Dec 12, 2018

Ciecy — A Pair of Christmas Tapoos for Toy Soul


Very much in the holiday spirit, Ciecy has created two Christmas-themed Tapoos for Toy Soul.  First up is the Let it Snow full-size Tapoo (edition of 50) decked out in the traditional red + green with some gold accents in a design that partially reveals the clear spaceship.  She also is dropping the Reindeer in Snowfield Mini Tapoo (edition of 50) which is only the second mini and follows the Milk Magazine exclusive mini which dropped about a week ago.  Both of these will be available at the IDEE Productions booth [I01] — Let it Snow on Friday and Reindeer in Snowfield on Saturday.  Happy hunting.


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Dec 09, 2018

Teresa Chiba x adFunture — KD Harigon Debuts at Toy Soul


First seen in prototype form at Shanghai Toy Show in September, Teresa Chiba’s collabo figure with adFunture is set for its official Toy Soul debut. KD Harigon is Chiba’s interpretation /take on adFunture’s  Kayden mascot—blending elements of the latter (3 eyes) with her signature Inu Harigon figure. The KD Harigon soft vinyl will debut in a painted edition (above) at the Milk Cargo booth [G14].

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Law Sun-Yeung x adFunture — Space Woody Debut at Toy Soul


adFunture  will debut the brand-new Space Woody figure from Law Sun-Yeung at Toy Soul.  The space explorer with three-eyes—a nod to adFunture’s Kayden mascot—suggests that even couch potatoes are destined for the stars. In terms of toys, Law Sun-Yeung is best known for his recent Tomu Boy—a carnivorous, kaiju mushroom.  Space Woody will be available from the Milk Cargo booth [G14], complete with clear helmet.


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Dec 08, 2018

Kurobokan — Christmas Sleepwalker Offspring (Nimbus) at Toy Soul


Kurobokan has announced the debut of Christmas Sleepwalker Offspring (Nimbus) by Paulus Hyu at their Toy Soul booth [I15]. Cast in light green vinyl with yellow eyes and a fur-like scarf, the new toy  bears a strong resemblance to everyone’s favorite Christmas anti-hero. Fun, without going over-the-top.


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Dec 07, 2018

Milk x Yoyo Yeung — Milky Kenneth at Toy Soul


Milk continues its string of Toy Soul Exclusives with Milky Kenneth from Yoyo Yeung.  The exclusive version of the fennec fox sofubi (Unbox) features a design that mixes the magazine’s iconic white with red and tan details for a natural, festive look.  Limited to 100 pieces, Milky Kenneth will be available via online lottery for HK$700 (~$90) with pickup/payment at the Milk Cargo [G14] booth.   To enter the lottery, register by 12.9 HK time on the official product page.


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Mame Moyashi x Milk — Cheese Maguro Senpai for Toy Soul


In a fun collaboration, Chino Lam has worked with Milk magazine to celebrate their 16th Anniversary with a special figure.  Featuring a new torso sculpt, Cheese Maguro Senpai plays off the concept of time—in time and in the right conditions, Milk becomes Cheese.  And, it should be noted, the Cheese texture—with drips—looks quite good. 

Limited to 200 pieces, Cheese Maguro Senpai drops at Toy Soul (12.14 – 12.16) in the CheeseMaguro_1218booth [G14] for HK$800 (~$102).


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Dec 06, 2018

Milk x 009 — Unio Hunter Milk Edition at Toy Soul


Milk is set to release several exclusive art toys at Toy Soul including Lost In the Space: Unio Hunter Milk Edition from 009.  The exclusive edition of 009’s new space explorer figure features a brown-haired astronaut in a silver suit with milk white helmet.  Look for this one at the Milk Cargo booth [G14].  Hit the jump for the full flier/ad.


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Chubby Toys — Banana Popo at Toy Soul


Chubby Toys’ Popo takes a different path in charming collectors looking for the next cute soft vinyl toy. We’ve all seen cute rabbits, dogs, cats and more, but a puffer fish, and one with legs?  The chubby, puffed up face is the key to artist Dee Two’s design. 

The latest version, Banana Popo is coming to Toy Soul (12.14 – 12.16) in Hong Kong.  This one just might be inspired by certain ba-nana loving ‘evil’-doers. It will be available from Toy Station’s booth.  The little teddy bear is a sweet touch.


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Dec 05, 2018

SML at Toy Soul — Night Market + Pink Market Releases


SML will release two special editions for Toy Soul (12.14 – 12.16) in Hong Kong.  For the show’s Night Market (all black toys) on Friday evening, they’ll have a black + yellow ‘Bat’ figure.  Likewise, for Saturday evening’s Pink Market (pink toys), there will be a ‘Pink’ figure in blue, white + pink.  Finally, SML will have the ‘USA’ figure which is #10 in their Nations series.  Find all of this at the SML booth [C16] run by their distributor, A Good Company.

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T9G — Toy Soul ‘18 Rangeas


With Toy Soul ‘18 less than two weeks away (12.14 – 12.16), we’re starting to see more announcements of releases for the HK show including this new Rangeas from T9G.  The new edition looks to feature milky white vinyl with a deep, saturated rainbow palette of sprays. No official word yet, but we expect this to be available from The Little Hut booth

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Nov 30, 2018

Monster Taipei x Kasing Lung — Chester Zimomo Debuts at Toy Soul


The glorious, never-ending art toy convention season rolls on to Hong Kong for Toy Soul (12.14 – 12.16).  As part of it’s line up for Toy Soul, Monster Taipei will debut their exclusive Chester Zimomo (7.5”) from Kasing Lung and How2work.  Seemingly inspired by a magical cat through the rabbit hole, Chester is limited to 200 pieces with 80 on-hand for Toy Soul from Monster Taipei’s booth [D13].

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