Jun 19, 2006

Mizna Lens -- Two Sides of Goth

Mizna Lens  creates art that explores a range of emotions through a goth motif, an approach she calls "sympathetic goth".  While one might mistake her style as  simply "cute", her art reflects the uncertainty of life, its twists and turns, both joyous and torturous. As a Japanese artist  she's gaining a following in the West where her one-of-a-kind  handmade dolls have sold through quickly for sums approaching a thousand dollars.  And she has vinyl coming this summer -- two completely different original figures dropping at SDCC.

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Jun 06, 2006

Mizna Lens - Sympathetic Goth

We love designer toys and in part it's the joy of discovering something you've never seen before from an artist you've never heard of before that instant.  The art  captures your eye, your imagination and then you want to know all you can about the person behind it. 

So today we're taking a closer look at Mizna Lens, a talented illustrator, graphic artist, and toymaker from Tokyo. With her unique characters and visual style, Mizna has gained an underground following.  With her recent debut In Los Angeles, she added to her growing legion of collectors and fans, some of whom paid top dollar (nearly a grand) to purchase her one-of-a-kind handmade plush dolls.

Mizna's body of work exudes a fresh take on Goth, which she calls "Sympathetic Goth".  For her,  “It’s all about embracing those difficult moments in life with compassion, courage, and strength. Keeping it authentic and being mindful of balance is what the macabre, the grotesque, and the insane eroticism represents in my work".  Big things are on the horizon for Mizna Lens and we'll follow her on that journey as her career takes off. 

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