Sep 09, 2006

Grumpy Freak Show (09.11 - 09.29)

American Greetings is home to a set of  talented designers and artists passionate about designer toys, seriously.   Awhile back one of these designers, Saxton Moore, seized on a chance to create an 8 inch vinyl Grumpy Bear of Care Bears fame.  While Grumpy Bear has yet to see the light of day as a retail product, artists at American Greetings have pushed forward with the Grumpy Freak Show -- a custom show featuring 100+ custom Grumpy Bears designed by in-house artists. The show runs from September 11th thru the 29th at American Greetings HQ in Cleveland, Ohio.   Proceeds from the auction of the pieces will benefit Harvest for Hunger.  There's some  nice work in this show including   Keith Corcoran's 3 intergalactic  Grumpy Bears complete with custom packaging. For more info on the show and pics of customs created by additional artists, check out the Grumpy Freak Show Blog.

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Sep 08, 2006

Altered States - Tweeqim's Tedankhamun

While most of us are still recovering from their wicked Firecat, Tweeqim's still dropping bombs.  Here's their Tedankhamun 10" Teddy Troop.  My first reaction was whoa...  The detail on the pharoah's face  is well gnarly and then there's the gorgeous helmet.  This and an array of amazing customs from Sket One, Tweeqim and Jeremy Gibbs will be featured in Altered States which opens this Saturday (09.09) at Rotofugi from 7 to 11 PM

Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery
1953 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

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Sep 06, 2006

Altered States - TWEEQIM's Firecat (09.09.06)

For Altered States, TWEEQIM  -- miQ willm0tt and THUY3,  designed their customs around an Evil Funhouse theme. Their wicked custom Firecat pays homage to Joe Ledbetter's character as a twisted ringmaster.  Altered States featuring the custom toy art of Sket One, TWEEQIM, Jeremy Gibbs opens on September 9th at Rotofugi in Chicago from 7 to 11PM and continues through October 15th.

Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery
1953 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

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Ryan Bubnis - 20" Cloud Keeper Dunny

This cute BIG guy from Ryan Bubnis is his 20" Cloud Keeper Dunny done for the Kidrobot Paintball Show (09.07.06).  Very adorable.  Wouldn't you like to take him home?  You can.  He and all the other customs will be up for auction with proceeds benefitting Save the Children.

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Sep 05, 2006

TWEEQIM's 20" Dunny for KR's Paintball Show

TWEEQIM's (miQ willm0tt and THUY3) custom 20" Dunny for Kidrobot's Paintball (09.07.06) is a personal creation echoing their summer experiences -- the end of life, the creation of life, and crop circles.  This one's done up in pearlescent paint to give it a spooky glimmer. 

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Huck Gee- Death from Above 20" Ninja Dunny

Huck Gee's Death From Above 20"  Ninja Dunny, a winged master of sneakiness, subterfuge, death and destruction, will strike fear in all the other poor Dunnys and Fatcaps assembled for Kidrobot's Paintball show.  Easy, easy prey, I tell you! 

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Sep 04, 2006

Elizabeth Berdann's Summer Dunny for KR's Paintball (09.07.06)

As a talented painter, Elizabeth (blu) Berdann, creates beautiful hand-done customs that highlight her skill on varied canvases including designer toys of all shapes and sizes.  Her 20" Summer Dunny done for KR's Paintball Show (09.07.06) embraces nature in a calming design.  Blu's pieces catch the eye not because they push the 3D envelope but rather for the artistry she infuses into each one. Enjoys the pics and keep an eye out for the finished piece (the Dunny was not quite finished when these were taken). 

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Sep 01, 2006

Martin Ontiveros - Ojo Rojo 20" Dunny

Martin Ontiveros creates brightly colored worlds populated by mysterious, slightly ominous and imposing demons.  His style and skills with cel paint and ink are on full display with this 20" Dunny featuring Ojo Rojo, one of his most popular characters, for Kidrobot's Paintball (09.07.06).

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Aug 31, 2006

Koa x Dob Fatcap for KR's Paintball

KOA and Dob have knocked out an ill Super Fatcap for Kidrobot's Paintball Show (09.07.06) for their Level-Art Crew.  This two-faced creation features KOA's stylings on the front and Dob running rampant on the back.  Props on a tight piece.

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Aug 30, 2006

Andrew Bell - "Dunny for Dinner"

Sweet.  Here's Andrew Bell's "Dunny for Dinner", a 20 inch Dunny created for Kidrobot's Paintball (09.07.06).  Andrew's customs never disappoint -- he always puts his wicked imagination and collection of power tools to good use with incredible results.  Beware of the black Dunny predator but be sure to admire those razor-sharp pearly whites (from a safe distance!). Be sure to check out Andrew's project page for additional pics of the finished piece as well as many under-construction shots.

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The Paintball - 20" Dunny by Dave Blog + William Dunn

We're starting to see some amazing Super Fatcap Customs created for The Paintball Show organized by Kidrobot.  The Fatcaps are cool but so far the 20" Dunnys have been mostly MIA.  Until now, this nice 20" Dunny was created by Dave Blog and William Joseph Dunn on behalf of The Daily Show for Kidrobot's Paintball (09.07.06 in NYC).  The pared down design with the test pattern inspired design echoes The Daily Show in a subtle manner -- nice job.  To top it off, Jon Stewart signed the back of the piece which should increase the amount of money it pulls in for charity.   Check out more pics including  in-progress shots of the creation of the Dunny in William Joseph Dunn's Flickr Album.

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Urban Medium's Fatcap @ KR Paintball (09.07.06)

Look at what the email faerie has brought...  Urban Medium's incredible Fatcap done for Kidrobot's Paintball show (09.07.06) works on so many levels. While the cage and the trapped spray can clearly steal the show, the black/white designs on the body are equally cool and are signature UM.  The Paintball is going to be out of sight ;-)

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Aug 28, 2006

Rolito @ Fewmany

Fewmany recently hosted French designer Rolito for a solo show featuring new and upcoming additions to his mini-safari line as well as some 2D renditions of his characters.  Datadub was there and sent along these pics.   The new figs look nice, and the hand-doodled NedZed's definitely caught my eye ;-) 

















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Aug 26, 2006

MAD's Expensive Thoughts

Kidrobot's Paintball  featuring 20" Dunnys and Super Fatcaps is right around the corner with the opening on  September 7th at a still undisclosed NYC location.  Here's MAD's  "Expensive Thoughts" Super Fatcap piece for the show.  This twisted dude has big aspirations.  By Any Means Necessary.  Expensive Thoughts sports MAD's tight sharpie work on the near day-glo brain pattern and also cuts a nice 3d profile with the jumper cables and the sweet Bling Bubble.  We can't wait to see more pieces from what's bound to be one of the premiere shows of the year.

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Aug 24, 2006

Altered States Sneak Peek - Jeremy Gibbs

Here's a peek at a new Knuckle Bear custom from Jeremy Gibbs done for the upcoming Altered States show at Rotofugi (09.09.06) which features customs from TWEEQIM, Sket One and of course J. Gibbs.  While this is a teaser image, the subtle use of sculpey is really nice -- both for the head gear and on the snout.  This should be a sweet show, can't wait to see more pieces ;-) Pretty Please?

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Toxic Trouble from Cameron Tiede

Here's a look at Cameron Tiede's Toxic Trouble custom toy.  This figure is a 100% from scratch wood toy created by Cameron and then painted in his excellent signature style. Toxic Trouble was created for Alpha Cult's Exhibit: A show which opens on Saturday August 26th from 7 to 11 PM. We're pretty excited about this added dimension to Cameron's work and can't wait to see more of his pure customs. 

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Art Junkie @ Fewmany

Our correspondent in Japan, datadub, sent over these shots of Art Junkie's first solo exhibition at Fewmany in Shinjuku Japan. Known for his wrestling characters and killer t-shirts designs, they are crossing over to toys. Check out the crossover Qees. They also have their own original toys in the, if only we can get some these state side.












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