May 07, 2018

A Quick Look Back at Thailand Toy Expo


While we couldn’t make it out to Bangkok this year for Thailand Toy Expo this past weekend, Keithing kindly sent us some snaps from the show to share.  Located at the massive Central World mall, TTE is one of the leading art toy shows in Asia with a nice mix of booths including well-known anchor brands such as  Coarse, Fools Paradise, Instinctoy and  ThreeA  which have exhibited at the show for several years plus a strong mix of indie artists and growing brands—especially from the home country.   Thailand Toy Expo is growing quickly with more and more Western brands making the trip East.  Toy Qube  and Martian Toys both made their TTE debuts this year.

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May 04, 2018

QUICCS – SPARQ Previewed at Thailand Toy Expo


Martian Toys is showing the upcoming SPARQ figures (4.25”) from QUICCS at their Thailand Toy Expo booth.  This is the 3x roto resin set.  Blanks in the pipeline.  Artist of the year? Got my vote.

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Martian Toys Reveals New Jaspar Minis at Thailand Toy Expo


Martian Toys made the trip to Bangkok for Thailand Toy Expo and is offering first looks at several upcoming toy projects.  Here’s a look at the new Jaspar minis with revealed designs from platform creator Gary Ham as well as Mizna Wada, Muxxi, and YemaYema. Neat!

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May 03, 2018

Ron English x Pop Life – Secret SFBI Drops at Thailand Toy Expo (5.4)

Astro Boy


Surprise! Ron English and Pop Life are releasing three new SFBI figures for Thailand  Toy Expo on Friday (5.4) from the Playhouse store on the ground floor of the Central World mall.  This special pre-release event  is  an opportunity to purchase the new Astro Boy Grin (THB 2500 / ~$79), Punk Skunk (THB 3000 / ~$95)  and Luck Cat Grin (THB 3000 / ~$95) soft vinyl art toys before the general release.  Ron will be signing the new figures at 11 AM.  TTE is the center of the art toy world this weekend!

Lucky Grin Cat Ron English Punk Skunk

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Amanda Visell for Thailand Toy Expo: Exclusive Gold Tiger Ringer + More


Amanda Visell’s Thailand Toy Expo releases are all about the girls.  She’s created two exclusives for the show –  Gold Tiger Ringer and F*ck This Blues.  As you can see, she’s also created several other girl busts as well.  While Amanda wasn’t able to make the trip but Michelle is there.  The resins are going quickly, so drop by, check out the selection and be sure to  say hi to Michelle!

31338709_367606110309976_1122858833773854720_n 30998413_1805989419695848_1274124506742390784_n

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Keithing x ToyQube – Orca Emperor at Thailand Toy Expo


In addition to the brand-new Astro Boy Greeting Edition, ToyQube is showcasing the new Orca Emperor vinyl (7”) from Keithing at their Thailand Toy Expo booth [A11]. The piece cleverly celebrates two of Antarctica’s beloved animals and continues the artist’s line of  sea-inspired pieces (Sharky, Hammerhead and more).  It’s available for pre-order at TTE and will be available for pre-order online on 5.10 for $75 from

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ToyQube – Astro Boy Greeting Edition at Thailand Toy Expo


ToyQube is showcasing their brand-new Astro Boy Greeting Edition (10”)--part of their Astro Boy City series—at Thailand Toy Expo in booth A11. Astro Boy welcomes you with the traditional Thai greeting (‘wai’)  TQ are taking pre-orders for the new Astro Boy at the booth and plan to offer an online pre-release on Friday May 10th for $99.95 on

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May 02, 2018

Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan – Supersized Daydream (Nimbus) at Thailand Toy Expo


Supersized Daydream (Nimbus)!  Paulus Hyu and Kurobokan will auction of these giant versions of their very popular toy at Thailand Toy Expo.  It appears that they have made the larger format piece in several different colorways.  Paulus originally posted pics of a white and pink one (above) and today comes a pic of Papa Nimbus and TTE organizer Jeep with a black and gold one.   What we do know for sure is that the supersized Daydreams will be auctioned off at 5 PM on Thursday (5.3) on the main stage with proceeds going to benefit charity. 



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Shon x Kidult Toy – Monkey Kid Debuts at Thailand Toy Expo


Shon’s new Monkey Kid figure for Kidult Toy will debut at Thailand Toy Expo.  The fun new monkey king-ish (see the belt) will be available in two editions. First up is the Flame edition which will drop at the Kidult Toy x Hell Toy booth (I22).  Shon will release his own Golden Candy edition from The Little Hut’s booth [I3].

31078729_320380271823364_6806053069869023232_n downloaddownload

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Kasing Lung x How2work at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6)


How2Work will be at Thailand Toy Expo with releases from 009, Bubi, Don’t Cry in the Morning,   Kasing Lung, Kohei Ogawa, and  Prodip Leung—Reiki Starchild! Kasing Lung will release several special editions at the show via a special lottery open to those who purchase one of the regular How2Work figures.  The special drops include:

1. Labubu x HugHugCat
2. Zimomo black ver.
3. Zimomo Lunar
4. Zimomo Mauer
5. Zimomo Revolt
6. Labubu Aurora
7. Labubu Halo
8. Spooky Sorrow
9. Tycoco Phantom
10. Bloom Labubu
11. Bloem Labubu
12. “New Secret Character”

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May 01, 2018

Eric Noah x Kurobokan -- Gwen the Corgi OG and Pink Soda at TTE


The waiting is almost over.  Kurobokan  will release the OG Gwen the Corgi vinyl when the doors open at the Thailand Toy Expo on Thursday AM (5.3) in booth F3.


In addition to the OG, they will also release the TTE Exclusive Pink Soda edition with a fun swirl design blending pink, orange, and perhaps white.  These will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  

Plus, purchasers of the OG and Pink Soda will receive lottery entries for a chance to buy one of the hand-done Gwen the Corgi artist series resins. Each artist series is an edition of 5. So far designs from three artists have been revealed (shown below, l to r):  Semproel, Mrkumkum, Iky.  All of the Corgis will be available at TTE from booth F3. 


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Apr 30, 2018

Shoko Nakazawa – Aurora Glitter Byron and Rangeron at TTE


Shoko Nakazawa will release her new Aurora Glitter  Byron and Rangeron sofubi figures at Thailand Toy Expo via The Little Hut’s booth [I3]. Both editions will be released via lottery, Byron on May 3rd at noon and Rangeron  on the 4th at noon as well.  The new editions feature a kaleidoscope of red, blue, purple and gold spray on  clear vinyl cast with glitter—seemingly both silver and gold.   Beyond her character design, Shoko always seems to come up with striking edition concepts.


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Too Natthapong x Unbox -- Stainless Steel Elfie Debuts at TTE


Too Natthapong’s Greenie and Elfie brand is going upscale with this shiny new Stainless Steel Elfie from Unbox. Cast and hand-finished in solid stainless steel, the new metal Elfie is the same size as the OG vinyls.  This one debuts at Thailand Toy Expo and then should be available online from Unbox.


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Duckhead x Merry Go Round – Bream Man debuts at TTE


Bream Man, a koi fish dude strolling along with sack in hand, is one of Korean artist Duckhead’s main characters.  He’s released many colors and versions of the resin figure including several at the recent Shanghai Toy Show.  Now he’s teamed up with Merry Go Round on an excellent new version which appears to be a production run—perhaps in vinyl. The brand will debut the new Bream Man at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) in booth A21.  While similar to the resins, the new figure seems to feature additional sculptural elements (ridging on the fins) as well as sharper, crisper paint.  From the photos it appears that Bream Man balances with a stylish lean on the bag and the two feet.  Really nice piece blending the familiar urban aesthetic with an eclectic, unexpected character. 

download download download

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Hariken x Unbox – Super Darumaboya Debuts at TTE


Hariken’s Darumaboya VAG minis are an imaginative take on the iconic Daruma doll.  The figure changes things up by retaining just the distinctive pear shape body and familiar markings while adding arms, legs, and a simple character-style face.  Now he’s worked with Unbox to create Super Darumaboya. The first edition of the larger figure featuring a sparkly gold body with white face and limbs white body will debut at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) at his booth [I20] and Unbox’s booths [F8/F9]. Look for an online release from Unbox shortly.

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Keira On the Roof x Merry Go Round – PuPi at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6)

Known primarily for the Usotengu—crazy Pinocchio x Tengu design—vinyl figure, Keira on the Roof is back with  PuPi, a fox looking for happiness.  First released at STS in a hand-painted edition, PuPi will be available at Thailand Toy Expo in what appears to be a production edition via Merry Go Round [booth A21].  PuPi has a fun design with a pose that reminds us a bit of a Meerkat.  While cute, he seems to be just a bit on edge—perhaps the quest for happiness and all.

download download

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Blackbook Toy for TTE 18: Three Production Drops + One-Offs


With one convention after the next, Blackbook Toy never seems to rest.  After doing STS the first week of April, and just finishing Superfestival this past weekend, they are off to Bangkok for Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) with a trunk full of dope vinyl to be released at their booth [F2]. 

First up are three new production releases.  Those of you down with MC Cyco are in for a thrill.  The MC Cyco Supervillain Lil Alex and Dim figures (~ 11.2”) feature the full prince of darkness treatment from the signature purple and green to the outlandish makeup with the mouth-slit lipstick.  These will be available for 4400 THB (~ $140). 


Following on the heels of the sold out  Supervillain (Mohawak), comes the SKUM-Kun MC Cyco Supervillain (Wavy Hair) variant. These stand 9” tall and will be available for 5200 THB (~ $165).

skumkun_mccyco IMG_1072

Finally, BBT celebrates the one year anniversary of Ron English’s Mousezilla—introduced at last year’s TTE—with the new CombatZilla edition (above). The new design features a painted uniform of sorts starting with  a tan, brown and green set of camouflage and an army green ‘helmet’ head. It’ll be available for 5400 THB (~ $171). Several One-off Mini CombatZillas will drop at the show as well.  Look for a variant online release after the show.

In keeping with their tradition of releasing one-off customs at conventions, Blackbook Toy has quite a few lined up for TTE including several in-house customs with four Jiangshi Apocalypse one-offs and a fun BeetleZilla piece inspired by Tim Burton’s classic film. They also have an army of Marvel Okinawa customs including the Burning Hell series (MC Evil, Skum-Kun, Lil Alex and Dim), a Good Guy series (MC Evil and Skum-Kun) plus two additional Skum-Kuns. 

20180428 IMG_1471 fireIMG_1206 IMG_1264

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Fools Paradise – FooXL Three King Two Three (20”)


After a few days of teases, Fools Paradise has revealed the first figure in its new FooXL line of large-format vinyl art toys.  First up is his Airness.  The FooXL Three King Two Three stands nearly 20” tall and features highly-detailed kicks.   The 20” Two Three will make its debut at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) – not clear yet if they will be available at the show.

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Apr 27, 2018

OKluna – John the Universe Version at Thailand Toy Expo


OKLuna will continue their new John and Yoko saga with a brand-new John the Universe Version for Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) at booth A21. The big news is… the new larger size as you can see in the comparison pic below.  The Universe Version features a cosmic paint design and cloth scarf—Jobi was also released with scarf at STS.  Perhaps no helmets this time around?  No word on whether the smaller John will also be on tap for TTE.

31301809_2174601246087206_3604730283045158912_o 31396200_2174601199420544_7552544520789819392_o31421579_2174601296087201_8948986281623289856_o

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FuFuFanny – Hand-painted Linus Calico + Acorn and Nutty for Thailand Toy Expo


FuFuFanny has been hard at work prepping for Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 –5.6).  She’ll be bringing a gorgeous hand-painted Acorn and Nutty edition.  As nice as her production pieces are, these are several steps above.  She’s also showed a hand-painted Linus Calico, apparently inspired by her own cat.  We’re assuming this is an edition as well.  Both of these releases will be available at The Little Hut’s booth [I3].

download download 30604845_204996580278270_6260772616198422528_n 30590293_320395501824586_2534733923930341376_n

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Six TwentyEight – TTE Exclusive MITT BKK K9

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 7.19.51 PM

For Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6), Six TwentyEight will release their  MITT BKK K9 edition. Exclusive to TTE, the new edition is inspired by  Bangkok’s Traffic Police. This one is limited to 30 pieces and will be available at booth F5.

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Eric So – White Knight (No War) For Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6)


For Thailand Toy Expo, toy legend Eric So will release the new No War edition of his White Knight figure.  This one features a mattle black finish with a WWII era design.  It will be available at booth F9 and was produced by the fine folks over at Unbox.

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Apr 21, 2018

Fools Paradise x ZCWO – TTE Exclusive Beefy Chili Fantasy (5.3 – 5.6)


The crystal clear Oishii Paradise goodness continues with the TTE Exclusive Beefy Chili Fantasy dropping  from Fools Paradise x ZCWO at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 – 5.6) at Central World in Bangkok.  Limited to 100 pieces, this one features tri-color happy chili peppers in side of the clear beefy (spray accents).

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Fools Paradise x ZCWO – Oishii Paradise: Kitten to Debut at TTE (5.3 – 5.6)



Fools Paradise and ZCWO will debut Kitten, an adorable salmon sandwich, at Thailand Toy Expo (5.3 –5.6) at Central World in Bangkok.  It looks like the fish-loving feline and newest member of the Oishii Paradise line  will be available in both a standard OG color edition and a TTE exclusive Kitten Ikra edition with a clear body and orange sour faces (!) inside.


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