark, Sven and crew are showing several new sculpts including a beautiful whale (original, no production plans at the moment), Nibble and Root (mischievous bunny(s) with wicked carrots coming from Thailand’s own  Playhouse), ‘Protect Me’ featuring a pair of rooster and human boxers, the Coarse x 3A protos (nice closeup shots). On the production side, they have revealed the new Ignited False Friends anniversary edition (GID)—as photographed by SuYooshi Harn. They are also showing the upcoming retail edition of Last Days of Autumn vinyl collabo with Amanda Visell (yellow wood)  Oh, there’s also two very cute Omen plush apparently in conjunction with Flat Bonnie—very cool. Thanks again to our super sneaky ground correspondent, Michelle Valigura for the coverage.


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May 06, 2016

Thailand Toy Expo: 3A


Returning back to their large 2nd floor exhibition space, 3A has a huge presence at the Thailand Toy Expo.  Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the new figures in the works from Ashley Wood and company, courtesy of ground correspondent Michelle Valigura.   Without a doubt, the new WWR protos are the highlight here—stunning and so many, lots to look forward to.


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Thailand Toy Expo: Paradise Toys


Thanks to Michelle Valigura, our correspondent on the ground, here’s a look at the Paradise Toys booth at Thailand Toy Expo which runs through Sunday (5.8).  Paradise showcased new sofubi + resin from a talented group including T9G, Shoko Nakazawa (Koraters), Mai Nagamoto, Konatsu, Yukinori Dehara, Uamou, DAN, and Shonside


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May 04, 2016

Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura at Thailand Toy Expo (5.5-5.8)


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have returned to Bangkok for their second consecutive Thailand Toy Expo.  This year they’ll be in the 3A booth on the second floor of Central World.  While last year was a mix of toys and paintings, this year it’s all about toys. Before we dive into the 3A crossovers, we’re really enjoying  their newest resin set—Elephant and Rider—a fun interpretation of Thai culture.

The Amanda Visell x Ashley Wood crossovers promise to be a draw with a TTE exclusive Micro Bertie + Slug featuring a lighter blue Bertie and darker green snail compared to the original release.  Backing up Micro Bertie and his shelled pal are a  phalanx of custom, one-off Berties and Brambles including the salmon glitter awesomeness below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.34.17 PM


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Long Awaited Coarse x 3A Protos at Thailand Toy Expo


Thailand Toy Expo opens in just a few hours in Bangkok (Thursday morning over there) and we’re already seeing some photos of the setup. SuYooshi Harn’s pics of the Coarse booth (via the indispensable Coarsheads) are pretty juicy.  Since it comes seemingly out of the blue, we’re focusing here on  the reveal of the  Coarse x 3A crossover figures-- initially announced in 2009. Whiles the figures on display—most likely protos—appear to match the less-than-revealing initial teaser images —3A style heads and accessories on stylized Paw and Noop bodies—Noop’s right eye stands out with what appears to be a blue-tinted lens of some sort, perhaps some sort of  targeting device. 50142667f608

Photo: SuYooshi Harn

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Apr 29, 2016

Paradise x Mai Nagamoto – Paradise Sunrise Innocent & Core (4.29)


Paradise Toys will release both editions—GID and translucent—of their exclusive Paradise Sunrise Innocent & Core sofubi from Mai Nagamoto via their web shop on Friday (4.29) @ 10:30 PM PDT for NT$2000 each (~ US$62).  Please note that the sale link won’t be alive until the release time. Also, it’s probably best to go ahead and create a store account ahead of time to save some time during checkout.

The clear edition was also sold at least week’s SuperFest while the GID edition will also be available at Paradise’s Thailand Toy Expo booth (5.5-5.8). The rainbow-hued editions feature the larger Innocent and the smaller core who conveniently (well at least for one of them) fits in Innocent’s mouth.  


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Apr 25, 2016

Scott Tolleson x Pobber – Captain Taco at Thailand Toy Expo (5.5-5.8)


To celebrate May 4th—aka Star Wars day—Scott Tolleson and Pobber have created a Phasma-tastic new edition of Paco Taco. Captain Taco riffs off of the enigmatic Stormtrooper captain’s glossy silver armor and the red accent of her cape.  Talk about timing, this one drops at Thailand Toy Expo (5.5-5.8) at the Pobber Toys booth (Booth B3, Zone:Temp).

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Apr 02, 2016

JPX x Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx –Tossakan XXRAY


The nascent Thai Art Toy brand JPX—announced at Thailand Toy Expo 2015—has collaborated with Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx on a wicked XXRAY-branded dissected version of Tossakan (4”).  While the pervasive demon king from Thailand’s national Ramakien epic is often depicted as a supernatural beast — of multiple faces and arms—Freeny offers a more minimalist, grounded interpretation.  Viewed from the back or side, one might miss the facial features which reveal the fearsome armor-clad warrior’s demonic origins. In keeping with the pared down approach, the sculpt features an additional restrained nod to more traditional visions of the character. The horn on the helmet hosts a pair of  subtly presented, stacked demon heads. While easy to overlook, the mini skulls on the dissected side reward the observant collector.  

JPX is aiming  for a potential TTE 2016 (5.5-5.8) debut of the Tossakan XXRAY. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s an all-black edition as seen here or a painted one. At any rate, this is a really nice crossover design with a new take on an ancient cultural epic.


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Jan 22, 2016

Thailand Toy Expo 2016 (5.5 – 5.8)


With 2015 in the books, its time to start thinking about upcoming conventions.  Quickly growing into a major draw for South East Asia and beyond, Thailand Toy Expo runs this year from May 5th to 8th—one of the earlier shows—at the dizzingly massive Centralworld mega mall (more like an indoor shopping city) in Bangkok. While it’s still early with the majority of exhibitors not yet announced, several well-known artists and brands have already been announced including Amanda Visell, Coarse, Fools Paradise, Funko, MINDstyle, Pobber.  

We had the pleasure of attending TTE last year—it’s a fun show organized by Jeep and Prair Tumwattana of the DTA 2015 winning Playhouse Thailand/ JP Toys—with a bright future and emphasis on 1/6 figures.

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